Sonic CD Heading for Xbox Live Arcade

Hold onto your butts. Sonic the Hedgehog CD is getting a port to the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade service, and the first place anyone will get to play it is at the Penny Arcade Expo Prime event in Seattle.

Microsoft community liaison Major Nelson let slip details of the game’s existence on his blog today. It will be situated at one of the Xbox 360 Booths (#432) and be sat alongside a slew of other Live Arcade titles such as Trials Evolution, Trine 2 and Retro City Rampage.

SEGA has been extremely quiet on the possibility of bringing Sonic CD to current generation console platforms. It has been one of the most requested omissions from recent Sonic series compilations, and there had been murmurings that the company was interested in a homebrew port of the game on iPhone some time ago.

Nothing official has been said about the publisher’s intentions to bring back the Mega CD classic however – until now, that is. Are you going to PAX Prime? Be sure to go and play the ever-loving love out of the game, and let us know on TSS what you think of it! The Expo runs from 26th – 28th August 2011.

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      1. Won’t happening… there are legal issus with the US Soundtrack, so I guess it will be the original.

    1. I hope it’s not going to be like the SA1 port. I hope that it’s a port with all the problems fixed. (Camera, Radar, etc). That is, if there IS going to be a port. πŸ˜›

  1. Finally. I hope Sonic CD will have multi soundtracks to choose from, the USA and Japanese, because I like them both. And updating it for HD like smoothing the sprites and choosing standard or widescreen.

  2. Yea Adventure and Sonic CD are easy for them to do due to there being PC versions of both. Adventure 2 never got a PC version so they can’t just lazily port it over with next to no effort. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Xbox Live Arcade one is just the PC version, which means more USA soundtrack for all :/

    I must admit they have been on the up and up with Sonic as of late tho, so I will hold out some hope they put effort into the re-release of this great game!

    1. Yeah because the microsoft community manager is going to confirm games for the Playstation or Wii.. …

    2. hey, us XBOX gamers have to pay more for propper use of the online services, you PSNians pay a optional fee which does not affect you much, plus your getting Revelations first

      1. … dear god you’re not trying to start a console argument are you?

        The fact is the Xbox community manager confirmed the Xbox games.

        He’s not going to confirm PSN or Wiiware titles. Chances are since Sega would be beyond stupid not to do this, is that it will come out on the PSN too.

        1. You’d think so, but aren’t we still waiting for Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles on PSN? Two years after Xbox Live got them? Kinda worrying.

  3. Heck yeah! This is great news! Hopefully, they will release Knuckles’ Chaotix too.

    Hey, I can dream, right?

    1. Or Sega Sonic Arcade! The DS would be perfect for emulating a trackball on using a stylus to slide across the screen and all. But noooOOOooo we don’t get to see that game again either πŸ™

        1. Er…I don’t think they’d do that until the next console…. Kinda like how the Wii doesn’t have GameCube titles on the shop channel.

    1. I imagine that it would be over the file size limit for a Wiiware game. Unless they compressed the video files or something.

  4. Please please please let it have the American soundtrack. I’d rather listen to music that fit the stage than music that’s so unrelated to the stage it hurts the game.

    1. Weird? That’s what most people say was wrong with the American soundtrack. That it didn’t fit the stages and wasn’t Sonic’ey enough. But some people grew up with one soundtrack and some with another. We have had the American soundtrack for every re-release since the original. It would be nice to finally have to option to have the original Japanese/European soundtrack for a change.

      1. Yeah we all should tell Sega that we want to have the option to select which soundtrack to play in the game (American and Japanese/European in the settings), I mean in every game since Sonic Adventure we had a chose of languge, Sonic CD with multi soundtracks would make it a special edition that would rock.

      2. You’re awfully funny. Because when I play Sonic CD for each version:

        In America:
        Palmtree Panic = Tropical Song
        In Europe:

        How off-topic can one song be?

        1. Always sounded tropical to me. Collision Chaos Jp/Eu always sounded more bouncy to me. Tidal Tempest Jp/Eu had the whole water stuff going on in the background. I did like the Quartz Quadrent US music tho, thought that suited that stage more. Wacky Workbench sounds way more mechanical on the Jp/Eu soundtrack.

          I love the Stardust Speedway music on both versions, tho I kinda like it with the vocal sound effects and sirens and turntable scratchin on the Jp/Eu one slightly better. And Metalic Madness wins hands down on Jp/Eu way more metal and evil sounding with Eggmans voice in the background on occasion. As for the special stages, i like both versions. So over all I do like the original Jp/Eu soundtrack.

          Should have known this news post would start a soundtrack debate lol >.<

  5. Good on ya Sega. Not my all time fav Sonic, but a good one at that. But please do add options for soundtracks, even if you offer them as DLC, otherwise we’ll just assume you do not listen to fans.

    And PLEASEEEEE add Knuckles Chaotix! I don’t care if it’s good or bad, I want to play it!

    1. I know emulation is generally viewed as piracy and frowned apon. But if Sega insists on not re-releasing this game and you don’t have the funds to get yourself a Mega Drive and a 32X system, why the hell not I say. It’s not like Sega’s missing out on any sales for a game or system that hasn’t been on the market for 16 years. And at least you can play the game and see what it’s like then right? I’m not supporting piracy at all, I own all my Sonic games, even Knuckles Chaotix, I’m just saying for some people at the moment, it’s the only option. Even more reason for Sega to re-release it!

    2. Yeah both of your ideas are good the dlc soundtrack option and knuckles chaotix would be sick

  6. Wait, so when is Sonic CD coming out? @Hogfather – He’s not trying to start a console war, because what he said was true. Maybe SEGA just has a better relationship with Microsoft or something πŸ˜› And how many zones does CD have? I never played through the whole thing, because I wasn’t good at it, but now with a save option, it’ll be *Sonic X Japanese voice actor: NO PROBLEM! πŸ˜€

    1. Hmm off the top of my head, 7 zones plus special stages to get the Time Stones.
      Palmtree Panic, Collision Chaos, Tidal Tempest, Quartz Quadrent, Wacky Workbench, Stardust Speedway and Metalic Madness. Always likes how the zone names had the same letters for the start of each part of the zone name.

      1. Cool and thanks, but is there even a point in collecting the Time Stones? Because w/the SEGA Vintage Collection Menu Screen, every time you pass a game, let’s say for instance Sonic 2, and you collect all of the Chaos Emeralds. But then after that, as soon as the ending is done, the WHOLE entire game starts over, as if you never did anything, and you only get 3 save points. So IMO, its pointless to get all of the time stones, even back then on the SEGA CD it was pointless, because the game restarts after that >:(

        1. You get the good ending if you get them all, different ending videos play. That’s about it really. Tho you can unlock the videos in the visual mode by beating certain time high scores in time attack mode. I always thought the bad ending was better, you got to see Eggman in it and Sonic getting him good by throwing a stone at him at super sonic speed lol

  7. Everyone We need to start a petition to get Knuckles Chaotix to come to the Xbox Live, PSN, and WiiWare. If Not this next generation ( Wii U, 720 etc.)

  8. Even though I grew up with the US soundtrack, the moment I heard the JP/EU soundtrack with “Toot Toot Sonic Warrior,” I fell in love with that one. Afterward, I felt like I was playing a gimped version without the option to switch tracks over. I really hope they have that option to change tracks to either or just for a nice change of pace.

  9. Own the original, the PC version and the Gems (Japanese) version… needless to say, I’d easily get this masterpiece again (don’t have to dust off my GameCube anymore… RIP old friend)

    EU/JP soundtrack please! .. or maybe both included? πŸ™‚

    1. Sega Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast with the awesome bonus stages and music tracks. Sonic Shuffle? Sega Sonic Arcade? Knuckles Chaotix? There’s a few games left un-re-released lol. And Sonic Adventure 2 I guess, tho that was on Gamecube and works perfectally fine on the Wii.

  10. If it has the JP/EU soundtrack, instant sale for me.

    If not… I won’t bother. I had to play the Gems Collection version with the sound off. No offense to those who liked the US soundtrack, it just totally killed the mood and the nostalgia factor for me.

    1. The original Mega-CD disc can be played in a CD player, so you could play the track on loop while you play a level if you own it still πŸ˜› And the past music is the same on both versions you could just try get there as fast as you can on each level lol. Or have mp3’s of the original music on in the background on your computer or iPod or something. I’m a fan of the original soundtrack too, but for years I used the PC version rather than lugging out the Mega-CD so I’ve come up with random ways of coping if I am not in the mood for the USA “special edition” remix :/

  11. To be honest, I have never played Sonic CD.
    (Insert studio audience gasping)
    But now I’ll finally get the chance!

  12. i like the american soundtrack especially the game over screen but i would love to have an option for both

  13. Please have the japenese/european soundtracks thier better than the american tracks. Hope it does come to the xbox i would buy it in a heartbeat.

  14. Please let Sonic CD have an option for both US and EU/JPN Soundtracks. I would love to see it happen. Sega and Sonic Team, please do it for the love of the fans, especially me. πŸ˜€

  15. Hell yeah!! But how about PlayStation Network too? I doesn’t have an XBox…

    Oh, and cue pointless arguing over two awesome soundtracks.

  16. JUST BEEN ANNOUNCED ON SEGA THIS IS GONNA BE ON Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, iPhone and iPod touch, iPad, PC Digital Download, Android, and Windows Phone in late 2011 :D!!!!

  17. If they get the American soundtrack in there too, i will definitely buy!
    Even if they don’t i’ll still buy it just because this game is great!

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