ONM’s Full Fan Interview With Takashi Iizuka

Following August 5th’s portion of an ONM interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuksa regarding pleasing fans of the older Sonic titles, the magazine has posted up the full interview on their website. The interview is made up of questions from fans about the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, but as is the norm so far for the portable edition, there are not really any new details about the game to share that we haven’t known for a while now. Outside of that, Takashi Iizuka expressed an interest in making titles for Nintendo’s new home console Wii U.

You can read the interview at ONM’s website.

Would you like to see a new Sonic game on Wii U? Let us know in the comments.


  1. A WiiU game would be awesome, IF it actually was a main title and was in development for a sufficient amount of time.

    1. I doubt WiiU will get mainstream Sonic title. But I wont mind Colors spin-off series. Mainstream series should stay on consoles with Classic controler.

      1. Of course Wii U will get mainstream Sonic titles. Look at Secret Rings, look at Colors. Mainstream Sonic games are always on consoles, not really handheld. Anyway, i hope for the best for Sonic U!

        1. Secret Rings is spin-off. And Colors feels like spin-off. Dont get me wrong but multiplatform games wont do on WiiU. Why? Well because Devs. Will need to use it gimick wchich is touchscreen on controler. I hope there will be mainstream multiplatform game for PS3, X360 and WiiU with all versions being alike but I got a sneaky feeling Ninty will force Sega to use touchscreen wchich can result in 2 things: useless gimickaly thing or dedicated brilliant idea and here is the problem. How to make 2nd option without alternating from PS3 and X360 versions.

          1. I doubt Wii U will only get spin-offs. Devs and publishers seem to be finding the Wii U perfect for mainstream games. Some of the games from PS3, Xbox 360 and PC are being ported to Wii U, like Batman Arkham City for example. The controller has all of the buttons a normal PS3 and Xbox 360 controller has. I don’t think devs will have to use the other features of the controller if they don’t want to.

          2. Well its just my opinion. I hope WiiU will get multiplatform mainstream games. It will probably have spin-offs too tho.

            And WiiU can be first console with controler larger than system itself πŸ˜› I still dislike thise analog thingis (like in 3DS) but I may cinsider buying this system.

          3. @Hunter297 – I also dislike the 3DS anolog stick. It feels like if you move it around TOO fast, that it might break. I hope the Wii U ones will feel a bit different. πŸ˜›

          4. @Hunter297

            The Wii -U seems interesting I know I haven’t heard much of it but it does look good…It will probably feature both mainstream and spin off games…..Like the Wii featured Secret Rings, Colors I wasn’t too fond of those though…but hopefully your right :

      2. The thing about the Wii U in terms of multiplatform games is it bridges the graphical gap between Nintendo and Sony/Microsoft. So we’re likely to see multiplatform Wii U games that are largely identical to the PS3/Xbox 360 version, something that wasn’t possible before. So we may see the Wii U get the same Sonic games as the other consoles.

        1. I think you’re right. If Sonic Team has a big Sonic title coming out, there’s no reason for it to not come out on the Wii U. As far as the touchscreen goes, I’m sure Sonic Team could either ignore it or do very little with it. It kinda reminds me of Dreamcast games that got ported to the PS2 or GC. You had the same game, but the Dreamcast had a little screen on the controller that displayed unimportant content.

          If Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 worked fine getting ported from Dreamcast to Gamecube, I don’t see why we can’t have a major Sonic game being released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

      3. And how would you execute a Colors spin-off series without it being… you know… stupid?

        I get that Colors was successful but it doesn’t mean we need to cling onto the latest thing just cuz it was successful and milk it with horrible additions that make no sense to create.

        Why would Wii U not get Mainstream games? The Wii U is more powerful than PS3 and 360. I find it highly LIKELY that it will get mainstream games. Sonic Colors and the Wii alternation of Sonic Unleashed are both considered mainstream.

        The Storybook series is classified as “Spin-off” in the fan communited (even tho they’re just “side adventures” and not ACTUAL spin-offs seeing as Sonic is still the main character of the game.) Tho I would consider the Storybook series semi-mainstream as they are full-fledge games still.

        Either way, the Wii U will have Sonic games eventually. Count on it.

      4. Sonic Colors is a mainstream Sonic Title, like all the other ones with a Zone confirmed for Sonic Generations.

        1. Actually, except for Generations and Sonic ’06. Wii have all the console Sonic games of the previous generation.

          Wii U proably will have all the multiplataform titles and some exclusive ones.

          About the touch screen, actually they could use it to revive the chao garden.

  2. I hope the online for Generations 3DS will be different from Colors DS. What SEGA, is it my fault I like protecting my network service? psshh. Protected or not, SEGA should still let us go online, reguardless of what network we are on :/

    1. The DS’s online capabilities are nothing to do with SEGA. It’s Nintendo’s fault. The DS and DS Lite used a limited networking system, but the DSi, DSi XL and 3DS were opened up to be compatible with routers using higher protection.

      1. Yes, but I have a Dsi XL, and when I try to go online, it says find an access point. So i find my access point, and it has a lock on it, because its protected, and when I try to use my network, (i forget what it says) and it wont let me go on.I use a WPA2 though, so that might be it?

        1. I know the DSi, DSi XL and 3DS are compatible with WPA, while the DS and DS Lite aren’t. Not sure about WPA2. I’m guessing it’s not if it’s not working for you.

  3. What I really want to know is if sonic will be in the newly mentioned super smash bros game announced at E3.

    1. They’re making another one. I really hope they have it for ds or atleast on wii. wait nintendo make those games so they should have it for atleast one of those

        1. @SupaShadowBlast- Asking a question like “I really want to know is if Sonic will be in the newly mentioned super smash bros game announced at E3.” is like saying “Is Mario going to be in this new SSB game?” xD

          Of course Sonic will be in this game. You can bet that Nintendo and SEGA’s relationship has grown ever since Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. So we can all bet that Sonic will be in this one too! The producer for SSB, who is currently still working on Pit’s new game, said that he will start working on Smash Bros. as soon as he is done with Pit’s new game. You know how Mario has at least 5 characters from his series? I hope at least 5 or 6 characters also make it into the game.


          -Tails (He can have alot of potential in this game, especially with his flying ability)

          -Knuckles (He can be just as tough as bowser,DK,Dedede)

          -Shadow (he’s badass, and has been requested by alot of people)

          -Amy (We need more girl characters)

          -Dr.Eggman (He could also be a villan who teams up with Bowser, Ganon, etc. in the story mode, which will also have to make him playable)

          1. Thus is just wishful thinking, Smash Bros is a Nintendo crossover game. There not genna crowd the game with Sega charcaters. I agree they’ll fit in perfectly. You sat alot of people want them in the game well they’re probably more people of dont wanna em in the game. Is it right to have more Sonic characters than Zelda characters in a Nintendo game? Sonic is by no means guaranteed to be in the next Smash Bros and we’ll be lucky to have just 2 Sega characters in the game. If thats the case, I hope they pick Knuckles.

          2. Well thats because no one really cares if these’s any additional Zelda characters. The Zelda fans I’d say are pretty happy with what they got. As for a lot of people would be dissapointed if Nintendo doesnt add another Sonic character.

        2. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. if theyre gonna have it for those they should have it for atleast wii or ds. man why does every single freaking company intend having new games for the newer consoles that nobody has

    2. What I’d really love to see is a Nintendo vs. SEGA SSB game. You could get awesome tag teams like Sonic and Vectorman vs. Mario and Samus. I might just have to buy a Wii U for that game.

      Too bad it’s never gonna happen…

  4. They should delay on the 3DS Version o-o I know I haven’t heard much but from everybody’s response and the videos it looks like it does need work I’m unsure about that version….I’m inetrested in the Wii-U I haven’t heard much about it either but it does seem interesting…What happened to the PC version of Generations????? what happened to that or is it just PS3/XBOX 360 and 3DS now?

    1. SEGA’s still not announced a PC version. Plenty of reports that would seemingly confirm a PC version, but no official announcement yet.

      1. @Unknown

        Actually I have a Xbox 360 and PS3 XD but I wouldn’t others to miss out on this game but it looks that way for Wii Owners…I don’t really know about the 3DS or PC …Since I’ve been focusing more on the 360/PS3 XD

  5. I really wish they didn’t do crap on handheld history if i had a 3ds i would want a 3d version of this game with actual cutscenes and not just the speech bubble cutscenes

  6. if you ask me the SG version for 3ds is another rush and colors. 2d levels and 3d special stages. and it’ll probably have the speech bubble cutscenes too with the occasional 3d cutscene *ahem* one at the end and beginning and intro

  7. Why does sega intend on selling games on console that not much people have. like the 3ds. lotta people have ps3’s and xbox’s though but just for two consoles for a game like this. that’s not a good thing. I think they still shoulda made it for wii but oh well they should make it for pc though

    1. Releasing games on a new console (that not many people have) will get people to buy that console. Also, even if less people have the 3DS sega tends to do very well with selling games on Nintendo’s hardware.

      1. what about the people that can’t a new fancy schmancy new consoloe but they can afford the game for one they already have

        1. then….they can buy the version for the console they already have…DUH
          let see it this way then: what about the wii owners? they have to buy a new console to get Sonic Generations, what about them? why don’t you complain about those people?

  8. I know someone from SEGA said that they weren’t interested in doing this, but I think they should port Sonic Generations to the Wii U after it’s released! See, I don’t own a PS3 or XBOX360, so I’m currently saving up for a PS3. But then I saw the conference at E3 that first showed it off, and I practically exploded with joy when I found out that they were making a new Super Smash Bros. game; so I was stumped between the two. I concluded this: if SEGA ports Generations on the Wii U, that’s what I’m getting. But then I found out they weren’t planning to, so I thought immediately that I’m just going to get the PS3. But THEN I heard rumors about a Gamecube Game Downloader for the Wii U; so I thought I would just get the PS3 for now and wait to save for a Wii U. If the rumor is true then I’m sold.

  9. I would maybe get a Wii U, only for Sonic and the new SSB game. But what about all the data on my Wii’s hard drive, would I have to start all over on the new console??? And the new SSB game better have sonic and more sonic characters.

    1. That first piece is kinda why I currently have a Wii and 360. If a Sonic related games (>_> and Pokemon) comes out on it, I want to be ready with the system. -n- WiiU is gonna cut a fat chunk in most peoples pockets. Maybe it would be wiser to wait until the price dropped then get it xD

  10. Totally unrelated. Sega should totally do what Bunjie is doing with Halo, with Sonic Adventure. πŸ˜‰

    1. Because they havent done that already……..

      ….It would make more sense to do Sonic Adventure 2 instead

    2. Why would that do another Sonic adventure remake?

      They need to do Sonic Adventure 2 since it hasn’t been seen in HD at all.

    3. Bungie isn’t doing anything with Halo. If you’re talking about the new trilogy of Halo games, that’s Microsoft’s doing. They’ve got 343 Industries on the series now. Bungie’s gone independent and no longer work on Halo.

      Anyway, please try to stay on topic and not de-rail comment threads.

  11. I don’t know…I kind of regret buying a Wii so I doubt i’m buying into the WiiU
    However I am considering a 3DS so long as Nintendo don’t plan on bringing out superior versions every year like the DS has.

  12. HD Sonic games for all graphic loving video game whores.

    I think Sega will use the Wii U for mostly spin-off/non-canon Sonic games. I know for a fact they are gonna continue the storybook series onto the Wii U which will be seriously cool.

    I dont think the Wii U will get many serious and actually canon Sonic titles.

    But if Sega really is starting to listen to us fans, then do this: SONIC HEROES 2, SONIC ADVENTURE 3, SONIC STORYBOOK GAME #3, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 (06 SEQUEL) AND MAYBE EVEN SONIC COLORS 2

    1. @Nuzumaki – Stop with the Sonic Adventure 3! Yes there is a possibility someone from SEGA is reading these comments, but dont make SEGA do a game they aren’t ready to do yet. Do you want another ’06? (I kinda do xD) Because no one else does. Let SEGA keep making games where they get other characters formulas right, okay? Then may we have. THE BEST GAME. since Generations. Even if Sonic U will be good, i want a game like Gen, that will WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW me. lol and thats where SA3 comes in πŸ˜›

      1. I want SA3 too but it probably might not happen since they’ve moved on from the Adventure gameplay most of the past games probably won’t have sequels πŸ™ but I wish some would at least like for example…Adventure, Unleashed, Rivals in particular I wouldn’t mind improved gameplay similar to 06 I still don’t understand why it was rushed…someone told me microsoft never rushed SEGA so I dunno what to believe πŸ˜› There are still chances for sequels Riders had, the Classic games had etc perhaps they are taking a break from seuqels Sonic 4, Free Riders but the Olympics is getting a third sequel right? man I haven’t heard much about that though

        I can add to your list…

        Sonic Rush 3
        Sonic Rivals 3
        Sonic Advance 4
        Sonic Chronicles 2
        Silver The Hedgehog?

        Too soon? Naa these probably won’t happen no matter how much a lot of fans want them xD

        1. @C.J –

          Sonic Rush 3 – I think Colors DS might’ve been Rush 3, but who knows? I still like the idea, and i hope it can play in 3D too! πŸ™‚

          Sonic Rivals 3 – Hmm, ive seen gameplay, but never played it. I think SEGA should make a Rivals 3, but then after that, start making adventureous games. I mean the PS Vita is just a PS3 portable, so imaginane playing Sonic Adventure gameplay style on it! Tha’d be great!

          Sonic Advance 4 – Excellent idea! I think that sequel would be a great way of making DIMPS look good again! Again, this game could have 3D. Btw, by 3D, i mean 3D enviornments πŸ˜‰

          Sonic Chronicles 2 – Errhm, i would rather see a Sonic Battle 2 πŸ˜›

          Silver the Hedgehog – Hmmm, thats a good idea, and a bad idea. Good idea because it be a great way to get Silver’s popularity back! Bad idea – Most people wouldnt want to mainly play as a slow Hedgehog. Like Nuzumaki90 said, i would LOVE to see a Sonic the Hedgehog 2! It could have the same 3 characters, and still be a great game!

          1. @Rickyrick

            I agree thank you for giving feedback on my additions to the dream list XD

            I’d like a Sonic Battle 2 aswell πŸ˜€ I miss that game so much…Gemerl from Sonic Advance 3 could possibly be part of that story….But I agree on a Sonic The Hedgehog 2

            It’s unlikely for Unleashed 2 or Colors 2 though…

          2. I want game with Adventure gameplay and more plyables. It can be named SA3 or something else but what I care about is gameplay and playables oh and story.

            I dont hate WiiU. I even plan to buy it. I am just posting my predictions. Its just what I think will happen not my opinion. Oh about Vita. I want game with Adventure gameplay and LOADS of plyables. And of course vs. Characters battles. I want some creativity here from writers (hopefully main seres writer or storybook guys not Happy Tree Friends)

            Oh and we tottaly need Sonic fighting game. With some fresh ideas but mainly inspired by Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm seres but again INSPIRED not ripped from.

          3. Consider the Following: If they were to do Silver the Hedgehog, why not take the same path they did with Shadow. Disappeared in SA2, was found alive in Sonic Heroes, tying to find out his past ends with a grand finale in Shadow the Hedgehog. o3o But what would be such a path for Silver is the question.

          4. Silver the Hedgehog -will never happen. And in a way it’s shame. Silver’s gameplay has such great potential but I doubt another Sonic character will ever be given a starring role ever again. Apparently, the concept of Silver’s powers was supposed to be in a whole different -Sonic unrelated video game.

            But they there decided, probably forced, to put this in a Sonic game. The best can hope for in a game with can do Silver-like powers.

  13. To everyone: I dont know why you guys are hating on the Wii U (ahem* haloteen100, Nuzumaki, and kinda Hunter297)

    Guys, from reading your comments, i can obiously tell you wont be getting a Wii U anytime soon, or at all. I can tell you are all Microny fans. Which is why you dont want a mainstream Sonic title for Wii U. Guys, dont be selfish. With the Wii U’s graphics i can easily picture a mainstream Sonic game for all 3 platforms. πŸ™‚ No need to “NO! XBOX AND PS3 SHOULD GET THEIR OWN EXCLUSIVES!!” Why? So SEGA can earn less money? Dont hate guys. Be happy for Sonic that he’s moving on to the next console πŸ™‚

    I know that “these days” no one here is really rich, and could only afford one console. I, myself was lucky to get an Xbox and Wii.
    Since then ive been saving up a ton of money. Right now i have about $800.00 and i plan to buy then nextBox or PS4 and Wii U.
    So guys, please stop saying “I doubt Wii U will get mainstream” Some of you guys are only thinking of yourselves. :/

    1. Just remember guys that SEGA and Nintendo are really close to eachother, and i bet we will be seeing alot of Sonic games for Wii U πŸ™‚ Think hard about what console your planning to get. Know that there might be more Wii U games, than Xbox and PS4, because of their relationship.

    2. Well said. Sega should make games on all platforms. The Wii U (with its higher tech specs) will allow Sega to easily make cross platform mainstream Wii U games. Though this might change when the next generation Xbox and Playstation consoles arrive because many sources stated that they will not arrive until 2013 -2014 which means technology will have changed by then; even then the Wii U will still be supported in my opinion because its hardware will still good enough.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been hearing a rumour that the next Xbox and PS won’t be coming out until 2015, so that the 360 and PS3 will have lasted 10 years. Nintendo doesn’t really compete with anyone. All we really see is Micro vs Sony, and Nin vs no one. I hope one day SEGA goes back to the console business…then shall Nintendo have a friendly oppenent. πŸ™‚ A guy can dream can’t he?

        Anyway, in a graphical difference between Wii U and PS4 and Xbox, should be the same to still have 1 Sonic game on all 3 consoles. There’s only so much the human eye can see. I think one day we will find something better than 1080p, but not in this lifetime. πŸ˜› Anyway I’m happy with the graphics we have, there as good as it can get.

        1. Yeah but current gen cant handle 1080p with 60 FPS. If next gen will do it with 3D than I wont need to change console again because it will be near perfection.

    3. I’m not hating on the Wii U, I’m actually really excited for it, but I just think game wise for sonic, I think it’s gonna be exactly like the Wii. Which only had 3 canon Sonic titles “Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic and The Secret Rings” for 5 years man. All I’m saying is if you want a canon Sonic like the ones listed in my quote and things like the Adventure series and Riders series, your not gonna be getting a lot from the Wii U.

      Like other fans, I wish Sonic would stay on the PS3 and 360, the reason why is because…

      1. Sonic looks down right amazing in HD
      2. The controls feel just right, that gamecube-like controller is one of the things that makes a HD Sonic game good.
      3. They have 06, and no matter what any of you say, 06 was a sexy game.
      4. We get DLCs, something that Nintendo has been lacking since their starting days.
      5. The only reason most Ps3/360 Sonic games suck is because most of sonic’s audience is attracted to the wii, so Sega spends way more work on the Wii version than the 360/PS3.
      6. Motion control!! The Xbox and PS3 have the only thing the Wii had that was special – Motion control. Don’t lie right now, I bet no one here who has played Free Riders can say at no point of them playing the game that they thought “This is awesomesauce :D”

        But yeah WiiU will have DLC but not for Nintendo games and Ninty stated that they will try to make devs. Make less DLC. I dont know why but its stupid. I womt mind mainstream games on WiiU as long as there are X360 and PS3 version (WiiU is capable of easy porting from X360 wchich can prove it)

        But I think WiiU should have 1 or 2 exclusives. And I am afraid they will have. But when X720 and PS4 will be out. Guys will say that they said that “console will live for 10 years” well look at freaking PS2. They still make games for it but PS3 is out for 5 years. So when PS4 will be out PS2 will die while PS3 will take its place. And then WiiU will be least powerfull system again.

        1. @Hunter- what I said about my post wasn’t supposed to be taken directly, more as indirectly, since I said “kinda”. πŸ˜›

          We all know the Wii U will end up being less powerful than 720 and PS4, but like I said before, Nintendo goes by their own path. Nintendo basically does what they wanna do, when they wanna do. Also, I’ve never heard Nintendo saying that they are going to make less DLC. On IGN, I read a post that said The Wii U and 3DS will be getting DLC. Nintendo President Iwata said that they are aware of “keys,statboosts” and low-quality(crap) DLC. An example of a key is Sonic Generations. You can’t play that mini-game, unless you unlock/pre-order it. That’s bad, because SEGA already had that mini-game on the disc, and then just decided to lock it. So Nintendo won’t be doing that. Nintendo specifically said that they are going to be doing DLC for their own games like Mario,Zelda,etc. Nintendo can’t stop other companies from doing keys or statboosts, but at least Nintendo is caring for us. Idk how much DLC they are gonna do for one game, but at least they care πŸ™‚

          @Nuzumaki90 – The first sentence where I said “Don’t hate on the Wii U guys” Wasn’t meant for the three of you. It was meant for everyone, but you three. The rest of the typing though was meant for you guys.

      2. That’s just silly. The Wii U has all of the features of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and more, so why shouldn’t it get a main canon Sonic game? There would be nothing wrong with bringing any new games to all 3 consoles.

        1. I agree. It was confirmed that WiiU will have more online support (FINNALY). Maybe I will buy this system but not at relase. Maybe sometime early 2013.

  14. Eh, as long as they make stuff for the Wii as well as the “Wii U” (What kind of name is that? Sounds more like the cops are chasing you with their sirens, lol. Go on – repeat it out loud a few times and see). I mean, Nintendo is losing it…For them, one screen isn’t enough anymore.

    No, now they’ve combined the DS and the Wii. I mean, really? My old Wii is still alive (somehow) and working…For the most part. I’m not about to replace it – I can’t afford it. And it isn’t obsolete yet, it just isn’t HD…Yet, it can display very beautiful graphics (Sonic Colors being a prime example. It felt like I was high or something Oo’ ) when worked properly. Long story short though…There is always the 360 or PS3 for HD, as probably everyone has at least a Wii and one of those consoles.

    Please keep developing games for the Wii. It deserves love and attention…

    1. I agree, Wii U is a weird name. Many people will just think Its an upgraded Wii, instead of thinking that its a totally different console. Nintendo should of just called it the Wii 2, or make a completely new name for it. Your right though. The Wii U isn’t such an amazing console. With the 3DS currently not doing good at this moment, and not many people being interested in the Wii U, and the fact that Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, and Iwata are taking HUGE pay cuts, this looks like Nintndo’s last chance of being good. If Nintendo doesn’t make an amazing console in the next gen of consoles, then Nintendo will be another SEGA, and I don’t want that to happen to Nintendo. I don’t want another awsome company going down. πŸ™

      1. It’s not that SEGA went “down”, it’s just they decided to pull out of the console war because Nintendo and Sony were killing them. They cut their losses, and most likely saved themselves.

        Now they work with Nintendo, which has profited both companies. That being said, I wish they’d do an adventure game with Sonic and Mario instead of Olympics…(Although it amuses me to no end to imagine Shadow doing figure skating and Bowser snowboarding). It’d be awesome (although I’m not sure what Sonic would say to having to ride Yoshi XD)

  15. I say if they’re gonna have a game like unleashed (gameplay wise) they should have it for the ones it came out for except ps2 that one was not the best

  16. And the xbox and ps3 have exclusives (kinda) like all the ports of sonic adventure and crazy taxi and stuff like that

  17. Sonic Galactic! Exclusively for the Wii U!

    Help Sonic gather the eight Fusion Stars as you discover the mystery behind disappearing Suns and Moons!
    With the Wii U’s touchscreen controller, utilize Sonic’s new Shuriken weapon and pin down the enemies that stand in your path!
    While meeting up with old yet familiar faces, discover the race of Galastia’s who are skilled martial artists and will train Sonic to become the ultimate space ninja!
    This is Sonic’s most OUTSTANDING adventure yet!

    1. @Goma – “Sonic Galactic! Exclusively for the Wii U!”

      “Help Sonic gather the eight Fusion Stars as you discover the mystery behind disappearing Suns and Moons!”

      The third sentence, however, killed it. The third sentence was bad because Sonic is having a shuriken as a gimmick. :/

      Still i gotta give you credit though on the first 2 lines. πŸ˜›

          1. Goma’s idea -“Sonic Galactic” it has a nice ring to it not bad at all….

            Using a “Shuriken isn’t that bad for a gimmick either but I’d say it would suit Espio more due to his Ninja skills, tricks and invisibility πŸ˜€ I don’t think it suit Sonic as much seeing as Sonic is not into that as much but it’s cool to imagine πŸ™‚

      1. No, here’s me thinking of ideas.

        Sonic: Island of Chaos – Eggman has finally beaten Sonic after many failed attempts. The world is beginning to look like it will never be the same again, with robots forcing people to built Robotropolis or take punishment for betrayal.
        Tails and Amy have hidden themselves far away, Shadow and Knuckles are on the other side of the planet working together with Team Chaotix to aid the people who need their help the most, leaving Sonic to face Eggman alone.
        The Master Emerald vanished from the altar of Floating Island along with the Seven Chaos Emeralds, back to where they rightfully belong – The Hidden Palace Zone.

        Sonic must race through the ruins of the world, destroying the robots that are enslaving the people, while gathering information on the Hidden Palace.
        Eggman foresees this, but lets Sonic think he’s winning so that he can steal the information from Sonic and try to find the Chaos Emeralds before him so that Sonic’s chances of stopping Eggman are marked straight down to zero.

        These are the planets final moments, but can Sonic restore faith to the people and get to the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman?

        Well, that’s the kind of thing I’d do anyway… Sorta like an Adventure 3, but NOT Adventure 3 at all.
        Though it would have Chao Gardens again if I were in charge.

        1. That’s an Awesome idea πŸ˜€ full of such drama, action and secrets fileld inside an intense plot sounds like a great Adventure to me!

          1. I have some ideas for plot in Sonic game involving almost all mainstream Sonic characters. I will write it tomorrow I am really tired today.

        2. @ Goma –

          You know what I want? I want a game where Sonic is the uber evil villain at the end. Lol. Mix things up. Sure, he’s got an ungodly will…But, imagine if it was somehow turned to darkness? He’d be a pain to beat. Not to mention that, for personal reasons (namely him annoying the hell out of me in Shadow’s game), I would love to deck him.

          And no, I don’t hate Sonic. I just wish he’d go evil for a game. I’d love to see Tails’ and Amy’s expressions. It’d be so heart-wrenching, I’d imagine. Not to mention I love the idea of him being evil XD Somehow I think he’d be a little…Um…Crazy…But I don’t mind. Crazy is fun.

          But if they did do that, they can’t make it obvious who is the villain behind it. Gotta be smooth and build up suspense so when it’s revealed it’s a HUGE slap to the face of both the characters and the player(s). Maybe you could play as Sonic, but what is being seen in the level is the warped effect of the darkness (I.E. robots are really animals or whatever he’s attacking, friends appear as enemies, etc.). As for other characters, well…Shadow is the only one fit to take the speed sections, but Tails could do it as well, or even Amy.

          SEGA has options XD

  18. these are all the charechters that deserve solo games like shadow the hedgehog(without the guns of course) 1. silver the hedgehog(how silver spent his life with blaze in that destroyed future) 2. knuckles the echidna( the master emerald sends him back in time and and learns about his ancestors) and finally 3. blaze the cat(how she spent her life being shuned by others, became princess of her land, and fighting dr.nega. or with her and marine trying to stop dr.nega kingdom conqering plans with controls that of modern sonic 3d perspective with boosting and stuff.

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