Jazwares Confirms Classic Knuckles Figure In The Works

Sonic action figure maker Jazwares has revealed in reply to a fan query on their Facebook page that work is underway on a Classic Knuckles action figure.

Well folks he is in the works. And he looks AWESOME!

No pictures or details about the figures have been released, but we would assume it will be part of the 20th Anniversary line and be out before Christmas.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details.

Source: Jazwares Facebook page

Thanks to Rooftrees Spindash at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Well this defiantly going to be something to look forward to! I don’t think they’ve ever released a classic knuckles figure, well, ever!

    1. Actually, there’s been several from the early 90s era. They were all from kids meals, so the quality wasn’t great.

  2. I remember hearing somewhere that Jazwares was/were only to produce figures for the current games being released..

    And now we have the F4F figures re-released in the US as the 2″ Classic Collection.. we have two sets now that have Classic Amy.. and confirmation that there’ll be 3″ Classic Metal Sonic and Classic Knuckles figures.

    I know it was said that Classic Tails would be the only real main Classic character in Generations, but is it seeming more likely to anyone else that perhaps characters like Knuckles and Amy’s Classic renditions may at least make an appearance in the game?

    1. Classic Knuckles will most likely make a cameo in Classic Sonic’ version of Sky Sanctuary, and Classic Amy will most likely appear in Stardust Speedway at the end of the level, just like in the original.

  3. hope they confirm classic amy next. certainly a character actually better than the modern. i hate her voice!! DX

  4. YAY! A Sonic site that keeps up with Jazwares!
    I already knew this though since I asked on the FB page. lol

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