Sonic Generations: Chemical Plant Zone Officially Revealed For Xbox 360/PS3, Tails Art, 3DS Boxart

SEGA’s officially unveiled the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Classic Metal Sonic Rival Battle at Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations. This level and battle were revealed with a batch of new screenshots SEGA dished out today, as well as artwork for Classic Tails and Modern Tails and the boxart for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. You can check all of that out below.

Classic Tails and Modern Tails artwork

UK Nintendo 3DS boxart

Chemical Plant Zone screenshots

Classic Sonic vs. Classic Metal Sonic Rival Battle at Stardust Speedway

Sources: SEGA Twitter and SEGA Flickr

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  1. Aw! Tails is so cute. Both of them its like cutest x2!

    I think Metal Sonic fight takes place in hybrid of Chemical Plant and Stardust. I wasnt excited for this boss with first screenshots now I am but lack of modern sonic metal battle screenshots saddens me.

    Chemical plant looks beautiful in its own way.
    I cant wait for annoucment of other stages and bosses.

    1. Thats because the camera angles are making Metal Sonic look big. Who ever took those shots goofed hard but then again thats how most screen shots are >< They fool your eyes into seeing something else.

    2. Look at the picture where metal sonic is using some yellow electricity attack (not orange)
      you can see he is same size as sonic

    3. Metal Sonic is in the foreground [DELETED]

      Shadzter edit: Please don’t be abusive towards others.

  2. As I’ve said before I went full DAW when I saw C. Tails with M. Tails. Surprised he doesn’t look like a trap like he did back then although M. Tails is showing womanly signs < <
    Ahem….ITS A TRAP

    1. I think its because we see him from front camera. I think that when we will see him in 2D level he will look just like old classic Tails.

      1. We’re not seeing him from the front, though… it’s the same angle as the Sonic 2 title screen. His model just has a really short snout.

      1. I think that’s just a particularly bad piece of art. In most art from back then his nose was far further out. Here’s a picture where his head is at roughly the same angle.

        Again, not very good art. But in this one the angle is only slightly different from that render, and you can still see a huge difference in his snout length.

        It’s not a huge problem, and they’re not going to do anything about it. I just feel like they’re doing a small injustice to Tails’ adorable old look.


    And Classic Metal always looked better than the new one!

  4. Yay for Tails! Does this mean that all the other co-op/vs mission characters will have both a classic and modern counterpart? Knuckles? Amy? Charmy, Vector, and Espio? If so, they’ll have to come up with a totally new, classic-style version of Rouge, as she’s the only side character that wasn’t in the classic games.

      1. BIG SPOILER!!! Dont read if you dont know them.
        But Shadow and Silver are bosses so I think they wouldnt have m
        classic counterparts just like metal dont have modern counterpart (he could have but its unconfirmed)

        And besides Rouge there is one character that dont have classic design and is present in missions its Blaze.

        1. Oh, I forgot Blaze. So that’s two that may have to get a classic-style makeover.

    1. lol I could imagine something like that with Shadow: SA2 Shadow meets Modern Shadow
      CS: Huh? How am I still alive in the future?
      MS: Oh, I got revived by the power of fanboys!
      CS: Ok… But what’s up with the guns?
      CS: Well?

    2. If SEGA were smart, I doubt they would make classic versions of anyone made after SA1.
      I’ve not read spoilers, but I imagine if they only meet with characters from their respective eras.

    1. It begins

      Anyway those screenshots look EPIC, the Classic Miles “tails” P looks adorable, and Chemical Plant never looked better also that blue liquid makes me think of Portal 2’s repulsion gel while being a key reinvisioned element (for modern Sonic) from Sonic2

    1. WOW Chemical Plant looks so cool man it’s much more darker and evil looking HAHA Sweet πŸ˜€ and Modern and Classic Tails FTW Loving the pose they do together such a cool one….and WOW the Battle between Metal Sonic and C-Sonic looks so epic :O I’m really excited …could this year be anymore slower πŸ˜€

  5. Well I must say, so far the game has given me no reason to worry about being disappointed!…..YET. πŸ˜›
    Anyways I absolutely LOOOOOVE what they are doing with Stardust Speedway. That red sky is very atmospheric.
    (And just for the record, the 5th picture of the Metal Sonic race makes pretty much the best desktop background ever.)

  6. oh god i can hear the fans yelling TAILS NEEDS BLACK EYES INSTED OF BLUE i never noticed that tails had blue eye’s .__.

  7. Is it just me or does it look like the road os collapsing behind Sonic in the last picture, the trail from him running seems to be straight, but the platforms look like they are falling down in chunks.

    1. There are the trumpet looking things on the walkway and lamp posts that look a lot like the ones in Stardust Speedway. There’s been no official word, but it sure looks like it.

      1. The original stage was nothing but instruments thou πŸ™
        Looks more like Scrap Brain at sunset..

      2. Actually, if you go to Sonic Wikia, there’s a thing that says SEGA of Spain confirmed Stardust Speedway’s in the game. I doubt SEGA would lie, even their foreign counterparts. Also, it’s got to be Stardust Speedway, because the colour palette’s match up perfectly. I’m so psyched for that battle!

        1. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure Stardust Speedway is gonna show up just for the boss battle.

  8. is it me…or do the details in Tails’ glove and socks really look insane. i mean WOW! That is what I call quality right there folks. πŸ˜€

  9. anyone notice the building in the back of the chemical plant the back right…looks like something from rooftop run or something..not chemical plant o.o

    1. Yeah, in the screenshot of the level select screen for Chemical Plant?
      I think that’s probably because there will be a hub-world where everything is white until you complete the levels and turn the world into colour. I assume Rooftop Run’s entrance in the hub-world must be behind and to the right of the entrance to the Chemical Plant.

      Also, they really need to change the font for the level select screen. It looks so amateurish.


          At least put Spoiler warning.

          1. Shadzter will probably do it later.
            Just dont forget to put warning next time πŸ™‚

  10. Look at the “Classic Sonic vs Metal Sonic Rival Battle in Stardust Speedway” section, and look at the 2nd row across, 1st picture where Classic Sonic has his mouth open wide, and what seems to be Metal Sonic exloding/malfunctioning on the left.

    I pointed out that picture, because it looks like that pic was from a cutscene.

    Classic Tails is SO adorable! πŸ™‚ its funny how classic Tails is more adventureous, and Modern Tails is more “techy” !

  11. All this needs is Icecap zone to make it perfect..

    And does’nt the diving part remind anyone of aquarium park?

  12. I think it’d be totally sick if the metal sonic battle had quicktime button pressing events.

    1. Those are QTE (Quick Time Events) I dont mind them to finish a boss but in Unleashed there were to much of them. In Dreamcast games there werent any QTE and bosses were really enjoyable so maybe they wont use them here. I just love to fight boss myself not by pressing random buttons and game plays itself.

      1. So true. Unleashed was fun, but…Yikes.

        Nothing says “Get ready to fight for your life!” better than smashing the “X” button over 60 times against a giant laser beam…(If you were wondering, I own Unleashed for the 360…So no confusion with Playstation’s odd controls XP )

        1. I find the Xbox controls to be somewhat odd, myself. Just like the Dreamcast controllers that Microsoft ripped them off from.

          1. The QTEs were fine and fun at times but some were long I’d be like Whoa….and I mess up at some point but I’m fine with them πŸ™‚

        2. @SA3 2011

          XD LOL That was funny but also random and normal? o.o XD That was jokes

          1. @Truesonic
            You should really see their “Shadow and Silver watch…” series. They comment trailers of sonic games with great humor. Example I loled so hard when ESRB rating screen poped up saying “rating everyone-cartoon violence” and then Shadow said “I knew it! Violence IS for Everyone!”

            @Rickyrick and Truesonic
            And BTW I just realized something… That list… Do you belive in leak? I mean leak is comfirmed true for 3 levels and 1 boss. This is aprox. 33% of the list. I am saying this because today I realized how I am hyped for boss fights and I am scared they can change something.

          2. @SA3 2011 – I was on TSSZ yesterday, looking up their topic about the leaked list, and looked at mostly every comment…all of them were saying “I dont believe it” “I need to see some proof” “This is fake”…

            ..At first, i thought this list wasn’t true. I thought it was not true, because i guessed most of the stages right, before the list came. The ones i guessed right, were:
            Green Hill (of course)
            Chemical Plant
            Sky Sanctuary
            City Escape
            Seaside Hill
            Crisis City
            Rooftop Run
            and Planet Wisp.
            The only one i didnt guess right, was Speed Highway. I was expecting Emerald Coast haha.

            So, dont you find it wierd that a fan (me) almost guessed the entire list right??! Automatically, i thought this list was fake for sure, especially because i almost got them all right.

            But, since the info directly came out of the demo, it had to be true. I am happy with the list. As for the bosses, i just have the strangest feeling that they might’ve taken out Egg Dragoon for some reason, but dont worry, im sure SEGA stuck to with what they thought of. πŸ™‚

          3. Whoops! I said spoilers…xD feel free to remove them please. I just meant to show SA3 which ones i guessed correctly.


            I guessed almost all. But not Seaside Hill. I thought it will be EGG Fleet. But yeah. I just cant wait till Novemeber.

            @Truesonic and Rickyrick
            You guys remember this rumored points redemption system? I want this game to let us unlock every game soundtrack in HQ (320Kb mp3) and let us import it to our HDDs, oh and some HD reneders and artworks that can be imported (PNGs) to our HDD too. And some development videos for every game. Wht about you guys?

          5. @SA3 2011 – (SPOILERS)

            The omochao points card? I guess that you unlock unlockables with that card, as you gain points. I cant WAIT to see what unlockables SEGA has for us, but i would like to see these things as unlockables:
            -Ring Dash( 5,000 Points)
            – SOAP shoes xD (2,500 Points)
            – Jason’s voice (4,000 Points)
            – Ryan’s voice (4,000 Points)
            – Spin Dash for Modern Sonic (5,250 Points)
            – Chao Garden (50,000 Points)
            – Both Classic and Modern Sonic can play eachother’s levels (25,000 Points)
            – Homing Attack for Classic Sonic (6,000 Points)
            – Play as Super Sonic (Classic and Modern) (30,000 Points)
            – Artwork (15,000 Points)
            – Sound Test (25,500 Points)

            ehh, i cant really think of anything else haha. Though I have a feeling we wont get a sound test, that instead SEGA will make us pay to buy their soundtrack :/
            Anyway, i just hope SEGA gives us a ton of bonus content πŸ˜€ Though ill try not to get my hopes up πŸ˜›

          6. @Rickyrick, SA3 2011 You guys are Physic o_o I didn’t even guess half of the levels that were leaked XD Those are some pretty good opitions….would you say a Chao Card, Emerald Card or Hero Card would also be optional as well as a Villian Card I’m just throwing random ideas into your list to extend it XD Those could unlock Unused voice/ sound clips Mini Games (Optional) Character Menu Screen Gallery (20 Years Of Sonic) Videos (20 Years of Sonic) Character Profiles? Yeah Rickyrick you’ve basically said everything I can’t think of anything else so Imma just stick to your list XD It’s wishful thiking these options but I won’t get my hopes up either…But I’ll just hope for the best and not get over excited XD


    Hey guys I have noticed something. Maybe its offtopic but did you notice that rivals of Sonic are only characters that have ability to go Super?
    I mean they included rivals that went Super in post Adventure era: Shadow, Silver and Metal (Metal Overlord was somehow his Super form).
    And that made me think… Do you think that rivals are most powerfull characters (also most important next to classic three?)

      1. They don’t go super in any game after Sonic 3 & Knuckles, so I think it’s safe to say they were a one time thing and no longer canon.

        1. @Shadzter
          Yeah I think like that too and their “super” battle in heroes proves that they cant go super now.

  14. Awesome!! πŸ˜€ How nostalgic would it be if Classic Tails could follow Classic Sonic around in Chemical Plant? SONIC 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ;D ;D ;D

  15. I ONLY looked at Classic Tails… since I’m trying to not look at other stuff XD

    …He’s so CUTE! Soon you would think I’d buy this game because of Classic Sonic and Tails and Metal being so CUTE!
    …I wonder how cute Knuckles looks 83

  16. I’m so happy that Stardust Speedway’s the boss battle for this stage, and glad that it was confirmed by SEGA Spain, so fans can quit b*tching that it’s Chemical Plant, because from what someone told me, the bosses could very well indeed be taking place in alternate zones specific to the boss battle.

    Here’s how I think it might go down…

    Scrap Brain Zone = Eggman
    Stardust Speedway = Metal Sonic
    Death Egg = EggRobo, the Giant Eggman Robot and the Death Egg itself.

    Station Square = Perfect Chaos
    Space Colony ARK/Green Forest/Metal Harbour = Sonic V Shadow

    Now for the UNCOMFIRMED Sonic Heroes Boss. I think it’ll be Metal Sonic again, but in his super huge Metallic Madness form from the end of Sonic Heroes, and will most likely take place aboard Final Fortress.
    Silver = Flame Core, but then again he might be the only one who’s faced in the same stage – Crisis City, but then again he could also be faced in Kingdom Valley Zone. It’s possible.
    Egg Dragoon = Eggmanland
    Planet Whisp = ??? (I think the question marks symbolise that the boss hasn’t been announced yet)
    FINAL ZONE = I think there’ll be like an ultimate final battle and that’s where we’ll face Time Eater. I think it’ll be like some vortex where time is being consumed, and you’ll most likely see all the zones in the background being swallowed by a giant black hole.

    I know this hasn’t been confirmed, but this is just what I think the outcome might be with the boss battles. Also, with the unbalanced bosses and stages, there might just be some more zones, and I think there will be, because the modern era has 5 stages, so why not the dreamcast and classic? I know it’s ‘cos it has more games, but to balance things up, they might just add more stages to each time period, and I think the top candidates for those might be…

    Sonic 1.
    Marble Zone, Spring Yard, Labyrinth, Star Light or Scrap Brain
    Sonic 2.
    Aquatic Ruin, Hill Top, Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean, Metropolis or Sky Chase (Maybe that’s why classic Tails appears, because of a boss in perhaps… Sky Chase Zone.)
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Ice Cap Zone, Launch Base Zone (most likely confirmed for the 3Ds), Flying Battery, Sandopolis or Lava Reef, but then again Hidden Palace might make a return, and seeing as Knuckles could be in the game, he might just battle us in classic form there again, before we enter in to the Sky Sanctuary Zone.

    I know they won’t put these zones in, but it’d be nice if they put some of the R or 3D zones, such as…

    Regal Ruin, Radiant Emerald, Rusty Ruin, Diamond Dust or Volcanic Valley. It’d be cool if they made these DLC stages though.

    Sonic Adventure. Emerald Coast (because a friend of mine keeps mentioning it will be in the game, because he knows a leaker who’s leaked stuff before who claims it is in the game, but not necessarilly the console version, so possibly 3Ds) Windy Valley or Sky Deck.
    Sonic Adventure 2. Metal Harbour, Green Forest, Pyramid Cave (Is that what that stage was called?) Crazy Gadget or Final Rush.

    Sonic Heroes. Bingo Highway (has been hinted several times, and claimed to have been either this or Seaside Hill, but might just be a bonus stage) Bullet Station, Egg Fleet or Final Fortress.
    Sonic and the Secret Rings (I doubt they’d take any stages from this game, but…) Night Palace or Levitated Ruin.
    Sonic 06 = Kingdom Valley or… White Acropolis.
    Sonic Unleashed = Empire City, Adabat, Mazuri or Chun Nan.
    Sonic Colours = Sweet Mountain, Aquatic Park or Asteroid Coaster.

    This is just wishful thinking, but SEGA’s done stuff like this before. So many Sonic games in their demo’s were much different to the final work, and we may just be surprised, but the way things are going, I doubt it, but I don’t think that leaked level and boss list was entirely full.

    1. Technically Silver was fought in Soleanna, the hub world. But I wouldn’t mind fighting him in one of the stages (I don’t really care either way, I’m not a big Silver fan).
      I’m not getting my hopes up for new zones, but if there are any surprises I bet it will be something from Sonic 3. I know technically Sonic 3 & Knuckles is one big game, but SEGA seems to acknowledge the existence of both as seperate games, so if anything we might see Ice Cap or something. I’m just hoping for DLC, cuz I’m really hoping for Lost World eventually.

  17. So, US or Japan soundtrack for Stardust Speedway? Can’t wait to hear.

    Chemical Plant will probably fit modern Sonic better than any other Sonic 2 zone. Can’t wait to see this!
    I guess maybe it will be this game’s water level? If there’s not a huge difficulty spike involving purple water, I’ll be let down.

    1. Maybe you can unlock it like Daytime Sonic’s abilities in Sonic unleashed!

  18. It’s more like scrap brain than chemical plant to me.

    i dont know if i spoiled somthing or not but here’s my thought :
    i think Classic & Modern Sonics will each battle a uniqe bosses , for example Classic Sonic fights Classic Metal Sonic ALONE! ! ,and Modern Sonic will fight Shadow in a battle like the one in SA2 also alone ,meaning the hedgehogs wont fight the same boss twice , although nothing confirmed from sega about that but it’s just my thoughts i liked to share with you all , PEACE πŸ˜€

  19. Chemical Plant Zone looks amazing- I’m getting more and more excited for this game to be released. Loving the return of Metal Sonic!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  20. i am so looking forward to playing this game with my girl :D, wanna see lava reef zone and winged fortress zone too but we’ll see what happens, i also wonder what classic shadow would look like, if they do put a classic shadow in the game that is.

    1. XD i know what playing Sonic with a girl feels like haha! I’ll never forget those times πŸ™‚

  21. I’m buying an Xbox 360 JUST to get this game. And Portal 2, but not the point. :3


    Hey guys I noticed a thing about bosses! You remember that HD version of Generations dont have special stages so it has other way of getting chaos emeralds.
    So I noticed that there are 7 bosses (including time eater) so do you think that bosses will have chaos emeralds and to get them you need to defeat them.
    And last chaos emerald (before time eater) would be aquired in different way of course maybe in this “?????” level that was in the leak?

    Another thing is if this is true then would rivals use chaos control since all of them can use it? This would make battles interesting (of course Shadow will use it but what about Metal and Silver)

    1. That seems actually possible…It’s too bad the Special Stages won’t be in the HD Version again, liek Unleashed …..Just like Colors (Wii) and everytime the hanheld games seem to get the special stages more :L with the exception of Sonic Rivals, Rivals 2 and Rush Adventure oh well…but what if more bosses appear this might not be the deadline yet….or is it?

      1. Dont get ANY hopes up for new bosses or levels. If the game relases early November (retailers such as Gamestop and GAME list with dates 1st november for US and 4th november for EU and PAL teretories) they need to finish it to early October for game to pass Q&A process at SEGA. Lets not forget about burning it into Blu-rays/DVDs and shipping one week before relase to distributors in countries so they can delivery copies to retailers on or before relase date (I have a friend in game distribution buisness so I know those things)

        So in total they have aprox. 2.5 month to finish game- eliminate bugs and glitches, add last tekstures to models, Lets not forget about finishing CGI animations. So yeah all leves were probably ready in like January or Febuary 2011. Now they will just beta-test the game there is no chance something will be added.

        1. Then if that’s the case…I pray for some DLC Levels πŸ˜€ We may see only little glitches or maybe none at all….but hopefully that won’t disrupt the game too much like Unleashed and Colors…They had Glitches but thanl god you had to discover them and not encounter them while playing πŸ˜€ unlike 06.

          1. @SA3 2011 – I have to disagree with your thinking, but i respect it :).
            Here’s the reason why i dont think its bosses. Go ahead and click on the link, and skip to: 6:30. It talks about the Chaos Emeralds. Notice how Patrick said “I dont want to give out any spoilers, we dont wanna give away the story, but i also dont wanna dissapoint people.”

            Think about that quote. By dissapointment, i think he meant that the story may not have anything to do with the emeralds. We might just have to end up getting those red rings instead.

            This is really confusing for me, but what do you think? I really want the Chaos Emeralds in the story, but it doesnt seem like its gonna happen. Well, it doesnt really matter to me, because this game should be more about the classic and modern characters, than the chaos emeralds.

          2. @Rickyrick


            @SA3 2011

            I won’t get my hopes up but I still hope they include as much as possible It wouldn’t kill to have a few more levels or bosses would it? πŸ™‚

          3. @Truesonic
            It wont but they are very close to the deadline. I hope they wont erase something from list I am relly hyped for every boss fight (especially rivals) and level.

    1. Yeah I heard about it. But if there are no Chaos Emerds in story then there is no Super battle either. I dont know what to think. In past years they made chaos emeralds mean something instead of being just things to find. I dont want them to abandon the strategy of chaos emeralds being most important part of the story.

      Besides I have got a feeling that in order to stop time eater and time holes. All rivals will need to chaos control (along with both Sonics) because you remember from 06 that double chaos control can make time rifts but maybe more powerfull it can reverse the process. So yeah I still think those are bosses because I like when chaos emeralds mean something.

      1. Well look at Colors. The final boss didnt include Super Sonic either, but the DS version did, but I still hope your right then! πŸ˜‰ I just hope in the future, that if SEGA doesnt put the emeralds in the story, that they will give the consoles special stages again, instead. It would make more sense, rather than just collecting red rings. I have nothing against the red rings. I actually LIKE them..alot! I like challenges πŸ™‚ I didnt like the red rings in Colors though…it just felt pointless to collect them. However, now that we get to play our favorite stages, it’ll be worth finding the red rings !

        1. I’m sure the Chaos Emeralds will appear in some way shape or form. Whether it’s for the story or obtaining Super Sonic I don’t know. If anything, I would like for the Time Stones from Sonic CD to reappear. Having those gems would make sense for a story like Generations.

        2. I know Ricky but how we can have 20th aniversary game without Epic Super battle. (as much as bad was 06 you have to admit Solaris phase 2 was really epic same goes to Final Hazard those are most epic battles of the series).

          I hope they will involve emeralds into story. I mean without them as well we can delete Shadow and Silver from game because chaos emeralds are like part of Shadow and how Silver will get to Sonic time? I really hope we wouldnt have Heroes situation again where emeralds where in special stages. I know special stages are part of franchaise but why no having them as unlockable extra like in colors instead of putting emeralds into them.

          I mean characters and objects are things we create story from and chaos emeralds are really important.

        3. thats the only thing i hate in sonic colors is red rings. I already know why there is no super sonic battle in colors. I thought it would be because i look at the cutscenes.

      2. well there is gonna be a super battle dident you see that the super model of classic sonic was found in the demo

        1. @damnhedge – Yes, but that pose could’ve been anything. Maybe when you unlock Super C. and M. as playable in stages, when your Classic Sonic, he does that pose, and that SEGA just might’ve angled it. SOOOO…who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see πŸ™‚

          I like Modern Sonic better than Classic, but since this is the LAST game Classic Sonic will be in, i hope at times, they make Classic Sonic look better than Modern Sonic…Modern Sonic will have millions of other games to shine in, but since this introduces Classic again, SEGA best make him look good! πŸ™‚

          And btw, this game better hurry for me, because honestly, i hate saying Classic and Modern Sonic. To me, its just SONIC. Nothing else. So ya, i cant wait after this game is out, so then people will STOP saying Modern or Classic. lol

          1. I don’t think you will ever see that wish granted. The Classic games are loved by many people, and in those games is what is now called Classic Sonic. Those games will probably end up being ported to any new systems that come along, so it wont be the last time you see him in the old classic form.

            Perhaps you won’t see his Classic form again in any new games, but then again if Generations sells like hot cakes, who knows, he may show up again. Game directors and franchise leads can say he won’t be used again till the cows come home, but if it sells, and Classic Sonic or the Classic type gameplay is the main selling point, and gets universal praise across the board and the company directors get dollar signs in their eyes, he will be back, because at the end of the day the ones that pay the game directors and franchise leads, the Sega executives, call the shots.

            And i can bet you right now that the lingo this game has created, calling the old school fat Sonic, Classic Sonic, will stay around long after this game has been released. So sadly it may be something you have to get used to from now on >.<

        2. @TenkoTails- Your making it seem like I hate classic sonic /:) I don’t. I meant that IN GENERATIONS, I like Modern Sonic’s gameplay better. I didn’t say I didn’t like classic sonic, I love him(no homo).

          And your right, if it does sell A LOT, he could come back!

          I’m just worrried that if Iizuka stays in charge of Sonic Team, then we may never see him again in any of the new games….especially because he is the one who said “Sonic Generations is a ONE-TIME thing” and he meant the 2 gameplay styles, and Classic Sonic. :/ and I agree with some people, there’s a lot of Sonic stages that deserve an HD remake..sooo, I wouldn’t mind having another Generations for their. 30th Anniversary, or whatever it shall be πŸ˜›

  23. I’m back bitches πŸ™‚ did you miss me? πŸ˜‰ K_ _ _ _ I PROMISE I’LL BE A GURD GIRL FOR NOW ON The Sonic Stad HAHA X πŸ˜‰ Excellent work lovin how both Tails’ are looking confiden as evaa…Miles Prowaa forevaaa xxx mwahaha πŸ˜‰

  24. Ya know for modern sonic chemical plant I betcha that there’s going to be one part where chemicals start pouring out and sonic has to run to a closing door before the chemicals reach him.

  25. WOW Chemical Plant looks so cool man it’s much more darker and evil looking HAHA Sweet πŸ˜€ and Modern and Classic Tails FTW Loving the pose they do together such a cool one….and WOW the Battle between Metal Sonic and C-Sonic looks so epic :O I’m really excited …could this year be anymore slower πŸ˜€

    1. @C.J
      Hey I have an advice for you. I know waiting for a game is terrible. I have a method to make waiting better. I developed this method when I was waiting for one game (I waited 3 years) so here it is.

      There are 3 months and one week to relase of Generations. Dont think of it as of 25% of year but think of it as 12 weeks. Just 12 weeks till Generations relase. Its not that long does it? Just say it to yourself every day. Oh and buy yorself a calendar and every day put cross on that day. This make it easier.
      BUT NOT I REAPEAT DO NOT watch gameplays of game more than 3 times a week! You will become adicted. Just find another game to play in waiting. πŸ˜‰

      It will come. Almost every retailer is listing it but no confirmation from SEGA. But be aware it may come out later. First they need to sell some console copies because PC have lots of piracy. We should understand them.

      1. @SA3 2011

        It may seem short but it depends really time can go slow at times which makes things even more dull at times but Time can fly at times when your having fun….i mean it’s going slow for me at the moment but we just have to wait….and I understand I’m Impatient on waiting too but let’s wait for the 3 months to slowly past by….

        1. but let’s be happy that july is almost over….so then we shall have 3 months exact left but I want things to slow for abit because I don’t want the Summer break to end quickly xD

          1. @Truesonic
            As much as I love summer break I miss days when I could organize every day. I am well-organized person and I always manage my time to have those 2-3 maybe 4 hours per weekday to play games or meet with friend or both πŸ˜‰

            Now I just cant wait till November to play this game but I am patient person. Just need to have something to play while waiting. Curently I play LBP2 and Wipeout HD then maybe Resistance 3 in september, twisted metal in october and Sonic Generations in November (of course I play sonic games in meanwhile πŸ˜‰

            So yeah just 3 months left and just 2 till next demo (rumored rooftop run trial found in demo files)

          2. When Generations comes out, its only a couple more months till another game is announced xD (The announcement could either be Ep 2, or Sonic Wii U). Lets see though, Colors was announced early March, and Generations was announced early April…hmmm and since SEGA has just started working on Sonic Wii U, i wouldnt expect an announcement till May or June. Since SEGA already started working on Ep. 2 back in Febraury, but hasnt ben really working on it that much, since they want Generations to look amazing, we might not see a gameplay trailer until next year. Hmm, i hope im right on target on the months. lol.

          3. So your playing those 2 games? lol i only play MW2 and Naruto Storm 2 to keep me busy lol. In November, im gonna buy 4 games: Sonic Generations, Sonic Generations 3DS, MW3, and Mario and Sonic London πŸ˜› Those games will keep me company for many many months!

          4. @Rickyrick
            I have those games for long time I just play them now because I’ve been busy earlier.

            And BTW Before Sonic U I expect Vita title to be annouced since SEGA was working on it for some time now.

            We cant be like that Ricky. C.J dont know spoilers so he is in more painfull waiting than we are.

            And I am collector. I dont sell my games I just love my collection XD
            And yeah we just need to wait till christmas because now we dont get new games.

          5. @Ricky
            Oh and its not like I dont play FPSs. My favourites are Battlefield and Killzone but I like COD too. I just dont play them for now.

          6. I havent heard of SEGA making a game for Vita yet….except for that Generations rumour which likely isnt true. I wouldnt expect a vita game till 2013. Im not really a Playstation fan much… i got the 3DS lol. i like Microsoft and Nintendo. But when the next Playstation and Xbox come out, if Microsoft makes you pay to go online, then im getting the PS4, cuz its just ridiculous. All im saying is that right now, i think SEGA is more focused on Ep. 2, Generations and Wii U. Remember that SEGA isnt like Nintendo….SEGA has small dev teams, so they cant work that fast. SEGA has to focus on at least 2 games at a time.

          7. and i guess your right. It wouldnt kill C.J to know that Rooftop Run is in the game πŸ˜‰ its recent anyway.

          8. @Ricky
            You havent heard? SEGA annouced Virtua Tennis 4 for Vita and relased an annoucment that they have 4 titles more for Vita under development. 2 of them being brand new IP and 2 of them being games from most loved SEGA series. Anyone doubts one of them is Sonic title? Besides WiiU will be relased next year I wont expect Sonic title for it till 2013 and Vita will be relased this year so its more likely.

          9. I kinda doubt the “most be-loved series” that SEGA is talking about is Sonic. Think of it. If it is going to be a Sonic title, then SEGA would’ve just said it in the first place. You didnt see SEGA saying” we are working on a title of one of SEGA’s most be-loved series on the Wii U” No, SEGA said “We are working on a Sonic title for Wii U.” Maybe it might be Chu Chu Rocket, or Jet Set Radio, or Space Chanel 5. Who knows? All i know is that if it were a Sonic title, SEGA would’ve just said it in the first place. lol.

          10. @Ricky
            Maybe you are right or maybe I am. Only time will tell. One thing we know for sure is that Sonic will be on both Vita and WiiU. He is like everywhere these days πŸ™‚

    2. Hey CJ haven’t seen you in a while not since SEGA blogs I forgot why did you leave for a while ? o3o

  26. I Don’t really think they will release it on PC, its just the fact that its more focused on console’s and handheld…besides that, its just givin them more work

    1. OMFG! that’s a bullsh^t reason. I really hope this shows up in their financial report and compare it from sonic colors to sonic generations and then have it blow up in their face, finally realizing how much money they screwed themselves out of. Plus it’s just one more system to work on not like an extra 3. They could get me, wii, and ds gamers to buy it for pc to make up not getting it for wii or ds!!!! Geez for once could someone at SEGA use their pea sized brains!?

    2. And there is sonic pc history. Have you heard of Sonic r and online gaming. you know you should try it some time

  27. PC version is confirmed. You can get it on Steam (Since a leak has shown a Sonic Generations Beta) and retail if, like me you hate Steam and rather install it on PC.

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