SEGA E-mail Reveals Sonic Generations For PC For The Umpteenth Time

The amount of evidence for a PC version of Sonic Generations is getting beyond ridiculous now. This latest entry comes from fansite Sonic The Hedgehog Next News, who last week sent an e-mail to SEGA Spain to ask if Sonic Generations will be coming to PC, to which they responded with a list of platforms, and yes, that list included PC among the already confirmed PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS platforms. It appears the PC version is all but officially confirmed.

For pics of the e-mails exchanged between Sonic The Hedgehog Next News and SEGA Spain, as well as a rough Google translation of SEGA Spain’s response, head over to Sonic The Hedgehog Next News (Google Translate).


  1. Oh that Sega Spain… If we ever need anything confirmed we should just ask them.

  2. (Sigh) SEGA, just come out and say it. If this keeps up I foresee them releasing it in stores on PC without even knowing that they did and still saying that its only on the previously revealed consoles. They must be busy on this game. lol

  3. Ugh, why can’t they just announce it already? It’s beyond obvious that it exists. I wonder if the PC version will be like the equivalent to the PS2/Wii version of Sonic Unleashed.

    1. That wouldn’t make any sense, since gaming PCs are perfectly capable of handling console games better than the consoles themselves (that is, gaming PCs can handles consoles games with higher resolution, better graphics quality and higher/smoother framerate).

      1. Thank you so much for saying that, I’m sick of people thinking that PCs are worse than consoles when they’re actually better!! πŸ˜€

        1. That’s only if you have a good one. I have a Windows Vista PC with 6 GBs of Ram and a triple-core processor and it can barely run Sonic Heroes. πŸ˜›

          1. Sonic Heroes was a really bad port, and so was Sonic Riders. All-Stars Racing worked fine on my comp though, let’s hope they do a good job with Generations too.

      2. I know, My cousin bought a KILLER Gaming PC around thanksgiving(Late November for you Europeans, i guess :P). He played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on it. It looked amazing and almost lifelike WHILE steadily running at 60fps! Gaming PCs can work wonders; it’s a shame that more than 50% of the good games are on consoles.

        1. That’s because the consoles were made for it XD PCs are known as the workhorses of the technological world…

          Or for World of Warcraft, for all you nerds out there. *Wait, I’m on a Sonic website, so wouldn’t that…OH CRUD* Yoink.

  4. I don’t understand why they don’t flat out say “There is a PC version” or “There isn’t going to be a PC one”
    Unless of course they’re still deciding whether or not to make a port for the PC.

  5. Man, that’s really tempting to get it on PC instead of PS3. I’m gonna upgrade once Battlefield 3 comes out, and I’m sure it would be a phenomenal game to run at a CONSISTENT 60fps or higher, in 1080p no less.

  6. This is ridiculous. Everybody knows now, just say it’s so. It was confirmed for me when I read elsewhere that a uk site had the PC version up for pre-order.

  7. Oh SEGA, please just CONFIRM it and please make it available for pre-order!! My birthday is coming up, this is a perfect gift!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The thing is, you’re all now nagging SEGA to confirm Generations is coming to PC…

    …isn’t that what they just did?

  9. I say NO to “generations pc”:
    1 – piracy.
    2 – I hate any MOD in any game.
    3 – sonic, mario, zelda players, 85% buy in console.

    1. Why do you hate mods? they don’t affect you, since Generations is singleplayer. and just because Sonic, Mario, and Zelda have been mostly on consoles that doesn’t mean it’s bad for them to expand. as for Piracy they will have to be careful about that. maybe make it downloadable on Steam only, but that would be a bad idea.

      1. If it’s download only, I won’t be able to get it. I hope the US gets a DVD-Rom version, but somehow, I doubt it.

    2. 1 – Piracy also occurs on dedicated consoles like the Wii and PSP
      2 – Don’t mod it
      3 – What?

  10. Playing a game on the PC means you’re asking for trouble. Since consoles are alot more fun to play games on! (In most if not all cases.)

    1. I don’t play games on my PC, but how does it mean you’re asking for trouble and how are consoles a lot more fun? You can have the same experience on a PC, but with much better graphics, and you can still play with a controller too if you don’t like using a mouse and keyboard in your games. You can have just as much fun gaming on a PC as on a console if your PC is set-up for gaming.

  11. There is a lot of lack of information on these comments…

    First of, PCs are vastly superior, hardware wise, to consoles. This is not a fanboy thing, and is nowhere near close to debate. Get your facts straight.

    Secondly, Sega always seemed to like approaching the PC market here and there, be it with Sonic Adventure DX, or hell, don’t think anyone saw Billy Hatcher coming.

    Third, piracy is definitely the biggest issue with PC gaming, wether you like it or not. And how is playing on a console more or less fun? Shadzter adressed it perfectly.

    @ Lucas Hinz: You don’t like mods in your game… where to start… Mods are something that (normally) fans create and that YOU choose to add to your game. You don’t like mods in our game, that’s fine and dandy, and don’t have to have them!

    All in all, PC version seems like a good choice for me.

      1. I’ll remember that when I play on my xbox and go “Gee, I love this Anti-Aliasing and Multicore Rendering”

  12. @killemoff: Performance will vary, especially with entry-level hardware.

    Definitely getting the PC version as it will scream on my hardware build (Intel Core i7 930, 12GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 275 1792MB).

    Consoles are great fun, but I personally like to have 1080p with full AA and AFβ€”something modern consoles still lack.

  13. OAO

    Is this a dream? Tell me it isn’t…

    That’s it, I won’t be reading any more leaks from this moment on! THIS GAME will surely be my christmas present <3

    Thank you Sega, you've made my day!

  14. @killemoff
    Yes, pc have a better hardware, every day have one new video card with prize of 5 video games.
    Video game have a best quality of online value and controls.
    Sonic public buy original in console. If sonic generations comes on PC, 80% seach for ISO.
    Well,I have a HIgh End pc and I only use for maya, 3DSmax and blizzards games.

    1. Can you produce understandable english? And who cares if there are new video cards out all the time, just stick with one good performing one and you’ll be set, no one’s forcing you to get the latest and greatest. Poop.

    2. There’s so much wrong with what you said that I don’t even know where to start.
      New video cards every day? Actually there’s a new generation of graphics cards (from AMD and Nvidia) once a year, in each generation there’s several cards released, to cover a wide price range (from as low as $50 to as high as $600).
      Also, believe it or not, there’s been a rise of people actually buying games for the PC in the last few years, especially thanks to digital download services like Steam, Direct2Drive, Gamersgate, Gamesplanet, and so on. Piracy is still high on the PC, but the number of people that actually buy games for the PC nowadays is high as well (otherwise services like Steam would have been shutdown years ago, and Steam wouldn’t have had a profit of $1 billion last year).

    3. I built my PC 5 years ago, choose each component carefully, stills hold very well today, wasn’t even high-end then.

      And dear lord, the English language took another hit there.

  15. I can see how piracy might be an issue with Sonic Generations and Sega all together. They could just make it so you have to connect to the internet in order to make it official. That is definitely not a bad idea, but they would have to watch themselves.

  16. The fact that Sonic Generations is coming out on PC is amazing!

    Although my computer isn’t really suited for gaming purposes,
    I think that SEGA has made a good choice to put another game
    on computers, even though there are the people who constantly
    pirate commercial games.

    I also wonder if the level list for a PC version would be different
    than the console version; OR EVEN BETTER: had all of the levels
    of the console and 3DS versions plus other downloadable levels and

  17. I never thought I would see PC vs consoles discussion here on Sonic Stadium. All right back on topicI hope SG HD will be relased sometime near 4 november.


    I apologise but I’ve been away and also at some time I was in Hospital so I’ve been off the Net for like 2 -3 Months and It seems There’s more to this Generations game that meets the eye What is happening I’ve been hearing people say an SA2 track is in this game but the last time I was here we were focused on Green Hill Zone what’s going on How much have I missed the last time I was here was when We saw the Green Hill Zone Trailer for Generations now I’m hearing Metal Sonic?, Tails?,Super Sonic? what? I’m sooo confused @_@

    I’ve been Ill for a long time and I slowly recovered O_o It feels like I was on here a while ago back in january when the site had a transformation What’s going on and….and I can’t seem to get into other sites for many reasons I’ve heard sites have had problems I couldn’t get into SEGA Blogs What’s happening now Generations is on PC O_O…and 3DS? I keep getting an error when I search Archives there must be a problem with my PC >_> Can someone give me a quick recap/ breif over what’s been happening

    Please I’m desperate to find out what has happened again I apologise I’m still browsing over this Website…. I’m on it like Sonic S_S

    City Escape confirmed?!!? WHA????

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well. Hope you’re feeling better now.

      Here’s the rundown of the big news:

      Sonic Generations E3 trailer revealing City Escape and teasing Rooftop Run at the end:

      GameSpot’s City Escape demo:

      Our E3 preview of City Escape:

      City Escape’s Classic Sonic music played at Summer of Sonic 2011:

      Japanese City Escape trailer revealing the Modern Sonic music:

      Yep, the game was announced for 3DS, too.

      3DS version screenshots:

      3DS details from Nintendo Power:

      A demo of Classic Green Hill Zone was made available for 20 days on PSN and XBL:

      The entire game’s level list and a lot more was leaked from the demo. Article contains spoilers of course, so don’t click it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

      Classic Metal Sonic was officially revealed, along with artwork of him:

      The latest issue of Famitsu magazine unveiled Chemical Plant Zone and the Classic Metal Sonic rival battle in Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD in the PS3 and Xbox 360 version. They also showed more of the special stage in the 3DS version. Scans of the screenshots were made available.

      Oh yeah, and as you can see, a PC version keeps getting unofficially revealed. You’ll find links to previous PC version articles in this article in the first set of highlighted words.

      Almost forgot, a pre-order bonus for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions was announced for the US and UK:

      A special edition is coming to the UK and Spain:

      1. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH SHADZTER ^_^ Your a life saver and Yeah I’m still recovering but I’m feeling much better than before Thank you I appreciate it πŸ˜€ Looks like I’ve got a a long list to Browse through O_0 I’ve been away for soo long X_X once again Thank you very much Shadzter much appreciated πŸ˜€

          1. Welcome back C.J man what happened to you and Boy you have a lot to catch up on Don’t cha… πŸ˜€

          2. @C.J – Welcome back bro, i haven’t seen you in a while! πŸ™‚ NO ONE TELL C.J ABOUT THE SPOILERS! XD He’s like one of the few that doesnt know. lol. C.J, if you do find any spoilers, dont read them πŸ™‚ You’ll be bummed if you take a look at the spoilers. However, if you wait patiently as SEGA reveals more news and trailers, your going to be EXCITED! πŸ˜€ Please take my word for it, and dont look for any Spoilers okay? πŸ˜›

            I know I shouldnt even be mentioning anything about the spoilers, but at one point, C.J was probably going to find out….so im just telling you this now C.J, TO NOT LOOK AT ANY SPOILERS. Please lol i really want you to be surprised.

          3. @Rickyrick

            OK Just for you…I promise I won’t look at the Spoilers I’M GONNA TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT :D…I also don’t want to see which levels are appearing I want to be suprised too though I really wanted to take a little peak at the list but I won’t and I will try my best for you and myself to avoid seeing Spoilers πŸ˜€

            I guess for now I know City Escape and Chemical Plant are confirmed ZOMG I’M EXCITED I CANT BELIEVE City Escape is in GENERATIONS WOOOO I’m gonna see more pictures and videos of them soon ^_^ and I’ve seen Classic Metal Sonic he looks more Cuter than evil ^_^

            I’m gonna click the rest of the links soon Need to rest for a bit…

          4. @C.J
            Bro you dont know how happy I am to see you recovered! I have been missing talking about new gameplay formulas with Ya πŸ™‚ I somehow meet with truesonic here after SEGA blogs have been shuted down and I sometimes meet sonic52789 on TSSZ.

            Promise me you wont spoil the game for yourself! But you can be calm (I know spoilers) This game is going to be HUGE with LOADS of replay value. With most epic stages in series. Including almost every modern character not only in story and cameos but in actual gameplay. And if I get to the bosses WOW Those bosses are the list we always dreamed of. You must sit while playing this game because when you will get all that stuff you will have massive JAW DROP!

            So yeah I hope we will talk again in the future just like in good old times.
            See ya!

          5. @C.J – Thank you πŸ™‚ I know its tempting to look at the list, but i know you can hold it πŸ˜‰

            Rest well!! πŸ™‚ I hope you get better REAL SOON!

          6. @SA3 2011, Rickyrick and Truesonic

            OMG Thank you so much for the support guys I’m glad you are all here…I’ve missed you all soo much XD It feels like forever since we’ve talked It’s been TOO LONG I need to catch up with you guys soon What happened to the SEGA BLOGS? o_0 I promise I won’t spoil the game for myself BUT MAN I AM EXCITED after what you guys have mentioned…Hopefully will get to talk more in a few days after I’ve had my rest…Take care guys and Thank you again ^_^

          7. @C.J
            Thanks and rest well!

            And I will answer your question about SEGA blogs. After hackers attack on PSN many gaming corporations has been attacked by either Lulzsec or Anonymus or both or some random hackers. Those corporations included Nintendo and sadly SEGA too. They shuted down their services one month ago and since then they annouce things on their Facebook and Twitter page. But for Sonic news go to 20th aniversary profile on Twitter (I’ve got this cool avatar icon from there πŸ™‚ ) or Sonic Facebook page.

          1. Haha yea Dan Green came to Armageddon Expo in New Zealand and one of the Australian anime expo’s, can’t remember which one. I got the Sonic X DVD with Sonic & Knuckles on the front of it signed. I hated the English version because of all the editing etc, but I brought a DVD just so I had something with a nice clear big picture of Knuckles on it that he actually worked on. Got pictures of it in my Sonic Collection album on my Facebook page

  19. It’s been a fair while since this post so has there been any confirmation as to if Sonic Gen is appearing on PC or not? I’d much rather get the PC version than buy a 3DS

  20. I don’t get the whole PC vs. console wars here. Those who claim consoles are more powerful than any PC hasn’t either tried high-end PC gaming before or doesn’t know a bit about PC specs. A PC graphics card doesn’t need steroids to run a game like this. I’ve seen more intense games than Sonic Generations (some of them are even a bit older) running smoothly on specs similar to my freaking (mid-end) laptop.

    But in the end, though, it all depends on one’s preferences, and on which platform you are used to. I use *both* the consoles and my gaming PC, so I should have a pretty good idea what you PC-only / console-only gamers are missing. :p

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