SEGA Product Page Update Reveals Story Mode For M&S London 3DS

SEGA has updated their Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games product page with some new information about the game. Most of it we already know on both platforms, but there’s an interesting new detail at the very bottom that reveals a new Story Mode for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. Like in the Adventure Mode for the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, the game’s cast of characters will face off against Dr.Eggman and Bowser. Unfortunately, no other information about this mode is currently available.

Here’s the full list of information:

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™

On your marks and get set for the world’s greatest sporting event as Mario & Sonic head to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Coming exclusively to Wii and for the first time on Nintendo 3DS, Mario & Sonic return in an all new celebration of the Olympic spirit. Hosted within the truly iconic setting of London, the games are back, bigger and better than ever before, bringing even more multiplayer fun and excitement to friends and families everywhere.


Exciting headline events – Wii
All new events including Football, Showjumping and Canoeing will debut alongside redefined favourites, such as 100m Sprint, Aquatics, Table Tennis and more. Combine these with a new roster of the much loved Dream Events and the players now have more choice than ever before.

Party in London – Wii
Take the fun of the Olympic Games to the streets of London as the city becomes the ultimate playground! Take part in a huge number of mini-games around a variety of famous landmarks with all your favourite characters in the London Party mode.

Dozens of ways to play – Nintendo 3DS
Bringing a whole new dimension to the Mario & Sonic universe, enjoy a huge range of over 50 Olympic-themed events in glorious 3D. Make the most out of the unique touch panel and Circle Pad controls as you tilt, blow, shout, tap and more to compete for the coveted gold medal.

Engaging depth – Nintendo 3DS
Play as the full cast of characters in a fully immersive single player Story Mode. Take on the team of Dr. Eggman and Bowser in an all new exciting adventure.

For more information about the game, please visit

We’ll pass on more information when it’s made available.

Source: SEGA’s website


  1. when I saw the football mode, I couldn’t help but say to myself “it’s a football, I chisseled it”

    1. I really need to pick that up since I never got the chance to grab the DS Version of WG O.o

  2. I think it should be mentioned that relase date for Wii version has been annouced (dont remember exact date) look at TSSZ news.

    1. Don’t worry. I’m already on top of it. I got a press e-mail from SEGA about it earlier, like I do with all official news 🙂 I just wanted to get this bit out first.

  3. When it comes out in February, I’m gonna have to take a look at the story mode on Youtube before I buy it.

  4. I’m surprised no one’s “corrected” Table Tennis’ name to the “official” name, Wiff-Waff. (Thank you very much, Boris Johnson!)

  5. @Blazecat7tm: I agree. I love the story mode as well. Even though it may not be award winning or something, but I loved the story mode in the Winter Games, especially on how the characters from both franchises were used and its overall simple-ness.

    I am excited for the overall game, though it is a bit sad that the 3DS version is coming out next year, even though it is coming early next year. Still, I cannot wait to pay this game.

    Wii or 3DS, I am gonna enjoy playing as my favorite robot, Metal Sonic! ^_^

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