Jun Senoue Confirms Tokyo Game Show 2011 Performance

Jun Senoue has today officially confirmed via the Crush 40 Twitter feed that he will be performing on SEGA’s stage at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. SEGA’s TGS website says the performance kicks off at 16:20 and ends 30 minutes later at 16:50 Japan Standard Time (08:20 GMT/03:20 EDT) on September 18th and will be broadcast via Ustream. Johnny Gioeli will not be there due to a busy schedule. Instead, Cash Cash’s Alex Makhlouf will perform alongside Senoue-san.

Sources: Sonic Paradise and Crush 40 Twitter

[EDIT: Unfortunately Alex is unable to attend, and instead JP from Cash Cash will be filling in the role! = T]


  1. Everything is fine and cool but please dont tell me main theme is by Cash Cash. I mean They have good music but its aniversary title (I mean Generations) and Crush 40 is big part of franchaise. They should do it.

    Cant wait to hear this performance.

    1. I’m sure Crush 40 will be doing the main theme for Generations 🙂 they have to it’s been so long since the main theme was done by them They haven’t done the main theme…not since Sonic And The Black Knight which I thought had awesome soundtrack I don’t mind Cash Cash though I think they have good music too.

      1. Isn’t this the main theme for Generations? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1ROMX2grV4 I mean it’s in all the trailers so I’m pretty sure it’s the main theme, it grows on me the more I hear it but in my opinion it’s the least catchy of all 3D Sonic game themes (Maybe better then Seven Rings in Hand lol). There could be a ending theme for the game too like with recent games.

        1. @SonicGamer12 – No that’s not the MAIN theme. SEGA just uses that song for their trailers, just like Na Na Na used for City Escape. The song name is Tenderoni. I doubt SEGA will be lazy, and just use that as their theme. Dont believe everything you see on the internet 😉

          I hope the ending theme will be all of Sonic’s music mashed up together, tha’d be sick!

          1. Hmm well it’s getting kinda late then for SEGA to be releasing this theme. Every first Sonic game trailer has a sneak preview of it xD I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard Tenderoni in the credits though.

    2. Jun has already confirmed by Twitter that Crush 40 is not doing a main theme. I’m pretty sure the main theme’s not going to be something vocal anyways! Looking forward to the TGS performance! 😀

  2. I may be alone on this one…but I wouldn’t mind hearing another Cash Cash song in a Sonic game. Maybe not as the main theme, but something.

    Reach For The Stars and (especially) Speak With Your Heart are two of my favorite Sonic songs.

  3. Say no to Crush40
    Say yes to jun + sonic colors composers.
    Real composers don’t need artificial and ridiculous voice.

      1. Popsh*t voice = crush 40 vocal
        Synth voice = cash cash

        The best music in sonic have in unleashed and colors, instrumental and not random guitar chords.

        1. Okay, you seriously have that mixed up. Crush 40 have real voices, and Cash Cash have their own talents too! No need to get all ‘Rock Vs. Techno’, I personally prefer Crush 40, they are truly talented, so I have to disagree with your opinion.

  4. well, good news is they’ll get crush 40, the bad news is that they’ll only be showing MHZ 3ds and City E. ps3/360 at TGS…….*sigh*

  5. Ohtani Tomoya will be present there too, as a presenter along with Iizuka Takashi and Senoue Jun.

    Based on current information, Ohtani so far has no close connection at all with the development of Sonic Generations. They only described him as the sound director of Sonic Unleashed, with Senoue Jun as Sonic Generations’ sound director. A few of Ohtani’s works were “His World” from Sonic 06 and “Reach for the Stars” from Sonic Colors.

    If Senoue is the Yang (masculine/strong) of the Sonic music, then Ohtani is the Yin (feminine/soft) one.

    It’s unknown on whether he will be there to represent Sonic Generations, or another Sonic game. The later is most likely.

    As an extra note.
    The SEGA booth at the Family Corner will only feature Green Hill Zone, both at the 17th and 18th day. The main SEGA booth on the other hand will feature Green Hill Zone at the 17th day and City Escape at the 18th day. The PS3 version of Sonic Generations will be the one used for the presentation.

    The 15th and 16th day are reserved for business guests only and are not open to the general public.

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