Sonic to Run For Charity

Today, SEGA has announced that Sonic the Hedgehog himself will be raising money for charity by running in the Rebel Sport Run4Fun 2011 event. The charity run will take place November 6th and Sonic hopes to raise $5,000 AU for the Sydney Children’s Foundation, which is the main source of fundraising for the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick, Sydney.

If you would like to donate money to Sonic’s cause, you can do so at Sonic’s fundraising page. As of the time of this post, Sonic has raised $80 AU.

Source: MCV

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      1. Yeah but did any other schools do it? I only remember ever hearing or seeing that one school actually do it.

  1. Why does this post act as if Sonic was real? xD

    What would make people encourage to run, is if SEGA recorded a ton of shots from one city, and if SEGA put Sonic to run on the streets, grind on rails, jump on cars, go to a Hotdog Shop, and act with the enviornment xP That would make a lot of people run, especially if it was a commercial. Little kids would go crazy for that, lol.

    1. It’s fun and funny to write these things as if he was real :p The MCV source article is also written like that XD I wonder if the guy running will be wearing one of the usual official costumes. If so, that’s going to be pretty hard to run in. I’d pass out after 5 minutes from the heat in the thing.

    1. And yet he does it in all of his games. But seriously, this isn’t an article or even a website about Mario. Try to stay on topic.

    1. What’s so ‘lol’ about raising money for charity? Could you elaborate as to what you’re loling about, please? We don’t want spammy comments here.

      1. Eh, sorry. Was unintentional. I guess it was just interesting that it was typed as though Sonic was real (in a good way). Not insulting the cause or anything.

    1. Knuckles: GO SONIC!!
      Knuckles: SONIC!!
      Tails: Saawniik B) (glasses face)
      Knuckles: SONIC! >:D

      lol, remember that from SA1?

  2. That pesky hedgehog is running to raise charity? Hmmm, interesting! This is my chance to compete against that hedgehog with my latest and greatest Egg-O-Matic Robot walker 3000 ! I shall raise more money than anyone! MWUHAHAHAHA!

    1. Haha Eggman! Im not really Ricardo, im Knuckles! I was intentionally waiting for you to reveal yourself, and now you have! Now all i gotta do is tell Sonic about this, and he’ll know all about your little plan >:) I just hope someone doesnt trick me along the way i tell him….

      1. E-gad!!! Knuckles!!! Did I say I was planning to enter the race and humiliate more mortal enemy whilst stealing–er– raising funds for the Eggman Empi–um– Sydney’s Child Foundation? Y-yeah, that’s it! Nothing inconspicuous about that no sirrey!

  3. I wonder who’s gonna be in the suit?
    Usaine Bolt?
    (I feel like I stuffed that spelling up. BAD. Please correct me)

  4. I wonder if they might even let Sonic (and that mustache’d plumber) run with the torch in the upcoming Olympics.
    This charity run sounds like a fun idea. Wish we had this also stateside.

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