Amazon UK Listing Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition For £85.52

Amazon has become the first retailer in the UK to offer the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition SEGA announced yesterday. According to the retailer, the RRP(Recommended Retail Price) for this item is £99.99. But fortunately, Amazon is selling it at the cheaper price of £85.52.

Choose your format and get you pre-order in now at the links below.
Xbox 360

If you’re not in Europe, see our Import Guide for the Collector’s Edition.

Thanks to BinaryRaptor at the SSMB for the heads up!

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    1. I share your feelings…. I live in Singapore, where nobody seems to be a fan of Sonic, and it’s hard to get games like this. Which country do you live in?

        1. Hmm it’s great to know that there are some Sonic fans near me. Now I don’t feel lonely anymore 🙂 I wonder when Sonic Generations would be released in our region. Or else we’ll have to buy it online and pay lots of money for the shipping fees and handling costs. Most of the sellers don’t even ship out of the US. Luckily I chose a PS3 over an Xbox, cos the PS3 is region-free.

      1. Hi Jemi97 i’m from Singapore too and i really want to get this game and i just wanted to ask is it possible to find this game in stores on the day of the release? In that case TODAY???

  1. Holy crap! I thought this would be the $200 set listed a while back! This is amazing. Definitely importing now. The goodies alone are worth the price.

    1. That was $200 AUS, not US dollars. That retailer later lowered the price to $180 AUS. It’s about right, as prices always convert to a little higher in AUS dollars.

    1. yes it is man i just pre-ordered its about 100 euro i pre-ordered now and the 3ds book and the strategy guide

  2. i just pre-odered the

    Sonic Generations – Collector’s Edition
    Sonic Generations Official Strategy Guide
    Sonic Generations 3DS

    Merry Christmas to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. I would…but with all these other games coming out I don’t think I will have enough money…ah well, the Game will do me just fine xD




  5. i just pre-odered the

    Sonic Generations – Collector’s Edition
    Sonic Generations Official Strategy Guide
    Sonic Generations 3DS

    Merry Christmas to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Anyone else notice that the info page for the Sonoc Generations strategy guide says “Get the most out of the skills of current Sonic, Classic Sonic, and all of their friends”. If their friends are using skills you need to “get the most out of” one would assume that they are going to play some tag along or co-op type role. I’m thinking that pretty much confirms they will be playing along side Sonic in some way, there’s been a few mentions of his friends in that respect outside of the data mined info from the demo to ignore at this point. The Sonics may be the only playables but it looks like the friends will show up in more than just cut scenes.

  7. Amazing price, I thought this would be about £120…thanks Sonic Stadium! I just got my pre-order in, on 1-day delivery speed for £92.57!!

    I’m so exited, I just can’t hide it!!

    1. No problem 🙂

      I’ve paid for the first class delivery, which should be enough to get it to me on release day. My wife uses the free super saver delivery and she tends to get her orders pretty quick within 2-3 days.

  8. Man i so want it but i cant afford it:( I have per order Zelda skywards sword special edition for 52,56 £ and i have planed to get Sonic Generations special edition if we in Sweden get it. Still haven’t fund it on a Swedish site:(

  9. Right now to plan……
    Step 1 Donate Blood… maybe other stuff to.
    Step 2 Borrow £10 from mum
    Step 3 find a pothole and ‘accidentley not see it as a car is coming as i move to the side and ouch for me’ then its compensation time.
    Step 4 More hours at work
    step 5 Sell unused stuff
    step 6 drink a fruit shoot (blackurrent yum yum)
    step 7 repeat step 6
    old phone to
    Step 8 Watch INCEPTION may get an idea outta it
    Step 9 Bribe a government agent
    Step 10 have the money and items for spec edition

    Additinal step suffer migraine then sleep

  10. -sigh- does anyone know if amazon uk will deliver to amercia? i have a ps3 so i’m probably going to import if it doesn’t come to america. and also if amazon uk doesn’t deliver to america does anyone know of a place that will? :(….a very sad day for american sonic fans.

  11. Do game companies just have it in for the US in terms of bonus goodies like this (okay, maybe not “bonus” considering the price, but still)? x_X
    This would be one game that I WOULD pay more for all those things, too.

  12. Seems like a normal Collector’s edition prize to me (When comparing to e.g Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Animus edition. It’s about 100 euros too.)

    I wish this could come to PC too, otherwise I might not be getting it 🙁 (Unless PC version isn’t coming which means I’ll be buying PS3) Unless… my friend buys it and gives the stuff to me B) He did that with Sonic Colours Collector’s edition XD (He’s not really a fan, but he enjoys playing Sonic Colours on his DS :D)

  13. £85.52?! Are you kidding me?! That’s way more than what I was thinking! This might just another dream that will never be true… :,(

      1. Well looking at it now, I suppose it isn’t that much, me and my bro decided that we’re going to split our money and both buy it.

  14. I’ve pre-ordered my Collectors Edition on Xbox 360. It says that it will be released on Novemeber 30th. But the main release is November 4th. So when will Amazon release it?

  15. damn! whoever is getting that would be as lucky as a guy getting RECON armour on HALO 3 (or better yet, getting a role in Red VS Blue), oh wait, i might get this! my dad knows a guy at SEGA who could snipe a couple copies with the promo stuff (PS3 and 3DS), i might get this kick ass edition *prays that my ring might be numbered 1*


    But I think I’ll pass for this I’m waiting to see when these will be in local stores I don’t think I can pre-order now but We’ll wait and see what happens though I might be left with no choice :S

    1. No problem 🙂

      You can always pre-order and reserve a copy just in case. Amazon won’t charge you until it’s despatched. If you find it in a local store and want to get it that way, you can cancel your online order.

  17. Pre-oredered. I have games pre-ordered for 3 months in a row: Gears of War 3, BattleField 3 and Sonic Generations. 2011 is looking to be one of the best years in gaming.

  18. I can hardly afford it, but knowing that I won’t be charged until it’s sent off gives me time to save for it! Done! =D

  19. Cool, I have already pre-order from Amazon uk.
    Price may changed (if possible) Normally I send it as super free saver delivery (Normal Amazon UK Customers) but I have set to First Class (2-days) or Expedited Delivery (Next Day Delivery) Normally it will be charged but I have join Amazon UK Prime so First Class/Expedited Delivery is free for all (Amazon UK Prime Customers Only) 😆

  20. Hey can anyone help me please?

    In my 21 years of gaming, I have never pre-ordered anything before (I’ve never had a need to, I’ve always found it easy to just go into the store and purchase the game there and then).
    But of course, due to the high demand and how awesome it is, I have no choice but to pre-order this special edition. I understand no payment gets taken out till the order is dispatched which is fair enough.
    The transaction all went through and I got a ‘Thank you for your order’ email so does this mean I have definitely 100% secured my copy and will be receiving the bundle through the post when it is released?

    I only ask because I would be devestated to miss out on this and I don’t want an email from Amazon in 2 months time telling me unfortunately my order has been cancelled due to lack of stock or whatever.

    So I just want to confirm, I have the email and the order all went through… does this mean I will definitely get my collecter’s edition?! Someone put my mind at rest pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Thank you 🙂

        1. An alternative strategy would be to pre-order from a real-world shop and turn up at store opening. I did that for my 3DS. Didn’t need to.

          But I would be surprised if Amazon had sold out their allotment by now. Sure, it is a great set, but the price would put off all but the most dedicated fans. And we still don’t know the number of sets being made.

  21. I have a question too and would appreciate an answer :O
    Sooo I got the thing pre-ordered and selected Visa as payment method thingymajig.. they say the payment happens when the product gets send.. but how does the payment happen? Does it happen like.. automatically or do they link me up to some link where I’ll actually pay it or something?

    1. They’ll automatically take the payment from your card when it’s despatched, which is usually 2-3 days before the release date. You can cancel the order at anytime before it’s despatched.

    2. Once the order is dispatched, they will send you an email that it’s been mailed to you and they will give you a date of when it will come to you. 😀

  22. I’ve pre-ordered my set; I don’t even own a PS3 or Xbox 360. But I’ll be saving up for a 360 just for this. That’s total fandom right there.

    1. can always cancel depending on where you pre ordered, except for GAME as it’s temporarily down, I’m still waiting to cancel with them…

  23. Be glad its that amount coz once it goes on EBAY and no other retailer stocks it, then its FECKED , coz you know the price will skyrocket like elton john in an L.A toilet with mr micheals

  24. I got this yesterday morning :D! Cant wait !!! Although on Amazon it says the release date is Nov 30th ?!? I hope not, I dont wanna wait an extra 3 weeks after everyone else gets it !! Although I guess it would be worth the wait …

    1. at least im not the only one who did notice the release date it is also like that for the normal edition

  25. why is it that when a Collectors Edition is anounced, why does everyone spring just for the Artbook, i only own one Artbook and that was from SPORE: Galactic Edition, i would spring just for the special items that are bundled with it, maybe for the Artbook if it was for Kingdom Hearts

  26. I’ve pre ordered this from Amazon and I got an email the other day saying I’ll get it on the 1st December, is that for the collectors edition only does anyone know?

      1. Ah cool, so hopefully I’ll be getting another email from Amazon at some point confirming another delivery date then. Thank you!

        1. I just emailed them regarding the release date and they’ve replied saying that they will change the release date. 😀

          This is the email:
          Hello Tiwa,

          Thank you for contacting at

          On checking this item “Sonic Generations – Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)”, I see that the release date is November 30, 2011

          From your email, I understand that the official release date is November 04, 2011

          I seems we have not received confirmation release date from the publisher.

          Please note that the release date is subject to change. As soon as we are informed of any changes to this date, we will update the website accordingly.

          We will receive this item from our suppliers in time for the release date. On the date of dispatch, we’ll send you an e-mail message confirming the date, contents and method of delivery. As per our standard policy, we do not charge you for an order until the time of dispatch.

          I hope you find this information helpful.

          Thank you for shopping at

  27. People there is a way to order this if you are in usa without importing!!!

    Register with Aramex, They have a company called “Shop&Ship” I’m in Kuwait were in Middle East, I Signed with Aramex and they gave me an US. UK and China Address… what they do it that you order with the UK address.. the items will be delivered to Aramex UK, An then it will go to Aramex US to your house Door!!! it’s only 45$ for a lifetime REALLY WORH IT!!

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