Sonic Generations Mushroom Hill 3DS Gameplay Footage from Gamescom 2011


A full stage-and-a-bit’s worth of gameplay footage from Mushroom Hill Zone on Sonic Generations with both modern and classic Sonic! Fans will no doubt be pleased to see the return of losts of features from the original stage along with a host of the most recognisable badniks.

By the sound of it, Modern Sonic’s music for Mushroom hill is identical to the original version from Sonic & Knuckles; however the track for this stage may not have been finalised and this is a placeholder track. Classic Sonic’s Mushroom Hill stage does appear to have a musical makeover however, and is sounding pretty nifty…but you will need to wait for the end of the video for that!

Thanks to Phantomime for the news tip!

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    1. Holy shizzle the music has changed from Doomsday Zone to the Sonic 3 Big Arm Boss music fuck yeah I knew the E3 build music was just a placeholder =D

  1. 3DS version sucks. Person playing sucks even more. And it makes no sense for Modern Sonic to have the classic song and Classic Sonic have a modern remix…

    1. We’ve hardly seen any of the 3DS footage, and don’t judge by these videos because a majority of the people playing them are really…really bad. especially when he couldn’t get over that spike trap *facepalm*

  2. No way they’d just dump the original song on Modern Sonic there. Clearly a placeholder. The classic sonic music sounds TOO similar to the original to be the “modern” remix. Sounds more like the “beefed up” classic version like classic Sonic has for Green Hill.

    Still, a nice video! Good to see the length of Green Hill Act 2 is NOT a reference point for the general length of the modern Sonic stages.

  3. looks like they have the music for Modern and classic swaped accidentlly, likely do to this demo being rushed.

  4. Well we cant judge the game because some zones music with switch from remixed classic to remixed modern music and guys its not the games fault people dont know what the boost button is.

  5. I wonder how you defeat the Mushroom Screws as Modern Sonic- the exact same way as you used to be able to?

    In any case, I absolutely adore this game, if only because it’s allowed Sega/Dimps to really play with the dimensions in Modern mode and also because of the inclusion of the classic atmosphere change of the Act 1 and Act 2 Mushroom Hills.

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