Next Nintendo TV News Episode to Feature Exclusive Sonic Generations Preview

At the end of today’s episode of Nintendo TV News on the UK Wii Nintendo Channel, Official Nintendo Magazine informed they will have an exclusive preview of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations in their next episode, which will be made available September 23rd. ONM hasn’t give any clues about what to expect, but given the format of the show, we should hopefully see new video footage and/or an interview with SEGA.

We’ll pass on any new information revealed.

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    1. Yeah, the show’s called Nintendo TV News. There won’t be a link, as it’s on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel. If someone YouTube’s it, then we might be able to post it up here, unless there’s a possibility ONM/Nintendo might make us remove it.

      1. Wait, you mean that show that shows Gary and Alison? Is that what you are talking about? If so, on what day next week?

        1. Yeah, but the US has that Nintendo Week show. This UK one is a different show called Nintendo TV News. The next episode with the Sonic Generations preview is in 2 weeks time on September 23rd.

          1. @Shadzter – Aww, so i guess i cant see it then, oh well its alright. 🙂 Can you give us an impression or something if you see new gameplay(that is if there is no Youtube link) ?

        1. Nintendo TV News is only available via the Wii’s Nintendo Channel right now. Would be good if they did put it on the 3DS eShop too, like they do with every week’s downloadable games update video.

  1. I got rid of the nintendo channel a while ago. All it did was update all night with the blue light flashing and rather annoying. And i don’t like having the internet on all night (or at least open). Too many hackers

    1. I just switch the main plug sockets off when I’m not using my TV, PC and consoles. You don’t get that problem then, and you save electricity.

  2. Since Sonic Generations 3ds had a dreamcast level from Sonic Adventure 1 aka Emrald Coast i think Sega is Deciding if MetalHarbor or RadicalHighway are going to be stages in Sonic Generations mmm I want Radical Highway and Metal Harbor but there cant be 2 Lol what do you guys think?

    1. As much as I would LOVE Radical Highway, remember that this is Sonic Generations, not Shadow Generations. We still dont know if that was Neo GH or Emerald Coast, though it was likely Neo….(though im hoping its not.) So dont jump to conclusions bro. Btw, if a SA2 stage were to come, it would most likely be Green Forest OR Final Rush. Metal Harbor in HD wouldnt look so pretty….it would look pretty bland. While Green Forest can turn into a tropical lush forest that can have elements from frog forest(Sonic Heroes) Final Rush has potential, but i think Green Forest has the best potential to be the most extrodinary tropical stage. 🙂 Though i wouldnt get my hopes up. I actually hope 3DS doesnt get Emerald Coast or SA2 stage aka Green Forest/Final Rush, because then we wouldnt be able to get it as a DLC console stage 🙁

      1. Emerald Coast is in the 3DS Version…For SA2 I also thought Metal Harbour would have been pretty sweet 🙂 I don’t mind Green Forest either that would be good too…Not sure about Final Rush or Crazy Gadget those would be cool too though, for Sonic Heroes I wish that it was Hang Castle or Egg Fleet instead of Seaside Hill but it looks like it’s also a mix of Ocean Palace so I guess it’s okay…My head’s buzzing after I saw the spoiler lists or Casino Park that would have been much better tooo 😛

          1. Not quite 😛 I’m still unsure about some levels and the 3DS Version…It’s mainly The levels in Sonic Heroes and 06 which I’m disappointed about..I’ still have high hopes for this game I won’t let that get to me too much 🙂 I saw the spoilers but I’m still hoping for the best and a few bosses….

  3. “A friend of mine was at San Diego Comic Con and she had some talk with SEGA employees while there. Among other things, they gave reasons for Sonic ’06’s botched, too early release and told her that regarding the Time Eater, she’d be “pleasantly surprised…” (An important note here might be that she’s a big Mephiles fan which she told them, too… Hmmmmm…)”

    Quote from sonic retro

  4. Final Rush As the 5th Level Ricardo Lol it would be pretty big and pretty deadly thinking about the facts of Sega probably delaying Sonci Generations 3ds and giving it Extreme 3d Camera Angles i really wouldnt want Final rush to be a level it was complete HELL. Anyway ehh im hoping its not Neo green hill either but you see rocks in the background and stuff so im guessing it might be like that and if you look at the time line its in a Correct Order. It might go from
    Sonic Adventure
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Sonic Rush
    Sonic Colors

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