Crush 40 Live in Japan – “What I’m Made Of” Full Video

Another video from Crush 40’s shows in Japan has been posted online from the Crush40 official youtube channel, this time it’s the climactic track from Sonic Heroes “What I’m Made Of”.

If you didn’t catch the full version of Live and Learn, you can also check this out on the Crush 40 youtube channel as well!

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Adam Tuff

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    1. The price on the door was about ¥4000 for this gig, that’s about £32 for this gig. Summer of Sonic was free, so I think the UK did pretty well – plus we had C40 last year! Something tells me this won’t be the only shows Crush 40 ever does!

  1. They could’ve done without the whole little intro there. Sounds like he’s addressing a pep talk audience.

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