New Sonic Generations 3DS Screenshots and Details

Nintendo UK has put up a product page for the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, which contains 3 new screenshots of the game’s Casino Night Zone and Mushroom Hill Zone stages. The page also reveals that the game will support the Play Coins feature of the 3DS to unlock ‘new challenges, and says that using the 3DS’ StreetPass feature will allow you to receive new unlockable content including new missions when you interact with other players. The game’s Versus Mode is said to feature a status points system, which sounds similar to the one used in Sonic Rush Adventure and the DS version of Sonic Colours.

It also appears the game will have some form of replay value involving other characters. According to the game’s description, players will rescue Sonic’s friends in each level. You’ll then be able to “see the levels in a different light”, with the friends then able to join him when replaying a level.

You can read the full description and view the new screenshots below:

It’s two decades since Sonic first sped onto your screen, and in honour of the world’s favourite hedgehog, the best of past and present have been combined in a 3D sprint down memory lane, in Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS. Strap yourself in for the ultimate Sonic adventure as you ‘see double’ and experience the sound barrier-breaking fun in a whole new dimension.

Strange things are afoot in Sonic’s world as mysterious time holes appear, whisking Sonic and pals back in time. Our spiky blue hero will meet all sorts of familiar faces, both friend and foe, as well as his younger self. Past and present will need to team up to fight for the future against the forces of evil.

Jaw-dropping tricks and traps await you on each inventive level, whether you’re racing round brand new courses or revisiting old favourites. You can play as either Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, each with their own track through the levels and their own stylish skills and mega moves. You’ll use old-school spin-dash attacks with Classic Sonic, or master the ‘Sonic Boost’ move with Modern Sonic. You’ll also get to see the levels in a different light as Sonic rescues his captured friends, who can then join him in replays of the levels.

This Nintendo 3DS adventure includes an unlockable special stage as well as missions and collectables available via StreetPass. The 3D Screen display gives your Sonic experience more depth, meaning you’ll be fully immersed in the action as the levels take on glorious stereoscopic dimensions.

Whether you’re a longstanding fan of Sonic, or you’re new to his fast-paced world, Sonic Generations on Nintendo 3DS is the perfect way to experience Sonic gaming in fifth gear.

* Multi-Card Play offers a two-player Versus Mode so you can take on a friend to earn status points and compete to see who’s the fastest hedgehog on the block

* Receive new unlockable content including new missions via StreetPass as you interact with other players when you’re out and about

* Use Play Coins to unlock whole new challenges

* Legendary levels from Sonic’s history come alive in glorious stereoscopic 3D

Source: Nintendo UK Sonic Generations product page

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  1. Hope there are other ways to unlock those missions: I don’t have a 3DS, but if I did, I only know one person who has one and he isn’t likely to get Generations, so I’d be virtually out of luck.

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have EVERY card, except for the ones that involve multiplayer. 🙁

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Casino night looks amazing. I’m very glad that one of my favorite levels is getting a great design. I have never lost hope with the 3DS version and like I said before its paying off. I for one can see myself using/abusing the Play coin options. I’m willing to bet that TGS will have a new build with Casino Night and Mushroom Hill

  3. I really like how the 3ds version is turning out 🙂

    “See the stages in a different light”? Cool! I hope it’ll be something like Daytime, Sunset, Midnight, Foggy, Rainy, etc.!
    “Unlock new challenges using play coins”? Cool, I got like 142 Play Coins, and it took me sooo long to get them :/

    “Unlock bonus content using the streetpass feature”? This confuses me a little, I really don’t know how to use StreePass that much, but hopefully the game will explain how to unlock more content.

    ….I can’t wait to play the 3ds version! 😀

    1. …hate to crush your dream dude, but I’m pretty sure the light statement was figurative speech.

    2. ““Unlock new challenges using play coins”? Cool, I got like 142 Play Coins, and it took me sooo long to get them :/”

      It would only take two weeks of walking 1000 steps to get 140 coins. You’ve got plenty of time to go out walking before this gets released in two months time to make it up to 300 coins.

    3. ““See the stages in a different light”? Cool! I hope it’ll be something like Daytime, Sunset, Midnight, Foggy, Rainy, etc.!”
      or the Werehog… XD

  4. I’m saving up for the 3DS I’ve had a thought about this and I might buy the 3DS version but not yet …..the things that offered in this version actually seem fun…I dunno I might get this version but we still have much to see so I’ll have a think about getting it or not…the screenshots look cool though.

  5. Sooo lets say you were in the level and modern sonic went through a completely new path in Casino Night zone and blaze came around in the background and threw some fire at the wall?

  6. Add Ice Cap Zone with the snowboarding part included with multiplayer playability and I will officially jizz over this.

    1. Seeing how there was really no “gameplay” in that tiny part with the gameplay with the snowboard and you had really no effect on how fast or slow you went I’m not sure how gameplay would work there.

      Multiplayer on that snowboard part if gameplay was a bit like the Dreamcast version? Hell yeah.

  7. The physic of sonic generations 3DS is ok in pax 2011
    but, this graphics… really sux, horrible, look the modern background, stretched builds, ctrl C + ctrl V etc

    1. Looked at it on the 3DS screen through the 3DS browser and they looked okay. Do not judge a handheld game’s graphics through still images on a huge computer screen, because obviously it is going to look stretched and ugly.

  8. Lol. Naw Nazumaki there not gonna add ice cap zone because there are 2 stages from sonic 3 related so idk lol i just hope they add Radical Highway so we could fight shadow

  9. I love to see Amy follows Sonic all zones because he will have his own feelings to her right now in this game (Xbox, PS3 and 3DS)

    1. Are you joking? That Generations MH screen is the worst I have seen, graphics-wise. The others are definitely GORGEOUS, though.

      1. Are YOU joking? Look at that screenshot above. Look how crisp and detailed all the leaves look around that loop and the misty, peaceful tree tops in the background. It will look even better on a 3DS screen.

  10. i just hope the physics are good because i watched the mushroom hill zone modern video and well he could once again walk on a wall without any speed

    1. Yeah that was pretty bullshit and doesn’t give me a lot of hope for those portions in the game, admittedly.

  11. Loving mushroom hill zone! Not so much the casino zone though, sorry to say…I stink at those levels.

  12. At first I thought the levels looked bland, but all the new previews are saying it’s looking great, so I’ll be optimistic. Emerald Coast will be awesome!

    On a general note, I think StreetPass is the dumbest idea ever. To unlock stuff you have to pass by others with a 3DS, but think about it; how many people would just walk around town with a 3DS in their pocket? It’s basically rewarding you for NOT playing your game. It’s the one thing I don’t like about the 3DS. Everything else is cool!

    1. I know! That’s probably why most things that are unlocked using Streetpass can be unlocked using Play coins too. (but it’s horribly easy to cheat on play coins)

      1. Yea, I just bounce my 3DS up and down until I get the 10 coins of the day xP.
        But still, I’d much rather unlock stuff by getting a high score or completing certain challenges in my games. Hopefully Streetpass won’t be an extremely emphasized feature of many 3DS games.

  13. Well considering that Sonic is 20 and i bet he got less mature or more Lol. we should be seeing Sonics true feelings for Amy, lol depends on sega. Modern sonic could also be a roll model for Classic Sonic so him and classic amy might go on a date even though Classic amy is like 12 or 11 and classic sonic is 15..and Modern Sonic is 20 dealing with a rapist 17 year old Modern Amy but ehh Sega has its reasons.

    1. I still don’t get it…Sonic has always been 15….but he’s now 20 in this game? I thought it was The Sonic Series that was 20 not the character ….? 😐

      1. Just think what you want C.J. 🙂 If you wanna think he’s 15, then go ahead. To me, Sonic is 20(He’s gotten a new voice, he’s more mature, and he takes better responsibility)…..everyone has their own thoughts though.

        1. Nope he’s always been 15 it’s also states at The Sonic Channel and The Sonic And The Black Knight Gallery

      1. Sonic is not like Ash Ketchum, why Ash Ketchum doesn’t recognize love for any women even if it was staring him in the face( aka Misty). Sonic on the other hand recognizes love in two ways. the first he realizes that Amy is in love with him but he doesn’t feel the same way. the other, was Sonic 06 erased from your memories. His “friendship” with Elise was far into the territory of beastiality.

        1. Don’t forget Ash did the same thing in Pokemon 4Ever when he kissed the Latias and looked like he wanted moar lol

          I just cracked a hole in your entire statement, WOOO! NUZA 1 POINT, WILL 0

          1. Pokemon movies are usually not considered cannon. Visit an pokemon site and you will see. So your back to 0

  14. Heh, no 3DS. At least my 360 will get some more use (I really should get around to playing Halo Reach…Huh.) I hope we get to have some similar features in the console games – I certainly wouldn’t mind having Amy on my side, given her AI actually does something. She was actually useful in Shadow’s game XD

    No one else is playable, but I don’t recall if they ever said friends wouldn’t help you out. Beyond that, SEGA might just be lying to spring it on us later. They sure like to tease people!

      1. I have no idea. Hopefully the AI won’t be retarded (and I mean this literally. I’ve watched Sonic ’06. They don’t even JUMP.) and actually do something useful (I found them useful in Shadow’s game, actually. Except Sonic. He was…Eh…Well, he was less useful than Eggman, and he didn’t even do anything!).

        …I hope Vector breathes fire. That’s as close to a dragon character as we’re going to get XD

  15. Well some of you didnt know but roflmao in Adventure Sonics age 15 was originaly the regular ages for the sonic characters but soon they made Knuckles 35 which backfired and caused sega to make age groups at least between 10-40

  16. To bad i dont have 3ds but o well 🙂 can’t wait to se how classic knuckles look like. Would be hilarious if he had à cowboy hat and sun glasses like in ova!!! 😀

  17. Well I’m glad that did take the Sonic Rush engine again and just gave him new powers and different environments.

  18. Well Sonic is 20 Amy is 17 Yep i think Sonic will be mature and go on a date with Amy. I swear my gf is a major Sonamy fan and if they do go on a date shes gonna jizz herself and freaking break my Xbox360 Nuff said.

  19. Streetpass will be easy Roflmao Let me tell you the steps
    1. Go to walmart and walk pass the 3ds in electronics
    2. Go to Target and repeat step 1
    3. Go to a gamestop and chat with people with 3ds in their hands
    4. hang at your highschool after school and do streetpasses
    5. If you fail 2 do these then i suggest PlayCoins by Running in circles or walking in circles
    6. Lol just go to gamestop and check for streetpass cards

    1. so…i go to target and repeat step 1….ok
      so i go to target, and then i go back to walmart and pass by the electronics? LOL

  20. That Street Pass trick doesn’t always work since not every store has said equipment running. I take my 3DS everywhere, always with the wireless on, and while I always have a decent stack of play coins, I have gotten a whopping -four- street passes since purchasing the thing. I got it at launch, too.

    I live in a rural area, and am a working adult. Fewer people around me are gamers, and that equals less multi-player. Nintendo made it so play coins could be used in their own games to substitute street passes, and certain developers have also worked around this issue with SpotPass downloads, but I will be pretty disappointed if Sega of all companies messes that up.

    1. I live in a rural area too. I only know, like, one person who even owns a 3DS, and she’s not even a gamer. She’s definitely not gonna buy Generations.

      *sigh* it really sucks to be me. I only know around 10 people who even OWN a gaming system and more than half of them, all they care about is CoD. -_-

  21. Lol well the pass by Electronics section at walmart and target about 100 times or how ever is required to unlock special missions in Sonic Generations 3ds sounds good to me lol my mom and dad will be slapping me about the gas money though

  22. Well no to flip with Sonamy fans but Sonic is 20 and Amy is 17 do you really think thats approriate age groupings. And besides if they do date the thing is Amy will say Sonic you have no time for me and we all know Sonic doesnt sit around he falls asleep now roflmao. Lol and besides Sonic will rescue amy is generations…. Cough soncs friends but really if it were me i would be in Casino Night Gambling since Sonics 20 LOL but Classic sonics 15 in Casino Night gambling 2 .-.

    1. Stop assuming thiings for Sonic and Amy. We will just have to wait and see, but remember, the star is Classic Sonic, not Amy. One day I believe Sonic and Amy will be together though, if not, a lot of ppl are going to start assuming that Sonic is gay.

    1. I believe the Sonic Franchise is 20 not the character but if you think that then it’s fine I just disagree

  23. Nah Sonic cant be gay because in Sonic Rush after beating the Extra Super Sonic boss you get a scene with sonic and blaze and Blaze and Sonic act weird and then they kiss so yeaa Sonic isnt gay but seriously i think Sonic is 20, he falls asleep now when he was younger he just tapped his foot and jumped back in forth, his moves look more crisp like his drift attack he turns into a balls and gets a side shockwave, his Slide now rips dirt out of the ground. And yeaa Sonic did turn 20 why do you think they Made a picnic seen with Partyhats,Cake,Cookies,Lemonade,Streamers,Ballons. Lol yes Sonic is 20 nuff said i know people will dissagree but everyone has their own opinion

      1. Yeah, why would they celebrate Sonic’s 15th, if being 15 is nothing special?(except for mexican girls) I believe Sonic is 20 too. SEGA has screwed with Sonic’s age a lot, so I’m just going w/the franchise’s age.So for me, Sonic is 20, even if the Sonic info card says 15, I don’t give a damn.

    1. uhmm PARTYHATS CAKE COOKIES LEMONADESTEAMERS BALLOONS sound like a kids party me btw sonic and blaze never kissed

  24. I have more chance of buying an xbox or ps3 than a 3ds. the 3ds may as well be a handheld virtual boy. it gives you a headache like none other. or so im told

    1. @Unknown – Don’t buy a 360 or PS3. Buy the Wii U when it comes out with a good Sonic game. If new MS and PS console don’t come out until 2015, then you’ll only get a few years of Sonic games, then boom, the 360 and PS3 are dead. My suggestion is buy a Wii U, then years later, when the nextbox and PS come out, buy Generations for either xbox or ps3, and play it on ur nextbox/S. You don’t have to listen to me though.

  25. Pingback: Anonymous
    1. I still believe he is 15 while the Franchise is 20…I don’t think they mean the charatcer’s actual age but after reading the Generations plot I’m just a little confused…

      1. “At the start of the game, everyone is attending a picnic IN HONOR OF SONIC’S 20th, when all of a sudden …..”

        The person who did this preview was probably the one who said ” IN HONOR OF SONIC’S 20th…”,If not, we still dont know if its 20th birthday, or 20th anniversary. Honestly, idc what age SEGA says Sonic is, as long as Sonic is still blue and fast, I’ll be happy 🙂

        One of the reasons i think Sonic is 20, is because of Mario. Why would Mario do olympics with a 15 year old, when mario is 30? You can tell Mario is 30 because when he’s on low-health, he sounds like an old guy….well thats because his voice actor is old, but still no excuse. So it would make more sense for Sonic(20) to be hanging out with a 30(Mario) year-old. Btw, how do you guys use the HTML tags? For me, all it shows is a ?mark, and i try highliting it, and other stuff, but i dont know how to work it.

        1. You do have I point but what if Mario…I’m not saying he will but What if he got a new voice actor all of sudden after a while for new games which sounded different compared to the last VA or so Like Sonic did in the past from Ryan to Jason and now Roger… Not that I would want that to happen no way – Charles is the best Mario voice :)…

          Even for the other characters Tails has always been 8 and Knuckles has always been 16 and Amy – 12 as well I’ve always thought that it’s jsut the years they celebrate since Sonic came out…Like It’s Shadow and Rouge’s 10th Anniversary 🙂 2001 > — 2011 SA2 – Present since the characters first appeared

          1. That was in Heroes though. I mean really, after Tails’ apperance in Colors, does he really look like an 8 year old to you? Knuckles should be older than Sonic, because he’s more mature than him, and settles things with fights >:) Also, after Amy’s appearnace in Unleashed, she doesnt look like a 12 year old to me. Rouge looks a bit younger as Knuckles. Shadow’s age is unknown, but Shadow is definetly not 10( i know you only said anniversary.) If i were to guess, Shadow is probably older than Sonic. Everyone’s grown up C.J 🙂

          2. Well, in terms of Shadow’s age, if you want to get technical, He has to be over 50 years old, due to being sealed for 50 years in the ARK. But, if we were going by looks, I would say Shadow would be either a little older then Sonic, or around the age of Knuckles.

          3. Not only Heroes but they also stated those ages in The Black Knight Gallery Shadow’s 50+ since Heroes isn’t he?

  26. Lol see everyone has good statements about Sonic being 20 but seriously who doesnt believe hes 20 i mean look at his crisp new move animations his voice yeaa ive said this already trololol and lol party hats cake yeaa

    1. I don’t….he’s always been 15 to me…Though we don’t know much of the plot though…as Ricardo said

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