Grabber Returns in New Sonic Generations Chemical Plant Zone Screenshots

Following last week’s official unveiling of the Chemical Plant Zone in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations, we now have 19 more screenshots of the stage from SEGA Japan, courtesy of Andriasang. In this set there are 10 Modern Sonic and 9 Classic Sonic images, giving us a look at some new areas and the return of the Grabber badnik. Those who have played the original Chemical Plant Zone may or may not be happy to see the return of a certain platforming puzzle involving lots of blocks.

Check out the screenshots below:
Modern Sonic

Classic Sonic

Source: Andriasang


  1. Classic is looking sweet, modern is looking good i guess my only problem with modern is his levels seem the same atm and this level looks the same as Colours aquarium park…but he still could be fun, but i get a feeling Classic sonic levels will come out the best.

          1. Yeah but Aquarium Park was cool tho. oAo

            When you say Modern Sonic feels the same, you mean like he is in other Modern games? Cuz if so technically that’s the point isn’t it? Classic Sonic is like classic gameplay and Modern Sonic is modern gameplay. o_O

    1. Just because there’s giant pipes doesn’t mean that it looks like Aquarium Park.

  2. Nostalgic as hell. All the little things excite me the most: The moving blocks, the grabber, the little blue bubble bursts that always hit you, those damn pointy headed guys who opened up and shot things at you… it’s just all very exciting to see them re-imagined in 3D!
    Even the perspective changes and the added depth to the old textures is something to marvel at. It’s coming along great, let’s hope the final product sticks with the quality of nostalgia being handled.

  3. Gotta love those screenshots ๐Ÿ˜€
    Modern Sonic screens look really epic. Classic screens seems nostalgic (DAT BLOCK SECTION 8)
    BTW Guys since noone read my post I will try to put it short.
    I just found the way to figure out wchich stages wont be scrapped!


    All right so remember those HUB world/Level select screens? At side of those we can se fragments of other stages. So confirmed for not scrappin: Sky Sanctuary (CP screen) Speed Highway and Seaside Hill (you could see SH platform and some rocks from SH in CE screens)
    We are unsure about modern era since we havent got any screenshots from there so Crisis City and Planet Wisp are unconfirmed. But I dont think they will change it. If levels stay the same then bosses too! So Aaron was probably talking about missions or something else.
    Dont worry about Kingdom Valley. I am sure we will fight Silver there ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. it would be cool to have kingdom valley AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO DAMN SPEED RUNS AND BEASTIALITY and silver being cheap all the time

      1. @damnhedge
        Bosses will be completly redone. Especially modern ones. I dont think he will be cheap. I want to be suprised on how they execute them. Tho I want Shadow and Silver reneders just like Metal Sonic one ๐Ÿ™‚

        Oh thanks. But I think putting this here will keep people updated so why no. ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. @SA3

          how can u be so sure?

          Kindom Valey was neither mentioned in the leak nor did Silver fought Sonic there.

          It would be better if the fight (or chase) took place in Crisis City, since that’s his home and it look more epic there cause it’s located in such a dangerous are with a lot of that can kill u instantly.

        2. Um, well the level list is pretty obvious. If I include leaked screenshots, trailers and even a glimps from the level hub area you’re talking about, I’ve see at least levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. 7 and 9 have not physically been seen yet.

          However, on the list of item box icons, Rocket and Spike Wisp are found and idk if anyone remembers but those wisps were introduced for Planet Wisp.

          Anything in the demo build could change before the game is released. But I doubt much will. I think mostly the extra features will change in the way of being scrapped rather than acutally “changed” since his is usualyl due to what they can do efficiently in time.

          As for the Silver boss, I believe it’ll be in Soleanna town, not Kingdom Valley. =P

    2. @SA3 2011 – I read your post on this before ๐Ÿ™‚ Im just not sure if i commented on it. Just because someone doesnt comment, doesnt mean they didnt look at it ๐Ÿ˜‰ And i always read your posts! Most of them are interesting haha.

    3. I think you’ll fight Silver in Solenna since thats where Sonic fights him. example Stardust speedway was metal sonic’s since thats were u fight him, Shadows will be Space colony ark or green forest.

    1. True, but wouldn’t it give you more of a SA1 vibe since it was first introduced in Lost World? (And because you were riding water as well lol).

      1. Why is everyone talking about it as though it originally came from SA2? SA1 was here first and it was in there originally!!! >:(

        1. @SegaTidbits- Dude, calm down. I don’t respond to comments like yours, but since I’m nice enough, I will. Yes I know it appeared in Lost World first…..I haven’t really played Sonic Adventure in a while, so I forgot about it. When I was a little kid, I played SA2 to death. Since then, I was able to remember every single little thing in that game. That’s why when I first saw that toxic slide, it reminded me more of SA2.

          Of course I also played SA1 to death, but not many memories stuck with me on that game, and the fact that I haven’t played it in a while.

          So do you understand now? ๐Ÿ™‚ you just got mad over nothing. I’d probably never like to speak with you again, thank you.

  4. @SA3

    how can u be so sure?

    Kindom Valley was neither leaked nor did Sonic faught him there.

    He’ll probably fight Sonic in Crisis City, since that’s his home and it would look more epic having a fight (or chase) located in such a dangerous area with lots of stuff that can kill u instantly.

  5. Does anyone else notice how the badniks in this game, especially in the CP screens, are freaking HUGE? If I remember correctly, in Sonic 2, that little pointy-headed badnik was like 3/4 Sonic’s height or something like that. Now he dwarfs Modern Sonic! The same case could be made with the grabber. ๐Ÿ˜› Not really sure why they scaled them up like this. To make them more intimidating maybe? To make them more visible when Modern Sonic is effortlessly plowing through them? Idunno. I’m not complaining, just pointing it out and seeing if anyone else noticed. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Yea I noticed that, too. Not sure why they did that, but I can’t really complain about it. I guess we can appreciate their detail now.

    2. But the other bloody fans will probably complain, they complained about sonic’s eyes in sonic 4, i wouldnt be surprised if they complain about that stupid detail

      1. Yea, complaining about gameplay is understandable, but constant nitpicking is annoying. So far this game has given me no reason to complain. The only thing I can maybe consider bad is Seaside Hill, which is probably the worst choice for the Heroes stage since it’s so similar to Green Hill. But besides that the game looks like it has no real problems.

        1. I liked Seaside Hill but i agree it would seem similar to Green Hill, Im surprised theres no ice cap, Sonic needs Snow lol.

          1. Yea I was absolutely shocked that it wasn’t in the level list! Kind of cheap that they expect people to download Sonic 3 and Knuckles seperately, but when they represent them in Generations SEGA considers them one game xD. Oh well, if there’s ever any DLC Ice Cap seems like one of the most likely stages, due to the fan demand.

          2. @Greg – I want to see Ice Cap DLC too! In fact, I hope they are generous enough to craft several levels that were left ou… Oh yeah, in order for that to happen, it would have had to have been on the disc originally anyway (or at least that’s how I’m lead to believe DLC works). Anyway, I would LOVE to hear modern and classic remixes of Ice Cap, even if it is the most remixed sonic song ever. ๐Ÿ˜›

    3. Yea, if you go back to Sonic Colors in..crap I forgot the name, I think Starlite Carnival, those pointy badnicks were there and they were also pretty huge. I stopped for a second to look at them and they creeped me out. :/

  6. The one thing I would be looking most forward to with this zone if they include it: outrunning the screen after a series of insane downhill slopes and consecutive loops. That was always my favorite part of Chemical Plant.

    1. Unfortuately, I’m getting the vibe that CS’ top speed it more strictly limited this time around. In the Genesis games, you could go beyond your speed limit by not holding forward, but the minute you did, he would back down to top speed. (If I remember correctly) The only exception I can think of is when I would use the spin dash to hurry through that corridor in the Death Egg zone in S2, then jump to gain my footing and run at double-speed to get to the room with Silver Sonic / the Robotnik mech.

      Anyway, to me, it doesn’t feel like this level of speed might be possible for him in this game, having played with the physics. But… you never know. We may be surprised.

  7. These are looking awesome! But I hope SEGA doesn’t release pictures for every single main zone like they did for Colors. I want to be surprised by what the final game delivers.
    Also, judging by the interviews it sounds like the rolling isn’t going to change drastically, ufortunately. But I don’t mind that much because Classic Sonic at least comes close to emulating the originals, unlike Sonic 4.

    1. I agree. The rolling was pretty… well, not like the classics, but I’m not really complaining about it either. After seeing how Aaron talked about how it would be impossible to go back now and change it, I mind it even less. Case-in-point, I did enjoy the classic stage, even if it felt a little wonky compared to the expectation that Sega was trying to cram into my brain (that it would be just like the originals). It was in fact better and more polished than Sonic 4 and I look forward to it. It’s a step in the right direction, and Sega knows now that they need to work more on the rolling (and hopefully bouncing and the “entrapping spring trajectories” ) so I foresee things like Sonic 4 (hopefully) getting even better.

  8. It’d be nice to see Classic Tails following Classic Sonic around during levels. I suppose that might be an unlockable option?

  9. it must be just be, but im not sure but chemical plant looks very sinister in hd. High Def, sure reveals the truth.

  10. Very, very nice! =)

    – kinda off-topic –

    I’m about to EXPLODE with nostalgia. I’m really hoping the next Sonic game (not counting with olympics) won’t be nostalgic at all! Generations is at the TOP level of it. I personally am missing playing with Tails and Knuckles. The others not so much, as they are just the same gameplay repeated. It would be great to see an updated gameplay for both of them, like the one for post-Unleashed Sonic.

    It would be nice to bring someone back as a villain, like Mighty… like he being a traitor or something….


  11. They sure putting a lot of effort on the stage background looks >EPIC< thank u SEGA.

    I want lost world and fianl rush,hang castle to be a DLC {please}


    I’m starting to think now that Metal Sonic is confirmed to be a boss in Stardust Speedway that other bosses will have their own stages too….. Which means, MOAR STAGEZ ARE COMING!!!! WEll not full stages but you get my point >.>

    Shadow: Final Rush or Green Jungle ( Honestly, I dont give 2 shits on which stage they pick out of those 2, they are both just so mmmmmmmmm)

    Silver: Soleana >.>

    Death Egg: I still dont get it, is he like gonna face that giant robot Robotnik used in Sonic 2 & 4? OR is he just gonna be running out of an exploding mechanical meteorite shaped like Eggman?

    Perfect Chaos: STATION SQUARE!!!!!

    Egg Dragoon: I dont get this one either, this boss was made for the Werehog so how the hell is Classic and Modern Sonic gonna face him unless they add a Classic/Modern Werehog….

    Time Eater: Obviously some weird space time rift that is either based upon Sonic’s past or just a battle in space :3

    1. SPOILER:

      @Nuzumaki90- Remeber that it hasnt been confirmed that both Sonic’s can play any boss. It wouldnt make sense either. Classic Sonic doesnt have any business with Shadow, Silver, Perfect Chaos, and Egg Dragoon.

      And Sonic doesnt have any business with the Death Egg. I dont know about Metal….but ya, i hope you get the point. As much as i would love to Play ANY boss with ANY Sonic, i dont think its gonna happen ๐Ÿ™

      1. I think it would be cool to see Modern Sonic face the Classic bosses, and vice versa. It would provide a nice new gameplay twist to otherwise familiar encounters. I mean if Modern Sonic faces Metal Sonic, I suppose the others have a chance to switch things up as well.

      2. Ricky sorry but he explained my entire comment that I said to you and your friends that the list that was leaked was incomplete -__-‘. Yeah classic sonic does have something for perfect chaos and the rest that he mention too.

      3. See… what most people seem to have missed. Due to it being cut off on most of the leaked sheets of info. Is the ACTUAL wording for the script with the boss list says “Death Egg Robo”, which i would guess, since they have already re-used the Sonic 2 Death Egg Robo in Sonic 4. Would Probably be the huge Death Egg Robo from Sonic & Knuckles. Which would make an AWESOME fight in HD and 3D!

      4. Actually it was confirmed by Famitsu. When asked “wchich sonic will fight metal?” they answered “both will fight him” I hope that every boss will have 2/3 phases and in at least one you fight with boss playing as other Sonic. SEGA just didnt confirm this yet.

    2. i think the Death egg boss would be the ending of Sonic 3 and knuckles or the end of sonic 2, but im hoping sonic 3 and knuckles.

      1. HI don’t think it will the Sonic 2 Boss. SEGA already re-made the Sonic 2 Boss for Sonic 4….making it AGAIN, would just be lazy. Another reason that it may NOT be the Sonic 2 Boss, is that silver robot with orange shoes. Even though it was just one of Eggmans creations, to mimic Sonic, it just doesn’t seem right to have him appear again.

        If SEGA chose the 3&K Boss….one day I will make a donation to SEGA!

        But ya, just imagine an HD re-imagination of the 3&K Boss! B)

        1. Not quite. In Sonic 4 you fight a giant Eggman robot in space again similar to Sonic 2 but it’s not the same. It also doesn’t have Silver Sonic in it.

          If we’re talking about the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Death Egg boss it won’t be as cool. It’ll just be that purple floating thing where you gotta go up and down with gravity and make it hit itself with it’s own spike-tanks. Unless for SOME REASON they including the giant Eggman robot with the fingers and chest-laser. But Doomsday Zone is it’s own boss-zone name so if it’s not listed in Generations then they’re not showing that part, despite how KICKASS THAT’D BE! D:<

          So I assume it's Sonic 2's since Sonic 2's is the only "boss" actually called "Death Egg Zone" without being a full stage. And I believe it'd include Silver Sonic. (A recent comic cover shows Metal over Sonic who is aiming toward Silver Sonic despite not seeing Silver Sonic in a while. Sally's at the bottom of the page for some reason and at the top-right corner is an image of Generations as reference. Just sayin)

          I WISH it were S3&K but speculating it as such is just a bit ignorant and TOO hopeful. lol :/

          1. I think it will be S3&K version.
            Second thing I think I figured out DLC stages. If bosses take place in their own location then ST can use assets from those locations to create Act in this location. Just like in Unleashed they used assets from game to create DLC stages.
            So for example (DLC stages or first DLC pack)
            -Stardust Speedway
            -Final Rush (we are seriously in need for Space level)
            -Kingdom Valley (before people say “we fought Silver in Soleana Castle Town” I know but wouldnt you like to move battle to more epic location? I dont have problem with it because they can make Soleana Epic but it will be to similiar to Rooftop Run IMO. And Kingdom Valley is more varied level.)

            I hope this will be 1st DLC relased like in December (because it wont be hard to make) then i expect 2 brand new levels per era (and maybe one extra boss per era) in like 2-3 DLC packs (one per era?) what do you think guys?

          2. @SA3 I hope with DLC packs, it comes with specific themes. For example, 2 stages, one from the Classic Era and One from the Modern, and a boss.
            Jungle Pack [Angel Island Zone, Frog Forest, Egg Beetle]
            Ice Pack Pack [Ice Cap Zone, Cool Edge, Egg Lynx]
            Eggman Pack [Scrap Brain Zone, Final Fortress, Unknown, a.k.a. F-Zone or Point-W]
            Storybook Pack [Night Palace, Faraway Avalon, Erazor]
            And so on and so on, there can also be Boss, Space, Rival, even Super Transformation and fan picked packs. Anything is possible when it comes to DLC.

          3. @Lunar
            Playable rivals? Its a possibility. I would love to play as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver and Metal. About extra levels I think they will be era themed. Like classic pack with 2 zones and boss etc.

          4. @SA3 2011
            You say “If bosses take place in their own locations then ST can use assets from those locations to create Act in this location” as if they wouldn’t be able to make acts in those locations without them. lol I think the point is that the bosses bring us to extram locations we don’t go in during the stages. If you make stages out of the same location then we don’t have any locations to go to outside of the level list. XP

            Um, I don’t really think Silver’s fight in Soleanna town has anything to do with your OPINION. Some ppl might not like Kingdom Valley first off. Secondly, he didn’t fight him there so no I would not want the fight to take place there. I would like the locations to stay in their original spots. Also… epic location? What’s “epic” about it? (Both in the actual meaning and the fake misused meaning of the world I don’t see it) And Soleanna is grey and more cultural. Rooftop Ron is a slight bit more modernized and has a color scheme. I don’t think it’s fair to say London and Italy look too much alike. lol

          5. @Lunar
            I like the idea, except I’d want 1 level from all 3 eras.

            Like the Ice Pack (lol “ice pack”) I’d want:
            Classic Ice Cap, Adventure Ice Cap, Modern Cool Edge, Egg Lynx
            Tropic Pack: Angel Island, Emerald Coast, Jungle Joyride, and whatever boss etc lol

          6. …well if it is the Sonic 2 version, then at least we get COOL MUSIC!! I love the theme for Death Egg Zone, except that as soon as you face silver sonic, the music’s over ๐Ÿ™

            But I still hope its 3&K Boss, reguardless of what u said about that writer! XD

          7. @FoxBoy
            First I dont think its right time to discuss about word “epic” I dont even remember when people started using it in its current “internet” meaning.
            Well some people may dislike KV. I liked but I respect your opinion. And its not like I dont like Soleana. I like it more then Rooftop Run. It reminds me of Venice and I really like its architecture. They really can make this fight spectacular even if its in Soleana (wchich is good place to do so)

            I disagre about DLC level theme packs. I think adding 2 stages and boss per era will be enough. But 3 ice staged would be stupid and will show how similiar they can be. I think we should wait for full game to come out and then discuss DLC ๐Ÿ™‚

          8. Oh and just to let you know guys. I changed my nick to HUNTER297. I use this nick almost everywhere.

          9. @SA3 2011
            I wasn’t discussing it. There is no discussion to be made. It was a statement and a true one at that. And since the word was used, it’s actually the most proper time to mention it.

            Thank you for.. uhh.. respecting my opinion. But that’s not my opinion. I don’t dislike KV. I said that Silver’s fight is in Soleanna Town and that’s where it will be in Generations. I see no reason why they would make a game about taking things from previous games and revamping them and randomly take a fight and put it in a different location. That’s like having the Egg Pawns in Green Hill and the GUN truck in Speed Highway. That doesn’t make sense. If they’re taking the stage City Escape and revamping it, you’d expect it to look like an upgraded version of City Escape. If you’re talking a Silver boss fight where Soleanna town is the location you’d expect the one in Generations to be the same only upgraded. That’s not an opinion. That’s consistency. It’s not like there’s a Rooftop Sanctuary stage in the game that has features from both Sky Sanctuary and Rooftop Run meshed together. o_O I’m not saying the idea wouldn’t be cool just it’s doesn’t follow the theme of the game.

            “I disagre about DLC level theme packs. I think adding 2 stages and boss per era will be enough.” That’s actually MORE than what I said. I was talking about ONE stage per era. There’s THREE eras in this game. Classic/Retro, DreamCast/Adventure and Modern/NextGen. Thus, 1 stage per era is 3 stages total. And since it’s DLC, I don’t see why adding a single stage is “too much”. It may be enough to satisfy you but it doesn’t mean that more to offer for those who want more is a bad thing. What is there to disagree about there? >.>

            And really? “But 3 ice staged would be stupid”. What a good way to represent yourself. “I respect your opinions and all, but your idea is stupid. I like mine better.”. First off, they’re Ice Stages. No shit they’re similar. Secondly, it’d show something all 3 eras had in common and how it changed over time. Because I don’t know if you’ve thought about all 3 of those stages, but they’re NOT that similar at all. One is in the arctic caves of glaciers and surrounded by mountains and water. The other is IN the mountains and caves in mountains surrounded by snow, and the other is across small glaciers in the middle of arctic waters. Cool Edge is similar to Ice Cap Zone but even then it’s still pretty different. There are other stages besides just Ice too that are less similar.

            And what a good idea. Let’s discuss DLC after we find out whether there is or not.

            Sorry for the rant just geez. No offense. x_X

        2. @ FoxBoy
          I see what you’re going at but it would be better to have one Classic, One Modern and a boss. After all, we don’t want ST working too hard : p

          1. Fuck DLC!! I hate buying a 60 dollar game that we had to buy more stuff after it, All companys need to stop doing that its a waste of their time!

          2. @haloteen – ” we had to buy more stuff ” Who says you HAVE to buy DLC? If you dont want to, then dont. And DLC isnt a waste of time. Your just mad because you have to pay for DLC. If you dont have the money, then DONT buy it. No one is forcing you to. Geez man, you say your 17, but you act so immature…

          3. @ haloteen100
            Dude…no one is making you buy it. Its a choice if you wanna buy it. The whole point of DLC is the developers taking their own time to add extra content for you, there is no such thing as free stuff my friend especially when hard work has been put into making it.

          4. Well haloten mean that majority of devs. just cut content from game and relase it as DLC. Thats not good gut have you played RDR Undead Nightmare? Whole new campaign in Zombie wild west setting while full game was wild west. And it costed 10$ (I think I pay in PLN) so there are good DLCs.

          5. @ Haloteen100 Agreed, i miss the days when they gave us full games, now were buying half unfinished games, but Rickyrick has great points, you don’t have to buy the DLC if you don’t want to, but problem is say they release a DLC of ice cap a level we want? we have to spend ยฃ4 for a level that lasts for like 3mins? but the thing is, DLC is already on the game were just buying a coding to activate them to play them, DLC should be free like the Joker DLC for batman arkham asylum

          6. Well not really. DLC is EXTRA stuff they make money for. They’ve made larger DLC before. Besides I get that it’s only Classic and Modern Sonic, but I don’t see why they’d count the history in 3 eras and then not include all 3 eras in the EXTRA STUFF! It’s supposed to be EXTRA.

            It’s not like we’re talking about making DLC for as many levels as there are in the game itself, each of which consists of 5 acts might I remind you. Gah, it’s only ONE extra level. I just don’t see why if you want LESS then how it could be a problem to have ONE LEVEL FOR ALL 3 ERAS instead of TWO LEVELS FOR ONLY TWO OUT OF THREE ERAS.

            You realize what I’m saying right? You want less, and somehow 4 dlc levels is less than 3? I’m talking about including all 3 eras instead of just two and everyone’s saying it’s a bad idea cuz somehow asking for 3 different stages is too much compared to asking for 4 stages where 2 of similar and the other 2 are similar. x_X

          7. @haloteen100
            The hell you talking about? DLC is EXTRA stuff. You buy the game you got all you need. DLC is for extras if you want to buy extras. Hell even if the stuff we’d normally have as DLC is actually IN the game I’d still hope there’d be DLC just so there can be more than what I already have just in case I want more. What the hell are you people smoking? lol

            And aren’t some DLC DownLoad Content? And are actually… oh idk…DOWNLOADED onto your 360? As in they’re files that are added to your 360 and activated by the disc? Just saying. Not much of a download if you’re not actually downloading anything.

          8. @haloteen100
            I know instead of having to download stuff they should have a combo pack kinda thing where if you want the the extras it’s right there and if you don’t they should have that too. I like the extras but what are you going to do if you don’t internet or wifi or something of that nature then your basically SOL until you get internet. (I have internet but just saying).. But if you have the console that it’s coming out for for you should be able to afford the internet if you don’t have it already. Hopefully it come’s out for PC

          9. @Rickyrick
            Just like alot of people they want the extras, doesn’t mean they have the internet or can afford it. Just like what I said to haloteen they should have a combo pack with it where if you want the extras it’s right there on another disc, if you don’t want them then don’t get the combo pack

          10. @HUNTER297
            It’s kinda like it’s cut or it just didn’t make to the disc due to the lack of space so they make it where you still get it you just have to download it (read the comments I posted above)

  13. Too awesome! I can’t wait to hear what the HD remixes will sound like. I like the theme of C.P.Z. On the 16 bit, It’s very catchy, after 5 minutes of trying to make through the second level without dying I have to turn it down.

    1. They were released early Friday morning. I was only 1 day late with them. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who actively posts news on the site and I can’t be around all of the time, so sometimes things won’t be posted up until a day later I’m afraid. We TSS writers don’t get paid for this, and we have lives outside of Sonic.

  14. If you have been on youtube and been lookin up stuff for this game you’ve probably heard the “official” song for SG (Tenderoni-Kele). Which has nothing even remotely close to the theme of it. The theme should be ‘Land of Confusion.’

    1. What the hell are you talking about? Most people already know SEGA used Tenderoni for the GHZ gameplay trailer. Big deal. They used the song Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance for the City Escape gameplay trailer. Is it the closing theme to Sonic Generations now? NOOOO.

      The theme hasn’t been revealled yet. Only the title screen theme. lol

      1. That’s kinda what I’m sayin nothing has been officialized and yet D.A.’s on youtube are saying it’s official which it’s not!!! but I’m just saying land of confusion would be a good theme but the thing is SEGA makes new songs for the sonic games

        1. What the fuck? You want Disturbed/Genesis to make a Sonic theme song? And you want a song that sucks to be the theme of a Sonic game that is bringing a epic dose of nostalgia?

          1. Hey Back off that song is more awesome than you plus who said about using disturbed/Genesis’s version for the theme. I’m just saying that land of confusion would go good with the theme. maybe they could use it in the credits like speak with your heart from sonic colors

          2. I have a feeling the ending credits are going to be Sonic’s past credits music from the older games, remixed of course.

  15. I guess Sonic wikia was right, Classic Sonic is skipping happily through Chemical Plant Zone like a normal day while Modern Sonic has to do a speed run through Eggmanland Beta XDD
    Am I the only one who notices that Chemical Plant Zone for modern Sonic will feature many things that Dragon Road and Aquarium Park had from the sky dive to the mixture of roads. Maybe its the next chapter in there history run <3 Cute

  16. This is why badniks>than todays enemies. I do like Egg pawns but they are getting monotonous.
    Good to see new life being brought to both spiny and grabber.

    1. Well in recent games they’ve been mixing it up which I like best. I find badniks as silly and stupid. I don’t hate them but they’re almost useless in a 3D game unless they revamp them like in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic 06. If they do THAT then cool. =)

      But I like what they did in SA2 and Colors most. And Generations best of all. Showing every category of enemy robot! 030

      Seriously, We are gonna fight 4 sets of old badniks (Sonic 1, 2, 3&k ad SA1), then we’re gonna fight Gun robots. Then we’re gonna fight variations of Egg Pawns! Then we’re gonna fight Iblis monsters! (so it’s not JUST robots 8D) then we’re gonna fight Egg Fighters! Then in Colors we’re gonna fight Egg Constructi-pawns and maybe modern badniks! lol

      I heard a Spinner or whatever they’re called will be in the game too. Now I just realized what stage they were everywhere in. 8D

  17. When I went to go buy the sonic toy that Gamestop is sailing now each characterย had a pic of a stage behind them like tails had planet whips sonic had speed highway those were the only ones I saw so that’s means speed highway & planet whips are confirmed.

  18. The more and more I look at this, the more I realize I’m going to fail pretty badly.

    I never beat the classics, and the newer modern games I’m…Not so good at. It’s like a curse or something. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, but I’m a little worried XD I hope they give out a lot of lives!

    Lord knows I needed them in Unleashed. Yet, I was fine in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow…Hmm…I’m sensing a trend.

  19. I’m pretty sure that the grabber was ALOT smaller then it is now. Knowing that I’m going to get grabbed by that thing, and saying that, I know I would yell: WHERE’S TAILS WHEN YOU NEED HIM?!


  21. Why does it seem like CS can survive in lava (as long as you have rings) but modern sonic can’t

  22. Something that bugs me is when people say that this maybe the official version of whatever. But in the one that’s in the link is chemical plant zone. But I’m glad that he didn’t say official and put a ? instead. But there not gonna use that. maybe somewhat close to it but not that specific one for copywrite reasons

  23. @Hunter297

    how can u be so sure?

    Kindom Valley was neither leaked nor did Sonic fought Silver there.

    Heโ€™ll probably fight Sonic in Crisis City, since thatโ€™s his home and it would look more epic having a fight (or chase) located in such a dangerous area filled with lots of stuff that can kill u instantly. Tho i have to say, Kindom Valley did seem a little interesting.

  24. Classic Sonic’s stage reminds me of the original chemical plant.
    Modern Sonic’s look a one sick roller coaster ride!

  25. Who thinks that what nintendo should have done with the 3ds is have the analog slide pad thing and the d-pad switch places like the way it is ion the psp. It’s just weird how you use the d-pad on the bottom and not on the top like what your used to on the older ds’s not that they had a slide pad

    1. They shouldnt switch places. I agree, it feels a bit weird because its on the bottom now, but you just have to get use to it. The Circle-Pad is on top, because in most of the 3ds games, your going to be exploring/moving around in 3D enviornments.

      1. same thing for the psp but the slide pad is still on the bottom and the d-pad on the top

  26. When are we gonna see a music video-style trailer to the game’s theme song? We all know how Unleashed and Colors went down, we know what’s coming.

    1. When are they gonna come with a new trailer with the theme song or just for stardust speedway and chemical plant

  27. NO.
    Why did they have to add the freakin’ underwater block puzzle>
    This is going to be a looooooooooooooooong level (for me, that is)

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