New Big Arms Music for Generations 3DS

Why?!! Why did this guy have to beat the boss so quickly?! I was rockin’ out here!

From Gamescom and NintendoWoldReport comes more SG 3DS video this time the same boss fight we showed you from E3, but with much, much improved music. I think this helps prove that the modern music in Mushroom Hill is a place holder ‘cuz look at the drastic change in the music here. Enjoy.


[EDIT – As some of you might have guessed, this track has been remastered by the illustrious Alex Mahklouf of Cash Cash – I have confirmation from the man himself! – T-Bird]


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    1. i have a $#**** internet signal. and all i heard wa 0:02 of this and i said “ahhhhhh”
      (gets out of the hot spring and dries off.)
      this is what it should have sounded like and that first dude needed his @** beat and to drugg out in to the middle of the street and “blam!”

      now they need to fix the boss and its diffuclty big arm wasnt that easy.

    1. of course you hear it, it’s the original big arm boss freaking awesome theme, from Sonic 3!

    2. That’s a remix of the actual song used when you fought him in Sonic 3. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you hear this on the Death Egg with the Giant Egg Robo before going to the Doomsday Zone.

      Dude, screw the S rank, I’m just gonna prolong the fight as much as possible, just for that song. Yes. MY FAVOURITE SONIC TUNE OF ALL TIME!!

      1. No I think I heard it on that final stage on sonic smash bros or whatever that flash game oniline is called

    1. Nice, more like god tier <_< I wonder what that guy would made the Sonic Blast remixes can do with this….ALL OF MY WANT

  1. Lol, WOW…did the first 3 people really not recognize the song?

    No offence, it just kind of surprises me. Its only a song from arguably the best Sonic game ever made.

  2. This game is really improving! I’m impressed! Now if only they brought back the mini boss music from Sonic 3….

  3. Oh yeah, forgot to mention.
    I want to play it big screened.

    1. I kinda wish who ever made that snazzy little device that allowed you to play Game boy advance games on your TV using the gamecube made one for the wii :c

  4. My Jaw dropped..YES! this is what I wanted it to be remix of..hope Mushroom Hill’s will be this good too^.^

      1. Noo its a remix… Different Instruments… You telling me this sounded like this on the Genesis/Mega Drive?
        I Dont think so.. Remix It Is..

      2. It’s a remix of the original tune. How can you not tell the difference?

        Also, I agree with Jakeiii, how did I ever doubt this game? I loved Sonic 4, and all the Advance/Rush games, so why would I doubt Dimps? I’m sorry, please forgive me!

  5. Why does THIS have to be the video where the player is actually good? I want to hear the music! D:

  6. Wow! Nice music!
    It certainly looks a lot like Sonic Rush with the health bar and then snapshots as you defeat him!
    Might get this if I have enough money, but I’m definetly getting the 360 version.

  7. Although I plan to get a 360 and then a 360 version, another new reason to get 3DS version: even more epic remixed music

  8. I pray all these 3DS remixes are gonna be on the Offical Soundtrack, unlike when Colours DS got shafted.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. Although I didn’t realize Sonic Colors DS had a different soundtrack (never played either… guess I’ll have to look up the DS OST right now).

      1. I didn’t really, just the Special Stage theme (one of the greatest Sonic tracks ever made) wasn’t included on the OST.

    2. If not, there are always those wonderful people who go to the trouble of ripping the music straight from the game itself. You can have your cookies and eat them too, no matter what Sega does “officially”

  9. I wonder how the soundtrack for this game will be published. Both games on one soundtrack? Separate soundtracks? Only the PS3/360 version?

  10. I never have lost hope for the 3DS version and it looks like things are paying off for it.

    Please Sega/ Dimps if you are reading this please let this be the final version of the song. Please don’t change it.


  11. Things are looking pretty scary for Dimps. In about like 2 months, they have to have the soundtrack ready. If they aren’t even finished w/Mushroom Hill, then they are screwed, big time.

    Btw loving the new remix, but its gonna have to take more than that to get me to buy this version, Dimps.

    1. I don’t think that they stop working everytime that 3DS version goes to be demoed. I believe they might already have the mushroom hill remix running. Plus didn’t Iizuka say that the music was being produced by the Sega Sound team. So while Dimps works on design the sound team works on sound.

      Plus I remember reading that with Donkey kong Country returns Retro Studios still had to program 70 stages after E3 finished. And the game turned out to be amazing.

    2. No reason to assume that they’re composing the music in order of announcement. For all we know most of the music had been completed for other areas in the game before they finished up or even started Mushroom Hill. Even then, it’s a different team working on the music. Dimps isn’t really responsible. I’d imagine the same people working on the PS3/360 version’s OST are working on the 3DS version.

      I’d say Dimps’ biggest concern is getting a game out that people enjoy. As cool as it is to see Mushroom Hill in 3D, the gameplay doesn’t look particularly impressive, and the boss battle looks pretty bland as well, even with the awesome new music. Of course, the game looks like it plays like every Dimps Sonic game post-Sonic Advance 3 to me, so I’d imagine little will change.

  12. they fix the music ,now it playing the proper tune and its too awsome =D. i still fell big arm is too easy though lol

    1. That’s probably because Big Arm is either the first boss or the second boss. will be able to tell in the final version

    2. Dude, if it were exactly like the Genesis version, people would have to have rings in advance, and yell obsenities every time they get smashed into the ground. It was a final boss, but here it’s one of the early ones.

      If he were as hard as he was back then, people who never played Sonic 3 would put the game away in frustration. xD

      1. Hey, when Roboniks machine got hit after a few times, did machine parts come out, or was that blood? It was hard to tell, because of that gree/red light. ๐Ÿ˜›

        1. I doubt that blood and sonic games would be in the same sentence. jk.

          being serious now. It looks like red machine parts. especially since it pop out after the clancking sound. And seen Big Arm goes to the background after that it must it like in resent sonic game that it is getting a second wind.

  13. I don’t know why everyone seems to like this so much. It’s… meh. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more when I get my GODDAMN Modern Escape the City Remix.

          1. NO, I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Okay….. Okay…. Just forgot my pills. I’ve had them now. Back to patiently waiting.

  14. I wonder what modern sonics boss music sounds like D< and if sweet mountain is in the game i hope we fight silver or blaze to keep up a story line from console versions.

  15. wait sonic spin dashed off the screen… he is on a small platfrom in the air how did he get on the other side

    1. Unless he grabbed a Pink Wisp and climbed underneath the platform and back up again while we weren’t looking, I wouldn’t dwell on it.

  16. Awesome! Now thats what I call Robotnik’s Revenge. Having Doomsday music for that boss batlle just doesn’t fit.

  17. So im guessing there is 7 Stages 3 are Classic Bosses 3 are Modern Bosses and Im guessing the final one orr the Final zone is both or just modern idk and then theres 2 extra for Classic Super Sonic and Classic Modern Sonic but it would be cool if they brought back Hyper sonic and oh yea In Mushroom hill Classic the old special stage spots have Regular rings in a circle that looks like the special ring so yea nice fact..

  18. The music was played with the Classic style Sonic fighting the Big Arm boss, at least in that video.

    This boss is certainly a lot easier than the originial one, and it also feels more Rush-like. The ease of difficulty of the boss is understandable, since it’s a mid game boss and not a final boss, plus isn’t this supposed to be an ESRB:E / CERO:A / PEGI:3 game?

    As for the Modern gameplay with a Mushroom Hill Zone theme so close to the originial. It’s strange if they’re using it as a placeholder if they already got most of the tracks completed. I guess they’re still deciding on what kind of music to use, a closer to the originial one or a more remixed one.

    The PS3/360’s development team (SEGA Studio USA) might have used their own sound department, while Dimps (a smaller company with close ties to SEGA of Japan) might have used SEGA’s Japanese sound department.

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