Latest SEGA Europe Release Schedule Lists Sonic Generations For PC, 3DS Version Delayed?

The evidence for a PC version of Sonic Generations is really mounting up. SEGA Europe has issued a schedule for their upcoming game releases through 2011 and into 2012. Sonic Generations is down for the already known release month of November for PS3, Xbox 360 and…PC? It appears SEGA may have let the cat out of the bag again for the PC version of the game, surprising no one. What IS surprising though is the absence of the Nintendo 3DS version. SEGA Europe’s website also has no month scheduled for the portable version and instead lists it for a Late 2011 release, even though it was previously given a November release month. Could the 3DS version of Sonic Generations be getting released slightly later than the home console (and possible PC) versions?

Here’s SEGA Europe’s full release schedule:

* Virtua Tennis 4 – 8th July 2011 (PC)
* Captain America: Super Soldier – 15th July 2011 (Multi)
* CRUSH3D – 9th September 2011 (3DS)
* Rise of Nightmares (Kinect) – September 2011 (X360)
* Shinobi – September 2011 (3DS)
* House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut – 28th October 2011 (PS3)
* Sonic Generations – November 2011 (PS3, X360, PC)
* Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games – November 2011 (Wii)
* Anarchy Reigns – January 2012 (PS3, X360)
* Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games – February 2012 (3DS)
* Binary Domain Shooter – Early 2012 (PS3)
* Aliens: Colonial Marines – Spring 2012 (PS3, X360, PC)
* London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games – 2012 (PS3, X360, PC)
* Thor Action Adventure – TBC (3DS)
* Virtua Tennis 4 – TBC (PSVita)

We’ll pass along any further details regarding both stories when they’re made available.

Sources: CVG and Eurogamer Portugal

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  1. heh awesome, I’m gonna get me Version. Even awesomer that they’re delaying the 3ds versioin somewhat. I was worried about that version.

  2. Heh, maybe SEGA forgot to put the 3DS on there? Idk, I just REALLY hope the 3DS version does get delayed. A few things SEGA could improve(if it gets delayed) are:

    1. Improve the graphics on both characters models. (Cmon, let’s be honest here, Classic Sonic’s Model could be improved, BY A LOT, and so can Modern Sonic’s…)

    2. Fix the “uncurling”. (It gets SO annoying getting hit by an enemy when Classic Sonic uncurls!!)

    3. Add a few more stages? (M. And C. Sonics’ GHZ stage could be passed in under 50 seconds :/, and there’s only 2 ACTS! Wtf. The level designs are also too simple, that it should take SEGA about 3 days to make one act. I expect the 3DS version to have more levels.)

    1. DarkNoble

      if you’re saying what I think you’re saying, gtfo

      if not please clarify with better grammar

  3. I saw a PC version of Sonic Generations on, but when I next looked it seemed to have disappeared.

    And I hope they do delay the 3DS version. It looks like crap, at least compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. All my Nintendo obsessed friends are saying they’re getting the 3DS version and it makes me sad that they’ll be having a less than great experience.

  4. Maaan, can’t they just confirm that this game really is coming to PC!
    When they do, I’ll read no more spoilers ­čśë

    But I do wonder why 3DS version is not there? Not that I care, just surprised that they put unconfirmed PC there instead of confirmed 3DS!

  5. OMG PLEASE release a PC version, they are capable of HD graphics and I have no 360 or PS3 D:

  6. A PC release would be awesome!!! (PC version could be 3D compatible too) And they should delay 3DS version, doesn’t look that great :-/

  7. I’ll take a delay for the 3DS version if it’ll make that version better. I’m a little worried that we haven’t seen any videos like we have for the console versions. If a delay will make it more awesome, I’ll take it!

  8. Maybe a delay is exactly what the 3DS version needs. Green Hill looked pretty empty compared to even the genesis version, and the Big arm boss looked just terrible. It looked like an anti-challenge, the music wasn’t even correct, and the song they did put aka Doomsday didn’t seem as brilliantly remixed as the rest of the soundtrack. They used the fully top-notch remixes of Green Hill, but then present us with the lackluster doomsday remix? That’s not gonna fly.

    1. @vmk89

      By PC think they mean Windows computers. I hear you can emulate a windows environment on a mac somehow, that may be worth looking into.

  9. I REALLY hope Sega/ST releases the PC version on Steam. That will make things more interesting with topnotch HD graphics.

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