SEGA Setting Up SEGA Arcade For San Diego Comic-con 2011

SEGA has announced that they will be attending this year’s San Diego Comic-con. The publisher won’t have a booth at the convention center though, but instead a ‘pop-up arcade’ space nearby. The public will be able to go into the arcade and try out playable demos of many of SEGA’s upcoming games before they’re released, including Sonic Generations, the first public demo of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and more.

SEGA will also be unveiling a new unannounced game, which will likely be Aliens Infestation for the Nintendo DS. The game recently turned up on the ESRB’s website, meaning an official announcement could be on the way soon, and what better place could you lift the lid on an Aliens game than at San Diego Comic-con?

Thanks to R@qH1eL at the SSMB, we have some pics from the outside of the SEGA Arcade in its current state.

For more details, check out the ad at the top of this article and the press release below.


Check out and Play SEGA’s Upcoming Blockbusters Before Anyone Else!

SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that fans will get a chance to play SEGA’s upcoming fall and spring releases in SEGA’s limited-time-only pop-up arcade at the Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego. The company is setting up its own SEGA Arcade space near the convention center and will have a number of its highly anticipated titles playable for all, including Sonic Generations™, Rise of Nightmares™, Captain America: Super Soldier™ and an all new unannounced game. Comic-Con marks the first time the public can get their hands on many of these games before their releases later this year.

The list of games playable at SEGA Arcade in San Diego includes:

Captain America™: Super Soldier
House of the Dead: OVERKILL™ – Extended Cut
Guardian Heroes™
Rise of Nightmares™
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™
Renegade Ops™
Sonic Generations™
and more!


345 6th Avenue (between K Street and J Street) in San Diego, California


Wednesday, July 20th from 7-pm-11pm
Thursday, July 21st through Saturday, July 23rd from 1pm – 9pm
Sunday, July 24th from 11am-7pm

Sources: SEGA of America’s Flickr and SEGA Addicts

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  1. Cool! Maybe they will show new build of Generations. But I am not expecting any new levels.

  2. Neat ! Haha SEGA probably could just show the Rooftop Run Trailer, or Chemical Plant lol, if not, then ya like SA3 2011 said, they might just show us a new build 😛 Btw, didnt SEGA start development for S4EP2 in February?

  3. It’ll be my first stop @ San Diego next week 🙂 Looking forward to Guardian Heroes (and any free swag they want to throw my way)

  4. Yay! my pictures showed up here.

    I’m excited as many of you might be. Comic con will be awesome!!

  5. I hope there will be a new trailer! Maybe for Chemical Plant or Rooftop Run. Heck, even [DELETED] is possible!

    Shadzter edit: Please don’t post unannounced details. Some people don’t want to see spoilers.

          1. @Truesonic
            Yeah I hope too! Could you read my post in. Always wanted to work at SEGA I solved some things there.

            Could we make a rule that if someone wants to mention Spoiler in comment he need to put SPOILER wor in capital letters then after spoiler SPOILER END in capital letters too if no then you will edit their post. That would make things easier. Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Sorry about that. I wasn’t online to catch that, as it was posted at 4:49am in UK time and I was of course in bed. I’ve edited it now, so it at least won’t spoil for anyone else.

      1. Shadzter is our anti-spoiler patrol. Always Watching!

        And yay Finally figured out how to get my new avatar here!

    1. Lucky you! I got a felling they will let people play City Escape so can you share your impressions with us? And one more thing if they show city escape (they must I mean how much Green hill they need to show besides its nothing special after demo so they need to let people play CE) could you try to remember extra lyrics that will be in modern version of Escape from the City? I want to know what are they I think other would like to know to!

      So thanks anyway!

      1. I just came back from SDCC, the only playable levels on Sonic Generations ‘ demo include Classic Sonic’s Green Hill Zone and Modern Sonic’s Green Hill Zone.

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