Sonic Generations Achievements Revealed

 “Spoilers” has revealed some slightly spoiler-ish achievements for Sonic Generations. This includes getting achievement points for talking to all of Sonic’s friends and completing their challenges. Many of the achievements still remain in secret. Apparently, there is also a hard mode in the game, as it is the only way to get a Classic Eggman avatar costume seen below.


With just over a month before the game’s release, we are getting into spoiler territory now. For those who don’t want spoilers, it might be prudent to start passing over any more Sonic Generations news so you can be somewhat spoiler-free before the game’s release.


Bet’cha didn’t think a yank could make a Dr. Who reference eh?


  1. I guess It’s not surprising since there’s already a sonic costume in sonic 4 and super is DLC for SG

      1. That’s River Song from Doctor Who. She’s from the Doctor’s future, but doesn’t want to give any of it away. When he asks her something, she usually replies with “Spoilers.”

          1. If I was upset, I would have thrown in a frowny face. I didn’t say go in a mad, or sad way. Its just a simple go away, and ignoring. That’s it.

          2. Dude get over yourself already…

            Everybody else realised it was a joke, except you. Get over it and move on.

    1. To be fair, not everyone knows what “Dr. Who” is and not everyone knows that there’s more than one version of the series.

      Tho it also wouldn’t be the first Dr. Who reference in Sonic. A lot of people missed and a lot of people caught the reference right before the first boss for Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes where they mention Dr. Eggman and Charmy says “Dr. Who?”

      1. Yeah, but that could easily NOT be a reference!
        I could ask who my doctor is, and the person I asked could say “Dr. *mumbles*” and I would say “Doctor who?”, because they mumbled, without meaning to make a reference to the best sci-fi show EVAR!
        *realises he’s just pissed off millions of trekkies* Crap.

  2. River Song FTW!

    So you can play the bosses on hard mode? Can’t wait to face Shadow in hard mode!

  3. And there might be very hard mode DLC just like Sonic ’06…
    I’ve recently bought Xbox 360 and I played Sonic ’06. It’s not bad at all. I say the only problem is long loading times.

    Whoa…I got off topic there…

      1. I love Sonic 06 too, but I wouldn’t call it the best Sonic game, or video game, for that matter. Still a fun game though.

        And I can garutnee this game will top my current favorite Sonic game, which is SA2, so can’t wait!

        1. Believe it or not, but bugs and glitches are not the only criterion by which to evaluate the game. Sonic 06 is full of bugs, but they were unable to spoil my overall good impression of the game, while Sonic Colors has no serious bugs, but for me it’s just a boring and uninteresting game with poor story and stupid jokes. Tastes differ.

        1. he’s not joking and HE SAID tastes differ. i agree with that statement.
          he’s being merciful to a game that had a lot of work put in to it and bieng critacal to a game that he belives could have been a lot better.

          i liked both and ive played sonic colors just watched the walkthrough.

  4. A trophy for unlocking all the skills? OoOooOoo, does that mean we could potentially unlock the Figure 8/Super Peel-Out for Classic Sonic?

    1. we prob won’t get figure 8…it looks improffesional IMO anyway. They prob mean the Homing Attack, Shields, etc.

        1. Improfessional, unprofessional, same shit. This is a website, not an English grammar site, unless you were lauging for a different reason.

  5. Doctor Who is actually gaining a good amount of attention lately in the states. I’ve only seen the first 5 episodes though, so I don’t get the reference 🙁

  6. Isn’t that women from meet the fockers? Yes I fail lol Anyway looking for a challenge. Even 06’s cheepness didn’t stop me from getting all gold medals xD

    1. sorry not from meet the fockers her name is alex kingston she is on Doctor Who and she plays River Song

    1. Shes a character from Doctor Who, she claims to be his wife and she’s from the future, only their time paths are going in the opposite directions, when the Doctor first meets her she dies, but she’s lived with him almost her entire life.

      Because of this paradox whenever the Doctor questions about his future she just replies “Spoilers…”

      1. Bzzt, a more recent episode revealed that she is really Amy and Rory’s daughter, Melody Pond. She later became known as Amy’s best friend, Mels, before she got shot by Hitler in “Let’s Kill Hitler” and regenerated into River.

  7. Wait…the Walkie Talkie achievement: Chat with each of Sonic’s friends you have saved.

    Does this mean that there’s a hub world in this game or what? To be honest, if it’s anything like Sonic Unleashed’s hubs, that would really suck. That was probably the worst part about that game to me.

  8. love the Dr Who reference haha great the list is definantly intresting get all stages at a S rank owch that could be hard

  9. Only if Sonic & Sega was still played online, 1p could use the Sonic 4 costume, 2p uses the Eggman costume and the other 2 play as Sonic and Eggman.


        1. Whoa seriously? O.o GAAAH I still can’t get an S Rank on that Death level….It’s the pipe and bar parts I always get caught out by those sections RRRGH it’s one of the only levels I can’t get an “S”on :L

  11. Just noticed the collectables trophy/achievement. Man if this game does have all the Mega Drive games unlockable, and has stuff like the music/artwork/tv ads/history etc as collectables, we may finally have a product superior to Sonic Jam!! An awesome new Somic game which includes the older ones and collectables and reviewers are saying is in the running for game of the year. I have to be dreaming, this is so unreal!

      1. Well according to the French website that has their preview up already they unlocked Sonic the Hedgehog during their preview play and it was the full game. Then again it’s a rough translation at present so who knows. It would be rather rubbish to not include them, especially for PS3 users, they can’t even get a version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, since the “Ultimate” collection didn’t have lock-on >.<

  12. “Clear the first stage” and “Complete Green Hill Zone” Are two different achievements?

    Is it safe to assume the first stage is Sonic running around in the present going through a tutorial?

    1. I think what they mean is clearing the 1st 2 acts (classic and modern) andthen for the “Complete Green Hill Zone” achievement, they probably mean clearing every singl act (all 7) and get the 5 red rings in the stage.

      And, from reading the preview from Meristation, I can expect that it’s gonna be pretty fucking hard just to get the first 2 rings 😐

      1. @Nuzumaki90 – I wouldn’t count the missions as acts, unless its a completely different track, and not using the same 1 act track, w/just a mission. :/ So dont say there are 7 acts, because there are only 2. If it were 7, then we should be able to get through a stage completely, and not have to worry about getting 200 rings, or defeating a certain amount of enemies, etc. So in my case, there are only 2 acts for every stage. Bummer 🙁

        1. The missions are on completely seperate paths you can’t get to in the main story acts, it said that quite clearly in the preview. So I’d call that different acts, your fear and upset is unfounded my friend.

          1. God I sure hope you’re right. Compared to just about any other Sonic game since the Dreamcast, I was starting to believe that this game was going to be way too short-winded. One act per level per hog is too damn short of a mainstream story mode experience, I don’t care how many cutscenes you cram into it. If the game were laid out like I just described, then if you take out any side tasks from recent Sonic games and this one and put them side-by-side (because I don’t count side-tasks as the core experience, more of an auxilliary one), then this game would be DWARFED by the likes of Unleashed and Colors.

            Please be right… I don’t want this game to be over before I know it. 🙁

          2. They did say that, but they also mentioned that there were only 2 main acts and that the other 5 were mission based ones. So it is 7, but a lot of people wont see it that way. Mission or not i still consider it an act tho. Especially with the different pathways for the mission levels they mentioned.

          3. Well, if the missions all are within alternate pathways of single acts and these pathways are drastically different than the main path and not just minor differences, then it would indeed feel like another act entirely and would lend to the idea that it’s all literally in the same part of Sonic’s world and not just a separate instance. I would actually welcome this moreso. Let’s just hope that these other “acts” are much different from the originals so that we don’t feel like we’re playing nearly the same tracks over and over, because just 9 level designs per hog in one game in this day in age… I’m sorry, but it sounds like nothing short of a ripoff. Nostalgia cannot make up for a lack of content of that magnitude. The rest of that disc has got to be filled with something…

      1. It does have the original game at least, that much was said in the new preview, sounds like the possibility of the other original Mega Drive games being on there too is quite high.

        1. i am not sure if you got what i was saying, or i don’t get what your saying. but what i’m saying is that
          you get all red rings in city escape- you get the original city escape
          you get all red rings in seaside hill- you get the original seaside hill

          see what i’m saying

          1. That would honestly be pretty sweet. Give new fans a chance to see how the orignal versions played like. Complete with Crisis City’s Loading times. XD

          2. Or the fans could pop a copy of Sonic Heroes into their PC, Wii, PS2 or 360 and play it? (dunno if Heroes is backwards compatable with the 360 but a fair few games are). You can play pretty much every Sonic game on consoles available this gen except Knuckles Chaotix and Sega Sonic Arcade (and most people that wanna try them have roms of those games) .Well, if you own a Wii and a PS3/360 and a DS. Granted not everyone has all those systems, but it is possible.

  13. This sucks….from that Spanish website that gave their preview on Sonic Generations, they said there ARE ONLY 2 ACTS 🙁 For me, the missions dont count as acts, because you will most likely just be playing the same levels :/ I have the starngest feeling SEGA didnt give their ALL on this game. Cmon, Colors had more stages than Generations :/ Oh well. Its better let out all of your negative feelings now, than to wait for the game and become dissaponted.

    1. They said in the preview that the missions would be on alternate pathways you couldn’t get to in the main story acts. I’d call that a whole new act wouldn’t you?

    2. Don’t worry Ricardo I’m sure the levels will last longer 🙂 but I thought they were gonna have m,ore acts than that…O.o just 2? lol

      1. *gasp* a Sonic game with only 2 acts per level?? Like the majority of Sonic games, no way!
        In fact the Adventure games didn’t even have multiple acts.

        The preview said there were more than 2, but the others were for missions like Colours, and they even mentioned they were long, and that they were set in different portions of the acts that you couldn’t visit during the main story acts. Unless you wanted more story mode acts, you don’t really have anything to complain about >.<

        And the guide book says that once you rescue the friends you can use them to find different paths in the acts too using their unique abilities, it sounds like there is a lot to be done and many paths to try. Besides, no matter how many acts there are, us Sonic fans are all gunna blast through them pretty quick i would say 😀

        1. yes 2 act but these ones look like you can just blast right through them. and not have to take your somewhat time firguring out where you go. (sonic 4 lost labyrinth act 2(yeah i know not classic but the idea of it is))

        2. SA2 had 5 acts per level I think. I’m not sure about SA1.
          By the way, the French website you pulled up (I think it was you who pulled that up) said that Shadow attends the picnic…slightly confusing as he wasn’t there in the screenshot.

          1. It had 5 missions maybe, but not 5 acts, it’s been a while since I played it through but I’m pretty sure the missions took place in the sane version of the level for every mission with a few things thrown in, like the find the chao etc.

          2. @unknown
            1) The normal mission.
            2) Get 100 rings.
            3) Find the lost Chao.
            4) Finish in XX:XX
            5) Clear Hard Mode.
            (From SA2)

    3. uhmm now your just kinda being silly colors id have 6 acts but som of them were just short / or the same level not to mention doing DAT DAMN WATER WORLD ACT 5 JUST BECAUSE THAT STUPID LAZER WOULDENT WORK THE WAY YOU WNAT IT TO *AHEM*okay dont say look at me like duude you had problems with that one red ring

        1. oh that one. SUCKED GETTING!!! the one where you had to use lazer like 3 times just to get it. yeah twas a pain. 🙁

          1. kept me bizy for a day but still thanks to that its the FIRST SONIC GAME that i completed 100% no cheats and im plannig on doing with sonic generations too

  14. Welp.
    S ranking every level still sounds better than running through Eggmanland 3 times without dying.
    I almost went insane doing that.

    1. Wow I’m the only one who still hasn’t S ranked Eggmanland? O_o TO HELL WITH THAT NEED TO PLAY MY XBOX AGAIN I WILL PLAY LIKE IT’S NO FREAKING TOMORROW >:D

          1. Yes, but remember that he has to accept the friend request. He doesn’t just get new friends randomly xP. When someone wants to add someone as a friend, you type in his/her gamertag name, and send a friend request. Then the person who received the friend request will have 5 options.

            1.Accept the friend request

            2. Decline the friend request

            3.View the player’s profile

            4. Delete the friend request message(which is the same thing as #2)

            5.Block communications.

            ..So to me, its not harmful at all to post your gamertag 😛

            ..wait, I just forgot that there’s a possibility thaat a hacker could see your gamertag, and hack into your account D: Nevermind! XD

          2. @Ricardo

            Unfortunately I don’t have LIVE 🙁 I was supposed to get it in The Summer but then you know what happened my Internet Connection was cut off :/ but there’s a chance I might get soon either near the end of the year November or December or even next month if I’m lucky 😛

            Yeah it’s probably not a good idea to reveal account info here but are you on SSMB Here? I could private messsage u or something once I manage to get Xbox Live….O.o

          3. No, I’m not at SSMB, but ill join soon 😛 So whenever you get LIVE, tell me in a comment,(or when I sign up, msg me) and then you could send me a msg with your gamertag 🙂 The only thing I don’t like about LIVE, is that you have to pay to go online 🙁 The good thing is that LIVE is a fast service!

          4. @Ricardo

            Okay 🙂 I also haven’t joined SSMB yet lol but I’ll be joining next month I read Sa3….um Hunter297’s message a little late Thanks for telling me on how you feel about LIVE 🙂 many people have said it’s good so I thought why not I’ve missed out on most of the fun never got to play the whole of Sonic 4 Ep 1 I only played the demo at my friends plus I never got to donwload the Sonic Unleashed DLC Adventure Pack but I’ll let you know and if Hunter297 around somewhere I’ll let him know that I’ll register on SSMB 😛

            Right now I’m trying to get the Collectors Edition of Generations I hope they are not out of stock supposed to be gathering my money next week or so D:

          5. Your getting the DLC stage packs for unleashed?! Prepare yourself for a lot of hard levels! Unless your a pro xD

  15. if i get to play this- hard mode finally in a sonic game!!! 😀
    (well let alone just about alot of games) but a sonic other thatn the olympic ones!!!

  16. better hope we get 7 main levels from modern and classic, BUT, im kinda curious, three achievements on clearing acts, 1st they said get a S rank on three acts, then they asked for 7 s ranks then they asked for 12 s ranks, did they randomly chose these numbers? get three, then 7 then 12? its like saying, get 4 then 8 then 13. or maybe its showing that your making progress through the 1 world and twelve is the max of acts and a few mission. OR MAYBE THEY ARE NOT DOING WORLDS AND JUST HAVING 2 ACTS AND A FEW MISSION LEVELS AND HAVEN’T LEAKED ALL LEVELS, MAYBE THERE IS MORE, (dreaming)
    there is also a hub world im guessin because we are able to chat to our friends. anyone rememer town missions from sonic 06′, yea i think its similar to this one, because i dont think missions counts as acts but i hope the missions is fun to play over and over again, so who knows? i still have high hopes to this game.
    now,, we are getting HARD CORE!!! and it better be hard core, super hard (probably not)
    from the looks of it the last boss will either be some godzilla monste or eggmans super hard robotic time control thingy,
    im curious whose the new enemy is like i hope they dont make eggman in the shadows of this new enemy because eggman can take his job seriously like he did in adventure 2, that was some serious sh*t right there.

    oh wow i wrote alot 🙂

  17. So…. is Classic Eggman (aka Robotnik) in Sonic Generations? I mean its been heavily implied but have we ever been told “Yes.”?

  18. i hope this game has… crap i forgot what i was gonna say! man and it was something cool. poop. i hate it when that happens

    1. oh yeah. okay i hope this game has the amount of seriousness and humor as unleashed. maybe a little of colors humor. but not outrageous (bad) humor. i like a sonic game with seriousness. but not where it’s boring. i like a little humor he and there. Baldy McNosehair please. 😀

  19. Early in the morning and my head’s not quite with it. Seeing River Song totally confused me and had me thinking “I’m SURE I was on a Sonic site, not Doctor Who Online!”. Shame it’s not 1st April, because that totally got me, well done.

    Doctor Who is the best thing on TV these days, anyone who doesn’t agree will be exterminated! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINAAAATE!

    What was the news article supposed to be about again? 😛

  20. one acheivment says talk sonics friends after rescuing them, does that mean there will be some sort of hub world like sonic adventure or unleashed?

    1. im thinking unleshed hub worlds but it would be great if they were adventure style and have M SOnic boosting around

    2. Those two weren’t the only Sonic games with a Hub world. What about Sonic Jam. It could be closer to that kind of Hub world. Especially since Sonic Jam had the different buildings you could go into and all, and platforming, and challenges.

  21. Sorry to go off topic, but I’ve seriously got to say something.

    Major props to Shadzter, T-Bird, Dreadknux, and Jason Berry for keeping us all up-to-date on the latest news, spoilers, screenshots and videos of Sonic Generations. Thanks to them, we don’t have to endure horrible “Click to skip this ad and continue” pages or other rubbish we DO NOT WANT getting in our way.

    Thanks guys 😀 you are GOOD, GREAT, AWESOME, OUTSTANDING and of course, AAAMAAAZINNG!!

  22. Wow! That a lot of hidden trophies. It looks like we will need to discover game secrets while playing through the game.

    1. We were promised a hub world a long time ago. It starts off as a blank space and slowly fills up as the game progresses.

    1. A trophy….a worthless, non important, flimsy piece of shit trophy….*sigh*…why playstation…why???

    1. I actually didn’t find them too tiny sure they can improve but I prefered the Unleashed and Adventure Hubs much better than than the Wide hubs in 06 :/

      1. And one thing i have wanted in a sonic game for a loooong time is chao gardens, sonic generations would be perfect if it had one.

  23. I came back from eurogamer and got to try out City escape for generations, got S ranks on both classic and modern it was quite easy though lol. i did enjoy it though but my highlight was meeting Nolan north the voice of drake from uncharted hes awsome, it would be cool to see him voice a sonic character in a new title, he is in like every game these days lol.

    1. Nolan North has recently announced he will be voicing a redesigned old character returning to the Sonic the Hedgehog gaming franchise. Nack the Weasel aka Fang the Sniper was recently cameoed in the smash hit Sonic Generations and due to fan demand will be trying to thwart Sonic and his friends at every turn alongside Dr Eggman in the recently announced Sonic Adventure 3. Nack will play a pivotal role as a bounty hunter under Dr Eggmans employ out to collect the legendary Chaos Emeralds before Sonic and his friends in this brand new adventure.

      What??!! I can dream can’t I? Lol

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