Sonic Generations Picnic Image, 3DS Casino Night Zone Screen, Emerald Coast Revealed?

3 new images of Sonic Generations have been released by SEGA Japan today. One gives us our first look at the previously revealed picnic scene from the opening of the game, and the other 2 give us our first look at Sonic Generations 3DS’ Casino Night Zone, as well as a previously unknown stage, which looks to be Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure. Apart from some Mega Drive/Genesis stages, the Nintendo 3DS version has been said to celebrate the Sonic the Hedgehog series’ handheld history, so for a Dreamcast era stage to be in there is quite odd.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Sonic Scene – Link 1, Link 2

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!


  1. Now this is awesome! The characters in that picture all look cute. They even remembered to bring the chili dogs!

    And though this may not be so important, it is a bit cute seeing Charmy standing on his feet rather than hovering in place.

  2. Loving the pinic image- see that Blaze has joined the party! Wonder if Silver and Shadow will be in the game. And Emerald Coast!!!! Awesome! I wonder if they are going to include any levels from Sonic 06? (considering it didn’t really happen)

  3. te he he.
    i love how ppl were debating on weather shadow OR silver will be there…
    im sorry, im tiered.

  4. Now THIS looks like a party for Sonic! Glad to see that Vector and the others were invited. Shadow might have been invited, but he probably wouldn’t have went because of his pride.

    1. Or he’s busy trying to file paperwork for GUN.

      …The life of a secret agent isn’t all glamorous, you know XP

        1. She’s lazy, that’s what.

          Besides, we women are notorious for complaining to no end and getting out of stuff XD

  5. They better have good reason to not include Silver and Shadow in picnic (if they wont be there this pic. Is promitional stuff and probably wont be in game).

    They better have. Why? Because of them I can miss scene with Shadow wearing party hat and Silver scene where he will reveal one thing from future to Sonic.

      1. Then where da heck are they before Time Eater attacks?

        Hey wait maybe they have their party? Maybe they are mad because everyone is celebrating Sonic 20th while forgotting theirs? I would love to see a scene where Sonic says “Eh Sorry guys”

        Oh and maybe because of that they are first victims of Time Eater and because of that fact will be controlled/will be bosses.

        1. My guess is that the battles will take place at the points in time when Sonic first battled them. I can picture it now…

          Sonic: Wait a minute… I know this place. But if we’re here, then that means…
          Shadow: That blue hedgehog again, of all places!
          Sonic: Oh great…

          1. I’d bet more on the final battle for Shadow rather than the first Sonic and Shadow fight. It was far more memorable.

        2. 1. Silver sucks
          2. Shadow is too cool to be there
          3. Silver lives in the future, so he was not invited (and also because he sucks)

        3. Maybe the reason Shadow doesn’t have any parties where these (^) people come IS because they don’t know how many candles to put on his cake. 50, or 20, or what?

    1. or well i dont know shadow but silver was in sonic 06 and the events of that game didnt happen so they dont know silver but then again he was in the ds version of colors

  6. Hey I just took another look at pic. And beside the fact that everyone (excluding Blaze and Espio) have some strange green glow on them there is another odd thing. Vector is holding something. What is it?

    WAIT!!! Green Glow? Not on Blaze and Espio? Call me fanboy but only 2 friends of Silver are Blaze and Espio. Is it true that Shadow and Silver are controlled by time eater? Maybe they oppened time hole there?

    1. Actually they all have a green glow basically because of the grass and tree (look at espios horn and blazes eyes)

  7. @HUNTER:

    Dude, the glow is just part of the picture. Probably the fact that they are under a tree and the sun is reflecting off the leaves. Vector is holding the top to the cake box…. Nothing to flip over here besides the whale screenshot.

  8. I hope they make some references to those funny one-liners like “FYND DAH KUMPYUTR REWM”, or “Snoo-pingas-usual”.

  9. Well from what I can tell from the picnic image, it is most likely a screenshot from a CGI cutscene. And not the complete version due to quality of the characters and background, I believe the final version will look better. Tails has his eyes closed, lol.

    1. No those are clearly models. CGI would look completly different. Its pre-set model image. Probably promotional stuff.

    2. That pic looks an awful lot like hedgehog engine graphics, unfinished maybe, but I feel like they’re gonna pull a Sonic Colors with these cutscenes. Aka only slight CG at the title screen and ending

      1. Seems like a waste, as the Xbox 360 and PS3 are capable of such beautiful CG scenes. So is the Wii, but…They sorta cheaped out on us for Colors (I invented my own word, yes).

        That being said, it cuts time. So if the price is between CG models or gameplay, I’d go for gameplay. Besides, the models aren’t so bad ^^’

      2. Oh good, when i read, ‘pull a Sonic Colors’, i immediately thought,” Surely SEGA’s learned it’s lesson and not going to add corny puns AGAIN!”

        Really, I was groaning in agony from one of those. Really SEGA? Really?

  10. So… wait. 3DS IS doing dreamcast levels? I’m beyond confused now. Really anxious to see the rest of its level list, since we haven’t seen ANY handheld levels for it yet.

  11. Wait there is something that I don’t get. That Emerald Coast stage had the camera angle in front of Sonic so that would make it the console stage since the camera angle for the 3DS is either a side angle

    1. or…they can switch the camera angle IN FRONT of Sonic? they have been moving the camera around in all of modern sonic’s levels -_-

  12. Look behind the tree on the right in the picnic image, something that looks like Shadow, Silver, Sonic, or the Time Eater is there !

    1. Hmm… No… I think it’s just a bush… But it does look an awful lot like Fang the Sniper…

      Mind you, this could be a whole Inkblot thing… Everyone sees something different…

      Although last time I checked I wasn’t obsessed with Fang/Nack… I’ve never even PLAYED Sonic Triple Trouble…

  13. Vector: I finally found the computer room!!! XD
    *Espio, Rouge, Knuckles & Blaze activate party poppers in his face*

    Anyway, I think this will be a cutscene that we’ll see when Sonic walks into the party. I mean, look at all of ’em. They seem to be welcoming him to the party.

  14. I am having mixed feeling cuz I have never played any of the handheld games and with what seems to be Emerald Coast for the 3ds is kind of disconcerning. I like Emerald Coast don’t get me wrong. But we were promised handheld levels. Now maybe Emerald Coast is the representation of Sonic advance 1 since from what I read Sonic Advance 1 is almost identical to Sonic 1. Or maybe the 3DS is doing what the console version is doing and adding samples of other levels to the handheld levels

  15. NO!!! I figured it out!!! The 3ds version is gonna have genesis levels, dreamcast levels and rush & colors levels! That is why it has the genesis sonic instead of the advance sonic. So overall the number of the zones should be 7 and it has been confirmed that it has 7 zones!

  16. Like the said they were CONSIDERING also putting in handheld levels! They are going to put in Rush & Colors levels and not advance levels because they aren’t that much different from genesis levels!

  17. Well heres what i figured out so far from all of this about what Iizuka meant by the 3ds getting handheld stages.

    Classic stages: Green hill, casino night, launch base, mushroom hill (maybe sonic CD stage)
    Dreamcast era: Emerald Coast, (insert SA2 stage here (plz be green forest))
    Modern: Stages from the handheld games

    So i guess we’ll still be getting those console type stages up until we reach after SA2 maybe, then it’ll go into sonic advance 1, 2 and 3 maybe even sonic battle due. Then sonic rush, rush adventure and sonic colors DS, followed by probably one weird mixed up level that has things from a bunch of the older stages for the last stage.

    1. the only problem with that is that the 3DS version has 7 zones. Green Hill, Casino Night, and Mushroom Hill fill up three levels with Big Arm currently representing a classic console boss. Emerald Coast would be the fourth level meaning that there are only three levels left to the handheld games. Now unless the boss battles are from the handheld or the 3ds is getting more levels is another thing

    2. That’s what I said! Maybe it’s like this: Sonic 1 Level (Green hill), Sonic 2 level (Casino Night), Sonic 3 &Knuckles level (Mushroom hill), Sonic Adventure level (Emerald Coast), Sonic Advance Level, Sonic Rush Level, Sonic Colours Level.

  18. Well, we know that Mushroom Hill Zone is coming to the 3DS version. So why not a stage from the dreamcast?

  19. Well, the picnic picture should put to rest all the people wondering if there will be an actual age shown for Sonic.

    Honestly, I can see them having 1 stage from the Dreamcast era, and 1 stage from the Modern area, like from Colors or Unleashed. While the rest will be from Advance games, and Rush games. Not sure if Rivals will be included or not?

  20. If the 3DS version gets a console level, then I hope maybe the HD version will get a handheld level.

    Music Plant, please and thank you.

  21. @ everyone: Please read this so anyone can help me either understand or confirm something. The screen shot of the Orca chasing M. Sonic is similar to Emerald Coast. here is the problem the time clock looks to be about the time that the level starts at 0.25.87 so that would be the start of the level. When looking at Emerald Coast for Sonic Adventure on youtube the orca doesn’t chase Sonic until about a minute into gameplay. So this makes me wonder again if the level is being mixed into another level much like how Seaside hill has hydrocity and Rooftop Run has Fly battery zone element.s

    1. Rooftop Run also had a bit of Adabat/Jungle Joyride mixed in it. In the Two Sonics trailer, when modern Sonic was doing homing attacks in Rooftop Run, there were purple fans supporting swinging axes/blades, which were from Adabat/Jungle Joyride. So yeah I kinda agree that there will be elements from other zones mixed up in a zone.

    2. Yeah, I wondered if that could be Neo Green Hill. Unlikely, and I think it would a waste of stage. That would represent Sonic Advance. Seriously hope it’s not.

  22. Thank GOD Espio turned up. I thought we were going to get another no-show frrom him.
    Now all we need is Fang…

  23. Emerald Coast was ALSO in Sonic Advance 1. It’s a Advance Stage AND a Dreamcast Stage. The Whale had to be in there. The Classic version will probley be more similar to Sonic Advance.

  24. the second picture on the bottom is for the ps3 and xbox360 version! cant wait for this game to come out!

  25. I know they said no Game Gear, but maybe that is actually Bridge Zone from Sonic 1 (8-bit) and they threw the whale in for fun.

  26. *sniff* SEGA, you are way too nice towards us! This was THE cutscene I wanted to see a screenshot of, and like that, as if you read my mind, it comes. *sniff* I’m still buying ONE copy only though, lmao!

  27. I think Amy Rose did make perfect cake for Sonic.
    Maybe Sonic will finally have his true feelings for her because he’s 20 years old and Amy was 17 years old.
    They’re old enought to get married anytime soon! Make it happen, SEGA!

  28. i wonder how shadows gonna fit in to this game considering hes a boss along with silver
    and the CGI in that picnic look amazing. when it comes sonic the music and the cgi never ceases to amaze me
    also those pics for casino night and emerald coast look beautiful.
    sega you have out done yourselves

    1. Dude, this isn’t CGI. In-game models have been used.
      Note the flat grass texture and some other visual oddities which wouldn’t be in CGI at all.

  29. I this is how the game starts, I need to grab a coke, some cheese puffs, and my Chicago bulls cap because it’s 1991 again! You know something, I wish video games started out like this more. I’m tired of explosions and gun fights, what ever happened to characterization? All I can say is that I fully pre-ordered the game and I can’t wait to pick it up. After 20 years, Sonic is still running, Hope you go for another 20 years. Happy Birthday you Blue Speed Demon.

  30. I coulda swore there was an Emerald Coast in Sonic Advance, but in all honesty, I’d be happy if Music Plant(preferred), Toy Kingdom, or Pirates Island in there. Any of those three stages and Sonic 3DS is GO!

    1. It was Neo Green Hill Zone. I can see how you could get confused, because the first stretch is on a beach.

      (No whale tho)

  31. Cheese is facing the wrong way, but I noticed the way he is facing, the background is faded. Past the lake is faded, and the sky is not as blue as I would think it would be, it’s practically white. If this isn’t a cutscene, I wouldn’t expect it to be like that. Anyone else notice this? I just think that’s odd.

  32. I’d wager that the “Happy Birthday Sonic” shouts we provided at Sonic Boom & Summer of Sonic will be played along side the picnic scene

  33. Not sure why some people are going on about the Graphics {the games not finished yet} and no sign of Shadow and silver, but guys remember Silver is in future and Shadow wouldn’t go to things like this Simple lol, Besides Sega are doing less focus on Storys now so expect more Gameplay then Story, Im just happy to see Eggman isn’t at the picnic that would just be silly.

  34. Oh one more Thing, Why is the 3DS version getting the best Stuff so far? Green hill, Emerald coast, Casino night zone as a stage and Mushroom hill zone, Classic Sonic 3 final boss with Classic eggman nice variety so far i expect Ice cap to be included but PS3 and 360 [If list is true so far it is] just have Green hill {Good] Chemical plant {Good] Sky Sanctuary [Good] Speed highway [Kinda Good] City escape [Good] Seaside hill [Love the level but it will feel similar to green hill abit] Crisis City [another City level but in ruins…] Roof top run [ Another City Level :/] and Planet Wisp [Good] But were stuck with 4 City levels i know they will be different but its not giving much variety in Stages…. it would have been cool if it was Windy valley, Holoska Cool Edge so we can have a Snow level and Flame core for a lava level.

  35. Ha! I wasn’t expecting for the 3DS version to contain any levels from the Adventure series. I figured after Mushroom Hill, the 3DS version will follow with the Sonic Advance series. Which makes me question, is the 3DS version going to have more levels than its HD counterpart?

  36. I wonder those pink and blue chairs are for? Oh, dear. Probably it’s for Sonic and Amy!
    SEGA was telling the truth more relationship of Sonic and Amy in this game!
    SONAMY IS TRUE! OMG! EKKKK! Sorry, But I am Sonic fan after all since 1992.

    1. Look don’t say sonamy. ppl who want that are little !@#$!%@#$!@51bleep*@!$2134 @$$wipes.

      dont’ tell me to explain the mumbo jumbo

  37. Anyone notice Silver and Shadow are the only ones who aren’t there? Even though Blaze is apparently and Rouge looks just as drunk as Vector?

    1. Or….knowing shadow, is probably posted up by a tree with his hands crossed….
      and silver’s probably just throwing chairs for no reason.

  38. I think I have an idea as to the level selection between both versions of Sonic Generations. Keep in mind though that it’s only a theory, and for those who still don’t want to be spoiled the already known details of the level/boss listings of the HD console version, read at your own risk.

    It was already said that the basis of the game is split into three eras: Genesis, Dreamcast, and Modern. Going by the consoles indicated, it would be:
    GENESIS; Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    DREAMCAST; Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2
    MODERN; Sonic Heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours

    But, as seen here, Emerald Coast, originating from Sonic Adventure, is to be included in Sonic Generations 3DS. I won’t deny that it will possibly be an element of Emerald Coast implemented into Neo Green Hill Zone from Sonic Adcance 1, however. If it is indeed Emerald Coast, then that means there is a possibility that the Dreamcast Era is included. If so, then there is a chance that, besides City Escape, another Sonic Adventure 2 stage will be chosen (Metal Harbour, Green Forest, Pyramid Cave, Crazy Gadget, Final Rush). In that case, the MODERN Era would be the Handheld Era instead, from Sonic Advance onwards.
    With that being said, if the 3DS version will only include 7 stages, that would leave only two stages from the Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series. But there is also a chance that there wouldn’t be a SA2 level on the 3DS, and that this is only the modern remake of Neo Green Hill Zone.

    In the offchance that we don’t face off with Shadow in the 3DS, it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up fighting Blaze. I did like the way you had to end the fight on that one anyway. xD

    In my personal opinion though, I would LOVE to wail on Artificial Chaos one way or another. We NEED a Space Colony ARK level! Although Final Rush would be freaking awesome, well, Classic Sonic wasn’t known for grinding, and that was the driving force behind the Hero’s Story’s final stage. Besides, Crazy Gadget does seem pretty exploitable, platforming/exploration-wise: reversible gravity at the flick of a switch and transportation tubes would work wonders on Classic Sonic. Modern Sonic would seem like he would have more fun with that “puzzle” section in the end, but that will be tough to pull off with the heavier emphasis on speed…

    More on personal opinions, amongst the Advance and Rush series, at least one of these have to make it:
    Cosmic Angel Zone – Sonic Advance
    Hot Crater or Techno Base – Sonic Advance 2
    Route 99 or Chaos Angel – Sonic Advance 3
    Sky Babylon (a MUST) – Sonic Rush Adventure
    Can’t think of one for Sonic Rush though…

    1. That’s what I wish they did but they decided he would be mute.if that’s the case the other classic characters should be mute too.


    Vector seems to be Having more fun than anyone else and It seems Shadow and Silver are missing out on the party XD and of course Big and Omega…..

      1. LOL Ryan Same as ever… your posts are always about Sonamy It won’t happen in this game I can tell you that I’m not a SonAmy hater or anything just saying it’s unlikely to happen in generations XD

        1. Thank goodness. phew. I hate it when people say sonamy or shadamy or crap like that. that is one of the things that I don’t want them to try. -_-

  40. Being a Sonic/Amy fan myself, I’m hoping the pink and blue chairs mean something… but I’m not sure I’m looking forward to this game either way. This game has the same writers as “Sonic Colors” (last I heard), and… I didn’t like the “Colors” script, the VAs were cool though 🙂
    I just hope SEGA doesn’t have Amy act the way she did in “Free Riders” and PLEASE tell me they improved her voice!
    Arg… Amy’s new VA has potential but man, that was bad…

    1. Amy’s is one of the most annoying sonic characters (if not the most Cream being in second) and they would have to get a decent voice actor. not any of the ones they had in the past

      1. I really liked Lisa Oritz who was Amy’s previous voice actor I thought she was miles better than Cindy who makes her sound so high pitched but I’m hoping she can improve…and not make Amy sound like Minnie Mouse again….I liked Amy more in the past

  41. The first screenshot may be from Neo Green Hill Zone (from Sonic Advance), not Emerald Coast. Part of Neo Green Hill Zone takes place on a beach. The same way that sections of levels in the console version of the game pay homage to other Sonic levels that don’t appear as full levels within the game, it’s possible that the 3DS version of Generations does the same thing.

    I hope my theory is wrong, however. I was hoping for Cosmic Angel Zone to appear in the game, not Neo Green Hill.


    In Sonic Chronicles, there’s a line he says, RIGHT as you talk with him at the beginning of Chapter 5 (Battle for Angel Island). Select the first option in the conversation (“Are you ready to go into Metropolis?”), and he responds, “Listen to me, and listen well. – I”ll stick with you until we find Omega, Sonic. But don’t expect me to join in on your group hugs and picnics. – I”ll be ready when it’s time to go.”
    There. Mystery solved. Shadow isn’t a liar. Neither are SEGA, SonicTeam, or BioWare.

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