Online Multiplayer Confirmed For Sonic Generations 3DS

We’ve known for a long time that the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations will feature a multiplayer mode for 2 players, but SEGA has never gone into any detail about it. Now, thanks to information on SEGA’s new Tokyo Game Show 2011 website, we know that the mode will also have online functionality for 2 players.

Other than that little nugget, there are no other new details. SEGA will be taking the 3DS and PS3 versions of Sonic Generations to the Tokyo Game Show in a couple of weeks time, so hopefully more details and media will be revealed then.

Source: SEGA’s TGS 2011 Website (Google Translate)


  1. It’s been so dead. I’m craving more news! Or atleast something to help the time go by a little faster. November 1st can’t come soon enough!

    1. Yeah, it’s been pretty dead in relation to Sonic Generations news since Gamescom. PAX had an old build, so that didn’t help. TGS is a big event and the PS3 and 3DS versions are going to be there, so there is a good chance we’ll get more news then.

  2. I’m still unsure about the 3DS Version but we’ll seen how it turns out soon….I kinda wish the XBOX 360 and PS3 Version offered M-Player too but things are still turning out great…I just need to look more on the 3DS Version…

  3. Looks like 3DS isnt turning into a tottaly asswipe like haters want it to that much is good and lol i had a few predictions on the bosses of the game like Sonic 3 & Knuckles there was a Metal Sonic boss at the end so im like Omg lol Classic Knux Metal Sonic Rawr Sega. and then Sonic Adventure stage man Lol i kinda hoped that Casino night zone was ice cap right now and that Twinkle park replaced Casino night because that stage is epic

  4. Fuck the above comment unless you really understand or care besides that i was looking over some videos of green hill hd and some pictures of the Japan sonic generations site and i seen that classic sonics green hill looks better now heres a link gives super hd screenshots of all those past ones colors really show out

  5. It’d certainly be cool if you saw yourself as the game mode’s Sonic and the other player was represented by the Sonic that isn’t you. Classic Sonic boosting? Modern Sonic using elemental shields*? Pretty cool stuff, although unlikely.

    *wishful thinking FTW!

  6. Lol bro i feel you Ricardo (No Homo) lol i hope the 3DS Sonic Generation StreetPass shit gives you stuff from Console Version like SkateBoard,PinkWisp,RocketWisp for the Classic Sonic Stages as extras and shit but i got good feelings about Sonic Generations 3DS lol cuz Classic Sonics Stage looks like Green Hill Paradise now and Modern Sonics Green hill looks to epic to describe anymore

  7. as ive said before, how come the 3DS version is getting the great stuff lol i hope they included some Online feature for PS3/360 version, we already dont have casino night zone as a stage instead its a Pinball mini game 🙁 but the 3DS version gets it as a stage. maybe there putting less for PS3/360 to force us to buy more stages etc hate DLC its just a reason for developers to do less effort and get more money off you, DLC should be free like Batman Arkham asylum Joker, meanwhile the 3DS version will get the great stuff Stright away for a Reasonable price. im waiting for the news of Ice cap being in the 3DS version. wish that stage was in the PS3/360 version, that level is so iconic.

  8. Daaang…. And here I was planning to condemn all my friends who bought the 3DS version simply because of the lack of 3D Platforming… Glad I already have a 3DS so changing my mind isn’t a problem. *Preordered* 😀

  9. Uh, yeah, we’ve known this for quite a while actually, shortly after Generations 3DS was revealed. I forget where exactly, but this was confirmed in one of the interviews. But for those who didn’t know, cool story bro. Sure is cOLD in here, though.

    1. I remember seeing multiplayer confirmed in various interviews, including in the initial Nintendo Power article that unveiled the 3DS version. I’ve not seen any interviews that said the multiplayer would have online functionality though.

  10. Eh its niice to see a Ds related sonic game to get good shit, and i hope the multiplayer allows you to play as classic and modern. Lol i want to see classsic sonic with the bouncing move.

  11. The above comment is right.You should be able to play classic and modern.I,of course,am rather fond of modern more than classic,though.

    What you you see is what you get!I’m just a guy who loves adventure!

  12. It would be even better if you could choose between Sonic’s friends in classic and modern.Let’s hope…

    oh by the way,at the bottom of my comments is a one of my modified Sonic mottos.

    I am Joshua the human,the ultimate lifeform!

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