Sonic Generations 3DS: New Green Hill Zone Screenshots

SEGA has released 23 new screenshots of Green Hill Zone from the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.
In this latest batch we can see that a lot of visual improvements have been made to to the level. We also get our first look at the level select menu in this version of the game.

Check out all of the screenshots below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: SEGA Press

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    1. We’ve seen the zone before many times, yes. But these are new screenshots released by SEGA. Even though it’s an old zone, it’s still worth reporting on, and there are still people who will want to see these, even if you don’t. Besides, I think the new screenshots give us a better look at all of the updates made to Green Hill Zone in recent builds.

      1. True,true, im not that wants to be selfish and a absolute asshole to others so i guess i should enjoy.

      2. yeah i do see the new additions to the level, and it’s looking better. hope they make the levels longer so that it’s more of an experience to all sonic fans. i remember sonic levels back in the old sonic games and how long the levels were, such as one of the hardest levels, the death egg zone. that level was so hard the first time i played it. and sandpolis or whatever it’s called. that level was hard too

        these levels look so easy. Sega, can you make them a little more challenging? then i will be happy

  1. [DELETED]
    Shadzter edit: Stay on topic, please.

    Ok on topic:
    It looks likes they just added a few platform and enemies here and there and then added more to the background. nothing majorly new

    1. That’s pretty much the point since we already know the 3DS version of the Classic stages will be identical to the original versions for Classic Sonic.

      1. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. The stuff you posted about sales percentages of various consoles and devices had the potential to start console wars and was way off topic, which is why I deleted it. If you want to talk about consoles and their sales numbers, you can do so in the computer games section of the SSMB or over at a gaming forum.

        1. oh, well. ok. it was supposedly about nintendo employees being shaky about nintendo’s stability. seeming how that the consoles are kinda starting to not pique people’s interest. or at least not me. but i ddin’t thoroughly read it so yeah. but im not a member of SSMB

    2. just wait. they will start making all the levels look good. i just want them to show emerald coast. how long must i wait for new levels? they keep on showing levels they have already shown. are they just teasing us? or are they not finished yet? the only levels i’ve seen for this version are green hill and mushroom hill what about showing gameplay of casino night or emerald coast or maybe even radical highway, if rumors ARE true, which i can’t believe until i see proof.

  2. Hmm… when the camera turns in this level it looks more like its at seaside rather than it just being a lake in the background or something. Just my opinion.

    1. That’s kinda how I prefer it since that’s pretty much how it looked in the original. Well, with more hills in the distance of couse, but it looked like you were definately on the edge of South Island. lol

      The console version looks good too but it looks like “Green Canyon Zone”, the close relative to Green Hill Zone to me. lol

  3. Hmm, have a look at the level select shot, what does that level after Geen Hill in the background look like?

      1. This may be old news, due to me not witnessing the spoilers, but it’s interesting to see on the 3DS version the two acts are Classic Sonic – ACT 1, Modern Sonic ACT 2. Is this how it’ll play out on the console version, or are they vastly different?

  4. After witnessing a 3DS and its qualities for the first time today, I’m actually really excited and curious how this version of Generations is gonna turn out! I’m still sticking to buying the PS3 version when it comes out though, since I don’t have the money to buy a 3DS. lol

  5. level looks great it really does but i wish there was more levels to show of besides green hill, casino night,and emerald coast

  6. Anyone notice how in the 2nd to last screenshot. The bottem screen has those 11 dots.

    Does that mean there will be 11 levels? o.o

  7. Wow, this game looks much, much better than last time I looked at GHZ screenshots. I hope that it has gameplay to match the shiny graphics…


    Good call! …hm, I wonder what the last two are, then, assuming the 3DS version follows the console versions with three stages per generation.

  8. Wait! for GHZ there are ONLY 2 acts and the special stage? i mean i want more from GHZ, so… we already have seen all of GHZ rigth? u.u

    1. I don’t know. The console version also calls all of Classic Sonic’s stages “Act 1” and Modern’s “Act 2”, but supposedly there will be more unlockable acts. Supposedly 5 acts per stage. Dunno how it’ll work for the 3DS version yet tho.

  9. well the fourth image looks like it doesn’t have the homing attack. I’m also interested in some of the different camera angles that Modern Sonic has. looks like they are improving on what the Rush engine did. I mean first Mushroom Hill has a section with the camera behind Modern Sonic while he’s grinding. Emerald Coast has the camera in front of him in the screen shot. now the angles with green hill zone

    1. Who knows. To be fair, they’ve been portrayed as merely red, dark red, red with the white stripe going all the way around, grey, dark grey and black before.

      Similar to how Adventure Sonic and Modern Sonic have been portrayed with many similar and different sole of different colors and styles. (only Modern Sonic’s soles are visible from the side like real shoes and Classic Sonic’s are only visible from the bottom of the shoe)

      1. Yeah, but in Sonic Rush, the game changed between the two screens.
        Can’t be done here of course, cause of 3Dness.

  10. I can’t imagine the 3D will be anything special (apart from Sonic’s first Stereoscopic 3D game EVAR!) since it’s a 2D game.
    Anyone played Rabbids 3D? I’d imagine it’ll be like that. A game where you would rather save 50 minutes of battery than have 3D turned on.

  11. Does any one know where 2 download sonic heroes to windows7 or at least PC?


    1. BUY IT 🙂 downloading is bad for the marketing of sega but it online or in the store just dont download it and if you have to GET UTORRENT AND GO SEARCH

  12. Hey Shadzter, you know the dots on the bottom screen of the level select? What could they be? They can’t be levels because there’s more than 7 dots…

    1. December 8th is the release date for all versions in Japan. The 3DS version is still down for November in Europe, US and Australia on SEGA’s website. It’ll likely come out late in the month.

  13. It’s gonna be a shit moment for me if those last 4 dots are bosses. Because that means Big Arm and Metal Sonic are the Classic bosses with Shadow and who I hope to be Final Hazard, Silver, Jet, or Dark Gaia. I was hoping for Metal Overlord and the Sonic 3&K final boss where the bitch is firing chaos lasers at you

    1. it probably is what’s going to happen. Kind of sad really if you think about it. if better planning was done for both the console and 3ds it could have had a boss for each zone instead of two bosses per era. especially with the 3ds rehashing two out of the three comfirmed rival battles.

      1. Yeah, I’m kind of really hoping they do a last minute switcheroo and give Classic Sonic Big Arm and Knuckles/Master Emerald Death Egg while Modern Sonic gets Shadow and Neo Metal Sonic 😛

  14. Hm, you know, I reckon the 3 eras on this one are going to be Mega Drive/Genesis, Dreamcast, DS.

    I say this because Iizuka has gone on about how it’s celebrating Sonic’s handheld history but so far we’ve only seen MD/Gen and DC levels. I can’t imagine the 3DS doing much with nextgen games, so yeah, I think we’re going to have Sonic 1-3K, SA1&2+Heroes, Sonic Rush series.


  16. Much Better! Now that looks more like a game pushing the 3DS’ graphics. Those screenshots from early June were just atrocious, and made me question the overall effort of this game, but now I feel more relieved, and am actually having second thoughts on whether to get this version down the road or not. ^_^

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