New Zealand Retailer Offers $200 Collector’s Edition of Sonic Generations

We already know that SEGA is planning to release a Special Edition of 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations, but apparently there seems to be an even more valuable offering in the works. New Zealand retailer Mighty Ape is listing a previously unheard of Collector’s Edition for NZ$199.99.

We don’t know anything about the contents of said Collector’s Edition (PS3 / 360) – the Mighty Ape website writes that such details are “to be confirmed” – but we’d wager that it will contain a fair bit more than the DLC offered at GameStop in the US and GAME in the UK. Perhaps something physical?

We’ve been told Mighty Ape is responsible for distributing and selling 20th Anniversary merchandise in the country, so perhaps some kind of figure wouldn’t be such a wild guess. What do you think? What would you like to see for your hard-earned NZ$200?

The retailer also lists Standard (PS3 / 360) and Special Editions (PS3 / 360) of the game for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Standard will cost you NZ$109.99 and Specials will set you back NZ$129.99.

Cheers to TenkoTAiLS for the news tip! We owe you a pint. Maybe. Depends if you’re old enough.

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  1. Thought I’d let you guys know since we are all waiting to hear if there will be a proper collectors edition. I was browsing to see if they had updated their info on the 20th anniversary figures and I ran across the limited edition and collectors edition pre-orders for Generations. Almost had a heart attack and thought I’d missed the announcement or something!

  2. Ehh, I already pre-ordered at Gamestop anyway. Even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t waste my money on this.


    Anyway 200 bucks? I just want Sonic Generations, nothing else, thank you. And wow, I haven’t seen a post from Dreadkux in a while, lol.

        1. First occurring a year ago…

          When Sonic fans preordered Sonic Colours, only one word rang in their minds…
          “Argos…” Judgement Day came, and the bonus was delayed and later mediocre and false…

          The will of Argos… Must escape Argos…

          Okay, I’ve gotta put Chronicles down.

  3. My god thats crazy 200 dollars for a game mann im so not getting this and anyway I bet its another thing where you get like 10 bonus levels or something

    1. I doubt SEGA would add 10 bonus levels….that’s just crazy. Remember that isn’t SEGA-Related, this is Mighty Apes own thing…I think. Either way, how would adding bonus levels make-up for all that 150 dollars you just spent?!

      1. It’d be closer to $90NZD extra, because new PS3/X360 games in NZ are $110NZD standard.

    2. tbf i think they should sell those life sized figures that you see at E3 an stuff like a promo thing

  4. USD 160 is equal to NZD 200. When you think about it that way, it seems a little better. It better be, like, the game signed by Sonic himself.

    …what. He IS real, right?

  5. Yea game prices in New Zealand are rather insane. It’s $259 for the Explorer Edition of Uncharted 3. Even the normal edition of Sonic Generations is $109. It’s silly too since we just get the Australian editions of most games with a new rating sticker slapped on when needed. Yet we pay a lot more than just currency exchanged equivalent 🙁

    1. This. I totally agree with TAiLS. Too bad the 3DS is region locked.

  6. Who wants to see either some stages from Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Chronicals or Colors in the 3DS version Lol reply to this comment if you got time

    1. It’s already been confirmed that stages from the Advance and Rush series will be in Sonic Generations 3DS. Nothing about Chronicles though.

  7. Wow, and I swear tommorow I was going to pre-order Generations xD Just have one question though. Will this Collecter/Special edition be a international release? Like would I be able to pre-order it at my local Gamestop? (To be more specific in Canada lol).

      1. Well New Zealand and Australia did get the Sonic Colors Wii and DS Special Editions. With fancy box packaging and toy inside, each one had different whisps. I don’t recall the USA getting that. And didn’t the UK or someone get the figure seperate as a preorder thing? And we got that Sonic PC Collection with Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Riders, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Mega Collection in a nice fatpack with different cover art. So I wouldn’t say we don’t ever get stuff you don’t, just not often. 😀

    1. I heavily doubt it. As of now, the Gamestop preorder bonus set for Sonic Generations seems to apply only to the States (imagine my disappointment). Though if you’ve already preordered it and a bonus is added afterwards, I was reassured that it would be applied to my order.

      Besides, a 200$ Special Edition? I find that highly unlikely, “unbelievable” not even beginning to describe it.

      1. It’s in New Zealand dollars so $199.99 NZ is only $163.49 to the USA. But beyond that we pay heaps more for games here generally. Resistance 3 Survivor Edition $188. Uncharted 3 Explorer Edition $259. Assassins Creed Revelations Animus Edition $149 . Batman Arkham City Collectors Edition $188. The Sonic Generations Collectors Edition pricing may not be final. But for New Zealand a collectors edition at or around $200 is NORMAL pricing for this territory, nothing to doubt about it lol, as sad as that fact is 🙁

        I’m more curious as to what’s actually gunna be in it. Statue? Art Book? A decent History of Sonic DVD that doesn’t skip half the games?

  8. If I had to guess… maybe some future DLC already included with it.. maybe an existing figure.. maybe bundled with the 20th Anniversary mouse + pad..

    Tough one.. import purely for a collective piece that I can’t play or miss out

  9. i think i might know what comes with the game. yes i know it’s the dlc content, but it might be the very rare sonic 20th anniversary statue that everybody wants D:

  10. I’m sorry I’m A big Sonic fan but i will not spend 200 dollar (169 here in US) for a collectors edition. The value of the game is still 50 or 60 dollars so I’m not spending 109 dollars more even if it is additional DLC’s.

  11. We don’t know, the conversion Dollars > Euros is really strange in the Video Game industrie :p

  12. Conversions –
    New Zealand Dollar 199.99
    113.70 Euro
    157.70 Australia Dollar
    163.87 United States Dollar

    Probably a little more for shipping costs etc

  13. To express my personal opinion without sounding bad, I think the real value is in the game itself. Two hundred whatevercurrency is just a bit ridiculous for a poor chap like me :3

  14. Sounds like it’s going to be as “great” a deal as Skyrim’s Collector Edition.

    And by “great”, I mean a steaming pile of dung. Piled a mile high.

  15. Several other Sonic games have had Collectors edition(Unfortunately, not in the US) and I think New Zealand was one of them. Didn’t they have a tin with Classic Collection? Correct me if I’m wrong…

    1. The DS one? Yea we got it in a tin with some Sonic postcards and a little Sonic statue of him running.

  16. Just as well I live in NZ! 🙂
    $200 is a bit much though, the Epic Edition of Gears of War 3 costs that much, but it’s well worth it (heaps of physical collectibles) so I’m guessing this package will have something worth the $200.

    Not sure if I should bother with it or not, I will have to wait and see what’s inside.

  17. i got a idea of whats in that collectors set if it is 200 bucks for it, il give you a hint; it has 1000 units

    get it yet? no oh well il tell you

    the hyper rare statue that has only 1000 units

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