Sonic Generations 3DS Special Stage Screenshots

SEGA released 13 new screenshots on Monday of the previously seen Special Stage in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. For those who have not seen it before, the Special Stage is similar to the one found in Sonic Heroes, and like that one, the goal is for Modern Sonic to race to the Chaos Emerald before it reaches the end of the track. While doing this, the blue blur must gather coloured balls to keep his boost gauge filled for his speed boosting ability and avoid obstacles that could slow him down.

Check out the screenshots below:

Source: Sonic Retro

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  1. To be honest after thinking about it I’m not so sure about the 3DS Version

    They are saying Modern Sonic’s gameplay doesn’t work so well in a 2D enviroment, the framerate and other problems

    People are still saying it needs a lot of work on and it doesn’t play very well it needs more work I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I don’t think they should continue with the 3DS Version…..I feel this game was much better being a Xbox 360 and PS3 exclusive only as I showed respect for more versions at first but the 3DS Version I think needs more work…but the special stages look okay here but those are just images perhaps they should delay on this a bit more but I still think this should of been a Xbox and PS3 exclusive only but i know the 3DS will go on except I don’t think I’ll be grabbing this one :/

    Well just have to see if it improves soon

    1. I just wish SEGA opens their eyes, and fires DIMPS. Dont blame on the 3DS being bad. This is going to be another rushed title. I think that SEGA started working on the 3DS version in late 2010. I guess since then, they were rushing the game to get it done. πŸ™

      1. Of course I dont blame the 3DS….i think the 3DS version of M&S looks great but not for Generations….I don’t know what happened with DIMPS a lot of fans enjoyed the GBA and DS Games they worked on…..But they did an terrible job on the Wii/PS2 Version of Unleashed and not as much hard work on Sonic 4 Ep 1….I think the 3DS version should be worked on more and delay it…which means they shouldn’t release it at a later time this year pehaps that could be too soon

        At first I was okay with another version but I think it should stick to just a Xbox and PS3 exclusive :/

      2. It would have likely been in development long before then. I don’t think it looks too bad from the stuff we’ve seen, it’s just that Sonic Team’s allowed Dimps to put their Rush engine stuff in there again, which doesn’t fit the Classic half of the game. I hope these things get fixed before release. I mean, they’ve got Classic Sonic uncurling off ramps with no homing attack to protect him from enemies. That’s just dumb.

        1. I agree but I think they should delay for a bit only if they don’t get to finishing the things that need to be fixed and then there’s Modern Sonic playing in 2D some people have said it doesn’t work well in that enviroment…..I was actually expecting Modern Sonic to be in 3D in the 3DS I think it could work a bit but maybe a bit more work could be put into it but I hope DIMPS work on this as previous games they worked on didn’t work well but the very past ones did

          1. Im still going to buy Generations 3DS haha, ive saved up a lot of money.I just want to play Both versions, especially because this one is going to have different stages. I want to get the full experience XD. I also agree with you, the 3DS version should be delayed, at least until February, in my opinion. I mean, SEGA has already delayed some of their games(I forgot which ones), so why not delay this one also?

            Anyway, lets just all be glad that SG 3DS wont be Rush graphics…lets be happy they’ve improved the grpahics alot, and not just doing simple designs. I mean, would you rather play Generations 3DS with Rush Graphics, or the new graphics that they have? I would rather play with the new graphics, because to be honest, Colors DS wasnt all that great…it just got boring to me, because of how simple the designs were. With the new graphics, thats a good step for SEGA.

            The things i dislike about the 3DS are:
            1. Un-curling (You get hit, and lose all of your rings!!)
            2. The screen for Classic Sonic looks a little TOO close to him.(Again, you can get hit by an enemy, and lose your rings.)
            3. Graphics. (The graphics are looking pretty good to me, though i feel like they could improve a bit.)

          2. @haloteen- I know πŸ˜‰

            And hey, you know how you have usernames for PS3? Do you think we can use our same usernames when the PS4 comes out, or do you think we will have to make a new one?

          3. @Rickyrick
            Yes. We will be using the same service so we will be able to use old accounts. Example when PSVita comes out I can use my account.

            My comment on 3DS version. I think it should be delayed. We can see that Dimps is using Rush engine to develop classic physics and we all know how it ended last time (Sonic 4-I enjoyed it but not as much as classics) but if they fix some issues I dont see problem.

          4. @RickyRick
            Rush graphics if it makes the game better. (not by graphics) I think that the rush engine is good cuz it’s fast not slow a crap coming out of a turtle. they should have the rush engine and the new graphics for the new 3ds one. For some reason that they’re making it for. >=(

  2. Here’s what I think they should do with the 3ds version
    screw it burn forget it
    fire dimps
    make one for the ds which actually has sonic gaming history on it
    make it for Pc( the xbox one not the crappy 3ds version)

    And whenever people say it’s just more work
    1 all you have to do is just reprogram not build it from scratch
    2 they have dimps working on the 3ds version (boo)
    3 it’s not like people could do a little bit more work considering how much they already pay these guys

    1. Personally I preferred it just as an Xbox and PS3 exclusive but I suppose I can live with the PC Version….I guess but as we’ve heard rumours of it many times I’m not sure if I’m counting on it….

  3. Don’t you just love it how for marios 25th they put all the old games on a disc and for sonic’s 20th they freakin remix old and new level and music in a kick butt way!

    1. well mario games don’t really suck so making a brand new 3d mario for his anniversary would be kinda of a waste since they can do that ANYTIME. you saw Mario Galaxy 2. Mario and Sonic seem to work differently.

  4. HEY GUYS!!! Info!

    Guys look in SSMB! (forums here πŸ™‚ and go to Sonic Generations. Woun have some info from Sonic paradise! Trust me you will be suprised πŸ˜‰

    BTW I think I will register in SSMB tomorrow πŸ˜€

      1. You better go to interview with Arron Webber topic. God this is Epic Trolling by SEGA!

  5. All i can say about this is, look at super street fighter 4 3D edition. If capcom is capable of making the graphics near-par with the 360 version, then they can do the same about sonic generations 3DS. If DIMPS is doing horribly with the sonic games, then they should remove them from the project and have the whole sega team work on the SG 3DS. I am getting both the versions, cause i would like to see sunset hill, leaf forest, or egg rocket zone in the Generations. They should delay it and push the 3DS to it’s limits on doing Modern Sonic’s stages in full camera-behind-character 3D

  6. Well you have a group as in Wait for the 3ds and play it and then you have the next group nah lets just label sonic ds games for death and you have the group that works together ill wait on it but it needs improvment

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