Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition to be Available in Europe

Merch-hogs, rejoice! SEGA have announced that an extremely impressive Collector’s Edition of Sonic Generations for the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 will be made available for European Sonic the Hedgehog fans to pick up.

The limited edition set will contain statue of both classic and modern Sonic, a number gold ring, a “20 Years of Sonic Art” book containing unreleased artwork, a special 20th anniversary soundtrack with a selection of songs handpicked by Sonic team, and the “History of Sonic: Birth of an Icon” documentary DVD. If that wasn’t enough, the set also includes downloadable content fo the title.

As of this moment there is no statement of price, but if you’re a collector of Sonic merchandise, you will NOT want to miss out owning this beautifully designed bundle.


[UPDATE: The box set has been officially priced at £99.99 RRP, However are offering pre-orders for less than £86. Still no word if this will be available stateside].

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  1. I WANT THIS!!!! Now I just need to find retailer in UK who will ship it to Poland. Its eithe GAME or Amazon. Dont know about Zavvi tho.

  2. Okay yeah a lot of really cool Sonic stuff has slipped through my fingers over the last couple of years but this will not be one of them. I will be keeping a very keen eye out for this – but do we even know if it will be available in stores or is it gonna be like the 20th Anniversary statues where you just have to be lucky?

  3. I really really really hope this isn’t too steep in the price department. I’m really interested in what will be shown in the art book myself.
    Hope announcements are soon so I can change my pre-order…

  4. Well i think the choice is oblvious now…
    Purchase the US Sonic gnerations on PS3 and 3DS and preorder the UK Collectors edition.
    Looks like Nov is gonna be an expensive month.

  5. @RockmanX.EXE Yes, I’m completely oblivious to my choice. XD

    Announced for Australia too. Rumored at $200 AUS. That’s close to $200 American too. Way too pricey!

    1. Urm no it’s not.

      It’s actually 180 New Zeland dollars, which isn’t anywhere near 200 US dollars, it’s 150.

  6. OMFG!!! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! a ring, a soundtrack, a art book and a statue? BEST COLLECTORS EDITION EVER!!! is it the pre-order stuff? IS IT?! if it is, it’s worth my collection?! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    when i get this baby, i’m not opening it ever. even if i despratley want to 🙂

  7. 😀 -reads information and spots a europe word but not america word- IN YOUR FACES AMERICA!!! WHOS LAUGHING NOW HUH?! XD


    😀 😀 Wating for the price appears soon….. AND THEN THIS BABY WILL BE MINE XD

  9. Guess we know what that $179 NZ Collectors Edition from Mighty Ape is now. Now do you guys think it’s worth the money? Cause I sure as hell do!! Mine was already on pre-order anyway! 😀

    1. Well if you take the $179 NZ price tag and currency exchange it. It’s around $150 US or if you live in the UK £95

  10. from the looks of it classic sonic has a creepier smirk than what modern has
    no wonder why they changed his design since 1999!

  11. That’s kinda bull that it’s only for Europeans. I know UK is apparently the top sellers when it comes to Sonic but it’s not my fault that North Americans are obsessed with COD…

    1. I can tell u Black Ops is the only good game in the series. XD But anyway, I REALLY WANT THIS. No, I NEED THIS. Thank god half my family lives in Spain. 🙂

  12. Sigh. Awesome package. Too bad people in Canada don’t love Sonic at all.

    Oh wait, there are Sonic fans in Canada. We just don’t get anything here. We didn’t even get Vanilla Coke until 8 months after the Americans.

    Good Lord. No, I don’t want to import it either. That’s another $100 in shipping costs alone.

    1. I’m in the same situation brother lol

      I’m Canadian and no longer a fan of ordering online. The last time I did it was for a copy of FFX International and guess what? The game came without the disk! Just the damn case! Even if it were to come like you said shipping would pretty much cost me another PS3 depending on the price of this.

      It’s pretty sad that SEGA decides that only a part of the world gets a part in this. It should be available to anyone as it’s pretty much a middle finger to everyone else without access. Sorry to rant btw, I’ve had a bad day (Not on this alone lol).

    2. We only get the normal edition of Sonic Generations with no DLC for preordering. Woot woot *sigh* Arent we the second biggest country? We should be getting cool stuff 24/7 just for being that badass.

  13. Holy crap! This looks awesome!!!! Too bad I can’t afford it. By the looks of things now, I’ll barely have enough to by the retail version on release day. :'(

  14. Hi there

    I am so glad I got me XBOX 360, cause now not only can I buy the game, but also get this great bit of merchandise as part of the hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary ^^ I just hope it won’t be too expensive. Just gotta save my cash for it.


  15. And America loses out again. Ah well. I’m sure someone from YouTube will put up the DVD and artwork.

    Although, I think the free DLC is the same for pre-ordering from Gamestop. At least I get my Pinball stage! (…I love pinball.)

  16. A real ring?! I’ve gotta get this, I hope it’s not too expensive. Are you guys gonna tell us when and where we can pre-order this?!

  17. GAME (UK game shop) already have an Exclusive Sonic Generations Pre-order and I was just wondering will this be categorized under it. If not I will need to go to my GAME and change my Pre-order as there is no way on this earth I’m missing out on this 😉

  18. @Everyone – Just telling you this now. Don’t get your hopes up! If this collection DID cost about 200 bucks, then all of you will be like “FUCK” “WOW! I’M NOT BUYING THIS SHIT ANYMORE!” “Etc…”

    Just pointing this out now.

    @Frokenok93 – If you do get it, will you post a video on Youtube? 🙂 Can you give me a link to your channel, so I could subscribe to you? Thanks.

    1. I just saw this.

      The link is on my name. Directs you to my channel. AND HELL YEAH!!! I’m uploading this stuff for everyone to see if i get my hands on it.

  19. I don’t have a 360. But I’m preordering anyway. Also, it’s confirmed that it’s coming to Australia as well.

  20. Wtf, This is just for the UK, C’mon Sega step it up and ship it to america too, we’re not that slow of a customer, are we? o.o

  21. I am literally crying right now because of the absence of a US release… If Sega is too lazy to make money, how can I be sure they put effort into the game itself? I might just cancel my pre-order for this.

        1. I cried of happiness when people think this game is “awesome as f#@k”. I cried of happiness when this collectors edition was announced today. I cried of happiness when I’m going to get a Sonic hat. I just cried when I heard the release date is for November.
          Summoer of Sonic, Sonic Boom we need a Sonic festival here in the land of OZ. We shall call it “the Chilli-dog carnival” huh, huh!?

          If that’s not over-reacting, then my head shall explode like Kryten’s head blew up metioning “Ketcup! with lobster!! ..I’ll” BOOOM!! lol

  22. GAME has a ‘SONIC GENERATIONS: SPECIAL EDITION’ listed as £34.99, now if its this thats a pretty sweet deal. However PLAY.COM also has ‘SONIC GENERATIONS’ (no spec edition yet) for £34.99 as well, but AMAZON and GAME & PLAY (which I might add still has a 25/11/11 RELEASE DATE WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG)
    Time will tell.

  23. Well, it looks like the only Premium Edition I’ll get for a pre-order will be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii. Reason being, it comes with the following:

    – Gold Wii Remote Plus, emblazoned with the Emblem of Hyrule’s Royal Family
    – 25th Anniversary Orchestra CD, with that epic performance from E3 2011.

  24. freaking SEGA. The peps in the EU and AU get a awesome collecters editon where as the US we only get the Casino Night Zone Pinball Machine DLC. Seriously SEGA wheres the love?

  25. Sometimes, when Australia bans a game, or edits it for release like Witcher 2 for example, I hate living in New Zealand. Where all our games get brought over from Australia (altho they tend to source from the UK if that does happen since we don’t ban what they do since we have an R18 rating for games) and just has a New Zealand ratings sticker slapped over the huge, takes up 1/4 of the cover Australian one.

    But today, today I am glad we get Australia’s games, first we get the limited Fancy display box with toys Sonic Colours Wii and DS editions, then a limited Sonic 20th mouse and mouse pad with a copy of the Sonic PC Collection Set (Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Riders, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Mega Collection Plus) and now this, I am loving being a New Zealand based Sonic fan ATM 😀

  26. If there’s been something for Australia and Europe- I’m pretty sure there’s probably going to be something for the US (special edition I mean).

    Or it’ll probably be released later after the games comes out lol.

  27. Let me get this clear in my head.

    I preorder Sonic Generations only to later on be told there’s going to be a Special Edition.
    So I preorder the Special Edition only to now be told there’s a collector’s edition??

    Maannn now I gotta go back into town again.

  28. SONY SAVED THE DAY :DDDDD Good thing ps3 is Region free….. I’M SOO GETTING THIS… I was gonna buy it for Xbox though…

  29. I hope to god this isnt released for pre order before my payday this month, I will actually cry if it gets sold out before I get a chance to get it !!!!

  30. MOTHER FREAKING FREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DSLAKJASLKFDJASLF where is the american version? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee? :(…

  31. for those in the US ranting about this: YOU HAD A DAMNED COLLECTORS EDITION FOR LITTLEBIGPLANET 2! all WE had was just the game in a steelbook and DLC that you can now get on the PS store, now stop being freaking Babies about this!

  32. Yes, and to the US people who are upset, I can understand your pain, seeing as you guys usually ALWAYS get the awesome game merchandise/collectors editions !!! But it says on the official sega blog anyway, ‘THIS edition is only available in Europe’ Main word being THIS, so it’s more than likely you guys will be getting one as well, probably a better one with a glowing supersonic statue or something seeing as you lot always get something better lol !

  33. DAMMIT! I Just Pre-Ordered The Original Version. I Want Collectors. How Come I Didnt Hear Anything

  34. The Limited and the collectors edition are now on the Ebgames Site.

    109.95 for the Limited, which just has the DLC

    169.95 for the Collectors.

      1. Never mind, I found it. Looks like it’s the AUSTRALIAN EBGames. I don’t think they ship internationally, though. 😛

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