More Retailers Listing Sonic Generations’ Collector’s Edition, Steelbook Limited Edition Revealed

We have some good news for those still looking to grab the Europe and Australia exclusive Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition. More retailers now have it available to pre-order, so there is plenty to go round.


First, Kaleidoscope at the SSMB informs that Mighty Ape New Zealand, who ship worldwide, is stocking both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. They’re selling it for $199.99 NZ.

German fans can still pre-order both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for EUR 99.99 at Amazon Germany. Amazon Germany deliver to most countries around the world.

Finally, we’ve got word from reader Frack that Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi has both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions available for $169 AU, and they ship internationally.

Bear in mind these these are PAL versions. PS3 has no region lockout, but some Xbox 360 games do and so may not work in an American or Asian system.


UK fans can still pre-order both the PS3 version for £85.52 at Amazon UK. Unfortunately for those in the US, they don’t ship video games outside of Europe, and they’ve now sold out of the Xbox 360 version.


GAME in Australia is listing both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for $169.95 AU. Only problem is, they don’t ship outside of Australia.

Jix Hedgehog tells us at the SSMB that EB Games in Australia is listing both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for $168 AU. Oddly, it seems those outside of Australia will have to just plain try their luck and see whether their order is accepted or not. Their terms and conditions say: “We retain the right to either approve or deny any overseas transaction at our discretion.”


TimmiT over at Sonic Retro spotted that Dutch retailer is stocking both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for € 129; however, they don’t ship outside of the Netherlands.

HeatPhoenix and kjeldoostra tell us Game Mania is stocking both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for € 129.98.

WebstyleCenter tells us that is stocking both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for €109.74. ship to the Netherlands and Belgium, but the latter will cost you.

WebstyleCenter also tells us that is selling both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for €107.00. The retailer only ships within the Netherlands.


frokenok3 has informed at the SSMB that fans in Greece can pre-order the Collector’s Edition from their local Plaisio store. Oddly though, frokenok3 says his local store is only getting the PS3 version in and it isn’t available on their website yet.

Tikitiwa tells us that Amazon France is selling the PS3 version for EUR 99,99. They say to “sign up to be notified” when the Xbox 360 version will be available. Unfortunately, they don’t ship outside of Europe.

In other news, SSMB member Woun has found a Steelbook version of both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the Sonic Generations Limited Edition at Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi for $109 AU. The retailer ships internationally.

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  1. I had spoke to GAMEdigital on twitter if they are going to sell the CE and they said “we are still talking to SEGA. Will let you guys know as soon as i hear anything.” 😀 hopefully, wont be long til they’ll be selling them 😛

  2. Shadzter?
    I have one of the games needed by that Ed guy.
    I live in Arizona though.
    Can I still ship it to him? I sent him an E-Mail and he still hasn’t responded. 🙁

  3. Yeah I’m hoping GAME picks it up. I usually don’t care much for them but I’ve got oodles of reward points to use.

  4. Glad that it’s still available Gonna get as soon as possible maybe next week or during the end of September man I really want this D: Will Order when I have the money Gonna make sure I get this as quick as I can 🙂

  5. Guys, add “Game Mania” for Netherlands, they’re having it too. Gonna pre-order that baby soon guys. Wish me luck on scraping the money together.

  6. I can’t decide whether to get the Collector’s Edition or not. Amazon UK won’t change the date from 30th November to 4th November and I don’t want to wait three weeks to play the game so I pre-ordered the Standard Edition. If the date changes then I will pre-order the Collector’s Edition.

    1. I wouldn’t worry. The date will very likely change, as all other European retailers have it down for November 4th. They’re most likely just slow in updating it.

      1. I was worried about this, but as Shadzter said it’s likely they’re slow.
        Originally they had standard addition for 30th November as well which I was concerned about.
        I don’t mind waiting though for all of that swag.

    1. Ha ha! I’m sure the Collector’s Edition will be worth the money when we get it in our hands. There are other games that get Collector’s Editions with about the same content or less that often cost about £120.

  7. So does that mean that people who ordered earlier will for sure get the CE? From Amazon Germany more specifically.

  8. So I’m trying to understand: Why isn’t the US getting anything yet? you’d think they would announce stuff for the US and EUR first but still nothing yet… I do hope we get the collectors edition, I want that ring! Dx

    1. I think they will get a Collector’s Edition as the note said “THIS Collector’s Edition will only be available in Europe and Australia. Maybe Sega has something planned. 😀

    2. America IS getting something–360’s getting a Theme, Casino Pinball stage, and some Avatar items. PS3’s is I think somewhat of the same.

  9. Pity the New Zealand website of Mighty Ape doesn’t ship internationally, its $199.99 NZ dollars on their main New Zealand website, which works out cheaper than $199.99 AU dollars. For some odd reason their Australian website does ship internationally but charges the same as the New Zealand price but in Australian dollars. Very confusing.

    EBGames NZ and Australian website have it up for order now tho, so it seems some retailers were just slow on the uptake.

      1. Oh well in that case it’s $199.99 NZ dollars, not AU, the Mighty Ape New Zealand website deals with our local currency, not Australia’s. Unless it charges AU for international orders, which would be weird. Living in New Zealand myself I’ve never used their international orders page so I have no clue, but all my local orders made from them are in NZ dollars which works out cheaper than AU dollars if your ordering from the USA.

          1. It’s all good, you do a great job, no need to apologize!! Just thought I’d point it out so that people that have ordered from New Zealand don’t think they are getting ripped off lol, it would work out to be around the same as everywhere else after currency conversion I would assume.

      1. @Jix Hedgehog – Your mean man. 🙁 Please never talk to me again.

        @Shadzter – Yeah, when I typed my comment, afterwards I was going to re-phrase it, but I forgot to 😛

          1. He said it because TSSZ’s ‘confirmed it’ from the Tokyo Game Show, which if they’re correct, isn’t spoiling it, as it’s technically not a leaked thing. I guess it’s kind of spoiling, since it’s not been announced by SEGA themselves and just apparently shown to press, but still.

    1. That is such a weird choice, it’s from a Sonic game sure, but it’s not a level Sonic himself had anything to do with in the story of Sonic Adventure 2. Now I’m confused. And wasn’t the handheld version supposed to focus on the handheld games of the series? So gar the only level that’s from a handheld game is Green Hill. So so confused.

      1. And that Green Hill stage is from the Mega Drive edition of the game. I guess there must have been some confusion somewhere. I can’t remember where we first hear that the 3DS version was going to be featuring handheld stages.

      2. @TenkoTails – If Radical Highway is true, then SEGA most likely put that stage in because(possible reasons)

        1. Fan demands

        2. SEGA thought it would be a good stage

        3. It could’ve been a popular stage

        4. If Shadow being a Boss for 3ds, then that’s another reason, because then you could fight Shadow in Radical Highway 😛

        …Just throwing some ideas out there.

        1. Those are all good points, perhaps the rival battle with Shadow takes place there as a race through the level, since 3DS is spose to have different levels and all. If Radical Highway turns out to be true and all.

    1. If you live in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, then it’ll work on your Xbox 360 and PS3, as Australia is a PAL region. If you live in the US, then the PS3 version will, as it’s not region locked, but the Xbox 360 version won’t, unless SEGA don’t region lock the game. Most Xbox 360 games are region locked, while the odd bunch aren’t.

  10. Thanks for the mention Shad. Yes my local store doesn’t ship worldwide. It’s only Greece exclusive and only for the PS3.

    I asked about the whole deal why only PS3 and they gave me the answer i imagined they will.

    “Our costumers are mainly PS3 users rather than 360 users so we asked for that version”

    It’s true Greece is mostly Playstation users. Hell we even have a Sony company over here. Not a big one of course but still.

    I keep an eye for any updates. 🙂

    1. You would probably need to create an Australian/New Zealand PSN login and account as a second user on your PS3. I believe that most DLC codes only work on their own regions PSN stores.

  11. I am not buying collectors edition because of lack of money. I can buy Soundtrack separately and Exclusive DLC is just Pinball Minigame and Theme but I can’t wait for the game itself it will be BEST 3D SONIC GAME EVER!!!

  12. What is the DLC exactly? Is it just the pinball, theme, and costume? If so I can get that from GameStop anyway :|)

    1. Yep, it’s the same DLC. Europe and Australia don’t get it as a pre-order bonus like you guys in the US. We have to get the Limited Edition or the Collector’s Edition to get it.

      1. Actually… Game Mania lists the pre-order bonus as the Super Sonic skins, Pinball DLC and the theme.

        Not just the collectors edition.

  13. Does anyone think that the Limited Edition steel book will be available in Gamestop? If I’m not getting the CE, I might as well be able to get that pretty case at least, dammit. >:C

  14. I live in the US. If I but the CE off of amazon Germany, would the packaging, game case, art book, the game itself and so on be in German, or English? I’d hate to buy it only to not be able to read/understand anything.

    1. @zeroro

      You should get the AU collectors edition quickly. cancel youre german one cause the art book and dvd are very likely german. I switched yesterday, so you better be quick! :/

      1. Isn’t it more expensive through Austalia though? I would rather keep my chances with getting German stuff for a lower price. As I said in my other comment, some of the things are most likely multilanguage because it’s easier to make one thing and send it everywhere rather than make a bunch of different copies.

    2. I second this. But I feel that the DVD and what not will still have English. The book could come in multiple languages, it would be easier than making a whole bunch of different ones. There most definitely should be a menu to change the language on the DVD as well, for the same reasons I listed above. As for the game case, keep in mind you might have to buy another game if you have an Xbox, but if you have a PS3 the odds are good that it will be a German case with the choice of voice and subitles in the game.

  15. I’m seriously starting to hate being an american. someone please start an online petition so we can give to sega and let them know that we have every right to have CE just as everyone else on this fucking planet!

    1. I second what bmhedgehog says, this is a huge release that nobody should have to miss out of a CE on. I live and the US and will be very disappointed is Sega decides not to make one.

    2. Seriously, Sega needs to give NA a collector’s edition. I agree with you. America deserves more than that.

  16. Does anyone know if amazon will have any more Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360 in stock soon?

  17. MY MUM IS F*CKING AMZING we were at gamemania and i saw sonic generations so i asked my mum if i could pre order it she said yesh then the girl at the counter says :there is a collectors edition but its really expensive so i said yeah … like 130 euros she said yesh then my mum looked at me and said do you want that? i said FUCK YEAH and now im getting the collecters edition and well i kinda ran outside screaming FUCK YEAH

  18. Sigh, Amazon are not selling the Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360 because they are changing the release date, so I need to wait until they’ve changed the date so I can pre order it. 🙁

  19. I’m concerned weither this game is even worth getting anymore, judging by how SEGA is this game will most likely be medicore or even worse, a flop.

    Everytime they announce a sonic game they have always abused us, the fans by giving us high hopes and in the end the game always ends up being crappy.

    I think I am going to cancel my order, I’m tired of SEGA letting us down all the time

  20. Does anyone know if the Casino Night DLC is region free? I’m going to order this Region 2 pack just for all the bonus items. But since I have a 360, I’ll have to buy the US version as well if I want to play it. However, my only incentive to pre-order the regular US version is the DLC and if I’ll be getting that with the Collectors Edition, I’ll just wait for Christmas to get the regular US edition and save myself $60.

    So does anyone have any clue? Will by International DLC work with my American 360?

  21. Just preordered mine… ALRIGHT!!! THIS LOOKS AWESOME!! The demo was good.. maybe SEGA CAN do something right? At least the extra stuff is cool even if the game isn’t 😛 !!!!!!

  22. Amazon UK are selling the Collector’s Edition again. Just got my pre-order in! So I canclled the PS3 version instead of buying the Xbox 360 Standard version. 😀

    1. Unfortunately not- if someone cancels their order Amazon put it up for sale again. I’m afraid Amazon are completely put of stock for Xbox 360 which means it is unlikely that you’ll be able to get it now

  23. Amazon Germany is charging me 95.50 Euro to ship it to the US which is 128 in US dollars not bad last time it was 99 euro.

  24. I’ve just ordered the 360 Special Edition from Amazon UK this afternoon. I’d been checking since the other person commented and saw one at 13:55. I suggest you keep checking to see if more come up.

  25. If I knew what the language settings were definitely going to be (in game and on box), I’d buy the German or French version.

  26. The price of the PS3 version on Amazon UK has been reduced to £75. I wonder if the 360 price will be reduced to match as the order e-mail suggests…

  27. I’m so happy I’m Australian now……..Well, I still prefer America over Australia but still…

  28. Amazon UK had a PS3 ver up for about 5mins 🙂 – Thats right I snapped that bad boy up ! Really glad I got that order in. I thought I was going to miss out on the CE 🙁
    So glad I got it though 😀 Bring on the SPEED !

  29. I waited a little too long and now I can’t buy the CE in the UK. Fail. If I buy the Australian or New Zealand version, will it be exactly the same as the UK version? I know the game will be region free, but will the wording on the box/other stuff be the same and the DLC usable? 360 verison I am refering to

  30. I ordered mine from AUS online at JB HIFI. It still hasn’t charged me… But I have a confirm email. Is this playable in the US?

  31. just got another copy of the Xbox360 collector’s edition 🙂 Hurry up if you’re a lucky owner of a 360 and want this version 🙂

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