Old Sonic Fans ‘hard to please’ Says Iizuka

In a portion of a soon to be published interview with ONM, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has expressed difficulty to please old Sonic fans when creating new Sonic titles. Iizuka says the team are always making efforts to build new gameplay innovations, but they then find it hard to please the fans who prefer the gameplay found in the older games. With Sonic Generations, Iizuka thinks classic fans will find some enjoyment, though, and he says Sonic Team is looking into continuing the Sonic 4 series, too.

Check out the interview quotes below:

“Our team are always trying to present new gameplay innovations so it’s hard to please fans who like the gameplay from the older games,” said Iizuka.

“However, we have included the older gameplay as part of Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, so we think the fans of the older games will enjoy it [Generations] as well. We are also looking into continuing the Sonic 4 series which was released on WiiWare, and we’ll keep developing titles so more fans will enjoy the games.”

Source: ONM


  1. To classic sonic fans
    Yes you like classic sonic, so do i, but seriously move on. SEGA and sonic team have been trying to please both classic and modern fans.

  2. Here’s the thing Iizuka: innovation works, except for when it doesn’t, and if your innovation is crap, then I’d recommend sticking to what you’re good at, which I think is the general sentiment of these so-called “hard to please” old school fans. Honestly, what they desire is not even so unreasonable, especially when you consider that you have a good handful of recent Sonic games that would have been fantastic if you had just ported the good old Genesis physics engine with all Sonic’s next gen shenanigans added on, as opposed to scrapping it and starting from scratch. I’m looking at you Sonic 4, and *shutter* Sonic 1 GBA port… Or, in the case of Sonic 2006… finishing the game. And I feel like those cases aren’t ones you can write off as sort of tried it and failed it innovative experimentation, but more just bad aspects in your games. And I’m willing to be far more forgiving with things such as the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed, because although I do not enjoy that gameplay style as much as good ol running and jumping platforming levels, at least it was playable, and it’s a creative new idea. (No one sitting in the idea room for Sonic 2006 sprung up from their desk and exclaimed ‘I got it you guys!!! Let’s spend a really long time making this game, and then just like stop working on it one day and release whatever we have!’)

    1. The Werehog wasnt a new creative idea, it was just God of war Gameplay tamed down for the kids, thats why alot of people hated the werehog because it wasnt sonic releated, which is true, ive played god of war games now and the werehog gameplay is completely the same just tamed down and made kid friendly.

      1. It’s not God of War, its Ristar(A 1995 Sega game which involves a stretchy arm platform character) and a few beat’em up chain combos that were used way before God of War. Though God of War is the most recent beat ’em up style game that modern fans have played. To me God of War is a ripoff of a few Castlevania games that uses chain combos.

        1. THIS.

          Ristar’s gameplay was actually meant to be used in Sonic, at one point. Food for thought.

      2. Since the Werehog was Knuckles or something, I the complaits would barely be their. Its really shallow. The Werehog was a good idea which feature some decent 3D platforming segments something the daytime stage barely did.

    2. If only you could see the irony of your entire rant. Methinks you’re a little hard to please.

  3. I’m going to say this once, and once only. “Classic fans” are not hard to please, all we would like is to see some very very basic stuff that Sonic Team would do on their own normally, but now we have to nag them to even half arse an attempt at. This whole argument/war started over people thinking that a certain fan is picky, all fans are picky… They don’t have to be a fan of Classic Sonc or Modern Sonic to be picky. I enjoy both versions but with Sonic 4 particulaly, there were very very basic things that before Sonic Team would just DO. But now it seems like we have to nag developers to put very basic things into games.

    That’s all.

    1. Seconded. Bioware needs to talk to SEGA and get on with it.

      On topic, we’re not hard to please, everyone enjoyed Sonic Colours and there was no sign of anything classic. Just keep the gimmicks to a minimum, don’t over do it with Sonic’s speed and try to keep the physics fans appeased.

      1. In the 3d sections of sonic colors, it felt a little slow but in the 2d sections pretty good and the physics were good too

    2. Definitely, I didn’t like the game a whole lot but I thought the concept was perfect.

  4. Classic fans aren’t any better than Modern fans. This goes for almost every video game character. I’m getting very tired of this argument.

  5. Maybe if every attempt to “please” the “older” fans wasn’t a lame one, we’d be able to shut ourselves up by now.

    Is it that much of a detriment to the mind and souls of SEGA employees to think that people who prefer the gameplay that started the franchise want a decent game in this onslaught of other stuff being released?

    I mean, seriously. Mario goes back to its roots with New Super Mario Bros, and it’s a great way to please older fans and introduce new fans. Donkey Kong does the same with Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Kirby’s going to be getting Kirby: Return to Dreamland… and what do older Sonic fans get? SONIC 4 AS YOU TRULY IMAGINED.

    This is the first true attempt to satisfy the older Sonic fans that I can think of. But that’s those who ONLY prefer the classic gameplay. If after 15 years of alternative gameplay styles you couldn’t adapt to one “newer” one, then I don’t know. All I know is when I imagined Sonic 4, it wasn’t what was promised, and the handheld games are hardly the same. This isn’t a difference between black and green eyes in a 2D plane, this is SEGA not trying to release a well-made product to one certain group, then acting as if they’re ungrateful.

    1. NSMB goes back to it’s roots in way but is very different, the physics a bit harder to control, the controls themselves are completely different, but it’s good enough. Sonic 4 does the same thing onyl adding Homing attack and having mildly imperfect immitation physics. The only REAL flaw is that it was so short. But even the Classic Sonic games are much shorter than Classic Mario games.

      “This is the first true attempt to satisfy the older Sonic fans that I can think of.”
      You don’t have any right to say that. Maybe “This is the first true attempt to satisfy the older Sonic fans that I can think of that might work”, but you can’t claim that their attempts aren’t really attempts just because old Sonic fans are hard to please. And don’t even say they’re not because the entire “fanbase” knows it already. lol

      1. That’s the thing, NSMB wasn’t that different, and the controls weren’t just “good enough.” Over the years, Mario too has gained some new abilities such as the double/triple jump, and wall-climbing, but his physics in NSMB were still basically the same as they were in Super Mario Brothers 3 or Super Mario 64 and on (except in a 2D plane.) Sonic has gained new abilities, but yet in the making of Sonic 4, instead of just replicating the original physics, they decided to cripple everything that’d been promised.

        Sonic is one of those games that has those half-pipe looking ramps that you’re to fly up and feel awesome about yourself. In Sonic 1 and 2, by instinct, I’d always press down just to see him shoot up in a little ball. That continues on ramps and such from 1-3&K. You try to do anything in a ball in Sonic 4, and you just eventually stop. Plus, comparing things to Mario again, the last time I remember him going up a vertical wall was Super Mario World, and if you didn’t have the speed, or you stopped: you fell. You didn’t just chill on the wall like you were the God of gravity.

        So yeah, I have every right to say that they haven’t tried to appease the group of folks that ONLY prefer the classic formula. You can’t say “Hey, here’s something we’re making you that’s gonna be just like you remember!” Then change a lot of things, and when it’s overwhelmingly unsatisfactory say “Wow, you’re so ungrateful and hard to please!”

        It’s like someone offering to make you a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, but when they bring it to you, you open the sandwich to see grapes, peanuts, and butter smashed inside the bread.. and when you try to complain, they say “Well, essentially, that looks right, and it’s basically what makes up a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, so eat it.” It’s wrong, and unsatisfactory, and a half-assed attempt.

        And I feel I have to clarify, I’m not one of these people. I love Sonic, not the style he’s changed into every 7 years. Yeah, my favorites are the originals, Sonic CD especially, but I loved playing Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and I waited through every loading screen just to play Sonic 06 through its entirety. Sonic Unleashed had awesome daytime stages (in my opinion), and Sonic Colours showed that you could have gimmicks that enhanced gameplay yet kept you as Sonic.

        I’m just saying, besides releasing another compilation every 5 months and Sonic 4 (if you can call it such), there’s really no attempt to please the older fans, but I’m also not saying they should be trying to. Sonic Unleashed and Colours have 2D sections that tie into the 3D running and platforming, and it’s often more thrilling than parts of the Genesis era of games. If older fans can’t be content with the leeway being thrown at them, then allow them to stop playing.

        And to people saying that it’s because of “green eyes”, it’s seriously not. If Sonic rolled down an incline and didn’t defy gravity in Sonic 4, older fans probably wouldn’t have had that much of a problem with the game. Momentum should exist in Sonic, and that’s with or without green eyes. Inertia, momentum and physics are as much of a vaild excuse to dislike a game as not being able to play as every single game-canon character in newer games.

        1. Well that’s the thing. The controls WERE that different. I don’t recall any Wii-motes back in the day. The only thing that was the same was left to go left and right to go right and jump to jump.

          And again, the physics of NSMB was not as easy to control as in the originals. With Sonic 4 instead of replicating the physics, they made physics that were similar to it. If you’re going to say they “crippled” it, save it for when we’re talking about something that actually was crippled, not something that is slightly off. Spraining your ankle doesn’t make you a cripple. lol

          “you just eventually stop.”
          If you’re suggesting that in the originals you DIDN’T eventually stop, then not only is that not true, but that’d sound like one hell of a glitch if it were.

          And in Sonic I don’t just stop and chill on a wall unless I try to. If I stop by accident Sonic does fall. And falling by accident is the only reason I should stop at all. If you’re running up a wall wtf are you stopping for? It’s possible either this part was unfinished or never messed with further under the impression no one would be stupid enough to stop when they’re supposed to go. o0

          And NO you DON’T. You have the right to a freedom of speech and crap like that, but I mean you have no legit reason to say someone hasn’t tried to do something just because you don’t like their efforts. If they try to do something and they fail to do it, it doesn’t mean they didn’t try. You can’t decide what their personal intentions were, only they can. I want you to understand this.

          You are ungreatful and hard to please when you seem to like the games up to Shadow The Hedgehog, complain over 06 for technical reasons beyond their control, and then treat this game as if it’s just as bad when it has retro level designs and gameplay. The physics are slightly off and he has homing attack, but he’s side-scrolling! His roll is shorter but he still rolls, which he only does in the Classics! He jumps the same, the robots aren’t Egg Pawns, there are acts, there’s monitors as item boxes, there’s the spinny feet. It’s not perfect, but it’s not crap either. Like I said “cheap thrill”, as in it is cheaper than the originals but it is still playable and creative especially compared to other games that had been coming out since then. You can’t say that it’s nothing like the originals. When I’m at a friend’s house playing Sonic 4 and his dad walks by and says “Hey that looks like the Sonic game I played on the SEGA” referring to the Genesis, then yeah, it looks retro alright.

          Yeah can’t really say there’s no attempt. If there were no attempt, the game wouldn’t exist at all, it’d be 3D gameplay like Sonic Unleashed. It’s not a perfect attempt but it’s an attempt. And they’re making improvements each episode. They’ve already confirmed that, and part of Classic Sonic’s gameplay in Generations is an improvement from 4 and will help 4 ep 2. Ppl keep saying Classic Sonic in Generations is what Sonic 4 should’ve been, but it’s only better than Sonic 4 BECAUSE Sonic 4 already came out for them to improve upon.

          I find it funny ppl claim Sonic 4 isn’t an attempt to please older fans but Generations is, especially when Generations is an attempt to please all the fans I mean it’s only his freakin 20th anniversary, amirite. XD

    1. Not all, just most.

      I, personally, find Sonic 1 to be incredibly boring. I kinda like it just cuz it’s so similar to the others and has some attractive stages and music. But I like Sonic 2 even more. Better designs, better Sonic sprite, better music, and hell of a lot faster. Sonic 3 & Knuckles pretty much takes what I liked in Sonic 2 and makes it a slight bit more dull but still remaining colorful (without being ugly), and adds content basically. It allows you to save and play as Tails and Knuckles.

      Sonic CD had some odd music in both versions and odd levels but overall was alright and had the for-some-reason oh so loved Super Peel Out.

      Then there’s Sonic 3D Blast, it’s not that attractive, the music is okay, the gameplay is meh but still enjoyable.
      Sonic Fighters is pretty cool.
      Sonic R isn’t the best racing game but it’s a bit enjoyable and the art and music are okay.
      Sonic Jam was interesting.

      Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were amazing and had so much content and unlockable content and diversity as well as great music and well-written stories.

      The Advance series were pretty fun games and the third one was an interesting concept.

      Sonic Heroes was OKAY, definately pretty fun the first time. It feels kinda like an action version of a party game.

      Sonic Battle was quite entertaining.

      Shadow The Hedgehog was the basic gameplay so it was alright, just a little cheap. But overall is the same thing Sonic’s always been just with the extra option to use vehicles or a large variety of weapons. The story was a bit corny but also somewhat interesting having 10 alternate versions of the same plot.

      Sonic Riders was an average racing game. Nothing special but nothing really bad either. It was fun, especially for multiplayer. And it was funny.

      Sonic Rush was pretty cool, especially with the introduction of Blaze.
      Rush Adventure was just MORE. lol

      Sonic 06 was a good game on it’s own but was incomplete and left and a technically terrible state. But it had interesting level designs, cool music, an interesting story, and a jump in graphics even if not technically at it’s best.

      Sonic and the Secret Rings was TECHNICALLY good. It was originally praised. But for those who didn’t like it, one big reason was merely the controls. There’s other’s too, that’s just the big one. But it had cool music and an interesting story theme.

      Rivals and Rivals 2 were okay for racing games. Not the best, but okay.

      Zero Gravity was like Riders only with some minor differences and the characters being more “cool” than funny.

      Sonic Chronicles was an interesting transition for Sonic to go into your typical RPG.

      Sonic Unleashed was a major step up, graphically, musically and gameplay-wise. It was wicked fast. It’s big issue was the lack of horizontal movement but this might also be due to being the first 3D Sonic game transitioning into 2D. (The 3D sections are like 2D sections in 3D perspective.) They replaced Spindash with Boost instead of adding it and made the Boost invincible to most enemies. But for the most part it’s still hard to keep boosting without running into something or getting yourself killed. It was a cheap “thrill” tho and a very cinematic game. Not perfect but still really good. The WereHog was good too if it weren’t so long and repetitive (especially with the fighting music).

      Black Knight is pretty cool for a concept. It could have done so much more but for what it can do it’s pretty cool. The music, designs and plot theme were all really interesting.

      Sonic 4 was pretty good in terms of level design. His physics weren’t perfect but weren’t terrible either, still functional and Sonic did his typical moves and so the game was fun. Especially after getting all the emeralds. Super Sonic played just how I’d expect and seemed to give off more of a “Super” feel than some of the other Sonic games.

      Sonic Colors was an improvement on the story since Unleashed. Still not as good as in the Adventure series but better. It had good level themes as well and took what made Unleashed good and added to it. Much like Sonic 2 did to Sonic 1. The Wisp Power ups were interesting to use as well.

      Sonic Generations looks like it will do to Sonic Colors what Sonic 3 & Knuckles did to Sonic 2. Take it, change it slightly and add a whole buncha cool stuff. Sonic Generations gives us stages that ALL look really cool so far nomatter what level it is, even tho we’ve seen them before, and makes them “new” in a very creative way and allows you to play in 2 very fun forms of gameplay for Sonic instead of just 1.

      Sorry for the long comments. There are a lot of Sonic games. (:
      The point is, since I was born in 1991 and started playing the games as a baby (Tho I sucked til I was like 3 XP), I’ve always been pretty much pleased or REALLY pleased with every other Sonic game to come out with my only really exceptions being Sonic Labyrinth for every reason imaginable and Sonic Drift cuz you didn’t really do anything. No not because it has the name “Sonic” slapped onto it. But for the many many reasons I listed. XDD

      Whew… that was tiring. I should not be doing that again. X)

      1. That was intertesting, here’s my take.

        Sonic 1- Brilliant game! Levels are Marble and Labyrith Zone are under-vauled because there not ‘fast’ enough. It does feel weird both having this Spin Dash but this game is truly great. For me, It the hardest game in the series!

        Sonic 2- Basically Sonic 1 wil ALOT more content but…it my aleast favourite of the “trilogy”. Overally, I didnt think the level design was as good. (Checimal Plant/Aquatic Ruin aside)> Still a good game.

        Sonic CD- Honestlly, haven’t played this much. And I don’t see the hype. Its probably just as good as the 16-bit game and no more. The opening is actually one of the best things I’ve ever seen!!

        Sonic 3 – My favourite Sonic game ever. Good story, playable Tails, best levels, best (and hardest bonus stages). Good story, KNUCKLES, bosses, music, everything really.

        Sonic and Knuckles – Same as above. Ultimately, I perfer the Sonic 3 levels but the latter levels some of the best platforming ever. Sandpolis Zone is a B****.

        Sonic 3D – Good game, just not ideal for a Sonic game. This game was just a marketing ploy for 3D. Sega should have used another Sega character or a new on all together.

        Sonic X-Treme – God. I. Wish. This. Came. Out.

        Sonic Advneture – (Sigh) I like it, don’t love it. They ages hasn’t aged well in my book. Everything bar gameplay is excellent. The latter levels of Sonic have someof the best level design ever (Lost World.) Emerald Coast is just on-rails. The adventure field aspect and extra character was solely to lengthen gameplay. I dont mind this. The Adventure fields were good. Amy’s levels were great. Gamma’s were fun. The rest were ok, bar Big’s. (I dont hate him though.)

        Sonic Adventure 2 – One of my favourite game, but its not the best. My favourite story; Shadow was badass in this. The Knuckles’ levels were greatly improved and were now fun, and the Tails-style were great. Eggman was badass in this. The Sonic-style levels were abit shallow =/ The psyhics-based grinding was though. City Escape-aside, only the latter levels were really good.

        Sonic Heroes- Such an underrated game. Its not flawless (the PS2 version is terrible), but it was a good concept. Good gameplay, level themes, platforming, etc. Speed-type controls were very iffy though.

        Shadow the Hedgehog – Hate this game with a passion. Controls suck. Story was meh, i dont expect it. Game has potenial but it tired to be a ‘Sonic’ game, and the speed just isnt necessasary nor useful here.

        Sonic 06- Has potenial, bombed, fell sorry for Silver. Had potenial.

        Secret Rings – On-Rails but a breath of fresh air and fun.

        Unleashed (360/PS3) – Huge step in the right direction. Werehog is fun also, bit repetitive. Sonic levels get better towards the end. All levels should have been like this. Being able to hold your boost is kinda cheap though.

        Sonic 4 – Not a bad game, just a inferior to the classics. The level design was good (the torchlight level xD), I level design not level THEMES.

        Havent played Colours =/

        1. XD Not bad. What you said about the boost, while I like the day stages of Unelashed, I can see what people are saying about it. In that case it’s sort’ve that it doesn’t really bother me that it was the way it was but if I could improve it of course I would. For one thing, the boost shouldn’t be invincible and there should be more obstacles and tricky paths. That’d make the boost more rewarding. c:

          Anyhoo, Sonic Colors is like the Unleashed Day stages only with a bit more Classic-like platforming, particularly in the 2D sections. Unleashed was like 70% 3D sections and 30% 2D sections while Colors was the other way around. It was 70% 2D sections and 30% 3D sections. lol

          1. While, I really dont like the Wii version of Unleashed but one thing I did Like was that you couldnt hold you boost. That alone with require to time your boost. Anyway, I didnt problem with Modern Sonic is “Boost-Pads”. They really aren’t needed. and they take away alot from the experience. They sorta made sense before but now with have the boost their really is not point.

    2. Agreed, All the fans are hard to please, Modern fans demand more storylines, and more playble characters and that sonamy stuff etc.

      Ive been a sonic fan since sonic started and the reason people want sonic back to what he was is because the series has drfited off its roots, thats it, i think most people wouldnt mind the games overall if they were still sonic games, the problem is sega get great ideas but then they paste sonic on the idea to make it sell thats it, they dont change to fit the sonic series, riders and storybook series are prime examples, they are not sonic games nor do they feel like sonic games, there just cash in titles featuring sonic and friends.
      just look at paper mario that wasnt ment to be a Mario game but nintendo made it a Mario game to make Mario do something new and creative and it worked, thats all sega need to do with there new ideas they get, if there giving it to sonic they need to remember to make it a sonic game, if Knuckles isnt guarding the master emerald which is who the character is or sonics riding a hoverboard which you know he wouldnt do that, then you know it aint a sonic game.

      Gamers and critics love the classic sonic design better but newer fans love modern, The Answer to fix this mess of the designs just split the series into two with modern sonic series and Classic sonic series or just redesign sonic and co again by putting both designs in one? plus i feel modern doesnt get much love in the outside gaming world because most people say hes a annoying prick due to his Voice, maybe if modern was a mute there would be no more voice wars, people could picture any voice for him. keep storylines but make it text. but ofcourse modern fans would moan and say “no modern sonic should have a Voice” like there moaning at classic sonic but come on Modern fans you guys said “sonic is sonic no matter what the design” so whats the complaining about?

      1. ‘Sonics riding a hoverboard which you know he wouldnt do that’

        Why wouldn’t he do that? What cant he do that? Why must he be restricted to running? It was a spin off, not a main game. I was glad when I found out that Sonic’s on a hoverboard. Hes more than an hoverboard than a kart. Sonic riders skateboard all the time. SO whats the problem.

        It’s not like they didnt try a on-foot racing game but they a reason ‘on-foot racing game’ barely exist. CUZ IT DOESNT WORK

  6. It’s actually really sad…like people should just be grateful that sonic’s still alive and for the most part well. I mean look at Crash Bandicoot and Banjo Kazooie. They’re dead. And really, does anyone see the Mario and Zelda fans complaining? I know with skyward sword alot of people didnt really enjoy what they had shown, but they were still very “Meh, who cares, it’s Zelda.” And god knows I dont think I’ve ever seen a Mario fan complain EVER. But seriously, both of the Sonic fans, new and old should just be thankful Sega’s trying so hard to make a game to please everyone. It should just be pick up the damn controller, play a newer game, think about the older ones fondly, and move on.

    1. I’m a Sonic Fan, not a Sonic Fanboy = Those who swallow any kind of game as long as “Sonic” is written on the title. SEGA caused a fanbase division, the fact that they keep on changing the formula and Sonic’s world WITHOUT RESPECTING THE ORIGINAL ONE, is what causes the classic fans to bash.
      I mean, make a different part of the world, but don’t make a goddamn different whole world.
      That’s what classic Sonic fans want Sega to learn.

    2. Mario and Zelda haven’t deviated from their normal “awesome” zone, while Sonic, lately, has been boosting like nobody’s business directly into the realm of sucktitude.

  7. I’m just beyond tired of hearing the arguments by old Sonic fans. Maybe they should either learn to like the new titles or just move on and play something else instead of rubbing their noses in everything and using nostalgia as an excuse to sing the praises of their favourite old titles that everyone has played and move on from.

    1. I’m a Sonic Fan, not a Sonic Fanboy = Those who swallow any kind of game as long as “Sonic” is written on the title. SEGA caused a fanbase division, the fact that they keep on changing the formula and Sonic’s world WITHOUT RESPECTING THE ORIGINAL ONE, is what causes the classic fans to bash.
      I mean, make a different part of the world, but don’t make a goddamn different whole world.

      Using your own words, if you like speed, you should quit playing Sonic and go play some autorama or racing games. But noooo…. SEGA done it for you, turning Sonic into it.

      That’s what classic Sonic fans want Sega to learn.

  8. All I have to wonder is when will people treat this stuff like video games, and less like it’s such an important big-ish deal in life? Everyone gets so wound up and defensive over an imagined blue unrealistic animal whom has no feelings with which to sympathize over the whole ordeal.

    He doesn’t care. He’s not even a he – just a bunch of polygons, or pixels, given the situation, programmed to move in a recognizable manner for our entertainment. A cartoonish puppet.

    Yet people are going to war with each other over such a thing. It’s a little disheartening, really. People can’t just play videogames for entertainment anymore – and if there’s something wrong with it, it’s somehow worth devoting time and energy over to get very -heated- and -emotional- about.

    That’s not healthy.

    Let’s just play the games and have fun, and if it’s that hard to have fun, or you don’t like it, then find something else to play that you -do- like so you can stay happy and keep this -unnecessary stress- out of your life.

    However, because this is what it is, no one’s really gonna look at it this way, they’re just gonna see a childhood hero from 20 years ago who is seemingly being mistreated, when in all honesty, he could care less about what was happening.

    He’s just a puppet, you know.

    1. I hear you. It IS just a character. They ARE just games. However, try telling the football fan that it is just a game, try calling your childhood teddy bear just a puppet and throw it in the trash. If you love something and see it shatter before your very eyes you will take action. And strange as it may seem, you can love “just a puppet”.

      If you like the games that old fans don’t then I’m happy for you. I like most of them myself, when you look at the whole picture. But some people want a deeper experience and have the right do demand it. In fact they shouldn’t even have to demand it.

  9. I am also tired of hearing this stuff. TO CLASSIC FANS: I love the original genesis sonic titles, and I ‘ve liked Sonic ever since. Then Sonic Adventure came out. Did I hate it? Fuck no. Did I hate how he got a voice? No, I loved that he got a voice and was able to talk. Did I hate how there was no 2D, or physics from Sonic 1? No, its good that Sonic got a new set of physics, and that he can move in 3D enviornments. Then Unleashed came, did I like the gameplay? Yes. Did I like how it tried to have classic sonic physics? No, classsic Sonic was in the past, and M.Sonic should’ve gotten new physics. Then colors came out. Did I like the gameplay? Yes, but I felt he went too slow. Did I like his physics? They were the same as unleashed. Now Generations comes out. Do I like the gameplay? Yes. Do I like how Sonic has some different physics? Yes. Do I like classic sonic? Heck ya! Do I like his physics? Yes. Do you like how they are bringing back classic sonic onto this game? Heck yes!! Would you like to see classic sonic in another sonic game? No. Generations is a very special game that brings back the life of what we all loved in the past. Bringing him back would just ruin Generations. I also said no, because its time all you classic fans MOVE ON. Yes, I love classic sonic just as much as you do, but do you see me still in the past? No, I actually moved on, and guess what? I like Modern more than Classic.

    Seriously classic fans, you annoy so so so so so so many people with your “physics, black eyes, and 2D 16-bit shit” Be happy that SEGA puts a Sonic game on your damn console, and leave SEGA the fuck alone. Let SEGA/SonicTeam try neew physics, and guess what? You might like em!! But do you classic fans ever give them a chance? NO! Cuz you too busy complaining about physics!! @_@ Please classic fans just shut up for one year w/out complaining, and see what cool stuff SEGA brings to the consoles. Unfortuanetly, you guys will never shut up. :/

    1. Thats the point. Retro fans wont accept innovation. Some consider games post S3&K as non-sonic games. Is stupid. If we will listen to them we will get another FPS.

      One thing I liked about Sonic is that they changed formula almost every game. I want innovation again. I swear if after Gen there is no new formula I will personaly fly to Japan and talk with Iizuka about how some people want slower formula and more playables.

      1. I’m a Sonic Fan, not a Sonic Fanboy = Those who swallow any kind of game as long as “Sonic” is written on the title. SEGA caused a fanbase division, the fact that they keep on changing the formula and Sonic’s world WITHOUT RESPECTING THE ORIGINAL ONE, is what causes the classic fans to bash.
        I mean, make a different part of the world, but don’t make a goddamn different whole world.

        If you like speed, innovation or whatever, you should quit playing Sonic and go play some racing, god of war, and such. But noooo…. SEGA done it for you, turning Sonic an multi-genre franchise, changing formulas on every damn game.

        That’s what classic Sonic fans want Sega to learn.

      2. I agree. Sonic should start fresh right after Generations. Although I hope Sonic U doesn’t ruin it. As long as Sonic U won’t have any gameplay like the other storybook series, then it’ll be a good start for SEGA 🙂

          1. @haloteen- Wii U is getting a Sonic game close to launch or something (or later). I just called it Sonic U, until a title is revealved.

          2. @Rickyrick: SEGA’s not said anything about a Sonic game coming to Wii U. I expect they will make a Sonic game for the platform, but SEGA’s not said anything about one yet.

      3. Changed formula? I still think they need to nail it before they ‘change it’ It not an ‘old and tried formula yet’

        1. I agree with you all the way Rickyrick ^_^

          but even if the formula is kept then I guess I wont mind as long as they can change a few bits somewhat of it but hopefully we will have a mix of past and current formula or maybe a fresh one….

        2. Well they kinda have already. The “formula” isn’t really anything much different from the core gameplay from the classics and adventure series. Aventure is 3D classic gameplay plus homing attack and some extra moves. Unleashed’s was Adventure gameplay adding the boost and ditching the spindash.

          They pretty much “nailed” it in Colors tho. Sonic Generations would be their third game to use it being more like Unleashed physics-wise.

          The Classics had 5 games, 2 were part of the same game.

          The Adventure gameplay had 2 games. Heroes and Shadow were both Adventure gameplay with either exclusive-extra mechanics or exclusive-alternate mechanics. Sonic 06 used Adventure gameplay with a few extra stuff.

          Sonic Unleashed’s gameplay has been used in 2 games already and this will be the third. To match up with both the Classic and Adventure games, I guess technically they need 2 more games with this “formula”. lol

        3. We are talking about how Sonic needs to start getting into 3D again, so other characters can be playable. This formula has been going on for 3 years. After 2 or 3 years SEGA usually changes gameplay style and formula. Look at the Genesis titles. They only went for 3 years. The Dreamcast titles lasted 2 years of same gameplay style and formula. Heroes and Shadow the Hedgeog were basically same gameplay style, but Shadow the Hedgehog had no team members. Sonic ’06 basically stood as its own game. Unleashed, Colors, and Generations all have the same gameplay styles and formula.

          Its true. Hedgehog Engine was too powerful for the 360 and PS3, so SEGA had to downgrade it. Hopefully the next Xbox and PS will be powerful enough to handle Hedgehog Engine, so we can see its potential at its fullest!

          Soooo…..maybe we still might be seeing Hedgehog Engine, but I would still like for some 3D enviornmented games, so we could play as other characters.

          Its not that hard to put a lot of characters in a game. For instance:

          Sonic: He should run the way he does in Generations, including the boost. He has his homing attack. He should be able to use his spin dash, but it should be WAY less powerful than his boost. He can also slide through small spaces, or just crawl.

          Tails: He should run almost as fast as Sonic, in Sonic’s NORMAL speed. He should be able to fly like he did in SA1, but with better improvements. Tails should jump higher than Sonic, since he’s lighter and smaller.

          Knuckles: He should run SLIGHTLY slower than Tails, just by a LITTLE! He should be able to climb up walls, and dig on the ground too. Knuckles should jump just as high as Tails, and Knuckles should also hae his gliding ability.

          Shadow: He should be exactly the same as Sonic, he should also have a boost, homing attack, and spin dash. The only difference is that with Shadow using his boost, he shall be faster than Sonic, with his light speed air shoes. After he defeats some enemies, he should also have Chaos Control. He should also be able to use Chaos Spear anytime he wants.

          Silver: He shall have a boost like Sonic and Shadow. Sonic uses his boost out of his speed. Shadow uses his boost out of his speed and power. Silver shall use his boost out of his kinetic power energy. Silver, using his boost, should be able to go faster than Sonic. However, Silver’s boost runs out 1.5x faster than Sonic’s does. After his boost is gone, Silver uses his back-up kinetic energy to help him float safely through the stage. When that runs out, Silver will be slowly walking through the stage, until he gets back his energy. Silver should be the slowest character in the game by running/walking.


          1. Dont be offended when im saying this.WE DONT NEED ANOTHER DAMN CONSOLE!!! MICROSOFT AND SONY HAS ALREADY CREATED SOMETHING THAT HAS BEEN GOOD!!! I JUST GOT THE PS3 FOR JUST 355 BUCKS DURING CHRISTMAS TIME!! THEY REALLY NEED TO SLOW DOWN ON SYSTEMS! The wiiU is fine because thats their first HD console that i will accept because the wii beem out since like 6 years mostly.People dont have that much money when it comes from working. Im not saying im poor, its just microsoft and sony need to slow down on their systems. I was disappointed because alot of people even my friends got bigger systems because they are rich lol. I saw a trailer of sonic 06 i was soo disappointed because its only for ps3 and xbox360. That was the first day i got my first nintendo system Wii. Its a shame that people were saying that game sucks but how come like 10 different stores dont have the game where i live. People lied and say dont buy it . People were telling that they were sold out. Seriously guys if you want to have all good systems you have to be rich -_-

          2. @haloteen- Not rich, but successful 😉

            So your saying you got a ps3 last christmas? Hmmm, that was either a bad move, or a good move. Here’s why.

            Good move: Rumours keep coming out, saying that the next Xbox and PS won’t come out till 2015, so that both Microsoft and Sony’s consoles will last a full 10 years.

            Bad Move: Microsoft and Sony have already started working on another console, and rumour says that Microsoft will reveal their new system at E3 2012.

            Microsoft and Sony aren’t working too fast at all. Usually after 6 to 7 years, we always get new consoles.

          3. Essentialy I disagree. In Sonic Adventure, all these other characters were introduced a quicker and easier (and ill way lazier) way to lengthen game.
            As Sonic story’s alone even long enough for a full game. (Sonic Colours ran into this problem) That’s why Sonic has multiple characters alot of the time. Personally, I would prefer a game with just Sonic and s***loads of unique and fun levels and acts. Mario has the right idea.

            I dont like characters being in the game just for the sake of being in the game. If they levels are both significant different to Sonic’s then they should not be in the game. Essentially, the characters level design should be centre around the character powers.

            E.g. Tails can fly, Sonic cant. Make him play different from Sonic. Make his levels revolve around this unique ability. Sonic Adventure doesn’t do still. Tails’s story is a poor man’s Sonic story. His Speed Highway comes close.

            They did do this for Knuckles, and it was good in SA2. But this much less fun that the other levels. Could they make a get-to-the-end Knuckles-like level in 3D? Like in Sonic and Knuckles?

            I doubt I hope Shadow and Silver are never playable in a main Sonic game again. Mainly for story reasons. Gameplay-wise Shadow doesnt offer much different other they allow the developers to implement vehicle and missions gimmicks. (I not totally against this).

            Silver’s had so much potential and they ruined it =/ He’s gameplay was truly unique and they ruined it. Not by controls but by dull level design and dull puzzles. Silver offered the chance for a more platforming/puzzle- solving experience like other platformers. His power are cool but Sonic had 06 which made attacks opponents more of a chore.

            Ultimately, the reason why only Sonic has been playable as of late because they need to get HIS gameplay right before they dare think about moving on to any1 else. And as of yet there’s an improvement but theres still work to do. They got hthe 2D gamelplay right but I’ve yet to any good 3D platforming in Generations =/ Colours had this problems too and Unleashed (Daytime Stages) in.

            Had Sonic’ 06 had less characters; the remaining characters would have been more polished.

            Honestly, I only think that a game you suggested would go work in a Adventure-like game or a 2D game.

  10. What classic sonic fans can’t get through their brains, that not even a microscope can see, is that the green eyed sonic is what they’re stickin to and ain’t nothing will have them change their mind no matter how much you complain. Plus if the physics are reasonable don’t complain. And I agree with Rickyrick with everything he said and also what he said give em one year without complaining (yeah like that’s gonna happen with stupid idiots in the sonic fanbase).

    1. I’m a Sonic Fan, not a Sonic Fanboy = Those who swallow any kind of game as long as “Sonic” is written on the title. SEGA caused a fanbase division, the fact that they keep on changing the formula and Sonic’s world WITHOUT RESPECTING THE ORIGINAL ONE, is what causes the classic fans to bash.
      I mean, make a different part of the world, but don’t make a goddamn different whole world. I don’t give a shit about his green eyes or whatever, the gameplay is the matter.

      If you like speed, innovation or whatever, you should quit playing Sonic and go play some racing, god of war, and such. But noooo…. SEGA done it for you, turning Sonic an multi-genre franchise, changing formulas on every damn game.

      That’s what classic Sonic fans want Sega to learn.

      1. classic Sonic fans needs 2 learn from sega they most stop with ,\That is bad game. this is stupid game , WY GREEN EYES i want black. TAILS IS ORANGEEEEE….

        not all classic sonic fans do that . but how do that i say this . THIS IS SPARTAAAAH..
        and ikill themwith dark sonic

  11. Of course they are hard to please. They are like “OUR PRECIOUS FORMULA IS BANISHED!!! Sonic dont curl the way he did in classics!” Crowd: “AHHH!” “RISE MEN TO SEGA LETS BASH LIZUKA!”

    Some fans consider SA2 as crap becuase you couldn roll. I want innovation I want brand new formula in next game after Generations.

  12. I know this is delayed but @ unknown & Jix Hedgehog:

    I would LOVE a sequel to Chronicles. Bioware has an expert understanding of characterization. And even if they weren’t designing the games themselves, they should be writing the scripts for every major Sonic title. They made Big the Cat likable in Chronicles. If given enough time, I honestly think they could win over the public with Sonic’s usually disliked supporting cast, simply by writing them as well as they do ^_^

  13. It’s ironic that ppl bash poor Iizuka but they fail to realize that Iizuke directed SA1 and SA2.

    And even more ironic is that he pretty much had no part in Sonic 06. …just saying. XD So far it looks like the games Iizuka’s had the most contribution in were the better ones, including Sonic 3 & Knuckles (level designer).

    And I just find it sad that SEGA can say “Here we go. We made this. Do you like it?” then we say “Yeah I like it. This is cool.”, then years later SEGA says “I made a new one, see? =D” and we say “F@#$^ YOU! Make it like the original one and quit abusing us by giving us the choice to play your new idea that is different from your old one we also had the choice to play!!” lol

    No one goes to a book and decides, if they don’t like it, to go to the writer and request them to write a better book. They move on to a different book by a different writer and let ppl who LIKED the book continue to read it peacefully. Imagine if you wrote your own unofficial story and showed it to some ppl and they liked it, then later they didn’t like your newer stories as much and FORCED you to write like the originals. Like you don’t even have the right to find your own customers anymore. You’re stuck with you’re original customers and you have no right to just stop writing. Entertainment is a deadly business. You may only offer your own original idea the FIRST TIME. o:

    In otherwords if you’re a Sonic fan who does nothing but complain about Sonic games them you obviously don’t like Sonic games, so start acting reasonable or GTFO and go play something else so the rest of us can play in peace. XD

    1. I’m a Sonic Fan, not a Sonic Fanboy = Those who swallow any kind of game as long as “Sonic” is written on the title. SEGA caused a fanbase division, the fact that they keep on changing the formula and Sonic’s world WITHOUT RESPECTING THE ORIGINAL ONE, is what causes the classic fans to bash.
      I mean, make a different part of the world, but don’t make a goddamn different whole world.

      1. Correction. Those who will take any Sonic game as like as it’s Sonic are still just fans despite how illogical that is in comparison. Why? Well there has to be a reason they will buy any Sonic game, and that reason is they LIKE Sonic. And there’s a reason they like Sonic whatever that reason may be.

        But, there are those who like Sonic and whether it’s a really deep or really shallow reason, a Fanboy will have an unreasonable attitude toward whatever point they’re trying to make. They can have a bad point or a good point, but their logic and attitude behind it will make them a fanboy or not. “Fanboy” and “Fangirl” technically make no sense so I don’t like the terms, but if we’re referring to fans who act immature and unreasonably crazy then that is what I’m talkin about. lol

        I don’t believe SEGA caused a fanbase division. SEGA made Sonic games. That’s it. The fanbase caused their own division. But it’s unavoidable. The only way to not be divided is if everyone agreed on the exact same combination of opinions. And if SEGA DID cause a division, it’s because they created numerous popular things throughout the series people found a great interest in. This technically means SEGA did good while the fans responded bad. xD

        They don’t really change Sonic’s world. They add to it. The changes that are made are changes that are made in every single stage, level and games in general. Like the stage designs being different. This is because 1 was in 16-bit 2D and the other isn’t. I don’t think they meant for Sonic to have a specified gameplay, just a basic one to start out with. =D

    2. I agree with your last point completely. Not so much the “like it or gtfo”, but the fact that if you do nothing but complain about 70+ percent of what’s came out in the franchise history, then you probably shouldn’t be trying to outcry unto others who do.

      I also enjoyed the second paragraph, because it applies not only to classic purists that want 100% perfect physics, but to the Adventure fans that want every character ever to be playable. Everyone has the ability to be unreasonable with what they want, but even if we don’t get what we want doesn’t mean the outcome is/will be terrible.

      1. the “gtfo” part was a joke. XD What I meant, basically, was if you don’t like something don’t dwell on it. Find something you DO like. (An example would be if you find 3 flavors of ice cream and you like dislike 1 but love the other 2, don’t spend your time whining how one of the flavors aren’t to your liking. Just enjoy the other 2 flavors. =p)

        Oh, and um thank you. XD

        Just so you know, that really long-replied chat above isn’t anything personally against you. XD

    3. In otherwords if you’re a Sonic fan who does nothing but complain about Sonic games them you obviously don’t like Sonic games, so start acting reasonable or GTFO and go play something else so the rest of us can play in peace. XD

      yes thts what i mean =3

  14. Sega, it’s not hard to please older Sonic fans; it’s just hard to please both at the same time really.
    Sonic Generations is doing a good job on that, so don’t be so hard on yourselves.
    In all honesty, I’d like Sega to go back to 16-bit for the real Sonic experience; however Sega does have some brilliant new ideas somewhere in their minds so I’d like to see what new things they could do with Sonic that would just make a good game.
    I’m not too bothered about Generations as it is an anniversary game in my eyes so Sega shouldn’t really be going all out for this title (but that’s not to say I’d be okay with a bad game). 🙂

    1. Well it’s kinda hard to please the older fans by now. Cuz it’s either not faithful to the classics or it’s not original and is a rehash.

      Sonic Fan Remix. Originally the only stage revealled was an exact replica of Emerald Hill Zone Act 1. People praised it and said this is what Sonic 4 should’ve been. That makes no sense. I get they want Sonic 4 to be exactly like the classics, but why are we praising a remake of Sonic 2 instead of Sonic 2 itself? Sonic Fan Remix didn’t show anything knew then other than the graphics, and fans spent half a decade saying “Graphics don’t matter as long as the gameplay is good”. Hell the graphics didn’t even look like a real Sonic game. Sonic 4 at least look like a 3D version of the classic graphics. Not saying it’s better just that it was good enough.

      They did the same thing with the 3D Mushroom Hill Zone vid. It wasn’t even gameplay it was an animation mimmicking it. All they did was recreate the original Mushroom Hill and make it 3D and they act like it’s a completely new creation! Some think it inspired Sonic Generations despite Generations having been thought up 2 years prior AND Generations only being half Classic AAAND Generations’ stages being revamped versions of the stages (not just a 3D conversion) lol

      I’m just saying it’d be hard for them to make a new Classic styled game with new stages that will meet standards after all the games that’s come out by now unless it’s fanmade. But that being said, what’s the point in making new Classic Sonic games if fans can already do it so well these days? Or what if they also made 3D Classic Sonic games like Classic Sonic in Modern GHZ in PolygonJim’s hack vids? Is it just the model and the selected moves ppl want? That’s how they reacted in the comments.

      Just saying, they are hard to please cuz there’s too many undecided directions to go about it. =p

  15. I basically agree with FoxBoy on all games, expect for a few that I haven’t played. And I understand that “Classic” fans pretty much only complain because they want quality games that Sonic rightfully deserves. But no one likes nitpickers. Having Classic Sonic design in Sonic 4 wouldn’t have made it any better. ( Or worse). I get that physics are a very big part of a game, but they don’t have to be the exact same every time. Not everything you want is going to be in every game. Look past the nitpicks, and at least try to enjoy the games. That’s what I do.

  16. Im both a classic and modern fan, I can see both standpoints.
    People shouldnt bash retro fans, without us the series wouldnt be here now.

    1. It’s not retro fans being bashed but unreasonable purists, most of which happen to be in the retro crowd.
      I’m a retro fan as well and I think it’s nuts.

      It’s happening in many other video game franchises as well so it’s not a Sonic issue. In fact it’s happening to television and music as well.

      And we are no more right or wrong than the genration before us telling us how crappy our entertainment is. It’s an issue with time.

      Each generation is worse than the last because it’s different than the last, and the previous generation sees it as completely incorrect as it’s not how things were during their time. o:

  17. “No one goes to a book and decides, if they don’t like it, to go to the writer and request them to write a better book. ”

    Sonic FanRemix & Sonic 2 HD

    1. That’s a bit redundant considering they didn’t really “write” anything. They just did their own remake of something that people already liked.

      It’s not to say the work they put into it wasn’t a good effort.

    2. I didn’t really understand that at all. Both were mostly based on Sonic 2. People LIKED Sonic 2. It wasn’t rewritten by SEGA but by a fan. And they were just remakes of the same thing. There was hardly any change. Soooo, I don’t understand what the implication was meant to be. o.O

  18. All I have to say is that Mr. lizuka, sir you should generalize all old Sonic fans that way. Because I am an old Sonic fan I for one am not that hard to please. This also goes for the other series I like such as Mario and Donkey Kong series. One way that I am not hard to please is that I accepted the shunned by many Shadow the hedgehog game.

    1. I don’t think he was generalizing old fans. I mean most of what he says is translated anyways but even besides that, I think he was merely referring to the specific old fans who… you know… actually ARE hard to please. xD It’s like how we say Sonic fans are crazy. We don’t mean every single one just there’s a lot of crazy Sonic fans around us. =p

  19. I love the old games but that doesn’t mean I want the new Sonic games to be like them. New 3D Mario games take things in new directions and are critically aclaimed not because of the character’s old games but because the new entry is great itself. This applies to all new games of all franchises, Sonic included.

    Sonic Colours was great and I would of said the same thing even if the Megadrive games didn’t excist. Respecting your history is all well and good but it almost sound like Iizuka is saying the reason some of the new Sonic games haven’t been well recieved is because the old skool Sonic fans naturally don’t like them. Not true. The quality of the release should speak for itself. Any comparisons to the old games comes about because those games had high quality.

    If new gameplay innovations work then they’ll generally be enjoyed by the general game player.

    1. Look at the Classic Sonic parts of Generations and things like Sonic riding down the tubes of Modern Chemical Plant or getting inside caves of Green Hill’s background hills. That’s what we Classic Fans want to mean when we say that there’s no need to make a 100% copy of the old games while still being modern. BTW, graphic style of the modern stages of Green Hill and Chemical Plant from Generations should stay as the graphic style of Modern Sonic forever. Realism is one of the things that most kills it. Realistic cities and whatever. And the concept of Sonic in a City itself ISN’T what kills Sonic, after all, Grand Metropolis from Sonic Heroes is a alive proof of how Sonic can be in a city while respecting the surrealism graphical style.

  20. In short: even Iizuka is tired of all the whining.

    My first game was Sonic 2, and it will ALWAYS be my favorite video game…but the classic fans I generally know are obnoxious brats who are seriously holding Sonic back. It’s kinda like seeing a small kid and saying “Oh, it’s so cute how he sings ‘I’m a Little Teapot’. That kid has to grow up eventually. The novelties which made the classic Sonic games are dated now. I played the Generations demo twice when it was out, and I stopped because I WAS BORED OF IT! I’m BORED of Sega remaking Greenhill zone on a constant basis, and I’m BORED of the classic physics! They were fine when coupled with the graphical technology of the 90’s, but the game-play needs to grow with the technology.

  21. That’s nice. Now it’s time to understand what is evolution based in the TRUE essence of Sonic the Hedgehog. New kinds of shields (also homing attack would be welcome precisely in one of theese shields), new kind of zones but respecting the original artstyle, CLASSIC sonic, CLASSIC momentum physics and things like that.

    Come-on, it’s not so hard. Street Fighter IV is a very very good example that what they must do.

  22. Us ‘older’ Sonic fans are actually quite easy to please. Good games make us happy, crap games don’t.

    1. No, purists are hard to please. Good games make everyone happy. Anything less than perfect makes purists whine, and these days, even good games don’t make them happy anymore. Any game that doesn’t make them happy, whether good or not, is declared a “crappy game” in their eyes. So how can we really tell when the game’s actually crappy or they’re just viewing it as crappy? It makes the whining unrelieble and hard to take seriously. It’s one of those “You do this so much it’s lost all meaning” deals.

    1. You should really specific who you’re talking about, what the point was, and how 30+ words has anything to do with it.

      For all you know someone might have a condition where they need to spell things out for closure. Some have a lot they wanna spill. Hell, a sentence can be made out of 5 to 10 words. All I gotta do is type 4 sentences and I’m there.

      If you go outside when it’s hot, you will sweat.
      Then your clothes will get wet and you will stink.
      When you come back home you will need a shower.

      See!? That stupid litte 3 sentences was 30 words. xD

  23. I’ve been a fan since 1991, and to tell you the truth, I loved Black Knight, Heroes, Unleashed, Riders and even Shadow the Hedgehog. And I think many older fans like me also enjoyed the newer games in all their gimmicky glory. But then there are those game reviewers who claim to be Sonic fans because they played 1 through Knuckles in the 90’s, and they are the ones who are overly vocal to criticize Sega’s modern efforts. I think they are the ones who Iszuka is talking about, though he is generalizing a lot which I find a little hurtful, but I forgive him.

    1. Yeah, believe it or not, while there are some retro fans, some adventure fans, some modern fans, and some retro purists (retro fans who bash modern stuff and modern fans) and even adventure purists, there ARE simply NORMAL fans who liked Sonic back in the day, still liked Sonic during the Adventure days and like Sonic today. As a normal person there may be a game here and their they dislike or like a little less than another, but overall they just like Sonic and don’t view the franchise in split eras except in technicality. =p

      1. Yeah, I got into the series in ’91, and there have been plenty of games I loved (and didn’t like) in every era. I think the only post-Adventure games I didn’t like were Sonic ’06, Secret Rings and Chronicles, but I didn’t HATE any of them. I just didn’t think they were great.

  24. Personally, I like both classic AND modern, even though my first sonic game was Sonic Heroes (I still really enjoy that game XD) I soon branched off to the classics because of Sonic Gems/Mega Collection, even though I thoroughly enjoy Sonic 1, 2, 3, Knuckles and especially CD, I fail so much at them (Can’t make it past Chemical Plant, Marble Garden etc).
    I will be playing the hell out of both variations of Sonic in Sonic Generations! Can’t wait!

  25. There’s a couple thoughts that come to mind here…

    (Beware this is a HUGE wall of text. Also yes, I have played the classics and I do keep up with the modern ones for what my finances allow with the exception of the PSP. Never owned one.)

    On one end of the spectrum, it seems like a bandwagon to jump on and find every flaw in recent Sonic games. When it first comes out, people tend to enjoy it. When something newer comes out, people (well the vocal ones that choose to be negative about it) will say the previous one sucked because of “this, this and that”. Then when something new ends up being less unappealing than a previous game it gets criticized “Why didn’t you just go back to this?” or do it like it was done before.

    I get the feeling that most who choose to be vocal about what they want to appear in a Sonic game (we’ll go with classic fans for now in this case) tend to forget that this isn’t the original Sonic Team and hasn’t been for at least the past 5 years. I say this because that’s around when Naka left to do his own thing, and I respect that he’s trying to do something else- but still openly accepts being “the father of Sonic”.

    The most of the classic makers have gone off to do their thing- and instead of letting Sonic Team die outright, they let in new minds to help continue the franchise. And technically, Sonic’s never been completely cook-cutter, especially after the first FIVE console games. (Sonic 1, 2, 3, CD, & Knuckles). Since then they’ve been doing something new to get a feeling for evolving into 3D- that got us SA1 and SA2. There after it followed a formula in similar (but not concrete) game play. After they felt that was getting old, they started to experiment more to keep things different to some extent.

    They weren’t huge leaps and bounds, but noticeable enough to those that chose to follow and keep up with the series at their own pace.

    Then somewhere down the line, fans in general decided to make it known about what they feel makes a Sonic game. After 06, they basically went “Ok, what do you want?” And lo-n-behold fans had different opinions…GASP. WHAT A TWIST!

    So, they tried to be compliant to some extent. They never stopped the classic way technically speaking, what with the Sonic Advance series and later on Sonic Rush. With the Advance series you got your sprites, 2D, collect the Chaos Emeralds, Special Stages and Super Sonic. But they weren’t all cookie-cutter either, they kept introducing some new features to keep it different.

    Sonic Advance: Intro to the GBA
    Advance 2 – New character, slight changes to mechanics, but still the same concept.
    Advance 3 – A variety of choices to play the game and to explore the levels, etc.
    Sonic Rush – Less sprites, but still mainly 2D with some rare 3D elements- Sonic 2 styled Special Stage- new character that wasn’t a complete Sonic cut out gameplay wise and allowed for a different style of play.
    Rush Adventure – Basically the same, but different theme, element and different ways to travel throughout the world (once you earned them).

    … But then it was complained that those apparently don’t count, because screw handhelds! (Despite they had a tendency to score better across the board than console games from the respective years…huh. Sonic Chronicles aside.)

    So back on to Sonic the Console games. The past 5 years have been something experimental to say the least. After 06, they took a few steps back and said “ok how can we improve on this?” A few spinoffs later we get Sonic Unleashed. Which they did take to what was said over the years. “We want less characters” became “all it needs is just Sonic.” They also took their time on this instead of it being rushed (no pun intended). In the end it paid off through the style of visuals, the setup of the worlds, gameplay, etc. …at least for the day time stages of which seemed to be the consensus. (You’ll run around and collect rings and do speed runs all day, but forbid you have to sit through a segment that takes more than 5 minutes.) But then again I don’t mind my adventure platformers either, but that’s just me.

    Then we got Sonic 4: Episode 1. Which was basically taking a set backwards if you ask me. Some bits seemed like a real struggle to make it feel like something new without it being just another reboot. It wasn’t unplayable and I’d say it was worth the price. Because generally when you do finish the game, that’s usually about how long it takes to finish your average Sonic Story anyway. And we got it for more than half price of your average buy-it-and-take-it-home-with-you console game. (Yes I know this was a download only.)

    But then they knew that not all fans are classic fans, but still wanted to keep their modern fans- so they tried to combine what was liked in Unleashed, and trying to put some classic gameplay in- giving us Sonic Colors. Again- just Sonic. But here we have the Wisps to switch things up every now n then.

    Now we have Generations. How did we get here?

    Basically, it kinda feels like they were backed into a corner until someone said “F*ck it! We’ll put both in there and let them choose!” … But the better thought of this would be, taking the very essence of way-back-when, and giving it a well deserved facelift. Because seriously people, it’s 2011. I don’t think it would hurt to evolve with technology. Not to mention chances are some of you probably still own your still working SEGA consoles- and have probably purchased the ports plenty times again over.

    But instead of being completely greedy money mongers and making TWO completely different games (because hey, people gotta make a living too, and videogames is a business)- they’re also giving us another way to play. The modern levels basically being “Ok, this is what we’ve come to from all the past few years- but just in case, we put these in a more familiar setting for everyone!”


    So with that, let’s recap:

    – Just Sonic.
    – Classic style gameplay.
    – Modern style gameplay.
    – Classic levels getting a facelift.
    – Modern levels getting a classic look.
    – “Remixes” of classic music (I don’t consider what they did with Green Hill much of a remix, and I’m expecting that for future levels. I’m also trying to keep myself from too many updates mainly because I want a fresh look at the game instead of knowing everything when it comes out.)
    – Modern mixes of classics and classic mixes of modern.

    You get the idea.

    In a way though I kind of almost feel like this game should’ve come out a bit earlier. And by earlier I mean by a few years. But it has been a way of risky and delicate processing. Either way though, this “should” be something that unifies the fans as a whole so that they can speak with one voice again, that way everyone’s on the same page for a change instead of being at each other’s throats.

    The games have never been “unplayable”. Anyone that took the time to get used to a game’s controls could complete any of these games. Some mechanics were harder than others granted, but not impossible to say the least.

    And of course in the end, some there are some that will never be satisfied. Whether they have entitlement issues or they just honestly don’t care.

    It doesn’t make anyone else any less or more of a fan. It’s up to the individual themselves to consider if they’re a fan at all and no one else.



    There’s plenty of other fans willing to play and new ones arising everyday. You can admit SEGA/SonicTeam has some kind of want to keep Sonic alive. Otherwise they would’ve stopped a long time ago. That and people need to get paid.

    … Ok I think I’m done rambling lol.

  26. Classic-Modern. Who cares, it’s Sonic. He’s still the same guy we all know and love. The classic fans can still love the classic sonic, but they have to learn to move on, cause modern sonic is gonna be here for a long, long time. I love classic sonic, but I grew up with the modern one. (my first game, Sonic Heroes) I like how with Unleashed, Colors, Generations, they’re trying to make the game like the classics where only Sonic is playable- but I would actually like to play as Tails again, maybe even Knuckles. But those should be the only playable characters. (Sorry Shadow fans, he would play exactly the same way as Sonic) I guess thats all I have to say.

    1. lol sonic heroes was my first sonic game too. Then after that i start learning more about him and collecting all of his game. Sonic was an insporation to me, i play sports because of his running and never give up attitude.

  27. I love classic Sonic as much as modern, but if classic Sonic fans aren’t happy with generations, than I really think they should just leave classic Sonic almost for good and continue with modern. it’s like “Sorry, we did this all for you and you’re still not happy? goodbye.” :p

  28. Well, I think SEGA should just ignore their ungrateful “fans” and make Sonic do whatever the hell they want.

  29. “Old Sonic Fans ‘hard to please’ Says Iizuka”

    YA DON’T SAY!!!

    I just say make a good game. The trappings of being a Sonic game will be there if you just focus on it. What’s more important is the game has to be fun and engaging. Focus too much on trying to make the game “Sonic-like” will just result in losing out on good gameplay.

    I enjoyed Sonic Unleashed’s beast Sonic areas more than the speed levels because they just were more fun. Wasn’t anything like a Sonic game but it didn’t really matter. I just want to have fun, guys.

  30. Well I’m a original fan of sonic and I’m easy to please just keep making sonic games I love all of them no matter what I don’t cry like other fans and if you didn’t have a sega genesis at launch then you are not a true fan and if you complain about physics and minor crap like that you are not a fan

    1. Umm, you have no right to say anything about ppl buying a Genesis at launch, true fans. Maybe some of us were born in 1994, 5, 6, or even 7. So you can’t say anything about launch being a true fan, because maybe some of us weren’t born yet! :/ think man, think.

    2. Physics aren’t minor!!! It affects how your character controls and how the environment is affected by actions. It’s why Sonic 06′ was hated!

      So if people complain about faults in a game they aren’t a true fan? Really? Some people can’t simply be pleased by having a Sonic logo stamped onto a box and actually want a quality experience; that deserves acknowledgement and respect. Don’t accuse people and brand them so carelessly.

      A game that is fundamentally bad will be so no matter what character is thrown into it, Sonic included.

      1. I know that but I’m just tired of sonic fans crying over nothing then getting classified as cry baby whinners when I myself am a sonic fan I enjoy each game for what it is sure they have faults here and there but what game doesn’t I play the game for the gameplay and fun factors but I also enjoy the storys too so I don’t get hung up on comparing this game to that game and so forth in the end my earlier comment was just me venting

  31. Honestly, I’m tired of all the bickering. People need to look at the games individually and see if they enjoy it, not just “This doesn’t play like Sonic 2. This sucks.”

    I played the classic games, but I also greatly enjoy the newer ones as well (I’m one of the rare “both game generations are good” types). I adored Shadow the Hedgehog (Again, people complained about the guns. Yet, people were emailing SEGA and telling them to give Sonic a gun. Really? You’re going to complain about it NOW?), hated Secret Rings, loved Black Knight (Slashy slashy >:3 ), found Unleashed to be tedious but overall fun (I liked the Werehog stages more than the day stages XD), wasn’t too fond of Sonic Heroes…

    I liked Chronicles, too, although there are pet peeves in there that irk me (CHAOS SPEAR IS NOT PURPLE! Neither is Chaos Blast, which somehow turned into a laser…), but overall it was good. Never listened to the music though XD

    I mean, c’mon people, give SEGA a break. They’re genuinely trying to find methods that work for every single character, it’s just…Sonic is complicated. He’s growing up and getting new abilities (Who wants to bet that young Sonic learned the Homing Attack from older Sonic? 😀 ). I doubt he’ll be shooting fireballs like a certain plumber, but I highly expect some weak wind abilities later on. *Cough*tornadoeslikeinHeroes*cough*

    Also, I’d like a game where Sonic is the villain. Lol. One of the few things SEGA hasn’t done ;D

    1. Sonic and the black knight was lame, pitiful, stupid… I mean seriously the end, Sonic is king arthur, the DA boss was trying to make a world that never ends mainly saying she doesn’t wanna die, It was a disaster. *flush*. Sonic and the secret rings was better, handling had alot to be desired though. Sonic and the black knight was also a pain in the arse, the one where you gave rings to the villagers-pain, the ones where you don’t hit anything(they did have those in Satsr and unleashed) but you had a time limit in this one and who woulda thought sonic with a sword

      1. I disagree I find Black Knight so much better than Sceret Rings…Secret Rings had awful controls and laggy gameplay style plus the missions were a pain it was fustrating, hard and annoying at times to keep holding the wii remote in the same direction then shaking it etc but I respect your opinion but it was just not great for me The Party Games were fun though but I just didn’t like the game so much it was an improvement from 06 but there were a lot of things I really didn’t like about it though it offered good things It’s my least favourite Sonic Spin off 3D Game…

        1. Story wise black knight sucked secret rings awesome
          in general they both suck *kicks em down in a pit*
          plus my friend has both games 😀 so I’ve played em both

          1. Lol, I open my mouth and a flame war starts. My plan is working brilliantly XD

            Just kidding. Seriously guys, can’t we just admit that there are flaws in every game and get along? I’ll even make cookies! (No cake though. It is, unfortunately, a lie.)

            …Yeah, I don’t take Sonic games seriously. I fill in the lines where they fit, but other than that, yeah. Sonic Colors even made fun of itself (I applause the writers for that), ha ha.

            But, yeah. Everyone’s different – there were flaws, yes, but no game is perfect. If it was…Well, wouldn’t that be boring? Sometimes the flaws make it more fun. Gimmicks? They can be fun too, if you let them.

          2. @grassy
            ur right
            NOW I WANT COOKIES AND CAKE… AND BREAD and ice cream and brownies you know stuff that’s good for you. XD

  32. Urm, if Sega were to make another Shadow the Hedgehog the Sonic series would be dead to me. Mostly. I still scratch my head wondering how people can like this game (can someone fill me in?).

    Thankfully they’ve learned from that and learned from later mistakes. As long as a company learns from their experiences and improves I’m happy. Sonic Generations could be the best in the series and I can’t wait to play it.

    1. That’s kinda sad. I have friends who already “left the franchise” cuz of a certain game being too much. And because of it they haven’t been paying attention to Generations and having as much fun as I have just finding out about the game. I don’t really think it’s wise to “give up” on a never-ending franchise because every game they make IS an individually new game and has the chance to be either a good or a bad game. If the games were originally good and started being bad, they can be bad and start to be good. AND SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! That’s exactly what it looks like is happening. :3

      As for Shadow the Hedgehog I assume ppl liked it for the same reason they liked Adventure and Heroes. The gameplay was nearly the same. Running around and homing attacking and jumping on enemies and platforming. The shooting and sword-slashing was an extra mechanic that was optional to add a little bit of that “shooting” gameplay action that some people find fun. The story also had a lot of “answers” thing going on and each story only told part of the truth ultimately making each one point towards a different lie. (due to none being the whole truth) I assume this is the reason I mean. xD

      1. Exactly.

        I loved Shadow’s game…Mainly because I adore blowing crud up. Lol. And watching Sonic get the dumb AI was very worth the while.

        “Don’t attack them Shadow! They’re on our side!” Stand next to the GUN soldier, and Sonic finishes them off. Lol. If only facepalming was an option in that game…I get the feeling Shadow would have been doing that quite a bit XD

  33. I’m not sure how I feel about that statement. I’m a longtime Sonic fan (my first game was Sonic 2), and I loved all of the Sonic games up until SEGA went third party. Since then, I’ve been unmoved by most of the more recent Sonic games…

    * Sonic Heroes took the excellent Sonic-style levels of the Adventure games and made the controls feel loose and floaty, butchering the whole experience.
    * Shadow the Hedgehog played just like Heroes, but with weapons and vehicles replacing the ‘team’ gimmick.
    * Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) seemed to be Sonic Team’s attempt at bringing back the Sonic Adventure formula, but it was so grossly under-developed that it became widely known as the worst of the series (although I actually enjoy the game quite a bit, despite its embarrassingly glitchy gameplay).
    * Sonic and the Secret Rings was an absolute trainwreck. Totally unplayable. The multiplayer mode was pretty fun though.
    * Sonic Unleashed totally changed the gameplay style of 3D Sonic–for the worse. Still, Sonic Team unveiled some very impressive work with the Hedgehog Engine. While I dislike the game, and the controls need some serious work, it shows lots of promise for future Sonic games.
    * Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I was half-baked, to say the least. Very glitchy, shoddy soundtrack, terrible physics.

    I never played Sonic and the Black Knight or Sonic Colors. The first I didn’t bother touching because it looked like a horribly stupid and infinitely worse sequel to Sonic and the Secret Rings, and the second game I didn’t play because I had sold my Wii by the time it came out. I was really hoping that those rumors about an HD version being made were true…

    I’m not unreasonable. I understand that the physics aren’t always going to be exactly what I want. I played the Sonic Generations demo and absolutely loved it. Sure, it plays a little differently from what the Genesis games were, but that’s alright. The important thing is that it still delivers a good amount of speed, while at the same time offering solid controls that allow for good platforming. That’s where the 2D segments of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 4 went wrong, and where Generations seems to be going so right.

    On the other hand, I have seen SO MANY STUPID COMPLAINTS from retro fans. My favorite was that Sonic’s eyes were green in Sonic 4, as if you can even see his eye color in-game, or it would somehow transform the gameplay. Those people are just looking for crap to complain about. Same thing seems to be happening with Sonic Generations, where there’s some things that aren’t exactly as they were in the classics, so the oldschool fans are all up in arms about it. “Sonic can Spindash while he’s running? Oh no!” If you don’t want to take advantage of his on-the-fly Spindash, then don’t. You don’t need to be competing on the leaderboards to have fun with the game.

    Bah, I’m through rambling. Nothing new to be said. It’s all the same petty crap…

      1. Sounds like you’re a blind fanboy to me. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and ranting about the color of Sonic’s eyes, or about the environments looking too realistic (not Sonic-y enough), or about “bestiality.” If you can’t see that, then there’s not much point in talking to you.

        1. Hey I am not blind I may wear glasses but i am not blind. I am not ranting about sonic’s eye color cuz I dont give a rats butt and is bestiality even a word? Plus I don’t see where your going with that silly remark of yours.

          1. @Brianzilla2004 – Ya, but most people today say “dude, that was beast!” not beastiality, thats just dumb.

          2. He’s saying that there’s a difference between fans whining over so many things never seeing the positive and merely having an opinion of not liking certain games so much.

            Yes bestiality is a word. It’s commonly used in the Sonic series nowdays too due to Madonna, Serah and Elise being considered possible love interests to Sonic throughout the franchise. Tho no one seems to have a problem with cross-breeding, or bestiality in other franchises. Ironic. lol

            I think that refers to something else. XD

    1. well i say this u can,t play a sonic game i din,t have a problem with any sonic game but u .. u just fail

      1. Is this a response to my comment? I don’t remember saying anything that would warrant this response…

  34. I think Sonic fans, new and old just need to get along and shake hands and make up!

    If it wasn’t for the retro fans and the games they know and love and want to see make a return in a new HD 2011-future kinda way, the modern fans wouldn’t even have a Sonic to love!

    But the retro fans have to take into account that time has moved on and that the franchise has changed, (if it’s for the worse or better is up for debate and is often debated) but if it wasn’t for the modern fans keeping the less well received games (based on critique and gaming magazine scores) selling perhaps Sonic wouldn’t be around anymore for him to make a triumphant return.

    To be honest Generations looks wicked and proves that the two styles can get along fine, together and side by side, so why can’t we huh!! WHY!! Perhaps if Sonic 4’s next episode does it justice like the classic Sonic levels in Generations, and Sega decide to keep the whole Classic and Modern thing going side by side, maybe not in the same game since they said this was a one off, but have consecutive games released in the opposing styles, or in such a way that it mixes the two, like Colours and Unleashed did. Perhaps then we can all get along and not be getting upset that one set of fans is being left in the dark >.<

  35. To be perfectly fair, any fanbase would be “hard to please” if you continue to make stupid mistakes. The problem is that they kept trying to innovate even when the fans just wanted a solid core experience. FIRST you should worry about perfecting the core gameplay, THEN you should look for innovation.

    That being said, I’m glad the new games – starting with Colors – are being greatly improved, and it looks like the pointless gimmicks are being left out. As long as they continue to try to improve the core Sonic experience, they will eventually redeem his former glory.

    1. Starting with Colors? You don’t consider Unleashed better than 06? You don’t see how Colors is a LOT like Unleashed to begin with? OKAAAY! Whatever you say. o:

      1. Actually, I REALLY enjoyed Unleashed – but only the daytime levels. As good as those levels were, there was still an incredibly stupid gimmick (the Werehog) that held the game back. Colors was the first Sonic console game in a while to have a solid experience without multiple gameplay styles ruining the experience. Well, actually I suppose that would be Sonic 4, which I liked, but Colors is better.

        1. BUT, like you said, you still really enjoyed the game. And is it NOT an improvement from Sonic 06? And again like I said is Colors NOT like the day stages of Unleashed? It is an improvement from Unleashed but Unleashed is an improvement from the previous games. This would mean that the improvements started before Colors came along and that Colors is just continuing the trend. Generations, to me, looks to be a major improvement on Colors as Colors was fun but didn’t have much to offer while Generations offers a lot just in design and concept alone let alone the Unleashed/Colors gameplay AND Classic gameplay being added AND solid graphics AND the new cool voice actors AND all the cool levels throughout the series… lol xD

  36. Is it so hard to make a game that has sonic and all the guys from archie comics that plays like the classics and also has new gameplay and that sonic is chubby but has HD graphics but is oldschool but has the little aliens from colors and chao garden and shadow but not so much and the physics are exactly like genesis but also sonic adventure and mighty makes a cameo?

    OOOOOOR, and listen to me on this, is it possible that the fans just don’t really know what they want?

    Generations is looking great. It’s a beautiful celebration of Sonic. Past that… LET’S MOVE ON GUYS.

          1. lol I just noticed you put “Arsie” in your original comment.

            Anyhoo I know what you meant just the way you worded it was funny. =p

  37. Has anybody noticed that the modern fans are complaining about the classic fans when you don’t see much of those that complain about the tiniest hings except on YouTube

    1. It’s a pleasant change from hearing them demand the entirety of the franchise canon be playable in the next game, and only if it’s called “Sonic Adventure 3”.

    2. Really? Cuz that’s pretty much were ALL the fanbase is anyways. DeviantArt and the comments of sites like these too I guess. And in that case I don’t see your point. It’s like saying “anyone notice that moden fans are complaining about classic fans who whine over little things when they whine over little things?” and that’s like the whole point. xD

      I just find it funny how some ppl will mention how the classic fans are a bad or worse than the modern fans but like what the hell do the modern fans act like? I don’t even know. By “modern fans” are we referring to anyone who likes the modern games whether they’ve played it since the beginning or not, or are we referring to those introduced to the modern Sonic and only playing them? Cuz either way I mostly see the complaining coming from retro elitists, ESPECIALLY on Sonic Retro itself. o0

  38. I like Sonic games no matter what they have. We just have to accept the facts. I think balancing innovation and gameplay experience might work but who knows until someone tries. It wouldn’t hurt to try new things without making one thing just the same all the time.

  39. How about we just say the fanbase in general is impossible to please and leave it at that? Seriously…

    Make the Sonamy fans happy, other shippers (or maybe even just people who don’t do shipping) will throw a fit. Make a perfect “classic” styled game, modern fans might be displeased. Not everyone can be pleased in this fanbase, especially when we argue and disagree over every little detail. Sega, you think this is hard? Try making a game that makes 90% of the fanbase happy. (I dare not even say 100%, that’s pure and plain out impossible.) If this game isn’t making the cut, no game will, since this is the only game that is outreaching to both classic and modern fans…. Sad.

    Classic fans, this is probably the last game besides the other parts of Sonic 4 that will have “classic” Sonic as more than maybe an unlockable for 2player mode. Smile and appreciate that Sega is trying, won’t you? As other people have said, this can’t last forever. You gotta move on. Or just play the old games and stop paying attention to the new ones if it bothers you that much. Cuz if Sega tries for you again after this, I say their wasting their resources… They don’t want to clone the old games, guys. They wanna make new ones. If you want games that work nicely with old gameplay, there’s plenty of fangames/hacks out there for you. Sorry if this comes off as rude, but… really. Sega doesn’t have to listen to you. They’re trying to, without cloning their old games, so that should be enough…

    1. See that’s part of what bugs me, the fans of the more modern approach are just as bad. They nitpick just as much. They also have just as many complaints masked as constructive critique.

      Lets ask a simple question, if Sega totally changed up the way the modern style games worked, and said they weren’t ever going back to the modern style in Adventure/06/Unleashed/Colours/Generations after the release of this game, would they complain? YES

      If Generations sold like wildfire and the general reviews and critique and mass praise was mounted at the classic style and they decided to keep that and get rid of the modern style since it has not gained them much praise in the past. Would the modern style fans complain? YES

      If they did announce Sonic Adventure 3 finally but they said you would only be able to play as Sonic, and the only other characters appearing in the game from the franchise were Big the Cat and Charmy the Bee. Would modern style fans complain? YES

      Point is, fans of both styles complain when there is something that upsets them. Having played these games most of their lives or having a greater than normal love for the product, you get upset if something doesn’t do it justice in your own eyes and personal opinion. And no matter what anyone says you have a right to that opinion. But also there are others out there that won’t agree with it, because they are different and have their own opinions that may clash with yours. You can’t please everyone, but Generations is doing it’s damnedest to try!

      Next time you complain that a “retro” or “modern” fan is making a silly complaint, just stop and think, your both SONIC fans. You share the same love. But through different eyes. You think green eyes and tall and skinny is fine, they think the black eyes and short and tubby they grew up with is more nostalgic to them and makes them feel like the giddy kid they were when they first played a Mega Drive Sonic game.

      You want to know where Silver or Shadow is, and want a new Adventure game which you have been waiting 10 years for!! They have been waiting 17 years for a return to the original series roots and just want to see Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. And after waiting so long expect it to be done right. How would you feel if they released Sonic Adventure 3 and it was buggy, Sonic could stand on vertical walls and you could only choose from two playable characters. It wouldn’t be a satisfactory Adventure game would it?

      Just stop to think how the people on the other side feel before you say they are being annoying and unreasonable. Chances are anything they complain about has a polar opposite in what you complain about, or would complain about if something you were looking forward to got rushed and treated in a half-ass way.

      1. I think what people mean is this, Classic fans tend to complain a little more than modern. Sure, modern fans complain.

        I just don’t get why people need to complain in the first place. If you don’t like a particular game…then okay. Don’t go on about it, like 5 years after it came out. And let the people who like it, like it.

        Like, classic fans, don’t like the modern? No ones making you play them…just saying.

      2. All goes back to the first sentance, sugar.

        I like the classic sonic gameplay, and the modern when it’s still got it’s root elements of collecting rings and getting to the goal in a speedy manner. I’ve pretty much given up on hoping to death for a new adventure game. Already. If Sega got rid of modern sonic, I really don’t know how they’d manage unless you mean they’re switching back to classic sonic (or it’s some new redesign…) Either way, though, I’m not sega. If I were, I wouldn’t have fired the origingal voice cast, NOT because I liked the voices (though I did) but because I feel the way they fired them was morally wrong. Same when they fired the next voice cast. Maybe they thought that was the easiest way of doing it, though, and somehow it would be as much of a bummer for the VAs.
        I understand what you’re saying about complaining, but I basically said that in my first sentance. We’re a hard-to-please fanbase, to Sega and amongs each other. Unless Sega abandons modern Sonic and goes back to classic, my point was you may not get another game after their Sonic 4 run is over. The likelyhood of that actually looks higher than the adventure games getting another chance (unless for some reason they do switch back to using Classic as their main Sonic). If you had to live with that, you would need to. (And if I had to live with Modern being tossed asside, same for me.) I’m just saying, it’s better to take it positively than negatively. Like with life. You don’t know when life is gonna end, so you might as well try to be happy with it while you can.

        Not saying you don’t have right to complain. The whole fanbase does it. But appreciate the effort Sega is making, and maybe complain less. =/
        Oh, and people keep saying Sonic 06 was supposed to be adventure 3. I’ve learned to appreciate it…. In fact, I apreciate every game with a serious storyline. But when Sega doesn’t make me happy, I try to remember a little something called fanfiction so I’m not wasting effort critisizing them. (Mind you, I prefer the well-written fics, adventure genre, preferably not much romance.) The fanfics keep me happy, so does a little roleplaying. Presto, less complaints. Doesn’t work for everyone, but that’s how I deal. Sega probably works a lot harder than I give them credit for, and they’ve already got supercritics that critisize their ever move. They don’t need me adding to that.

        Also, there is a difference between suggestion and complaint. Suggestions to Sega? Good luck. Sincerely. Also, complaints are a lot less bothersome to them if they’re worded in a nice way… I’d hardly call it complaining. I also think if some of this stuff was said in a nicer way, they’d be more likely to take it in consideration to do it. Either people verbally mob sega and they’re thinking the fanbase is monsterish, or people could be a little nicer when they complain. Just something to think about. And if I’m singing a different tune than before now, forgive me if it sounds hypocritical… but I’ve actually been rethinking how I live my life and stuff. What’s important and not important, etc. For me a game is not important, but it’s fun. It may hold meaning in my life, and be a source of nostalgia (or not)… and anything wrong with it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s not a life or death matter, just an issue of preference. Anyway, I appologize if my wall of text came across as rude.

        The whole point was still in the first sentance. Cuz I was sick of seeing all of the “These fans complain about this”, and the last paragraph was just an appeal that I was hoping would get everyone to stop.
        Just stop. You know when enough is enough? It’s been enough. My fail, that didn’t work.


        1. I do hear you. A game isn’t all that important in the grand scale of things. But then again the little blue hedgehog is obviously important to a larger extent than some things in out lives. We are visiting a fan page after all 😛

          I personally think that Generations is going to be wicked, all i have seen so far just gets me so excited. Mixing the Retro with the Modern, using the best elements from both types of games, revisiting zones and giving them 3D HD make over’s for the old levels and 2D versions for the new ones. Putting the spotlight on Sonic for his anniversary but still involving the other characters. With what sounds like an epic story with time travel which always interests me (i love Back to the Future, best movies ever).

          The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that they are passing on the Game Gear levels and part of Sonic’s history, and not using this good opportunity to at least bring back some of the old “missing” characters, like Fang. But like you said, i am dealing, i went back and played Triple Trouble and Fighters the other day 😀

          Thanks for the helping hand, your post did kinda slap some sense into me in a way, i can always honor the games and characters i think are awesome by playing them again. As much as it would be cool to get new versions or remakes, or see Fang redesigned and in a new game, i can always go back to the old ones at least!!

  40. Calling old fans unpleasable is one thing, but I’m an old fan. I still like to play newer games though and treat them on an on case basis. I liked every game to some extent and disliked others. I liked Sonic Heroes the first time I played it, but now it feels too clunky. Shadow’s game played great, but the story was a little lame. Unleashed was good, but the Werehog levels could have been done better. I liked Colors. I have played every Sonic game except Advanced 2-4, ’06, 4 and the two Rivals games. I still play all the original games and enjoy them. I honestly feel SEGA has been trying to appease the fans. All the fans. I can’t say about Sonic 4, since I haven’t played it yet but hey they did try.

    The problem here is Sonic fans want a CAPCOM sequel. A game that really is the same game with new levels and no real changes. And SEGA wants to do things to keep it fresh. I think SEGA could have done a better job with S4 based on the complaints, but honestly I doubt SEGA could fix all the problems people found with S4 without rebuilding all the levels from scratch. They made the adjustments they could.

    I think though the fans aren’t so much hard-to-please as they are unreasonable at times. Is how Sonic’s eyes are colored THAT important? Was putting the Homing Attack in S4 that bad? Just because SEGA didn’t fix things you complained about THIS time, doesn’t mean that they ignored you. When a project is in process, you can’t always go back and fix things, but you can keep notes on what to do next time. Sonic Colors fixed almost every problem I had with Unleashed.

    Honestly, I’m happy with how well things have been going. I’d like to see another Adventure style game and I’d like to see more Rush style games. I would like to see Sonic do a fighting game and a RPG again. I wouldn’t call myself hard-to-please so much as always hungry for more.

  41. I’m a fan of old Sonic and new Sonic. That being said, the old Sonic is gone. The games will never be the same as the Genesis originals. They’ll never even be the same as the Adventure series, so lets stop kidding ourselves. I for one enjoy the new games, and will continue to follow Sonic in the future. I like the road Iizuka has chosen to go down with Unleashed and Colors, and I think he should continue to go that way, whether it leaves older ‘fans’ in the dust or not.

  42. Heh, most of the Sonic fandom is not only a nightmare for other fans but a nightmare for Sega themselves.

    Why can’t they be like most normal people and go “just give me a freaking Sonic game! I’ll surely play it anyways!”

  43. How about a new Sonic The Fighters?

    But instead of using the Virtual Fighter Engine, create a gameplay similar to like Power Stone.

    1. I was thinking about that too! They made sonic r game turn into sonic and sega all stars racing , the next they will come out and say sonic and sega all stars fighters. XD

  44. FUCK YOU Iizuka.Im an Old Fan and im not hard to please five me a game with Sonic Adventure Gameplay and im satsified give me a Sonic 4 with perfect physics and im satisfied oh wait you cant becuz you SUCK why dont you just go kill yourself Sega are idiots for not firing you.

    1. How about calming down…

      This is one reason people say it’s hard to please them. You do realize that he directed the orignal Adventure games, right? So, your basically saying they suck, if he sucks. Just saying…

    2. Hey would you be happy if they just quit making sonic games all together. Not even having another company make em!? So quit your pointless b****ing and let them do their job!!! they do their best now please acknowledge that.

    3. @Damn
      Ax much as I agred about slower formula with multiple routes and at least 6 playables I dont thini we should bash Iizuka for it. Its gaming that is becoming more casual. People want starightforward simple games. Even FPSs are becoming more casual. I think sooner or later this will destroy gaming. I hope next Sonic game after Gen. Maybe on Vita or WiiU will give us slower formula and more playables. And same for next mainstream game.

      1. @DAMN

        Calm down dude 😛 there was no need for all that drama…come on that’s out of order…

      2. “People want starightforward simple games” No they dont where do you get this idea you dumbfuck.I wish Sega would just go Bankrupt and sell Sonic to Nintendo so Miyamoto can work his Magic and turn the series into Gold cuz Frankly Despite Over-Gloryifing Sonic Generations with Amazing Graphics and art-style they still suck!

        1. @DAMN

          Easy man -_- come on SEGA’s working harder than ever with this game you should be happy not angry 😀 It’s looking awesome so far, they are bringing back great levels (I haven’t seen the list of all levels though because I’m avoiding spoilers), they are including as much as possible, bringing back the best qualities we had in the previous games and I think it’s great so far….The PS3/X60 Version is looking great as ever, This could one of the best games ever

          No way I disagree witht hat idea I wouldn’t want Nintendo to have Sonic…No way dude come on what more do you want? they are including just as much as possible for what everybody liked yet you still complain? they are improving from past games and I liked most of them…I disagree with your thinking dude Sonic Generations has great graphics and art work..Trust me dude your taking it the wrong way 🙂

        2. @C.J- Dont bother with him. Its just his opinion, and we should let him express it. 😛 If he’s just gonna get mad, then let him. Who are we to stop him? Eventually he’ll realize no one will reply to his negative comments, and he’ll stop. If he doesnt stop, then just ignore him 🙂 and he will see.

        3. @DAMN
          Hey would you be happy if they just quit making sonic games all together. Not even having another company make em!? So quit your pointless b****ing and let them do their job!!! they do their best now please acknowledge that.

  45. Cuz Classic Fans complain about the dumbest shit.

    “OH my god, what the hell Iizuka?! Why does it look like Classic Sonic isn’t curling/uncurling, Fix it now damn it!”

    “Why does Classic Sonic look so chubby?!!? He wasn’t that chubby in Sonic 1/2/3/S&K FIX IT!”

    “Where is Sonic’s classic chili dog? FIX IT!”

    “Why the hell is Classic Tails yellow!?! He’s fucking Orange in Sonic 2/3/S&K FIX IT!”

    “Why does Metal Sonic look smaller/fatter than usual?! Robots dont gain weight! FIX IT!!”

    1. lol If you take the image of Modern and Classic Tails from Generations and look at Tails on the cover of Sonic 3, other than the art and coloring style, it’s pretty much the same. XD

      Classic Tails was gold-orange and he was ranging from yellow-orange to red-orange depending on the specific picture (hell you can find images of Classic Sonic in his Sonic 1 pose that’s much darker than even Modern Sonic)

      In the Adventure series Tails was the same color as in Sonic R and Sonic Fighters only SLIGHTLY lighter in SA2. But the remakes make him a bit more gold colored which is technically what he is in Sonic X.

      Sonic Heroes is where he was “yellowish” (not yellow, yellowISH) due to the “Red, blue, yellow” primary color deal. His artwork was Yellowish as well BUT it depended on what copy of the pic you had. In some instances he was yellow and in other instances, with the SAME PICTURE, he was orange.

      After than he slowly got more and more orange again and fluctuated between yellow and orange but for the most part he is “gold-orange”. (As in the color gold, not the metal. Ppl think of Super Sonic as gold cuz he was shiney but Super Sonic is “Yellow”. XD)

  46. im an old and new sonic fan i dont really care if they go on with classic and leave modern but then we get modern fans all over sega just because they want modern back isent that the same problem with the classic fans and sega will never get a 2D game just like the megadrive games again and im not trying to troll or somting but even if they try hard enough you want get a snazzy 16-bit game with epic zones and music be happy with what you have now

  47. I’ve read the comments and I’m really glad to see most of the ppl here are true Sonic fans, appreciating every single Sonic game, good or bad to them.
    I personally have loved and will love every Sonic game as long as it will have Sonic 😛
    Iizuka is indirectly saying if Generations won’t please whining Classic fans, then we’re done with them.

    1. Dude i have every single sonic game game except sonic 06 which i cant find and like it, so i just forget about it and will continue to complete it with sonic generations!

  48. Ugh… it’s not so much that classic fans want EVERY Sonic game to play like the originals, well, maybe SOME do, it’s not really up for me to judge on that. But is it really wrong of them to expect them to be recreated when it’s PROMISED by Sonic Team?

    I’m sure they wouldn’t mind so much even if Generations was different, if Sonic Genesis for the GBA hadn’t shown them to be utterly incompetent at recreating the originals.

    And that’s where I have a problem, it’s not that I don’t like change. I LOVE change. I’m a massive fan of the classics, but Unleashed is one of my top favourite Sonic games even beating out S3&K. If change was what they were going for with, say, Generations, I wouldn’t have a problem. But it wasn’t. They promised a recreation of the Genesis games and failed to deliver on that promise.

    Does that mean I won’t want to buy Sonic Generations? No. I’m going to buy it.
    Does this mean I won’t enjoy the game? No. I liked the demo, I’m probably going to like the game itself. Despite not being a perfect recreation, it still manages to be fun. But it casts a shadow of incompetence over Sonic Team.

    TL;DR. It’s not because they won’t. It’s because they apparently CAN’T.

  49. ^ Oh really?

    I only like Sonic 1,2,3K

    Because I prefer Sonic in a 2D game. I don’t like the 3D gameplay.

    Guess I’m not a true Sonic fan then lol

  50. what wrong with sonic unleashed its a awesome cool game 😀 i ike all sonic games and i dont have problems with that. i happy what sega and sonic team do the trying to do thier best and sega thank you really im a happy fan.

      1. me 3 😀 (I’ve only disliked 3 games and the current new VA though but I’m still a happy fan 😉

  51. i think some of u guys are haters i swear. sega they best and what thos pll give is crap.COME ON! not every thing needs pervect u guys most behappy that sega and sonic team to thier best what the big problem mario fans they not
    scream 2 nintendo. and they happy with modern.sorry but i think sonic games are awesome and u guys ruin it i swear…

  52. well i like all the the classic games as much as anyone else. I also like all the modern games that all the reviewers and most classic fans gave bad reviews(except sonic 2006 it was horrible). but for some reason all the reviewers and alot of fans like sonic colors but i can’t stand it. its not fast, boost isnt very fast and you cant do it often, and the powerups slow you down even more. i dont know maybe im werid but i didnt like colors.

  53. I beleive this post actually brought out a fight between the fanbase…not like there wasn’t before, but now the head actually got a say on it.

      1. I think I would leave this one too even though I’d still post comments on it so it’s not exactly leaving just pay less attention to it

  54. Personally, Gamers should evolve and not be held back by these nostalgia gremlins. It only makes them look foolish.

    Another thing about nostalgia… Childhood, if these people were young again, they would too enjoy modern Sonic. Very hard to please anyone these days who want the same old same old. Don’t just grow up, evolve as a gamer.

    But alas, you can’t please everyone Sega, I will support ya still because I can move past this relic era known as Genesis/Megadrive.

    1. Thanks for that man! Geez i can’t wait, it looks so damn good!! I love the remix for Chemical Plant Classic, and the sections for Modern look fun, like sliding down the goop pipes 😀 The remix for Modern is quite slow tho, sounds like it may be fitting mind you.

  55. And don’t forget the story. I as an old fan is hard to please when you rip off terminator, make the antagonist threaten to build an (dramatic music) AMUSEMENT PARK, or involve aliens (I mean common what if aliens where to invade Hyrule in The legend of Zelda. You just don’t go there).

    I’ve studied dramaturgy a while so I understand the need for inovation. So, sure be innovative but don’t forget the roots the main story and use what that world has to offer. First Sonic tried to stop ROBOTNIK (That’s right) from capturing animals for his robots. Today you can still see animals hopping out of defeated robots but Sonic just doesn’t seem to care about them anymore. What about the tortured animals?

    Sure be innovative but be carefull what you choose to innovate (If that is a word). There are something you mess with and some things you don’t. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. For example: You do give old boss fights new challenges as in Sonic 4, you don’t mess with the physics. You do leave focus from the tortured animals a little while (I’ll give you that), you don’t turn Sonic into a werewolf.

    The story is everything. That is what makes a character. So please choose ONE of the many different version and stick to that. You are confusing your fans. In one version there are characters like Sally and Rotor/Boomer (What is up with the changing of names?) who does not seem to exist i another. In one version “Uncle chuck” invented the rings, in another version he doesn’t even exist.

    Have a meeting Sega of America and Japan choose one version and make a movie “Sonic the hedgehog Legacy” and make it canon. Please!

      1. I guess it depends on how you illustrate them. The invasion in Majora’s Mask where more like ghosts. The people on the moon looked like humans. Still they where not a part of the main story in the game.

        1. The invasion was defintely aliens, not ghosts. Their look and behavior was heavily based on reports of abductions in America, as was their fixation on cows. They also start the invasion by coming down from the sky in a large glowing sphere (based on descriptions of UFOs), and if you fail to stop them they take Romani and her cows up into said sphere. You’d have to be pretty ignorant to think they were meant to be ghosts.

          They also were part of the main story, that sidequest was required to get the game’s full ending.

          1. You are right, it is a sidequest. And those are defined this way: “tasks which deviate from the main plot” With your definition almost everything is a part of the main story, Just because you get extra material in the end for doing a sidequest does not make it part of the main story.

            The main story was not about stopping an alien invasion. And that is what I mean. You just don’t go there.

            As for the ghosts. What I wrote was “It depends on how you ILLUSTRATE them” And by them I meant the aliens. So if they are aliens (Which seems very possible) they are not illustrated as typical aliens. And proof of that is on the names of the event on youtube Aliens/Ghost invasion. There are confusions.

            However this is a Sonic site so. Why don’t we stop making such a big episode about Zelda.

          2. Oh, sorry. Didn’t realise Youtube uploaders were the authority. I had foolishly based my opinion on Nintendo’s official guide referring to them as aliens.

            But anyway, my point was that Zelda fans don’t take trivial, meaningless things like involving aliens in the storyline (because yes, EVERYTHING in a game’s main story mode is part of the storyline) as a personal insult the way Sonic fans tend to.

            I’ve been a Sonic fan since ’91, but I totally agree with Iizuka here. Most old Sonic fans seem to think that video games are pooped out by God as a special, personal gift to them. If it doesn’t fulfill their every expectation (ie, if it isn’t Sonic 1), they throw a tantrum.

          3. Hehe! Ah sarcasm! I did not say that Youtube uploaders are the authority. Where did you get that? What I said was “There are confusions” because that was my point. You said nobody got upset because of the aliens. Well many people don’t even know if they are aliens or not.

            However my point about the main story was: The main story is not about an alien invasion. The alien invasion is a tiny sidequest. That is the differens. I probably would not like a Zelda game about an alien invasion.

            And finally about the unpleasable old fans. It is a shame that some Sonic fans don’t even accept the transition into 3D. I love the 3D games. Others did not even like Shadow. I do. This is why I understand Iizuka in a way. But on the other hand Sega has so many blunders on their hands that I am surprised that they are surprised that many fans where not pleased. Real blunders like high total of bugs, voice choices so bad that people get confused about a character’s gender and the things I have mentioned.

            Myself I celebrate the comeback of Sonic the Hedgehog. However there are still some quality blunders. Which I won’t get into again at this point.

          4. To be honest, I’d expect aliens to show up in Sonic much more than in Zelda. Sonic’s always been sci-fi/fantasy, aliens seem like a logical inclusion.

            And what about Mario? The last two major Mario games were both crawling with aliens, being set entirely in space. The second Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games were also both about alien invasions. Those games certainly weren’t ruined by having aliens in them.

          5. You’ve got a point. Mario Galaxy had aliens, and in Twilight Princess they turned Link into a wolf. Why do I like both of these games but still don’t like when aliens are introduced in Sonic games or when they turn Sonic into a wolf? Firstly I guess it depends on HOW you do it. And secondly I guess it is for the same reason why an attitude works on Sonic but not on Link (Talkning about the cartoon). We all have pictures in our mind of who these characters are and should be as well as the world around them. And when that picture is shattered many people react.

            When Sega introduced Sonic the new fans got an image of who Sonic is and what he isn’t. Then Sega tried to be innovative, which is good if you make changes that DON’T shatter that image. But the picture GOT shattered in MY opinion. And now they are surprised why some old Sonic fans are hard to please.

            The question is WHOSE fault is it? Did the picture got shattered because of innovation taken too far, or did the fans take their conservatism too far? I think some fans take their conservatism too far, but some weight is also on Sega’s shoulders.

            What if they where to cut of Tails tails and put them on Sonic? And cut off Knuckles knuckles and put THEM on Sonic? Wouldn’t that be innovative in a good way? NOOOO!!! Because then it just isn’t Sonic anymore. I know that was a dramatic example but that’s kind of how I felt when they turned him into a werewolf, or gave Tails a voice that made him Sound like a girl.

  56. Ha I see all of these comments about classic fans complaining about things like physics and how the modern style isn’t perfected and such, but why aren’t they complaining about the more important things like…


    Personally I’m a fan of Sonic in general, so I don’t think I fall into the category of “modern”(lol I’ve still never played SA2) or “classic,” but seriously, SEGA has had Sonic 4 and now Classic Sonic to implement the damn insta-shield, and neither have done it. Why SEGA, WHY???

  57. I am 16 years old.
    My first Sonic the Hedgehog game was Sonic Heroes.
    I liked it.

    Many years later, I tried out Sonic Rush and fell in love with the thing, and then years after that I met a friend who was a Sonic fan. I pre-ordered Sonic Colors for her (got that dinky hat to prove it), then got the game and played it after she did. I loved it so much, and so it stands as one of my favorite games ever.

    My friend isn’t a Sonic fan anymore, but some of her fandom rubbed off on me. I tried out Sonic Unleashed, and the load times along with the multiple objectives killed my interest. Sonic Chronicles stands as one of my least favorite games ever. Sonic Adventure 2 was extremely tedious. And when I purchased Sonic Classic Collection I liked it, but ended up giving it to my little sister because she was enjoying Sonic 1, 2, and 3 more than I was.

    I’m not one to care for spin dashes, story, characters, or silly things like voice acting, I’m just a guy who’s excited for Sonic Generations because it looks fun.

  58. I honestly believe age is a big factor with the older Sonic fans. When I was a kid, I liked Sonic Heroes. If I played it now, I probably would have hated it. Our perception of games changes with age. When I was young I only cared about if the game was fun, had good music, and had cool characters. Now I see games in much greater detail, such with plot, level design, music, controls, how long the game is, etc.

    I’m a modern AND classic Sonic fan. If Generations sucks (not saying that it will, this is just an “what if” situation), then I’ll move on and get over it. SEGA will just make more Sonic games. I see no reason for people to dwell on the past so much.

    1. I really must say, I really agree with what you said. What you said is impressive, and true.

      You deserve a cookie.

  59. Is it just me, or is most of the arguing about what we liked/didn’t like, miss/don’t miss and general all around BLATHER just validating what Iizuka thinks of us as fans?

    As Chompy said:
    “I’m a modern AND classic Sonic fan. If Generations sucks (not saying that it will, this is just an “what if” situation), then I’ll move on and get over it. SEGA will just make more Sonic games. I see no reason for people to dwell on the past so much”

  60. Iizuka, if classic fans are hard to please, you’re thinking a little too much about the problem.

    The Sonic name alone is guaranteed to sell bucketloads. Just let us play as Sonic, maybe Tails and Knuckles, give him some well-thought stages to run through, and bam! No extraneous Werehog or swords or guns fluff necessary! Half of these “innovations” you talk about are awful garbage that no one expects of a Sonic game in the first place. The main reasons for hating Shadow the Hedgehog and Unleashed are that they try to do very un-Sonic things with a Sonic game.

    1. Seconded!

      Sure be innovative but don’t take it too far. Remember what Sonic and his story is about in the first place. Otherwise the innovation becomes the problem, NOT the solution.

  61. I say SEGA should make a game where they don’t give a crap about what the fans want and then make a game where they listen to the fans

  62. *twitch*
    These are some big words of wall…. sheesh.
    I’m glad that SEGA still tries to satisfy all the fans. It’s great to know they care.
    Nevertheless, I prefer 3D to 2D Sonic games. But I do love the occasional 2D Sonic Game. (The classics are the classics)
    Which is why I’m excited for Generations. It’ll be nice to see a mix of both 3D and 2D Sonic and a run through memorable acts and stages. Not to mention the bosses and characters. It’s good to see Sonic running strong even after 20 years!

  63. I am a big fan of the classic style sonic. I liked sonic adventure 1 and 2 , the only problem i had with it was the uneccary characters. For example what the heck was up with big the cat . i mean really how much more pointless can a character get along with Cream, but i am not going to get into that. Another thing that annoyed me was Dr. Robotnicks name change to Eggman it just sounds dumb. The point is the classic sonic had a better story . The story was epic and had a dark theme for an E game . It had the idea of the freedom fighters as sonic tryied to free the animals before Robotnick compleated his world of robotopia. For all the latest sonic game it just became like some crappy cops and robbers theme, for example… ” oh no! he is up to no good again time to stop him !” and repeat.

  64. Classic Sonic fans are hard to please lol, but ya know I think they had it right with Sonic Adventure 2 I don’t think that game bad Actually…… Sonic ’06 it could of been great if they ironed out the glitches….think about it if the game was more playable maybe just maaaaybe fans/players would of been more forgiving and maybe the game would of done better. Another thing, SEGA…you don’t have to cram in all the characters in one game xD just use the important ones (Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Amy and Eggman) and maybe add one or 2 others once in awhile. You don’t see Nintendo making main stream Mario game with everyone from Mario Party in it do you? no at most you see Mario,Luigi Peach and Bowser with a few new ones here and there. Maybe making a sub series would form some extra Sonic Characters would work? Yoshi:]

    1. lol sega should come up with another party game . I liked sonic shuffle alot even if it was just a bit unbalanced, and this can be a great way to put the pointless characters to use.

  65. Sorry for the doubble post…heh but I forgot another important thing that I think long time sonic fans probbaly noticed. Somthing called….consistency and cannon errors, for example how does classic sonics world connect with moderns sonic world? Sonic dosent seem to have memorable enemies like the Mario series has (Koopas and Goombas) becuase they are always changing. Can Tails and Knuckles still go super? if not then why not? and I think after the original trilogy they also forgot how to spin dash xD and for some reason brought back in the 2D GBA games.

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