First Sonic Generations Chemical Plant Zone Gameplay Video Appears


German gaming website shared a new Sonic Generations gameplay video on Thursday, which until now has gone unnoticed by fans. The video is of the Xbox 360 version, and it gives us our first look at the Chemical Plant Zone in action in both Modern and Classic forms. Some new footage of the Modern and Classic City Escape stages is also available later on in the video.

What do you think about Chemical Plant Zone now you’ve seen it in motion? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Gameswelt

Thanks to Nuzamaki90 in our comments section for the heads up!
YouTube conversion courtesy of DranicTheLombaxProdu.


  1. The Modern remix sounds cool but I still love the Classic version of CP Zone’s theme the most.

  2. I can see that they have placed the red rings in the levels now. Coolness. Wonder what they unlock this time?

    1. From the information I can gather, I’d put my money on classic Genesis games.

      1. *Possible slight spoiler*

        Hmm it would add more to the game play if the “Genesis” thing they found in the demo had old games that were unlocked via the red rings. Would be even better if the rings from each stage unlocked the Mega Drive/Genesis game that the level you just collected them in came from.

        The Dreamcast game’s wouldn’t be unlockable i would guess, especially since Sonic Adventure DX is in the Dreamcast Collection thing, and on Xbox Live and PSN. That and to have both of them included would take up quite a bit of space especially on the Xbox version running from a DVD.

        I doubt it, but maybe they will finally put in Knuckles Chaotix, Sega Sonic Arcade, and a version of Sonic CD that has the European/JP music lol. I can dream can’t i!! >.<

        1. I like that idea…having the Red rings unlock the oringal stage of the certian zone. They could do all them, technically. Like have Green Hill Zone unlocked for collecting all Green Hil’s Red Rings. And have the orignal SA2, City Escape unlocked for collecting all City Escape Red Rings.

          It would give a chance for those who never played those levels, to see what they were like originally.

          Doubt that would happen, but it would be cool.

      2. I was pleasantly surprised we got the music this time..was looking forward to this..
        Them beats at Classic chemical plant..kinda disappointed with Modern’s mix but my guess they wanted to have the Eggmanland feel with the music too..Modern’s gameplay is really similar with Aquarium Park but I still like it/=

        I’m guessing the red rings unlock the same thing as last time..Super Sonics!

  3. i cant say i love the modern remix to chemical plant it sounds a little off at some points, but that just me. man i wanna see the modern stage for city escape they really teasing on that one lol

  4. …Somehow, I think getting chased by that GUN truck is going to be much more nerve-wracking in Generations than in ever was in Sonic Adventure 2…Heh. BRING IT.

    Chemical Plant Zone…I hate water. And what are those blobs? Blobs of…Water or something? Oo’

      1. I don’t know what the blobs are, but Mega Mack isn’t the blobs, it’s the pink water.

        1. And the pink water is the blue thing. I don’t know exactly what happens to the color (my guess is that the blue one is the concentrated version of the pink water). But Eggman scoops the water to throw blue things at Sonic in the end of the original stage.

          1. No, the blue stuff are the chemical’s that are processed at the plant. That’s why you see it in the tubes. Mega Mack is the toxic fluid Eggman floods the plant with.

  5. First of all, Shadzter, thank you for always posting up news all of the time 🙂 I appreciate what you do for this website so much! You deserved to be thanked for 🙂

    Now, for this topic: I’m loving the remix of CPZ!

    Classic Chemical Plant: I like the new beat they are doing for this level, if you listen closely, its different from GHZ’s fresh beat. By looking at the level, there seem to be a lot of those blue-balled things.(forgot what they were called.) I lol’d everytime the person playing had to stop for those blue things to pass by lol.

    Modern Chemical Plant: I can’t really say anything about this yet, due to short gameplay. I really like the remix. I’m worried how this level may have more 2D than 3D, but oh well doesn’t really matter much. Looking at the 3D sections, Sonic seemed to be going by pretty fast! Then he slowed down in the 2D, but that’s because he was underwater, so yeah :P.

    Oh and btw, by “What do you think now, that you’ve seen it in motion?” Are you guys talking about how your seeing Modern Sonic’s boost in a classic stage? Or what?

    1. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      With what question I’m just asking what people’s thoughts are about the Chemical Plant Zone now that you have seen it in video form, because we only saw it in screenshots before. I’m more excited for the stage now I’ve seen it in motion and heard its music.

    1. Yea, there’s a Missing Poster for Bean and Bark too. And also a Wanted poster for Nack the Weasel. It’s better than nothing, but would still like to see at least Nack in the game in a cut scene or something. Maybe in the handheld one?

      1. I didn’t see those. I guess I’m late to the party again lol.
        I heard a reveiwer say the hand held version is just going to be a 3D Sonic 1 Green Hill. I can’t find the video to show you but he was doing a run down of all the 3DS games coming soon.
        I don’t know about Nack I’m just hoping the old Sonic levels on the 360 version aren’t too much the same as there counterparts and that they have fixed the white light that SEGA jokingly called super hard mode lol.

        1. Yea, i have seen the video’s of the Green Hill level on the 3DS version. They said it concentrates more on the handheld games, but not Gamegear for some reason…some history if it forgets the originals. There was a video showing the Launch Base Boss too.

          I am also a bit worried about that, if the modern version of the Sonic Unleashed or ’06 or Colours levels are almost identical i don’t see the point. They could have done some more of the old games levels. I know its part of the history and all, but games that are already on HD consoles or were released in the last 3 or so years are not gunna have as much of a “wow factor” impact for me.

          1. lol

            Same here unless they do something quite different (along the levels idea of course ^^; ) it’s not going to be worth the money you’re paying for it.

  6. No…this is impossible…A sonic game that plays as good as it looks? This can’t be!!
    Haha.. well I can’t wait. Looks great, and the music should be pretty sweet too

  7. What I think of it? AWSOME!!! I love both remixes. INSTANT PREORDER for Soundtrack! What worries me is that modern ver. Had 2D sections with some scripted 3D sections. I dont like thid but we have seen only small piece of stage so I dont mind it.

    1. same here it would make more sence for CPZ to be mostly 2D then 3D the same thing in city escape modern has way more 3D then 2D in cty escape

    2. ikr, I almost fainted from listening to Modern Sonic CPZ music *-* It was so beautiful.
      << Dear god, it looks like Eggmanland combined with Aquarium Park but whats the worry o: ? I don't see much of a problem with it.

      1. The part of modern’s level when he goes down the water slide reminds me of in zero G Aqua Park or somthing like that.

        1. @Sonicfan94

          In future you should put a spoiler alert in your comments…. ya never know there could be other people who don’t know levels or some maybe who are avoiding spoilers 😉

          1. THOSE ARE ALL THE LEVELS………..????????????????? Oops 🙁 I shouldn’t of looked DAMN now I know all the levels….. It’s my fault for looking as I was scrolling down all the comments you should really put a spoiler alert but MAN all that work… D:

          2. @C.J -NOOOOOOO!! Aww, im sorry C.J, some people obiously dont care for others……way to go, Sonicfan 94.

            Yes, SEGA decided to pick one stage from each Sonic main game, and put it into Generations. We were all shocked to see only 9 stages Dont worry though, Iizuka said that the stages they chose will be Hub Worlds, and that each Hub world will have several acts.. But look at it this way. I’d say the game started development in 2009, as their ideas started right after Unleashed(2008) . I’d say it took SEGA 4 months to make a hub world, so one hub world = Jan. Feb. March.
            second hub world = April. May, June.
            third Hub world = July, Aug. Sep.
            fourth hub world = Oct. Nov. Dec.
            And thats the end of 2009, Note the fact that SEGA was also working on Colors, while on Generations too, so give them a break please.
            moving on….
            fifth hub world = (2010) Jan. Feb. March (Colors still in development)
            sixth hub world = April May June(Colors is being polished up)
            seventh hub world = July Aug. Sep.(Getting rid of Glitches in Colors)
            Eighth hub world = Oct. Nov. Decmber.
            Oct and November were the months were SEGA was trying their best to make Colors look good, so they probably didnt work on the last hub world yet.
            Ninth Hub World = Jan Feb. March. (2011)

            Then after a month, SEGA decides to release a teaser, then..ya you get the rest of the point….

            So look at this in a positive way, ok? SonicTeam isnt that really big of a team, its a really small team, so its hard for them to get a lot of stuff done, like Nintendo. So please dont be dissapointed C.J, this is going to be one of the longest games ever! So lets see, there’s going to be 9 hub worlds, with several acts. Lets say there are 6 acts like colors. Whats 9×6 = 54 levels! Not even Colors had that many! Colors had like 30 levels or something.

            Also, look at the bright side! Who knows what type of DLC we’ll get! And your also going to be psyched about the Bosses/Rivals! If you wanna know them, then just ask me, or would you rather wait and see? And there’s also going to be extras/unlockables in the game too! So please dont say this game is short, because it turns out it is the longest. SEGA worked really, really, really, really(*says really for a looonnng time*) hard on this game! So, if you just look at it from my point of view, you’ll understand, and be happy, instead of sad. 🙂

          3. @Rickyrick

            I hope your right 🙂 I’ll take your word for it though I am a little disappointed 🙁 after managing to avoid spoilers for a long time but your right I should keep away from the boss list but I think there’s no escape from these spoilers XD it really took them 3 years wow so they must have worked there socks off this? but it still feels short ._. but that proves that they have worked hard and added more variety/improving I’m kinda having mixed feeling now but I’m not completley depressed anymore I’m still disappointed though

            I hope the acts are longer unlike Colors it took like 10 seconds and the act was finished in a flash so that’s one thing I’m worried about it may have more acts but what if they are not as long and short like Colors was…that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t like Colors 🙁 but 54 levels seems good enough

            But I was hoping for more but I guess this is okay….plus I dnt have Xbox Live so I’ll miss out on the DLC XD which would be more disappointing 🙁

          4. @C.J – Aww, that stinks…. but also remember that these stages had to be created in HD, and in 3D too! SEGA also has to dub Sonic’s voice from different nationalities. Just a few points, but it did take SEGA some time to do all this…Dont worry C.J, its okay if your depressed/dissapointed for now. When we all read the spoilers topic, were werent mad, but dissapointed and sad. Then, like after a few weeks, we got over it, and we’re still happy for the game. 🙂 So for now, let out your feelings for this game, but after a little bit, you should be back on track to liking this game again. Hope you understand what i mean.

          5. @C.J – Yeah, I also hope for the other acts to be just as long as their firsts acts. Iizuka did say ” There will be several acts for each Hub World” in this one interview. Though im not sure if he was talking about missions, or actually other acts. Im probably sure he meant acts, because if not, then the game would be way too short. Dont worry too much though, im sure Iizuka pulled through for us 🙂

            Oh ya, i forgot you’ve been out for awhile….did you also read how(this is not a spoiler btw) When you save Sonic’s friends, you will be able to do missions with them at your side! 😛 Sounds pretty cool to me, though it makes me wonder if you can play as them, or if they just help you out…hmmm, either way, its still cool !

          6. @Rickyrick

            I understand no worries I just need to let it sink in first…thanks for letting me know since I missed a lot Thank you I appreciate it 🙂 and your right those missions do sound cool didn’t know characters were appearing…if so who everyone? Thanks again man i just wish I didn’t see the spoilers but nevermind :’

          7. @C.J – Dont worry man 🙂 You’ll pull through!

            Btw, how’s your healing been going? Are you starting to feel better now? Your just like me haha. I had surgery 2 months ago on my foot. I had an ab-normal bone(its called a Coalition Bone) inside my foot, that made it hurt everytime I tried walking or running. So I got surgery, and I got off my cast a few weeks ago, and I’m starting to walk again 🙂 and I’m so happy! Sure it still hurts, but every week im getting better, and soon I’ll be able to run again 😀 Running is my passion, and i love it SO much haha. Make sure you still get plenty of rest, and feel better every week!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Haha, you boost, and sonic is like “eh..” each time. It’s pretty funny. But I think voice acting-wise, he’ll be better, as this will be his second time voicing Sonic.

    2. The whole voicing issue was explained on Sonic Retro. This was actually a German voice dub, and the game is actually gonna get a couple of different dubs, which is quite amusing.

  8. Looks incredible both classic and modern I can not wait to get this game it’s probably gonna be my new fav

  9. The reason why Sonic’s voice sounds different on this video is because it is set to German. If you listen to Sonic’s voice on Green Hill zone, which is in English, you can tell it is a different voice actor.

    As far as CPZ goes, it looks awsome! I can’t wait to play this game. I love how classic Sonic still goes super fast when rolling into a ball down slopes (unlike in Sonic 4) lol. I also like the remix of Modern Sonic. Wish there was a bit more gameplay footage of it though. Aw well, just makes me want to play it a lot more now. Hurry up Novemeber!

  10. now if we can get another playable demo then we be in great shape! I hope the demo would include…
    Modern Sonic in Green Hill
    Classic and Modern in Chemical Plant
    Classic and Modern in City Escape
    Stardust Speedway Boss Battle (Race) against Metalix

    1. I personally would like to play another demo too. But I don’t think it would include all those stages and the boss fight. I would be happy if they just give us a demo of Modern Sonic’s Green Hill zone like they did with classic Sonic, but let us play it as much as we want to until Sonic Generations is released.

    2. They’re not going to give a third of the game away as a demo, even if it was timed.

      If you have the Xbox 360 version of the Classic Sonic demo, there’s a way to play it as much as you like. Just turn your internet off, edit your system’s clock to anytime during the 20 days the demo was available, sign-in, load the demo and it will be open again.

    1. I like the red rings they’re fun to find and a pain in the butt. alot of them i had to use youtube. and asteroid coaster those were confusing agitating trying to find them. esp when you were actually on the maze of coasters on the wii. cuz you gotta get on the right coaster hit the right asteroids andand springs it was a bit much but i finally got em all in april i think either that or earlier idk it took me a while though

  11. I may be looking way too far into this, but did anyone else notice that the block Sonic has to go through at 2:27 has the symbol that some Japanese cars used in the 80s and 90s to label the boost gauge? And Sonic had to boost to push it out of the way, so I imagine that symbol is not a coincidence. As a big fan of turbocharged cars, I find this extremely awesome.

    1. I love “ITS NO USE!” reference 😀 That reminded me of rumored Rooftop Run reveal at Gamescom and maybe Certain rival reaveal too.

  12. Looks so good. Only 2 problems.
    1. Boosting as modern sonic on the board in city escape ruins the fun.

    1. You dont have to boost!!!!! Goshhh man. Also, you know how the board said “Chao in Space 2”? Is that going to be a movie or something, or is that just nostalgia from SA2 that said “Chao in Space 2 Coming Soon!” ?

      1. Lol it’s been 10 years and Chaos in Space 2 is still not out yet, even though the billboard says coming soon >:|

        1. Seems like that movie (Chaos in Space 2) is suffering from Duke Nukem syndrome, but won’t draw the life out of the person watching it like black hole.

          On a lighter note it’s always funny to think the guy who voices Duke
          voices Big the Cat too. O.0

          1. Nah guys Chao In Space 2 came out already. In an alternate continuity of Sonic 06 not canon to this one, Silver’s future has a bilboard that says “Chao In Space 3”. =p

          2. @electrothehedgehog

            His name is Jon St John 🙂 but he voiced Big a long time ago

            (1998 – 2093) Sonic Adventure – Sonic Heroes

            The Oliver Wyman took over and voiced Big in Sonic X and All Stars Racing(which seemed unfair)

            and Now Kyle Herbert voices him….o-o

  13. I wish they showed the whole level and does anybody notice that their is only 8 zones and two acts for each while sonic unleashed and colors had much more levels just for the wii. There has to be more than 16 levels. Even though colors had levels that were somewhat connected to each other but it still has 66 levels (including bosses and the simulator). And I know that their might be some missions in there but it still seems a little low on things in the game

    1. Iizuka said there will be several acts in the game. Though im not sure if he was talking mission-like, or literally act-like. If it was missions, then he would’ve just said so, so i wouldnt worry too much bro. 🙂

      1. Thing is in the demo (yeah demo -_-) there was two acts for just green hill zone. And when he said several acts he couldve meant the 16 plus. cuz thats several not several enough though

      2. Actually he did consider them “missions” but it’s possible they’re still full acts as well because they also called them that. I believe they said there’s supposed to be 5 acts per stage. Possibly 1 for Classic, 1 for Modern, 2 optional ones with their own objective, and 1 for the boss. This is just my guess. I don’t actually know.

        In the 3DS version they mentioned something about “saving Sonic’s friends” or freeing them or whatever. At first I thought it meant like other major characters cuz of the plot. But now I’m starting to think it could refer to the capsules with little animals cuz in the classics they said “Saving Sonic’s friends” as well. xD And it WOULD make sense as that’d give both Classic and Modern a second act with a capsule and then a boss. =p Or it could be both. Like I said, it’s just a guess. ^_^

        1. I think the freeing his friends is for both consoles. We already know that we’re supposed to save Sonic’s friends in the PS3 and 360 version, sooo, its gonna be the same for the 3DS version. Remember that Iizuka, or someone, said that the 3DS version’s story will be similar to the consoles, but with a few differences. Saving animals really has NOTHING to do with Generations. Saving animals is what Sonic 4 Ep 2 will be about 😛

          1. Well no I know they’re in the HD versions too but I meant as to what objective he was referring to by saying that. XD I’m mostly talking about the PS360 version tho. =p

            Saving animals is what the classics were about. But when doing so they said “Saving Sonic’s friends”, and that’s possibly what they mean here too, or they mean anthro friends. Either could be right or wrong. I’m not saying I actually think this is the case or that it isn’t just that I’m tossing possible ideas out there. XD

      1. I thought he was gonna die too! Looks like SEGA’s not trying to give the levels cheap deaths this time! xD

  14. this is a cool video and I wish I could listen to all of the classic version of city escape. Can’t wait to play the game when it comes out.

    1. Sonic Retro had a download link for Classic City Escape, just look back to their posts in early July 🙂

    2. It’s also all over YouTube. Just search Classic City Escape remix or something and at least half of them should be high quality. lol

  15. Is it me or does classic chemical plant music sound like a old school pop’n’lock music XD

  16. German voice sounds odd. Who’s looking forward to silly nitpicking over what’s the best voice actor for sonic with all those EU voices?

    also, awesome gameplay.

    1. I won’t nitpick but I will post a video like those Lion King One Line Multilanguage vids. XD

      See, Lion King’s gotta be one of the best dubbed things out there! It was dubbed in 27 to 33 languages and they all sound so similar for nearly all the characters!!! :U It can take a while just to hear one short line over and over in each langauge and as repetitive as it is, it’s still interesting. XD Might do that with Sonic if enough ppl upload clips. (Can’t record gameplay myself. X’3)

  17. Chemical Plant looks amazing, both Classic and Modern. Loving that Modern remix.
    Also, Modern City Escape sounds much better during Gameplay. : )

  18. Sounds Like Sonic Generations is comeing out well. Right now most of the people most like the classic remixes for them being most electronic when modern is rock. Wierd eh? Not really. Anyways cool gameplay! 😀

  19. 2 years in a row, SEGA has got me itchin for November to come as quickly as possible.
    But seriously, that Chemical Plant Modern Remix is OH SO AMAZING!!!

  20. Ok let’s see…..9 Hub worlds…..9 levels…..probably 6 or 5 acts………missions……extra content…….casino night mini game……DLCs….OH……..MAH…………..GAWD


    1. I think each level is one act. Just a longer level, so it’s like you’re playing both at once, but If I’m wrong that’d be amazing.

      1. Well we know each stage is at LEAST 2 acts cuz of Classic and Modern Sonic. (Act 1 = Classic Sonic. Act 2 = Modern Sonic, but you can choose which you want to play first. =p)

        1. I wouldn’t know where to direct you cuz there’s been so many updates and interviews but it’s one of them. XD Also, you know those screenshots where Modern or Classic Sonic are standing in front of an image of specific levels but most of the color is gone? And above his head it says the name of the level in green text with 5 star-rings above them? They look like the Red Rings but are gold (And I can’t call them Gold Rings for obvious reasons XD)

          Supposedly those Star-Rings are like emblems and represent how many acts have been completed. There’s 5 acts per stage. At least 2 (Act 1 = Classic, Act 2 = Modern, but you can choose which to play first) and idk if the other 3 are just stages and THEN there’s a boss or if the 5th act IS the boss.

          1. What are gold rings? Ive never heard of golden rings in past Sonic games. Is this something new for this game in the missions, or has it been used before in the past?

          2. @Rickyrick

            Gold rings are another name for the rings (you know the regular rings you get to use as health XD)

            Gold Star-Rings are the ones in the screenshots I JUST told you about where Modern or Classic Sonic stand in front of an image of a stage lacking color where it has the stage’s name above their head and 5 blank Star-Rings that look like the Red Rings… only… not red. XD And the rest I already explained above. =p Unless you were joking. XD

      1. thats 45 levels in all and then there are the boss fights it is going to be long but thoroughly enjoy

  21. Sorry I forgot to put that sorry but all will your still gonning to love the game sorry

    1. Its all right, and I’m glad you did it. 🙂 C.J would’ve been WAY MORE upset if had to find out while playing the game, so i guess it was better for him to find out now, so that way he can get rid of his mixed/negative feelings about this game sooner 🙂

        1. He doesn’t. 🙂 But sooner or later, someone’s gonna spoil it without warning! xD

  22. @Rickyrick
    Look People make mistakes and if your going say I don’t care about other people your wrong u don’t know who I’am so can’t say shit about someone if don’t know them so get all but hurt. And vary sorry for not putting a warining :I

    1. @Sonicfan94 – Geez man, i already said its alright. Look 4 comments up. At first i was pretty sad he found out, but now i realize it was better for him to. No hard feelings man 🙂 everyone makes mistakes.

  23. @Sonicfan94

    It’s okay dude….I accept your apology no worries and Rickyrick is right I would of found out sooner or later but it’s probably for the best at least I don’t know the bosses yet so that’s what I’m going to aboid from now on but it’s okay I know you didn’t mean to dude I’m a little disappointed but don’t worry dude you said I’m still gonna love the game so Imma take your word for it 🙂


    Yeah I’m feeling much better and I’m glad you are too….Running is one of my passions too 🙂 but I haven’t done it in a while I had an asmtha attack which is similar to a panic attack (when you find it difficult to breathe) but don’t worry I’m fine I’m a lot better than before I’m still feeling a bit blue but like you said it’ll get better but now I can enjoy the Summer again and I’ll talk more here like old times with you, SA3…Uh Hunter297 XD and Unknown I enjoy our convos


    I’m gonna try my best to stay away from those but like Rickyrick said somebody might let it all slip and I might find out sooner or later if I accidently spot it but hopefully I won’t like I said I am a little disappointed finding out the levels….but I’m just letting it sink in BTW what I said above I missed all our convos too but now it should be like old times again I really mean it 🙂

    1. I asked because seeing both level and bosses on one list blew my head with epicness (I literally couldnt sleep for 2 days after leak. I was just posting) so for your own sake leave bosses because it will blow your head 🙂 but I can tell you there are 7 of them.

      Oh and I love running too but sadly for next year I cant overdo myself so I wont do it as often as I used to.

      1. @Hunter297

        Yeah same here I have to lay off it too and don’t worry I’ll try to keep away from spoilers I’ll take your word for it 🙂

      1. @Unknown

        Big The Cat XD he made a cameo in City Escape but only on the Dreamcast Version… I would say it Probably won’t happen I don’t know who’s appearing

        So I can’t really say unless I missed something XD who’s appearing in this aside from Classic and Modern Tails

        1. oh wait when you said turk i thought you meant like a turkey (wtf) then I figured out you meant truck. and when people say cameo it makes me think of a car like a el camino or camaro

  24. I wanted the Ice Cap Zone to make an apperance in the game, given it is the only Sonic level that is both 2-d an 3-d. 🙁

  25. what i mean skiping are classic CP modern CP modern CE and play almost all classic CE but i like the video !epic!

  26. Hey Shadzter, I think you should be aware that SOA is doing a 2011 gaming tour for Sonic Generations and Mario & Sonic at the Olmypic Games.

  27. I wonder If anyone will see this haha… But Modern Sonic’s invincibility music, is too unoriginal, and just doesn’t give off the modern sonic feel. I really like classic sonic’s for obvious reasons, but I think they should’ve used the Sonic Adventure invincibility theme for modern sonic here. Anyone else agree?

  28. I already want the soundtrack for this game. I just hope that the CP boss isn’t so annoying this time. Playing Sonic 2 in recent years, Robotnik gave me more trouble than when I played it as a kid. What the hell?

    Makes me wonder if we’ll get Carnival Night and the infamous barrel.

  29. Anyone else feels like we are in desperate need for a Space stage here?

    I would vote for Starlight Carnival, but we know that its out… =(

    1. *Spoiler warning*
      There is a boss against Shadow and a boss on the Death Egg. The Death Egg is automatically in space either inside or outslde the Death Egg. The Shadow boss could be either Sonic vs Shadow 1 on Prison Island or Sonic vs Shadow 2 on the ARK. =3

  30. I love the music. Seems like a bit of a cautious player doing the demo. Revving up a spindash for 5 seconds was a bit excessive, LoL.

  31. Classic Sonic’s thoughts: OH MAN NOSTALGIA OH GOD AHHHHHH

    Modern Sonic’s thoughts: OH MAN ACTION OH GOD AHHHHHH

  32. This looks great, seems like a complete 180 from the previous entries. I’ll be buying it ASAP when it hits store shelves.

    I still can’t fathom how they cant/won’t give us Sonic CD. Heck, use this new engine… Keep the original as an unlockable.

  33. I just noticed in the Classic City Escape, that one of the red rings from Sonic Colours appears. Thats a good sign 🙂 I had a lot of fun collecting them.

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