Rumor: Does Sonic Generations Have Zones inside of Zones?

Guess where you're going?

A recent hands on preview of Sonic Generations posted in digital spy has some interesting info. It seems you may be able to go to Flying Battery Zone inside of Spagonia.

Confetti rains down from the skies like multi-colored rain, and Robotnik’s airship looms menacingly in the background. After racing across the quaint cityscape, classic Sonic scaled a Big Ben-esque tower and climbed up the clock hands.

A spin attack performed in the center of the clock face caused it to swing open and collide with Robotnik’s airship, enabling the hedgehog to climb on board. The outcome was entirely different when modern Sonic reached this juncture in his version of the stage.

Aided by the power of his boost metre, the contemporary character propelled himself to the highest point on tower and used it as a launch pad.

Look Familiar?

Then there’s the case of some of the latest screenshots. In fitting classic Sonic into the more modern levels, they seem to have been greatly inspired by the past. Doesn’t this screenshot above remind you of Hydrocity Zone? Plus, remember the surprise of Metal Sonic’s level being from Sonic CD? Even though there doesn’t appear to be a full Sonic 3 level to be coming in the game, it does seem like bits of Sonic 3 may be found throughout. Who wants to bet that classic Crisis City will play an awful lot like Lava Reef?



  1. You really gotta love Sega’s devotion for this game. I’m really impressed by this idea and I like it a lot.

  2. I never really would’ve considered it references to specific zones but I have been saying that the levels seem to be borrowing gimmicks from multiple other stages. This is the closest thing to the Adventure series we’ve come since the Adventure series itself, and that’s not being say simply because there’s a stage FROM SA1 and SA2 in the game.

    Modern Chemical Plant: Sliding through the tube of liquid reminds me of Lost World from Sonic Adventure and Cannon’s Core from SA2.

    Modern City Escape: The rails aren’t just giant rods full of autoplay like a rollercoaster. It’s made of rails in the actual scenery and enviroment cleverly placed, short, involving more interactivity, and it’s much more open spaced. The boarding part at the beginning, while much like the original version also reminds me of Sonic Riders with the boost and the drift controls rather than the Breaks.

    Modern Rooftop Run: There’s a section where Sonic homing attacks across balloons and enemies while giant axes swing across with a platform to land onto, much like jumping from platform to enemy to platform with giant hammers swinging back and forth in Final Egg from Sonic Adventure.

    Seaside Hill just happens to have underwater sections now, as I expected, even tho the original doesn’t. The underwater section, as seen in the screenshot, looks a lot like Labyrinth Zone and Hydrocity Zone.

    Chemical Plant looks MILDLY similar EggmanLand many are saying. But not only that, Modern Sonic dives down a section full of blue blobs going everywhere much like in Rooftop Run from Unleashed (given the location of the dive)

    Modern Green Hill has a giant Jaws badnik chase you, similar to the Whale Chase in Sonic Adventure and Sonic 06.

    I’m expecting Crisis City to have similarities to Lava Reef but also Marble Zone from Sonic 1. (btw I’m really interested in seeing what the Iblis and Mephiles Monsters all look like now)

    And just as a reminder, let’s not forget that Classic City Escape includes the skateboard from Tripple Trouble. =P

    1. I was going more for
      Maury: Okay the results are in, Aquarium Park, the father of your child Chemical Plant is……Eggmanland. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN

  3. Intresting. That preview also proves that they are showing Rooftop Run behind closed doors. So they will probably let people play it on TGS.

    So they can annouce demo including Rooftop Run that will be relased 10th October acording to demo files.

  4. that’s so cool
    and so creative
    just keep doing what your doing SEGA
    good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sega is in it to win it with Sonic Generations!

    Seriously thought, if we are actually able to play in a Flying Battery-like minizone in Rooftop Run, I’ll have a epic fangasm.

    1. Where does it show him running inside a building? o_O The only thing of Classic Sonic it showed was him running on one of those green awnnings that cover the food stands. o.o

      1. Sorry this wasn’t supposed to go here! I don’t know how it posted it here when I responded to your other messages. Can someone remove this? x.x

    1. Where does it show him running inside a building? o_O The only thing of Classic Sonic it showed was him running on one of those green awnnings that cover the food stands. o.o

      (There, this is where this comment was supposed to go. xD)

      1. There was a behind the scenes look at Rooftop Run and the writer of that article was able to play Rooftop Run. He confirmed Classic Sonic will be running in and out of buildings throughout the stage.

        1. I read about that, but I don’t recall him saying that specifically. (plus the article you sent was in a different language but it’s the same article I’ve already read in english XD)

          They did mention Classic Sonic climbing up the Big-Ben-esque tower and using the clock to whack the air balloon and use it as a bridgeway to get to it. XD That sounds like fun. C:

    1. Right!? XD I think they’re probably thinking Flying Battery because when Flying Battery first shows up is in Mushroon Hill with a cockpit at the bottom that Sonic grabbed onto. So it’s kinda like both, but also it’s not really like either cuz it’s much smaller. XD

      1. Im pretty sure tis flying battery.. Its pink.. Boot up S&K and you’ll see when you on the outer bits of flying battery.. Wing fortress is all brown and has massive boosters and fans.. Flying Battery looks like a, Well Battery xD

    2. Then you’re blind, as it’s clearly Flying Battery. Play Mushroom Hill Zone in Sonic & Knuckles again, then play Sky Chase in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Even a cursory glance tells you it’s Flying Battery!

    3. Nope, it’s a Flying Battery.

      Note that Wing Fortress is a giant plane, while Flying Battery is a blimp or airship.

  6. Hey guys sorry to disappoint you by I’ve also seen this demo of rooftop run they were showing at Gamescom.

    Yes classic Sonic goes inside the “Airship” as the brand manager kept calling it, no it isn’t a separate level. The camera tracks Sonic outside of the airship implying he’s spinning through it in multiple directions and a couple of seconds later he emerges on a platform below it as the airship explodes.

    Modern Sonic boosts up to the top then takes a rail down to the bottom of the clock tower.

    And to the poster who mentioned about different elements from different levels, a producer on the game (can’t remember his name, Bobby something?) mentioned that was definitely they had wanted to do.

        1. The leaks have really damaged the hype machine for this game. As hard as I’ve tried to avoid them, I think only one of the zones hasn’t been spoiled for me so far. Thankfully most of the other tidbits (rivals, allies etc) remain unspoiled.

  7. I am ok with classic having few references too Lava Reef in Crisis City but I dont want Modern to have them. The whole point of the zone is to run trough falling apocaliptic city. While classic can stop there and there Modern should have high-speed platforming OUTSIDE! Thats my opinion.

  8. i hope for a flying battery remix along with this or mabye missions take place in different zones each with two remixes plus boost remix if thats the case you will need a single ipod just to get half the soundtrack

  9. It will be cool if they mex the music of Flying Battery and Roof Top Run together they did it with city escape why not Roof Top Run.

  10. I just love Flying Battery Zone’s music! I hope it’s gonna be true!
    Yeah, I like how there are a lot of possibilities in this game! It’s exciting!

      1. That actually sounds pretty damn plausible.. kind of like how it was in the background during Launch Base zone. Infact, if they mixed Planet Wisp with Launch Base that would be pretty awesome too! Maybe…


        Sky Sanctuary and Death Egg?

          1. And anyway, up until recently there was a soft no spoilers on the front page policy, and all spoilers on the front page were edited out by moderators. I don’t know if they’ve just given up or something. But I find it annoying that apparently I’m not allowed to discuss the game because I don’t want to have it spoiled.

  11. This is just the ultimate fan service game! I’ve never even contemplated merging level designs like that before!

  12. If this idea is true, SEGA has just taken their devotion and fan service to a whole new level.

  13. I don’t really understand the point of this article. Rooftop Run features an airship. There have been plenty of airships in Sonic throughout the years. And the airship in the screenshot at the top of the article looks nothing like Flying Battery. And with the screenshot from Seaside Hill, they’ve just taken a gameplay element from Hyrdocity. The same thing was in Tidal Tempest Zone. They need to impose classic gameplay onto a modern level, so this kind of thing is to be expected. It’s just a small throwback, nothing more. Hardly “Hydrocity Zone in Sonic Generations”.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I don’t quite understand what this article is trying to say.

    1. The ship looks like the one from Flying Battery Zone and according to the preview, Sonic can board the ship.

      1. It looks nothing like Flying Battery. It looks like a quite antiquated and classic (not to mention comparatively small) blimp, while FB is very much a modern, gizmos and gadgets warship. The one in the screenshots is golden, while FB is mainly purple and grey camo. And the fact that Sonic can board it… well, Sonic could board plenty of other airships throughout Sonic 2, Sonic 1 8-bit, Sonic Adventure… just because Sonic can walk onto these airships doesn’t make them equal to the one in the screenshot. Do you understand my point? I don’t mean any offence, and I’m not trying to stir anything up. I just don’t get why so many people think the blimp in that screenshot is Flying Battery.

        1. Yeah, I don’t think it’s Flying Battery either. It reminds me of Flying Battery, but it’s hardly the same thing. I agree that it’s a reference, but not the stage itself. Their remakes of Green Hill and Chemical Plant are very precise, why wouldn’t Flying Battery be precise too?

          And about the songs mixed into another songs, I think there will be more, but not quite the ones we’re expecting. I think they’ll have chosen the very best songs that didn’t get a chance to show up. I’m not sure about it, but Endless Mine is a fan favorite. I kind of expect to see Star Light, Icecap, this sort of stuff.

  14. This game has way too many surprises. I don’t think my heart can handle such a good sonic good after so long. Just hope this theory is correct. But if not, o well.

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