Videos From Japan: Crush 40 Live In Tokyo


For those not in the know, Crush 40 have been playing a couple of gigs in Tokyo the past few nights to two delighted crowds, where the band played a whole host of Crush 40 hits from the past decade and beyond; event goers were even treated to some classic Hardline tracks including Hot Cherie. The two shows are the first Crush 40 live performances to have a full ensemble including Takeshi Taneda on bass and Toru Kawamura on drums.

Only a few videos have cropped up so far, but the one above is of high audio and visual quality – let’s hope more pop up in the future!

So now that Crush 40 have rocked Japan…who would be up for some gigs in the west? Let us know in the comments where you’d like to see Crush 40 play in the future!

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    1. Johnny is actually pretty good singing live it’s just when he is with Crush 40 he looks like he doesnt give a shit with Hardline or Axel Rudi Pell he’s pretty damn good though!

  1. If they could get it sold out, the O2 Arena in London would be intensely orgasmic.

    Failing that, SoS 2012 would be a start. πŸ˜‰

  2. It would be great to see these guys at a con. Maybe even something large like PAX or PAX East. Ever since SA, I’ve been a fan, and I would LOVE to see one of their shows.

  3. He skipped all the High notes. Loved the way his voice sounded more… well… grungy i guess.

  4. if we get some gigs in the UK, *holds up a wad of cash* film the whole event in HD and i will give you teh ca$h

  5. They shlould tour US and then EU (Like 2 years after. They need to make Sonic music after all πŸ˜‰ But for now I want to hear main theme if Sonic Generations by THEM!

    1. Agreed SA3 20… er HUNTER297. XD

      and something wierd is that before the blogs shut down I was making a comment and whenever i posted it, it said they were shut down and yesterday I was on the screenshot one before this one was posted and when i went back to the homepage it was there that’s how I got the first comment

      Also is Shlould even a word cuz you put shlould in your comment

  6. Where was Johnny at SOS?! Hmp!! Oh well, we sang for him during Live and Learn.

    God I’d love to be there.

  7. I doubt they would go to Holland, so SOS12 would be far beyond epic (and it would make a lot more fans happy than just me !)!

  8. Man, they are one of the awesomest bands ever! Would love to see them in Australia! πŸ˜€ I must say, the drummer is really bad, I mean, he’s keeping beat, but he’s not having fun with fills and he’s not hitting the ride like in the studio version! Ah well, Johnny and Jun ROCK FOREVERRRR!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. “Only a few videos have cropped up so far, but the one above is of high audio and visual quality…”

    High audio/visual quality? What, were the other ones filmed with cell phones?

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