Sonic Generations and M&S London Playable at GAMEFest UK

GAME UK has today announced the titles SEGA will be bringing to their GAMEFest event in Birmingham UK next month, and Sonic fans will be happy to hear that Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will both be available to try out. No information about platforms has been given. Other SEGA titles available to demo include House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut and Rise of Nightmares.

GAMFest will be held 16-18 September 2011 at the Birmingham NEC. If you’re interested in attending, you can purchase tickets from the GAMEFest website.


Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!


      1. Sorry it’s thing on the radio, I live in Oklahoma (abbrev.- OK) and the event is in the UK you see what I’m talking about?

  1. I planned to go on Gamescom. But I have family things to do. So I am waiting for another public demo.

  2. I bet $50 that the demo is going to be GHZ again, and I’m glad too. I don’t want SEGA releasing every level on every game event. TGS, if SEGA does give a conference, like HUNTER297 said, then it is highly likely SEGA will let people at TGS play another level or 2. *SPOILER*

    – You guys know that when the demo was hacked, they found Rooftop Run, but it wasn’t playable? And that they said another worldwide demo was coming? I forgot when though. Anyway I hope its true, and I hope we only get 1 level again. πŸ˜›

    1. I know about it. I think they will annouce it with demo at TGS. And


      I think on Gamescom and TGS we will see other rival battles and HD reenders of Shadow and Silver.

      1. I don’t think SEGA will show Rival Battles or Boss Battles. Unleashed and Colors only showed gameplay trailers, but never any boss battles. The most we will probably get is just screenshots…


        Oh and btw, I’ve got a feeling that Silver’s Boss might just be like 2006, instead of a high speed action chase like Metal and Shadow. πŸ™ I really hope there’s speed involved with Silver’s boss fight, meaning speed for Sonic and Silver. Because Generations remakes them, but just makes them better. So I have a feeling Silver’s fight will be as same as ’06, just better πŸ™

        Oh and do you have other advice to wait for this game? I’m trying really hard to not look at gameplay more than 3 times a week (and I don’t btw πŸ™‚ ), but I’m still tempted to…. what should I do, to not look at gameplay, and wait for this game?

        1. Hm… You know I dont remember last time I looked at gameplay (seriously!) but I think that was somewhere around E3. I am busy lately so its easy to me. Hm… I know! Register on SSMB! I really like discussions there and they take some time so days go fast. Same for you C.J and unknown and Truesonic. Its really nice place.

          Other than that. I have no idea besides what I mentioned before. But when I am hyped I play some Sonic games.

  3. YAY! I’ve booked tickets already and I sort of knew these where going to be there but I’m glad the confirmed now!
    Sonic, here I come!


    You know the songs in the trailers, maybe they are themes just not for the game. You know like themes for characters like they did in the adventure games. One would think that they would use original songs though and not use songs made by people that were not hired by sega. maybe they got licensed to do so

  5. I can see them putting up a demo for City Escape and or Chemical Plant but that’s as far as they’re going.

    I only want Sega to release demos of those 3 stages, if they do anymore, the game will be way too spoiled and the surprises in gamepla ywill be at a minimum

  6. if sonic generations is playable, then some new music will be ripped/leak, putted on youtube and that would be AWESOME!!!

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