IGN Very Excited About Sonic Generations, Encourage YOU to Get Excited Too


IGN has been hands-on with Sonic Generations today and the game has got the website’s staff pretty excited. The staff are so excited, they’ve shared the above video showcasing their excitement. Unfortunately, the contents of their preview are currently embargo’d, so they can’t share any details until their preview goes live on Monday when the embargo lifts. With an embargo in place, this suggests that they may have played a level that is yet to be officially revealed, so we just might get to see or read about a new stage on Monday.

We’ll share any new details from IGN’s preview once it’s released on Monday.

Source: IGN (via SegaShiro)

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  1. Oh, really IGN…you sure you just wont give it a 4 like ya did unleashed….fucking assfaces
    Still its good that they actually see this as a worth while game

      1. I agree too. They probably might’ve been drunk, because they were screwing around somewhat. But they did keep straight faces, so they werent drunk, they just probably had a few shots.

        1. Actually, I can’t really hate IGN. I wasn’t really in the Sonic community until… 2009, so I missed the fan-rage that was only surpassed by Sonic 4’s physics in intensity. At least they’re better than Game Informer, WHO GAVE SONIC COLORS/COLOURS WII A 7.

  2. Either its Space Colony Ark orr Radical Highway,Emerald Coast I would be pretty excited about a badass highway with loops and random pits and rockets destroying shit while i was driving so yea get on with the Friday or Monday Story xP Aww shit Nvm it might be Sky Sanctuary or a gameplay of Chem Plant

  3. They’re probably just “pretending” to be excited for the cameras. once they go off, they’d be like “haha, I swear i thought i was going to crack up. We’re totally giving this a 4 or 3 or even lower haha what a bunch of losers!”

  4. If IGN is exited about it, does that mean that the game sucks, or does it mean that it’s the best game in existence?

    1. IGN gives Sonic low scores due to being harsh and making picky complaints. If they like it that means that Sonic Team made a Sonic game that even IGN can’t can’t. So it’s the best game in existence? XDD

      Don’t listen to all these stupid comments who are insulting IGN. I mean, I found the title of this article the most strangest sentence I’ve ever read but I’m not going to ignore what I just saw and go “They were drunk and are gonna give it a low score like Unleashed” if they just told us to get excited about the game, which would help Sonic Team gain sales. That’s stupid. lol

  5. I bet if they used Knuckles instead of the Werehog, with the exact same gameplay etc, everyone would love it. But because they changed Sonic for one game…..ooooooo its horrible, so bad ._. i personally, enjoyed the werehog levels, it gave the game a little bit of a mixture.
    But i do have to agree with the fishing stuff =P

  6. Why are people hating on IGN? It’s not like they hate Sonic. They gave Sonic Colors, All Stars Racing, and Sonic 4 excellent ratings. And it’s funny when Sonic fans hate on Sonic 4 more than IGN lol. The people you really should be bashing is Destructoid. Jim Sterling shows CONSISTENTLY how much he is a retarded, biased reviewer. Destructoid are the people full of ignoramuses. Jim Sterling thinks that Sonic Advance was the BEST sonic game and Sonic 4 was better than the original sonic game.

    1. But Sterling’s a troll. IGN is basically your typical biased review site. Giving Sonic 4 an amazing rating is an example of that. That’s my opinion though.

  7. SEGA ARE YOU NUTS!!!! IGN HATE SONIC THE HEDGHOG PERIOD! IGN is not excited about sonic generations! they gave each game a low score but if they do review this game then let a girl do it.

    1. They don’t hate him. As pointed out further up, they gave the recent games high scores. The general consensus among most reviewers with the games before last year were that they were bad, not just at IGN.

      1. Unleashed was pretty good. It certainly deserved a higher score than the monstrosity of Sonic ’06.

        …Although the music was pretty good, but it always is in any Sonic game. …Except Chronicles, but that was still fun to play if you had the patience. (I’ve got a game guide, lolz.)

    2. “they gave each game a low score but if they do review this game then let a girl do it.”

      Damn that’s a lie! IGN didn’t give sonic colors a bad score. In fact they said it was good. which EVERYONE else said.

    3. Yeah, right on! I mean it’s not like Sonic’s only recently got out of a huge gaming rut that meant from a critical stand point his games weren’t exactly glowing! It’s something that’s been getting on my goat for a while; considering that a large amount of gaming magazines and websites give Sonic games average or worse scores they must all be Sonic haters, right?
      Or maybe, just maybe they could be reviewing a bloody game.

      IGN aren’t my fav gaming website but I’d trust their verdict over the majority here.

      1. *Raises hand* I’m a girl. Heck, I even played Gears of War 2 and enjoyed every (bloody) minute of it XD

        Theory disproved! *Stamps it*

        1. *screams* My eye!! Why would you stamp me in the eye!! *falls over*

          My girlfriends past were all gamers, they aren’t as vocal about it as guys, but there are a lot of them out there. Tho I’m not sure letting a girl review a Sonic game would make the outcome any different if we are talking proper professional reviewers, I’m pretty sure they don’t, but they are supposed to leave personal opinion at the door aren’t they?

          1. Whoops, sorry about the eye ^^’

            Well, they ARE supposed to leave behind opinions, but the human factor means that someone is always going to be biased. It’s almost impossible to get rid of that…And these people are certainly biased from the fact they’ve played other Sonic games and thus have expectations (or lack thereof) based on those games.

            The best way? Get someone who doesn’t play video games to play it and review. Problem is, they’d probably suck and say the game is too hard :/

      2. *Raises hand along with Grassy* Yeah! I’m a girl too! Though I don’t play games with blood & gore, I love action-adventure games and occasionally racing games. Maybe the girls you know aren’t the kind who play video games.

  8. IGN is happy? That’s a good sign. We can argue whether or not they’re good at what they do, but the fact of the matter is that IGN has been anti-Sonic for a long time and yet they’re enjoying this. And they’re asking US to enjoy it, ironically enough. This information on monday sounds very exciting, groundbreaking almost.

  9. I think IGN is usually pretty fair, much nicer to Sonic than Game Trailers is. But seriously, did they have to throw the Werehog toy? That is a good toy, very well sculpted, Jazwares’ first incarnation of a Sonic character and they are like 14 bucks in stores now, that’s a lot for an action figure.

  10. What the? IGN…giving bad Sonic games bad scores? UNBELIEVABLE!

    But I guess IGN giving the GOOD Sonic games good scores like Colors, 4, and All Stars Racing get a free pass just to support you guy’s IGN hate rally! Not to mention they nominated Generations for a people’s choice award!

  11. To be honest, I bet all my money that IGN is EXTREMELY excited about this, is because of Classic Sonic. Then again, Modern’s stages are more fun, so who knows?

    1. Holy crap! You have a full version of the game! Gimme!
      In all seriousness tho, how can you state Modern Sonic’s stages are “better” before the game is even released, and before you have had a chance to play them all yourself?

      1. Since E3, all the way to TGS, I’ve seen the players enjoy M Sonic’s stages more than Classic, and yes, some of those people were Classic Fans >.> but I should have said IMO 🙂 sorry.

  12. They probably might’ve been drunk, because they were screwing around somewhat. But they did keep straight faces, so they werent drunk, they just probably had a few shots.

  13. IGN isn’t being IGNorant? Holy smokes, 2012 is coming sooner than expected! XD

    …Seriously, I love the werehog. I mean, it was still Sonic, just more smash and bash. Which I loved – another reason I enjoyed Shadow’s game so much (and hitting someone with a lamppost never gets old). Tiddlywinks~

    Can’t wait <3

  14. I can tell by their squeky voice they were drunk.. Anyway im guessing these so called Ign people are wetting their panties to make a rant about RadicalHighway’s loops,pits and rockets. Haha idk what half the people are complaining about for RadicalHighway. The olympic bars that launch you in the air, the bridges you grind on, the military rockets xD whats not to love. Say RadicalHighway if you agreee. And again RadicalHighway is a Shadow themed level for a certain black hedgehog… (no racist)

  15. Sonic 2D and 3D, its what we wanted for years. Those were his exact words, now can I get his address so I can take a bat and beat the stupid out of him 😐

  16. IGN are so excited that when the game comes out they can give it a below average score so sega will take the game off the shelves like they did with every other game.

  17. I fucking loved Sonic Unleashed Werehog and all! It’s one of my all time fav sonic games next to Sonic 2, CD, S&K, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic advance 3, and Sonic Colors. And if IGN is goin bonkers over Sonic Generations then it must be too damn legit 😀

    1. you loved sonic unleashed and that gay monstrosity of the werehog? man, i guess people now seem to like shit on their ice cream for toppings instead of actually sprinkles. :/ but…its what you like *grins and chuckles at Miyamoto*

      1. Stomping on others opinions…..you must be that shit on the ice cream. Seriously, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t post at all.

        1. “Stomping on others opinions…..you must be that shit on the ice cream.”

          I have to lol because I LOVE how you like EVERY other sonic fan uses that word in your vocabulary which deludes yourself: opinion. I’m not even stomping on this guy. Sonic Unleashed IS shit. Day stages or not. WHY don’t YOU tell me what’s right about it since you seem to be calling me out Mr. Know it All! 😀

          “Seriously, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t post at all.”

          *translates to*

          Sonic Unleashed and every current game is awesome so why are hating on the fact WE like shit?

          Listen guy, if you want sprinkles and chocolate on your ice cream play sonic colors. If you want shit and diarrhea go for the werehog. If you want a tasty a fun experience, play Super Mario. 😉

          1. Not to intrude, but you basically ARE bashing other’s opinions.

            It’s all right to hate the game, but to call someone out on it and claim they “like every Sonic game” is a bit ridiculous.

            Using the word “opinion” is all right. We aren’t “stomping” on ourselves. Every person has a view. I quote; “you loved sonic unleashed and that gay monstrosity of the werehog? man, i guess people now seem to like shit on their ice cream for toppings instead of actually sprinkles.”

            So someone liking a game that you don’t like makes them have bad taste? My friend, you will not get very far in the world with an attitude like that. Unleashed wasn’t the best and had problems, but it was a step in the right direction. I respect your opinion (oh look, I’m degrading myself with such a terrible word! Oh no!), but you need to learn to respect other’s.

            FYI, calling the Werehog “gay” is wrong – he is not sexually interested in guys nor is he overly happy. Just a little grammar lesson…

          2. Oh yeah because obviously redirecting a random poster that enjoys starting crap vs kissing the ass of a certain games are obviously related. Might I suggest taking a step away from your computer for a day, go outside, and understanding the difference between the two instead of typing a lengthy response that shows how much you adorable and admire me.

  18. @Sonic2011

    That was an obligatory Adventure Field mission in Sonic 2006, where you had to interview a bunch of cops and guess which one is the chief.

  19. I love that someone gives a good preview of Sonic Generations and our first reaction is “they must be drunk”.

    They’re not drunk. They said at the start of the video that SEGA had just left their offices. I doubt that the game was so bad that they would instantly get blootered at work to the extent that they forget that the game is terrible and think it’s amazing…

    1. IGN hardly ever give positive reviews for sonic games thats why everyones saying their drunk. theres no dout that generations gonna be good otherwise i wouldnt have payed a minimum deposite of $50 just to pre order the ce edition of the game

          1. It’s a crappy port. It’s not even the dreamcast port so of course a pc port is going to suck balls. Capcom ported the Dreamcast version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 did they not? And didn’t they touch it up and give it HD renderations on certain aspects of it? Unlike SEGA lazy SA port is lazy so yeah of course it would suck. :/

  20. im a girl to u have problems i like vidio games , what ign did with that werehog sonic i don,t like and ign sucks at reviews SEGA WYY WYYYYYYYYYY

  21. I’ve been a Sonic fan all my life and Sonic The Hedgehog is my most favorite character. I have not criticized any of the sonic games because I stay true to my word, Sonic has given me hope and shone light in a path that was so dark I thought I would lose myself. I love Sonic so much that I got a Sonic the hedgehog tattoo on my left arm that I drew out. Me being a potential and future legendary video game desinger, sonic has fueled my will in chasing my dreams. It is also because of Sonic that I have found my skill and natural gift in art. Even in these 21 years of living through Sonic’s life and experiencing sonic in many different ways, I still keep Sonic in my heart. I have enjoyed all of his games and will come to love his upcoming entries. I do plan to work for Sega for a few years before branching off on my own gaming business to build my own company. Sonic The Hedgehog is my hope, my light, and my friend and I will always cherish him forever and beyond. S.R.G

  22. If this whole excitement thing is true, why isnt it in their top most wanted games list for the fall?? Unless im missing something?

  23. It’s just Sonic platforming quickly through nostalgia-ridden stages by himself , so of course they like it. And they’ll continue to like the series if it remains that way for good.

  24. So apparently a Spanish website broke the embargo with this, and revealed tonnes. Amongst which, I found particularly ironic, is


    You can upgrade Sonic’s skills, including the time spent in the air during jumps.

    All this time some Sonic fans were screaming murder over the weighty jumps, and that’s only because they were at level 1. Oh, the irony.

  25. If IGN does give praise to Generations, we must be in the twilight zone (earth 2 = its awesome?)
    Seriously the expressions on their face seem plausible, and they are actually positive for a change.

    Espy, as of late, the design scheme works. I like the idea of being able to upgrade the character.
    Makes sense, and it defines how much more gameplay they want the player to learn from (even making mistakes).

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