Sonic Generations: New Seaside Hill Screenshots

German gaming website has released seven new screenshots from the Seaside Hill stage in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations. In this batch, we get another peek at Classic Sonic in the new underwater section. We can also see a new section where Modern Sonic will have to dodge past rolling rocks through a narrow path.

Check out all seven of the new screenshots below:

Source: Play Front

Thanks to Neon at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. I’m hoping you can jump in the waterfalls the same way you can in Sandopolis Zone.
    Would be a nice throwback to that~

    1. Tails Adventures, Tails Skypatrol, Knuckles Chaotix, Shadow the Hedgehog… All these great non- sonic games are going to waste!! If you don’t like those, you’ve got Sonic R, Sonic Chronicles, the Sonic Advance series, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rivals, Sonic 2006, oh so many things! How can you possibly say you’re sick of just Sonic when we’ve had so many picnics with his beloved friends and family? Even Dr. Robotnik has joined the bandwagon and become playable at one point!!

      I know, you’ve got a lot of great games in that list to play, and you desperately want to thank me but just don’t have the time.

      Anyway, to keep this on topic – Seaside Hill is looking gorgeous. Not sure how they’re going to make it work without Tails and Knuckles, but I trust them more than ever now!! Good luck guys! Generations is going to PWN.

      1. It’s not about how many existed, it’s about how long they’ve gone making just Sonic playable in the main story in multiple games in a row.

        Games with only Sonic are cool and games with his friends are cool (depending on the execution of these games). But it’d be better to mix it up. Don’t make games with his friends over and over or games with just Sonic over and over. We’ll get tired of it. If they do some with friends and some with him alone then we’d get both every now and then. =)

  2. Lol, but seriously I do like these screenshots, I wonder if Modern Sonic can go in the water cause if people remember Jungle Joyride at day time…instant kill when you lost boost energy.

      1. Yeah cuz on chemical plant it showed modern sonic under water so i dont see why he wouldnt on this level.

        1. It would be pretty cool in 3d underwater, so I hope SEGA introduce that.
          But I doubt they will πŸ™

          1. They already did in Sonic Colors and in Chemical Plant. They MIGHT in this stage but I’m not sure. It’s possible some sections will kill you and some won’t, like in Sonic Adventure and even the classics.

            Think about it. In Emerald Coast, touching the water doesn’t kill you unless you go into the deep end where it’s like a bottomless pit.

            In Sonic Unleashed the water was covering large bottomless pits so if you fell in you’d die.

            It’s not JUST the water that kills you. Think about how you could run ON water in Hydrocity Zone in Sonic 3 but there was still level underneath to be played, but in Ice Cap Zone there was no stage sections under the water and if you fell in the water you would die because it was a bottomless pit. (So it’s not JUST 3D games that did this.)

          2. I meant underwater in 3d from behind sonic rather than side scrolling at his side. So I know it’s been done 2d in Colours but not in 3d since Sonic Adventure (unless I’ve forgotten a different game )

  3. In that first screen featuring Classic Sonic; what’s up with that random Spinner? I though each stage would only feature Badniks from the game they represented, and last I checked the Flappers were the basic flying enemies/Homing Attack fodder in Heroes.

    …Not that I’m the kind of person who cares about that kind of minor detail oversight stuff, mind you. It just kinda caught me off guard is all.

    1. I’m hoping that’s just bat’s just a temp, and that the bat will be replaced by a Egg-flapper. They do behave in practically the same way, so maybe Sega used the Spinners as stand-ins before the modelled the Egg-flappers.


  5. I hate Sonic Heroes. Don’t try and argue because it’s just a video game and just because you like it and I don’t doesn’t mean we have to hate each other, but I tried playing it again recently and found it overly-hard with poor collision detection and no sense of speed. But these screenshots… look great. Sonic Generations can even make me look forward to the levels from the games I hate… this game cannot fail.

      1. True. PS2 version is CRAP but PC one is good. Sonic Heroes demo was the first sonic game I ever played but It’s definitly not my fav Sonic game, It’s ok but not amazing.

          1. I also played in on the GC and your right it is the best verison. Seems to me that Sega had GC in mind when originally creating this game until the other two wanted it as well

        1. ps2 version has to many glitches worst graphics of all the three, i think sega had very little experience with making games on the xbox and ps2

    1. I don’t blame you. It’s not the all the technical stuff you hated cuz I had GameCube version and, well unlike you, I didn’t HATE it, but I got board of it after the first run.

      Level design: Bland
      Music: Uninspiring
      Dialogue: Cheesy
      Story: Where???
      Progress: Repetitive
      Graphics: Meh

      So I was okay with the game and was able to tolerate. It wasn’t anything “horrible” to me. I did like some of the music. Just that most of the music wouldn’t get stuck in my head is all. =p

      However this stage does look MUCH better than the original Seaside Hill to me. A lot less bland even with the same enviromental design. C:

        1. ***hums “What I’m made of” & Grand metropolis theme********

          come again with the uninspiring music……

          And your probably didn’t pay attention to the FOUR different stories revolving around the 7 zones.
          Team Heroes: Have three days to stop “Eggman”
          Team Dark: Shadow wants answers from eggman about his “problem” Omega is out for revenge, Rouge wants Eggman’s treasure. Rouge finds hundreds of Shadow pods. Doesn’t Know if shadow is the real one
          Team Rose: Amy wants to find Sonic, Cream wants to find Chesse, Big wants to find froggy.(least interesting story I will admit)
          Team Chaotix: The mission revolve around a mysterious client who ends up being eggman trapped in his own fleet.
          All the while Neo Metal Sonic is gathering Data to it opinion of ” How fitting to have a robot king rule over a robot kingdom”

          Plus Heroes was trying to imitate the feel of the classic games which is why it wasn’t Plot, plot, plot, plot, level, plot,plot,plot, boss,boss,plot,plot,plot, final battle.

          So why don’t you “GET AWAY”

      1. Agreed with everything but the music. You didn’t like “What I’m Made Of” or “This Machine”?

  6. sonic heroes was also the first game i ever played as well exept i got it on ps2 and on literally every level i got a rank e because of the camera and the controls. but just recently i got it with the sonic pc collection and its alot easier and better graphics.

  7. WOOOO πŸ˜€ I really need to order the CE quickly but maybe enxt week before the end of September….It’s more of a mix of Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace πŸ™‚

  8. Come on Novemeber… I can’t wait…
    1. …Buy Sonic Generations
    2. Pretend that i’m ill…
    3. Stay at home to play it.
    4. ???
    5. PROFIT! AND BAD GRADES! (In school, S ranks in Generations of course..)

    Seaside hill looks beautiful, really looking forward to seaside hill since i’ve spoiled myself too much. D:

  9. You know , this level will be a Time Paradox by itself . I mean remember Sonic Heroes . Three characters helping each other out to pass the HUGE and LONG levels of the game . Not to mention Sonic’s comment after beating the boss of the final level : ” I wouldn’t have made it without you guys ” .
    So how come Sonic can now speed accross the level without a problem ? What about the walls only breakable by Knuckles ? Sure , he’s got the Sonic Boost know , but if he’s going back in time , then the level should be the same , so how about the huge holes where you had to use Tails to get passed it ?
    That’s what I was afraid about when I was thinking about a Sonic Heroes level . But oh well , what’s to complain ? The level is magnificent . I’m just bragging about details ^^

    1. Boost, Homing Attack, Sliding, Trick Shots, Blasting through with Sonic Speed, Sonic is smarter now, he can find ways to to past through these obstacles without the help of Knuckles and Tails. Plus, don’t forget about the tag along feature so pretty much we can play Seaside Hill modern and heroes style

    2. Here’s the thing: It’s been said that while not as strong as Knuckles and Shadow, Sonic has a lot of upper-body strength, and he probably has the strongest kicking strength since he runs at high speeds all the time. Depending on the game, he tends to go from a mix between a ‘fragile speedster’ (someone who’s very fast, but not very strong) and ‘glass cannon’ (someone who can ‘dish it out’, but can’t take a beating) to a ‘lightning bruiser’ (someone who’s fast and agile, but also strong and durable). In games like Unleashed HD and Generations HD, Sonic tends to be portrayed as A LOT stronger, more durable, more focused, and more agile than in other games. In the Unleashed opening, Sonic managed to plow through an entire platoon of Eggman’s Egg Fighter Robots by just running with his fist out.

      TL;DR: Just watch this:

        1. I am dr eggman I have come here to unlock the secrets of the flames of disaster from you and the key to it’s secret THE CHAOS EMERALD now princess this way please……. My now that’s a pretty snazzy proformance there. Grr not that irritating hegehog again FIRE!

    1. I never got why everyone said it was a Green Hill clone in the first place. Green Hill is somewhere between a jungle and a forest (the original stage is very minimalist so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly). Seaside Hill is on a beach filled with ruins. Similarities: checkered walls and grass. That’s about it.

        1. I always took them to be two parts of the same level. Are they distinguishable? I’d need to go back and play it to check.

  10. It looks like it’s going to mix stuff from Ocean Palace too. Man, it’s too bad it’s Seaside Hill and not Ocean Palace, I really like Ocean Palace’s theme a lot more…

  11. Wow… All of you Sonic Heroe’s quoters… You people have done nothing but bad mouth and shoot down that game since the day it was revealed and now you think you can pretend to love it and reminisce over it like fake true fans…?

    Peter G says “Hey!!! …Shaddup…”

    1. What the hell do u mean? I loved Sonic Heores more than Colors and Unleashed combinee, please do not make false accusations like that

    2. Heroes is way up at the top of my list of favorite Sonic games next to Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3&k & Colors. I even like it more than the Adventure series **raises flame shield**. Seaside hill, Grand Metropolis, Bullet Station, Hang Castle and Final Fortress are my favorite stages from heroes. So I’m one of the Heroes quoters who actually love the games. and its perfectly fine if you don’t believe me cuz I really don’t have to prove anything to you.

  12. Seaside hills…what happens with the “crazy” stage like bingo highway…
    Well, we have Sonic 3, and we have Carnival Night……Right SEGA?

  13. Even more excited now, seaside hill looks absolutely beautiful, I just can’t wait!!! And I don’t need to worry about waiting extra long coz Amazon changed the release date to 4th! πŸ™‚

  14. 1) The screenshots are beautiful.

    2) All the comments on this page had me dying laughing with tears in my eyes!


  15. When I first heard that Seaside Hill was going to represent Heroes, I thought it was the worst possible choice, since I passed it off as a Green Hill clone when we didn’t have anything like Egg Fleet or Hang Castle.

    But I must say, I think it’s one of my most anticipated stages now! It looks like there’s lots of room to explore and the graphics are incredible. I especially like how they took alot of features from Ocean Palace in order to make it more different to GHZ. Can’t wait to play it as Modern and Classic Sonic, which I’m confident will be much better than playing through it with the team gameplay of Heroes.

    1. Hang Castle or Final Fortress would have been perfect, especially Final Fortress, most memorable for being created by the great troll ever <3 Metal Sonic. I was also hoping for Frog Forest but then I remembered how much the music made me feel like I was a hippie concert.

  16. Looking at the classic Sonic screenshots, it’s strange how easily this 3D level can look like it was always designed for classic gameplay. I think the city levels look a bit too busy for that effect, but the simplicity of this makes it look like it’s right out of a Mega Drive game… only with slightly better graphics.

  17. 1. The amount of quotes here that actualy work together is quite amusing, especially from the first post lool.
    2. The only thing that has bothered me in every stage so far and this one are those weird mat things on the walls where Modern can wall jump. He didn’t need them in Unleashed or Colors, so why does he need them now? It kinda ruins the look, especially here and in GHZ.

    1. ikr, I’m not too much of a complainer but I find one thing in a Sonic game that feels a little off xD I guess these walls will be it.

  18. Wow, I didn’t think this morning I would start a new trend lol. Cause the Heroes quotes (Ahem) They just keep coming! You guys know what to do when the 06 lvl is revealed xD

  19. All living things, KNEEL before your master!!!…….Long time no see Sonic, my loathsome copy! Were Sonic Heroes!

  20. I’m gonna be loling all day at the amount of quotes that have “damn” in them when Shadow The Hedgehog 2 is announced

    1. Haha, like that will ever happen. I wouldn’t mind that honestly, or a Silver game, but the chances of either of them happening or very unlikely.

      1. Well, we understand that you like Heroes, but please stop spamming. I think you’ve made 100+ comments here :/ The reason its annoying is because when I’m trying to read people’s opinions on this, which I can’t, because your spamming the whole place πŸ˜‰ Next time just keep it on the down low.

        1. WHOA O.o LOL dude no worries we understand simple mistake sometimes it’s just hard not to let those quotes out but your right XD

  21. Just glancing at these new screenshots of a familiar level. O.O I love the new facelift this area received.
    Lush colors, more crazy obstacles (for either hedgehog to tackle). I was a bit curious how the 2d perspective would change the level, nice to see its just right.

  22. Way too may Heroes quotes. anywho i think it will feel a little weird playing Seaside Hill with Modern Sonic all by himself. meh I might get used to it.

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