New Sonic Generations 3DS Footage Reveals Metal Sonic in Casino Night

This morning on Nintendo’s Japanese website comes screens and a thrilling new video of Sonic Generations 3DS. The video is almost as sharp as playing the game on your 3DS and shows off some of Green Hill, Mushroom Hill and brand new video of the Special Stage taken from Sonic Heroes. Also, take note of one of the final screens. It shows a race between Metal and Sonic at Casino Night Zone! The 3DS version is looking better and better. No release date has yet been set on Sonic Generations for 3DS.

Source: Nintendo Japan

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    1. Well then don’t play the game, the only thing new in this game is the Time Eater, everything else is old school with a fresh splash of paint. Don’t like it? Mario has a nice new game coming on the 3DS, try that.

      1. I think he meant that he didn’t want the bosses in both versions to be the same. That said, I don’t think Metal is a boss in this game for some reason… seems more like a playable character?

  1. But..but..Metal Sonic was never in Casino Night Zone! Now you have gone and done it Sega, home console stages on the handheld version and bosses in odd locations, I’m officially confused!! 😛

  2. Its probably Multiplayer Mode guys.

    I doubt its boss since those are different to HD ver. And as we know Metal, Shadow and Silver are Rivals in HD ver. So I think we will have Knuckles and Blaze in 3DS ver.

    1. Metal Sonic is listed under characters in the 3DS part of the Japanese Sonic Generations site, too. Since there are 2 less stages in the 3DS version, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve cut corners in boss stages and put the 3 Rivals in the already existing stages.

      1. Both sections have the same characters. Site was ripped by someone in SSMB and there are slots for 2 other Rivals and probably Time Eater.

        The thing is there is only one character section for both versions.

        1. That’s technically wrong. Yes, it’s true that both sections have the same characters, but it clearly differentiates between it being the 360/PS3 version and the 3DS version. So the character sections may be the same, but that’s because… they’re the same.

          Both sections have a “Story” section too, but the stories are slightly different, but follow the same spiel.

          And to confirm your questioning, yeah, the other slots are for the rivals and Time Eater, it’s how I was able to find what the Time Eater looked like around midnight.

          1. So both versions will have the same Rivals? Ok now I understand.

            I wonder wchich locations they will choose for Shadow and Silver in 3DS ver. Then.

          2. @ Hunter: Actually, there’s a chance the 3DS might have its own unique bosses, like VS. Gemerl from Sonic Advance 3, VS. Blaze From Sonic Rush, VS. Shade from Chronicles. o3o You never know.

  3. All the mentioning of “Rivals” and now this… Sonic Generations is starting to look like Sonic Rivals 3!
    Btw I’m not complaining.

  4. IN my opinoin why the hell did they make a 3ds version in the first place. They need to let other people buy higher consoles and making the right choices

    1. I disagree it’s cool that they make handheld versions. People without certain console can at least TASTE the feel of full version. I own PS3 and DS, when Sonic Colors came out I was disappointed that I can’t play it but I could play DS version and I had fun with it.

  5. It’s either a video they made a while ago or they used the old E3 build for the video. Because didn’t Mushroom Hill have remixed music for Classic Sonic on the gameplay videos from Gamescom? They still didn’t have a Modern Sonic version for Act 2, but I swear Act 1’s was different.

  6. As already been mentioned before. The video and the screenshots that were shown by Nintendo are actually relatively quite old, since that the latest build isn’t like this. Newer materials will be shown in the Tokyo Game Show.

    Anyway. In Japan, the 3DS version would be released at the same time as the the PS3/360 version, December 8th, 2011. As stated in both SEGA and Nintendo’s websites.

    As for Metal Sonic being inside Casino Night Zone. Remember that this is basically a remix of past Sonic games. It’s not like that Ali Baba and Sinbad ever met each other in 1001 Nights, but they did in Secret Rings. So… Sonic Rivals 3 or Storybook 3? You decide.

    As for Knuckles and Blaze as opponents in the 3DS version. The 3DS version’s ‘story’ will differ quite a lot from the PS3/360 version, so don’t hope much.

    As for an unique boss. Since this is a remix of past Sonic games, don’t expect a lot of uniqueness in the game. Don’t expect for Hatsune Miku as the final boss either, since she will get her own game in “Hatsune Miku Project mirai” (tentative title), that was developed as a direct 3DS game instead of a DS port (like Sonic Generations).

    1. Don’t know if you’re stupid or blind, but what exactly about Sonic Generations is a port?

      Do you even know what a port is?

  7. Holy shit I hope this is VS mode o.o

    I swear, the last time I played as Metal Sonic in a Sonic game was SA2B.


  8. by looking at the screen shot the bottom screen looks different so I don’t think that this is part of Classic Sonic’s main level. This is probably on of the side mission the game offers after beating the main level. Either way, I’m excited to see Metal Sonic in the 3ds.

  9. Why Classic Sonic have target icon in mid-air! WHY!!! C.Sonic will have homing attack or something if I think right.

  10. If that metal sonic race IS a rival boss, then I wonder if the console rival bosses will be races as well. Hmm…

  11. i think how i see it is for multiplayer player 2 plays as metal sonic for classic and shadow for modern multi

      1. The stages themselves were nice little throwback but the physics messed them up. It looks, in the small little clip, that they touched up on the physics behind it. If I’m not mistaken, besides Sonic 4, Sonic Heroes was also the last mainstream console sonic title to actually have bonus stages. And YAY for bonus challenge music and not emerald chase music!!

  12. “The video is almost as sharp as playing the game on your 3DS”

    Too bad it’s not as fast as fast…-_-
    (Seriously, is it just me who’s waiting for the video to start loading forever every millisecond?)

  13. Its looking better than before now 🙂 I might consider getting this…now but we still have much to see It’s looking better though 🙂

  14. Classic Sonic has some of those target things. It’s like… 4-10 seconds into the video.


  15. Soo im wondering if this is the Boss? Or is it the Final Mission of Casino Night zone like Sonic Colors ds when you got a large stage at the end and Lol it looks good just wish Metal Sonic were attacking. And this isnt old i bet this is a new Track design for the level not just the same act 1 Casino Night

  16. Wow, people who complained about the 3DS version looking bland really needed to wait for some proper-quality footage. For a handheld, this looks fantastic. And in 3D, probably even better!

  17. Yeah, in Sonic Heroes I managed to DIE in a Special Stage. Shadow and Crew fell right through the floor. Then the game tried to reload the Special Stage. At least I got a laugh or two out of it. I never expected that falling out of the bonus tube would kill me, if someone had asked me I would have thought they would just fall and fall until the stage ended as normal.

  18. Haha yea Sonic Heroes Special Stages Were always the death of me but this is a new Console or Handheld. So yea they fixed the kinks in it Lol. I want to see the Rivals

    thats would be tight for 3ds Lol but damn shadow looked pissed as usual

  19. Yea i Agree with Hunter on this the 3ds will probably use the Streetpass and Play Coins Feature to unlock characters from the Xbox360,Ps3 versions Lol i cant wait to see Silver using his Floating Powers and Shadow Using Chaos Boost.
    But if this isnt the Multiplayer then wtf ? They might be seen in game in the areas as Mission Bosses

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