More Sonic Animations. Classic’s Time to Shine

Yesterday, we posted video from twilightzoney of Modern Sonic’s animations in Sonic Generations. Today we have part two of those animations only now with classic Sonic doing his own air guitar, animations and dancing after a few more minutes of modern Sonic. Something to note, not only are classic and modern’s eyes a different color, but so are their eyelids! Crazy. Check it out below.




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  1. Okay, SEGA. Seriously, stop doing this! You don’t need to do more, I’m totally sold.

    PS: Classic Sonic’s air guitar solos are equal parts adorable, funny and awesome. I wonder where we’ll see him do that conductor animation at 5:53 though…

  2. I’m gonna LOL so hard if Classic and Modern Sonic have a guitar battle in a cutscene! xD Either that, or if this game has a Sound Test, then it’ll probably show them both dancing and air guitaring, while music is playing 😛

    1. I was thinking of that too! It would be nice to have them battle against each other for something else besides speed.

  3. D’awwww
    Also, why’s this song always used in Generations videos? It’s not the main theme or anything.

  4. I’d imagine the air guitar would be for a Sound Test screen or something. I dunno.

    Classic is adorable here! Doing the mashed potato and dancing in circles~

  5. These animations are awesome! Can’t wait for the game! Yay!

    And just saying…I wonder if Jet the Hawk will be reference in any way? He seems to be the only other ‘big’ character not to appear in same way in this game, same as Big.

  6. Oh my god it’s the Tenderoni instrumental OH MY GOD. Holy crap. I’ve been looking for this… for SO LONG. YES.

    The animations are nice too.

  7. Modern’s better at air guitar and dancing, but Classic’s overall adorable bounciness more than makes up for it.

  8. Aww I love how Classic Sonic tries to do similar dance moves to Modern Sonic but can’t because his legs are to small ^^
    It would be awesome if a few of these things were in the cutscences. I promised myself that I wouldn’t ruin the game by watching the story online before I brought it. Granted I said the same with Unleashed and Colours… But this time I mean it!!!

  9. Hmm…(M) Sonic apparently has jumping jacks in his dance routine. No wonder he’s so dang fit.

    I prefer Modern to Classic for the air guitar, though XP It’s just…Ten times as epic.

    …Hurrah for over-used words.

  10. @Sonic Geek



  11. I kinda like Classic Sonic’s animations, the way he moves around shows he’s a jolly little fella. Though I do wonder how come we don’t see the angry determined eyes he had in the games he comes from other than the times he’s left idle for a bit? Last I checked I can only recall him being smiley in Sonic 3 & Knuckles (for a couple of seconds before he ran at full speed or his idle animation kicked in), Sonic Chaos, and Sonic Triple Trouble, and few tmes on certain Sega Saturn games he was in. Ah well I do enjoy seeing the cheery little fella bouncing around like that.

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