SEGA Launches New Official Sonic The Hedgehog Website


SEGA has today launched a new official Sonic the Hedgehog website. The website features the above special retrospective video titled ‘Sonic Anniversary – Through the Ages’, a Games tab with links to recent and upcoming game websites, a 20th Anniversary section with a Birthday message, a community section with a feed from the official Sonic Facebook page and a Downloads section with some wallpapers from the Japanese official website Sonic Channel.

What do you think of the new website and the retrospective video? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Just saying they annouced Classic Tails, and official screens of Chemical Plant and Metal Sonic Battle, on thier FB page!

    1. Thanks. We’re aware. They posted them up just before I posted this. I’m doing a post now. Uploading screens always takes a while.

      1. Be quick Shadzter! I cant wait to see them thanks for info I hope we will discuss it without flamewars this time.

      1. I went full DAW when I saw C. Tails with M. Tails. Surprised he doesn’t look like a trap like he did back then although M. Tails is showing womanly signs < <
        Ahem….ITS A TRAP

  2. Watched video. IT ROCKS Now I want new remixes of Live and Learn in Sonic Generations This woould be great

  3. Shot! I dont have electricity because its storm but I cant resist. Guys I am now posting from my smartphone! God bless batteries 😀

    1. Thank you! Someone that likes Secret Rings! It’s probably the most underated Sonic game ever. Yes the controls are annoying at first but once mastered it’s so fun running around those epic locations. Which brings me to question, will Secret Rings be featured someway in Generations? It’s the only game in this timeline that we haven’t heard from yet (Remember CD has the Metal Sonic boss fight). If they were to feature a level I would enjoy levitated ruin… which is like sky sanctuary. How about Night Palace? Oh wait.. Well dinosaur jungle would be nice too but it’s considered a “Green level” as well XD

      1. lol, I was playing it a couple of weeks ago, the levels are wonderful the only thing they need to be beaten for was those controls…darn wii remote. And someone just asked the same thing on youtube if it would have a level from Secret because Night Palace was sheer beauty. Imagine that in HD *-* That and Levitated Ruin, and Pirate Storm. Then again Sky Sanctuary kinda bumped Levitated Ruins out for its chance xD
        Well you never know, SEGA does pull off a surprise every once in a while x;

  4. Hey guys! Official Sonic Generation page has been updated with new screenshoths of chemical plant and they pretty much confirms that we will battle Metal in Chemical plant and Stardust Speedway will just have a cameo.
    Ah and there are screens of interactive meny where we can see part of [DELETED]

    1. Hardly the biggest spoiler warning, man. I’ve managed to avoid them so far. Well, aside from the one you just posted.

      I think we’re meant to keep spoilers out of these comments, anyway.

      1. @Espy
        I think you are talking to me. I am really sorry if I spoiled the game for you. I almost always put spoiler warnings in my posts but I forgot this time. I am really sorry.

        Thanks for editing my post I will try to remember to put warning next time.

        1. Well, you did put a kind of warning at the left and right of it, but people could still easily see it while scrolling down the comments. It’d be better if Word Press could add a spoiler tag feature for the comments section.

        1. Thanks but I saw him a bit earlier on TSSZ. But really thank anyway so for efort you get a cookie *hands you a cookie* 🙂

      1. OMG! Both modern and classic version of Tails are extremelly cute. This will sound strange but I cant wait to press crouch button as classic in tails co-op mission to see his reaction.

  5. There’s no doubt about it now, the battle with Metal Sonic takes place in Stardust Speedway, and the screens with Metal Sonic in them were not part of the actual Chemical Plant stage.

  6. They forgot Black Knight and Shadow 😮

    OH WOW Classic Tails and Modern tails I saw the pciture on SW WOOHOO…So how long till The Knuckles duo? lol 😀

    So glad this trailer looks so COOL showing most of the past main games…The remix of Live and Learn is so epic xD I can’t wait I’m gonna go check more of the Chemical Plant pics on the net….I’m beaming up with excitement :’)

    1. Some fans are arguing about Shadow but theres is something that should be considered:
      Just because Sonic and friends were in the game doesn’t make it a Sonic game. If that weren’t true they would have included Knuckles Chaotix and Tails………..errrrrrrr unique “games”.
      I am light way sad that Black Knight didn’t make the cut :c Molten Mine was lovely and giving Faraway Avalon an actual level wouldn’t hurt xDD
      And the Knuckle duo pffft imagine the look on those youngsters face when they see Rosy the Rascal aka C. Amy ;D

      1. I kinda want to see classic Espio meeting modern Espio same for Vector. Imagine Vector:
        M. Vector: I really got that fat :0

      2. @iiLunar_Sonc

        I guess so but at least it’s still a main game and canon so I guess I understand…But Black Knight xD where’s the love for that and I’d understand for Riders and Riders ZG too….Lol one Amy with a hammer(M) and another in a car (C) xD that would bring a smile on my face XD

        @Sa3 2011

        I never got to play that…was it ever a good game?

        1. @ALL
          Guys I am runing out of battery so I need to wait till they turn electricity on.

          I want last boss theme to be this new version of Live and Learn this would be EPIC!

          After getting closer look on screenshots you actually race metal in a part of stardust (maybe chemical plsnt and stardust speedway were next to each othe all the time :0)

          Both Tailses are extremely cute!

          This game is gonna be most epic 3D Sonic game since SA2!

          1. Good to hear, well I’m on youtube messing with those silly underaged Sonic fans that talk down to Sonic 06, Secret Rings, and asking why Sonic 4 isn’t in it. Te heh xD

          2. @iiLunar_Sonic
            Yeah thats pretty funny I mean after all 06 was aniversary game with great potential sadly wasted and Secret rings was something like Unleashed formula Alpha version.

  7. I guess the Classic Tails image means that we’ll be seeing classic versions of all the co-op/vs characters, even the ones that weren’t in the classic games. I hope to see the classic Chaotix guys soon.

      1. Do you know leaks? There re co-op missions with characters but there is no evidence that you can play as them.

        1. yes there are no co-up but if im right you could play as charcters im not gonna say wich but there is a website where you can see wich ones

  8. Am i the only that thinks they only showed levels that where going to be in sonic generations…?

    1. Not really but didnt they show some levels besides those we will see in Gen? Wait I think they forgot Rooftop run.

      1. No they didnt its in there, they showed most of the levels that were in the leaked list but im hoping what i said was true

        1. Yeah I think so…It just showed the levels leaked with the exception of Secret Rings because Generations features no levels from Secret Rings.

          1. truesonic, you never know what they might put in the game , i have second thoughts saying they still might put levels in that we never know about. Sega might be just tricking us lol

          2. @Truesonic – and what if the other levels shown are gonna be DLC? Tha’d be cool!

          3. It’s wishful thinking…I’m not sure if they would allow spin off levels though but I hope we can at least have DLC Levels

  9. Also, that’s a kick-ass Live and Learn mix they’re using the background of that video!

  10. I love how they put in Secret Rings, but not Black Knight? Lol…maybe we will see some reference to Secret Rings in Generations?

  11. The characters I think that will have clasic forms are:
    Metal Sonic

    We already know four classic characters. So I have high hopes! 🙂

  12. That video s pretty good, but it always bewilders me that SEGA seems to always skip from Sonic & Knuckles straight to Sonic Adventure. 3D Blast and Sonic R were so transitional into the 3D world for Sonic, but maybe SEGA doesn’t like them because they weren’t made in Japan. Anyway, strange that they included Secret Rings but not Black Knight. Overall, I’m glad the website exists, hopefully it will stay up to date and won’t be the next Sonic Central.

    1. Cuz Secret Rings kicks ass and Black Knight doesn’t 😛

      It’s not that hard to understand, they added good games some of the most loved Sonic games in this vid and kicked off some of the bad ones

        1. Same here – I thought Black Knight was more polished than Secret Rings, even if it did have Sonic with a sword in a blatant Legend of Zelda shout-out (it might just be me, but I can compare Caliburn to the Master Sword a little easily).

  13. I love how they didn’t put in Sonic and The Black Knight, that game was retarded and didn’t belong in such an epic tribute to Sonic’s 20 years. I also really love how they added the GOOD parts from Sonic 06 into the mix, that was a extremely smart idea.

    Kick ass Sega 😀

  14. …Oh my. That Tails… he’s so cute…

    I think it would be hilarious if they did “classic” forms of modern characters as well, like when Classic Sonic fought Shadow or Silver. My head would explode.

    But for now, seeing the ones that have both modern and classic character designs together makes me happy. One thing, though… where’s Knuckles?!

  15. Also no lies people, Stardust Speedway is in fact a Boss Battle Zone, the Bad Future version, if you don’t believe me, go check out a video of Sonic CD’s Stardust Speedway and compare it to the Generations photos. Also….



  16. … o_O So that’s Ryan Drummond in that trailer right at the end.

    (Also never thought to mix Live and Learn and Heroes Boss music #1. =O)

  17. The video was okay… the title cards were kinda nice…

    But I want the background on my mp3 player! I’ve been waiting for a good Live and Learn remix! That was the best part to me. <3

    … Did sega even use a reference when they made Classic Tails' model? Wrong color, and so far as I can tell he has no hair like modern tails. Or is it just in AoStH that Tails has hair? (I guess I wouldn't be surprised, since Tails was colored brown in that cartoon too…) I can see why they'd change the color since it's supposed to be his past self and they'd figure then that Tails' fur wouldn't change color, but I always wondered why they changed his color to bright yellow in the first place.

  18. Wow, I realize it would have been really long if they had them in, but damn did they skip over a lot of Sonic games, some really decent ones too.

    1. Nice things I noticed:
      Dat Chemical Plants hub
      o: The water there is a lighter purple, but the whole world looks beautiful. Can’t wait to run across it ;p Looks like the usual Sonic free fall is in chemical plant this time xD And those blue things might be a problem. I never understood what those were even back in Sonic 2. All in all, Chemical Plant looks like Eggmanland combined with Spagonia xD

    2. Thanks, but we already knew about them, as I explained earlier in the comments. I got the news up a bit late, as I had personal matters to attend to and my internet connection was playing up.

  19. Hey can someone rip the background of video into HQ mp3? I would really apreciate it (dont know if spelled that right)

    1. Hehe, sorry, got a bit excited. XD

      I really hope that this game features Roger, Ryan, and Jason!!! 😀

      1. Uhhm, that was Roger in the end, not Ryan. SEGA updated Roger’s voice, to sound higher. But it did sound a bit deeper, so it could possibly be Ryan…..hmmm, who knows? But I seriously doubt that was Ryan. Don’t get too excited.

        1. Trust me, that’s Ryan’s voice. 🙂 It appears to be recycled clips though, at least the second one that plays.

          1. Yeah I agree…I heard a little bit of Ryan recycled from Heroes just before the end.

  20. Anyone else notice that the first levels shown for each game were the levels we’re expecting for Sonic Generations?
    Sonic 1 – Green Hill
    Sonic 2 – Chemical Plant
    Sonic 3 – Sky Sanctuary

    Sonic Adventure 2 – City Escape
    and so on.

  21. Man, this game is going to be GOOD, GREAT, AWESOME, OUTSTANDING, AMAZING! XD
    It’s the best Sonic game ever, because its the fusion of all the most famous Sonic games, I can’t believe that this year is his 20th birthday!
    I hope that a lot of people buy this game, I just don’t know how a lot of people prefer Mario!
    I have one question: For what consoles Sonic Generations will be released?

  22. YES! Gotta love it 😀 When Sonic adventure came on I just smiled for some reason. Visiting the new website now. Still think 3D stage wise Sonic colours is the most impressive creatively. Q: Why are sonic stadium no longer taking registrations to the site?

    Long live Sonic and friends.

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