Speedrun… Monday?: Sonic Adventure 2 Ruined

It’s been a while since we’ve had some Sonic speedrunning news I feel. Just posted on Speed Demos Archive is a new and improved Hero Story run on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

This new run is from Felipe “son1cgu1tar” D’Andrade, a man with a number of SA2 Sonic Center records – not to mention good luck, consistent execution, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game. It was actually recorded late last year, but rest assured the play is a lot faster than SDA is at publishing it.

The run is chock full of quality, from knowing exactly where to go with Knuckles, to an impressive number of tough shortcuts with Sonic. Not least Crazy Gadget, which is totally destroyed in a little over a minute!


One story we didn’t follow up on previously was April’s Japan Relief Done Quick speedrun marathon. In raising $25k total for medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières, there were live runs of Sonic 1, Sonic 3D Flickies Island, Sonic 4 Episode 1, and everyone’s favourite…


Sonic ’06?! This run from Parax was, I think, the best Sonic run of the marathon. A character selection bidding war raised over $1k alone, eventually picking Silver, who went on to show just why Sonic ’06 is one of the most busted Sonic games in history. Clipping through walls, riding on flying boulders, finishing stages with the wrong character…

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  1. I think I need to submit my scores to Sonic Center. Sadly I will never be 1st cause I NEVER use glitches. Sorry guys for me Its cheating.

    1. Same here. Those people who are #1 are only #1 because they cheat, and use glitches, which makes the game no fun.

      1. If a glitch allows you to reduce the time of a Stage or increase a score, why not to use it ?
        It’s not cheating, the game allows you to do it, and some glitches are really hard to pull of, completely different of changing adresses using an editor.
        As you can see, some glitches allow you to get rings at certain places that were impossible to be obtained, like this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni5FAhp7sJA
        The glitch starts at 2:59

        Also when you think that you’ve done everything to be done on a game, you find glitches and the fun increases

  2. This guy is a beast. especially in the knuckles levels. But i would love to race this guy in City Escape. i think i could beat him 😛

  3. Pet peeves on sonic colors and then adventure 2
    colors-drifting sucks
    adventure 2- the story of not being able to tell sonic and shadow apart. I find irritating. and rather dumb silly stupid. whatever word you wanna use. that and some of the script as in what they say is rather cheesy or lame or dumb.

    1. Sonic lives in the human world, he’s like the only talking hedgehog they know. There’s going to be suspicion when there are reports of a human sized hedgehog causing mayhem.

  4. Whoa O.o I wish I could do that I just don’t have the confidence on those last SA2 levels the pressure builds on and I panic then I start falling :/

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