Classic Metal Sonic Revealed



Today on Facebook and Twitter, Sega revealed an HD rendering of classic Metal Sonic as he will look in the upcoming game “Sonic Generations”. Metal Sonic returns as a classic boss that Sonic will face in the game. Ah, but which Sonic will face him? That is still unknown. Outside of the image, no other details have been posted.

Here’s classic Metal Sonic in full HD glory. “Strange, isn’t it?” Errr…..not really.




  1. i garuntee its the race from Sonic CD.
    all i ask is that when the fighting Shadow part arrives, u face him as Modern Sonic. then i will be happy!

    1. dude if the race was there shouldent there be like a zone based on that level :/ ?

        1. Maybe the boss fight is in fact, the level (wishing hoping) with the aim being to beat Metal Sonic. And this not listen because it’s technically a boss fight xD

    2. Let’s just hope that it’s Stardust Speedway that Sonic faces Metal Sonic in. SEGA would have to be pretty stupid to not include one of the most memorable bosses (or races) from any Sonic game, because revamping this in HD for both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic would be unforgettable.

      1. It’d be awesome to have both Classic and Modern Sonic encounter Classic Metal, and then have Metal Overlord leap up out of the ground beneath Classic Metal, striking fear into their enemies. Metal Overlord then falls to pieces revealing Modern Metal in his Neo Form as they both challenge the Sonics to a race/boss battle. the race begins as a tag-team effort, with the Classics racing towards the checkpoints only to trade-off with the Moderns as they begin to duke it out with one-another on floating road pieces that are accelerating forward. this isn’t like a traditional boss battle because the player has to try to defeat Metal Sonic in the prescribed time limit before crossing the finishline and saving the 2nd-to-last of both Modern and Classic Sonics’ friends: Modern Amy Rose and Classic Amy Rose, who in a moment manage to go over and thank their heroes… not knowing that Modern Amy was snuggling against Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic was looking down at Classic Amy hugging him before exchanging looks at one-another followed by a fade to black

    3. Unfortunately some images of Chemical Plant Zone were released as-well recently or today, and they show the Metal Sonic boss is going to be at Chemical Plant Zone. : (

    1. Problem is, Metal Sonic was also a boss in Sonic Heroes. I think…Didn’t finish that game. That being said, Metal turned into a giant machine monster, sooooo…I’m going to go with Classic on this one.

    1. That would be awesome! Even if only in a cut scene. I loved that move in Sonic CD, it just looked cool.

  2. Doesn’t really look that different to “modern” Metal Sonic, except the larger torso makes him look like a chibi

  3. Odd how years of technological advancements and design changes and Metal was the only one who stayed the same. Hell, he’s even more retro ever; look at that metallic gut, so cute πŸ˜›

    I wonder if they’ll ever give Metal Sonic a decent, modern re-design that doesn’t look like some bad fan-art and isn’t wasted on cutscenes. Yeah, and I guess they’ll bring back Mighty too πŸ˜€

    1. Mighty is on a “missing” poster in the City Escape stage. It looks like that’s as close to an appearance as it can get.

    2. Someone needs glasses, Metal Sonic has changed from height, to system, to hell…his cute little jet pack. If he wants to beat sonic, he can’t keep using the same thing.

  4. Are we assuming only one Sonic or the other will face a boss per zone? If so, it wouldn’t make much sense for Modern Sonic to face Metal Sonic.

    1. No, Siliconera reported that Famitsu said that, but no scans of the magazine or announcement from SEGA have hit the net to 100% confirm it yet.

      1. I think Famitsu is pretty reliable source and lets not forget there are 11 rival cutscenes (we know from the demo leak) so there are 3 rival battles even if 2 per boss are covered (intro, outro) then still there is at least one scene extra per rival so maybe sonic transition and we still have 2 extra cutscenes so I am pretty sure bosses will be battled by 2 sonics at once.

        1. It doesn’t have to be a transition ya know. They can probably fight them at different points. They don’t have to fight them at the same time πŸ™‚

          1. Thats what I mean. By transitions I mean that for example. You beat metal as modern and then transition scene where he flees and classic pursute him (or classic defeat and modern pursute) and then we play as classic.

          2. Sorry, I didn’t explain my post right. Your probably right though πŸ™‚ As for the Shadow Fight, I’m gonna be skeptical on how the Rival Cutscenes go. I mean, they shouldn’t make Shadow look like the loser. Maybe after your done fighting Shadow, it just shows a cutscene of them BOTH being tired, instead of one falling. I mean cmon, 2 Sonic’s v.s. Shadow= Shadow Winning. Just one Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, rings being taken off, or Chaos Spear can damage them badly. I just hope SEGA makes Sonic’s friends shine at one point, other than just C. And M. Sonic.

  5. I found it strange how people are ignoring my link confirming that both Sonics face Metal Sonic. -_-

  6. I think this is total BS!!!! This is what I found off of wikpedia. The game better not be a mess when it comes out…

    “SEGA has just revealed Classic Metal Sonic artwork, along with the fact that he will appear as the boss for Chemical Plant (Also confirming this level), and that the boss/rival fight will be based on the Sonic CD fight.”

  7. I never played CD that much, but wasnt Metal Sonic’s eyes Grey? And is Stardust Speedway really THAT good of a Zone?

    1. Well it is the zone where one of the most loved villains in the entire Sonic series first appeared so yeah, it is pretty good.

    2. Damn, I want things I want:
      1.Sonic/Amy scenes
      2.All classic version of characters
      3.360/PS3:Stardust Speedway, Ice Cap, Starlight, Metal Harbor, Flying Battery, Palmtree Panic, Eggmanland, Starlight Carvinal, Kingdom Valley, Emerald Coast, Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion, Central City, GUN Fortress, Launch Base, and few more DLC stages
      3DS: Green Hill, Casino Night, Angel Island, Music Plant, Route 66, Leaf Forest, Plant Kingdom
      4.More bosses: most are Eggman/Robotnik
      5.More cutscenes like 93

      1. Why do I get the feeling that when the game comes out, you’ll be throwing a HUGE tantrum on the floor?

      2. Well, I can’t say I didn’t love Sonic and Amy in Unleashed…But I don’t know if she’ll be more involved or not.

        As for stages, they probably won’t add too many. What we see is what we get, most likely. I didn’t look at the spoilers so my knowledge is limited (so PLEASE don’t spoil anything), but I do hope at least maybe Black Comet will make an appearance. That stage was hectic, but fun…Even if Sonic made it horribly annoying (lol, he was so STUPID in that game…I wish I could have shot him).

        I have to say this though; 93 CUTSCENES? Why would you want that?!? I love cutscenes, yeah, but when you have like 30 minutes of it…It’s a little much. Bad idea. Very very bad idea. It’d chop up the game and annoy people that just want to play…Especially since you can’t really skip them the first time.

          1. Hahaha I remember annoying my brother by constantly popping into te room every 5mins while he played Metal Gear Solid 4 and asking him if he was actually playing yet, yea that game had too many cutscenes

        1. I’m pretty sure he meant more cutscenes like 1993. Sonic 3 had “cutscenes” and I think those are the style cutscenes he wants.

      3. Who gives a !@#$ about Amy now? You honestly wanna hear Minnie Mouse talk to Needle Mouse? lol I wasn’t pleased to see Jason leave Sonic’s role but Roger is good enough and isn’t worth complaining about because he’s at least decent. Amy on the other hand is the worst VA I’ve ever seen to portray a character (And that’s pretty pathetic due to how many different games I play XD). Also, 93 cutscences? Might as well make it over 9000 lol

      4. I doubt half of that stuff you want will be in the game, Sega seem to finally put less story more gameplay thanks to colours, For now theres only 9 worlds and 10 bosses, 2 acts for classic and modern which = 4 levels in the 9 worlds plus boss so thats 5. you’ll never see Pure focused Sonic/Amy scenes Sega don’t want sonic to get in a relationship etc because it would ruin sonics character as they stated, Ice cap might be in 3DS version but who knows, If there really is less in this game i hope its worth it, if it aint then Sega just rushed out Generations, because so far i get a feeling its going to be complained at By Reviews for short length etc. I hate DLC its just a cheap way to not finish a game, we shouldn’t have to pay for extra content back the in the golden era of gaming, the games were the full thing, now we pay like Β£35 – Β£40 for half a game only to spend Β£4 or more for the rest of the game :/

        1. I think the information we saw that was spoilers way to see the full game , the information was right but unfinished, and Ricky if you read my comment saying that it is finished or confirmed no offense but your a dumass.

          1. Haloteen, I don’t know what the heck you are talking about, and I don’t like saying this word, but fuck you. If you’re 17 like you say you are, then how about you start acting like one huh?

  8. *Sigh* Sonic Generation’s is dissapointing me more and more… They are using levels in the game the staff picked rather than fan favorites… Like how a president and his public want something but the office get’s what it want’s… Where is Starlight Zone? Where is the first zone from Sonic 3? What about Robotniks factory zones from 1 and 2? Where are the Space Colony Ark levels? What about the beach stage from the first adventure and the lost world from that game as well? What about the train chase level from 06?

    1. I believe the stages were chosen after observations and/or polls on fans’ favourite stages from each game. The zones with the most attention were then put into the game regardless of how varied they were.

  9. You may have a classic counterpart that knows what I’m gonna do, but that’s not gonna help you because I have a classic counterpart that Knows What You’re Gonna Do! STTRRRRRaaaNNNHGEEGEGE Isn’t IITT111111!!!!

    *sees classic metalsonic render*

    >.> <.<………GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  10. I am 21 years old, I’m biggest Sonic fan since 1990s. SEGA will proof Sonic and Amy will be together in this game.
    I can feel it. I have wonder dream with them, but don’t gave me wrong I am super Sonic fan. I will get this game for my Xbox 360.

      1. LOL. I agree with Axi. Go away Ryan, no one wants to hear anything about Sonic and Amy together.

        1. Wtf this guy isn’t fucking 21, just look at all of the incorrect sentences/grammar. Get a life.

    1. R.I.P English language.

      I would like to see Sonic and Amy get together as well, but odds are that they won’t. Think about it: Sonic is a free spirited character, always on the run, and loving his freedom. If he got together with Amy, that would mean him giving up some of his freedom. And I don’t think he’s willing to do that.

  11. LOL Nice Heroes Reference πŸ˜€ Err..Not Really….come on whenever Metal Sonic’s invovled it always means Trouble >:|

    Wow Classic Metal Sonic looks so cool, shiny and evil looking as ever >:D

    Hopefully a CD Zone should appear…Never got to play that game as much as the others….

  12. If both Sonics face him, I’m curious to see what they will do for Modern Sonic. Maybe an upgraded, more modern-looking model of Metal? Anyway I really like this model, classic.

    Also, I find it odd how the leaked lists showed 7 boss encounters even though there are apparently going to be 9 zones. Wouldn’t that kinda leave two zones without boss battles? Maybe we’ll get two surprise bosses when it gets closer to release.

      1. now that i think about it. we get to battle Metallix twice, the first being is Sky Sanctuary Zone and as you may recall we battled Super Metallix at the end of Sky Sanctuary (even though Knuckles battled the Super form while Sonic & Tails battled the Normal form. Second time would be at the end of Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes, since we have the Metallix Overlord to contend with.

    1. I am pretty sure bosses will have their own zones.
      Metal: Stardust Speedway
      Death Egg: Duh…
      Shadow: ARK
      Perfect Chaos:Destroyed Station Square
      Silver: Kingdom Valley or Crisis City (I know its exception but I really want him in Crisis City. I always thought you should battle him there in 06)
      EGG Dragon: Derbis falling into Earth Core
      Time Eater: Time Space Rift (some kind of)
      SPOILER END!!!

      And BTW I really like classic Metal model.

      1. I agree it would be cool if we had one extra stage before each boss battle. I’m not exactly getting my hopes up, but that would be a good way to compensate for having less bosses than zones.

      2. Death Egg ROBO. Nobody read the whole thing because the picture at Sonic Retro had the side chopped off.

      3. Sonic never fought Silver in Kingdom Valley nor Crisis City, so it might take place in the Soleanna Castle Town instead. As for the Egg Dragoon, well there isn’t exactly much footing in the Earth’s core for Modern Sonic which is why the Werehog was better suited for that fight; for that reason, I’ve been thinking: What if, the Egg Dragoon boss takes place in space aboard Eggman’s space fleet from the Sonic Unleashed opening cutscene? That would be awesome.

          1. I really hope they don’t bring the werheog back. Surely they must have realized how much so many people hated that thing.

          2. @Greg
            Some people hate Amy (Flameshield up!) I hate her but I accept that some people like her.
            Silver, Shadow and Blaze are my favourite characters (along with Sonic) but mainly retro fand hate them but I am happy some people like them.

            The point is it doesnt matter if we dont like werehog. He is part of the franchaise now. Just give him cameo such as his life icon to be shown in classic level and I am ok. (Yes I hated him but I accept cameo)

          3. @SA3 2011
            I see what ya mean, there are classic fans and modern fans, all different types. I would actually be fine with Werehog making a cameo, but I personally wouldn’t want to play as him.
            The same goes for a lot of the characters. For example, I don’t hate Big as a character, but I wouldn’t want to PLAY as him. I just dislike a lot of the more modern characters because I am forced to play as them in gameplay styles inferior to Sonic. And some are just lame and tacked on, like Chip and the human characters.
            My personal favorites are Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. I consider them the only necessary trio. But if the need arises, I don’t mind Shadow, Rouge, and Omega every now and then. But pretty much everone else besides that is unnecessary in my opinion.

          4. @Greg
            I think at some points new writers are really lazy I mean Yacker for example. I hope “happy tree friends” wont write anything more after Genetarions.

            Ane about characters. I understand you but we hqbent seen Tails and Knux in new formula but I would love to see them.
            I always thought of game where are 6 playables each with unique abilities but no alternative gameplay. Those are the characters:
            Why those?
            In my opinion those characters have speed (ST can just give Silver more speed) and special abilities that will make their levels unique but eliminate alternative gameplay problem. Besides only those characters have that much unique abilities (2nd three can have lots of undiscovere powers) to make game unique.

            I know that in classics they have only one unique ability per character but its 3D era we can make great things using not only tails flyint ability but for example use his inventions.
            While other characters that arent on list should be story characters and maybe give them some sub missions with alternative gameplay but make it unescasary to finish them.

          5. @SA3 2011
            I would have to politely disagree about the Happy Tree Friends writers. I thought they were MUCH better than the other writing staff in the series history. For the first time in forever, I laughed at lines that were SUPPOSED to be funny, instead of laughing because something was so bad. And Yacker didn’t really bother me because he didn’t really talk or annoy me, he just was a guy who needed help saving his friends.
            As for all the other characters, I think they should go back to doing what Sonic 2, 3, and Knuckles did: let you choose to be a different character, but not require it. That way the people who like all the extras will be satisfied, and the purists who just want Sonic can ignore the option and play how they want. I think that would be a good way to make everybody happy when the next big title comes along.

        1. @NauseousPenguin:

          There was also the normal Sonic life icon and the Sun/Moon Medal icons. Those were just leftovers from Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Team has done things like that since Sonic 2; Sonic 2 was built from Sonic 1. They’re simply doing the same thing to Generations from Unleashed, since it’s running on the same Engine as Unleashed. They won’t be likely to appear in Generations.

        2. I know but those are just my ideas. They can make Soleana Castle Town epic. Just imagine that Silver fly high in the air putting up all derbis from arena and throws it at you. You run at those when ne throws smaller things on you and when you are close he goes down with his fist hitting the ground creating huge wave of psychokinesis energy spreading derbis around arena thats your chance to attack.

          Imagine this in 3D!

      4. OH WOW, for these couple of weeks I’ve been thinking the Egg Dragoon was a different boss until you said Falling into the earths core xD Curse my slow brain ;c I do wish Mephilis and Dark Gaia was a boss though ;c;

        1. Maybe Mephiles could be a Boss for 3DS? πŸ˜› that is, if the 3DS will have Rivals/boss characters.

          1. Well it does have Big Arm boss so only time will tell. Seems like everyone has their eyes set for that glorious HD orgasmic PS3/360 version xD
            Personally……I wouldn’t be surprised if Mephilis turned out to be the Time Eater, he seems like a Shadow version of Metal Sonic, never giving up.

          2. I’d like to see the Werehog return I for one enjoyed playing Sonic in his Dark form I’d like him to gain it back and I think it should be included I’d like to see the Werehog return only for the Egg Dragoon Bosss cause it’s much more fitting IMO

            Mephiles and Dark Gaia would have been perfect bosses for this game too πŸ˜€ man some many good bosses and levels didn’t make the cut…That’s the only disappointment I have with this game…:( Oh well

          3. @ Truesonic
            I feel your pain but the game is turning out well.
            There is a chance Boss battles might hop on the DLC wagon ;p
            *-* Perfect Dark Gaia + Solaris Phase 2 = Ultimate Boss battle
            c_c What if thats what the Time Eater is….oh lawd

          4. Holy Cow…THAT WOULD BE SO EPIC 0_0 WOW and I hope your right we definitely NEED SOME DLC I missed out a chance for Unleashed and ASR DLC I wonder if it’s still avaliable probably not…:(

          5. @Truesonic
            I dont think they will remake solaris phase 2 in any DLC.
            Dont get me wrong this battle is 1st in my personal ranking of most epic battles in Sonic Games but I think without 3 hedgehogs this wont be the same. The thing that you could alternate beetwen charcters in this battle and its music oh and that feeling that you are fighting with ultimate time god or even time itself made this battle epic so I would say no if there are no 3 hedgehogs there.

          6. @SA3 2011

            But what if combined with dark gaia it would turn into a Holy Devil boss… O.o

            Though it sounds epic and it probably won’t happen….I still think we should have least have DLC which = more levels and bosses

  13. Meal Sonic was never this short. Atleast, I never thought of him as this short. Didn’t like it at first, but then I realized that Classic Sonic is really short in this game. So it makes sense for it two to be the same height. So for that I accpet it. If Modern Sonic’s faces Metal then it should be Neo Metal Sonic. (< Love Him)


    1. PREMATURE POST RELEASE. I meant to say…

      Man, with his “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE SONIC” routine, Metals’ circuits are going to melt when he sees TWO other Sonics…

      1. that would be the comedy part to Generations covered then, Metal Sonic freaking out because he can see 2 sonics LOL

  14. Metal looks so shiney and clean, eggmans used either mr sheen or cillit bang

    Eggman: “Get aload of this, Bang and the dirt is gone, Look what it does to my robot, good as new”
    anyway its cool to see Metal again, Metal deserves more game time as hes the longest surviving of eggmans Badniks.

    1. XD nice use of “Get a load of this!” I can actually picture a cutscene like that being brodcasted on tv(in Sonic’s world) and then Cream and Cheese are watching tv, then she tells Sonic about that robot, then Sonic is on the lookout for Metal, then they meet in chemical/stardust. Lol

  15. Metal sonic never looked cute, why do they make him appear like that? No matter the model is cool anyway πŸ˜€

  16. What’s with all the “I’m a Sonic fan and a big gamer but I’ve never played Sonic CD” comments on all the different forums. Back in the day Mega-CD’s were hard to come by and weren’t that popular but these days its a dime a dozen for a PC copy on eBay and you can patch it to work on the latest versions of Windows. It’s also in the Sonic Gems Collection on PS2 and Gamecube, and if your a big gamer or a big Sonic fan, and you aren’t just starting out this console generation then you must at least have had a PS2 or a Gamecube. No excuses you “big Sonic fans”!! Go buy it and play it! Was an awesome game, your missing out!

    1. Lol. I can’t even remember the first Sonic game I played. I remember I had a Dreamcast, but can’t remember if I played Sonic Adventure or Sonic Adventure 2 first haha. Then I got a Gamecube and got a big load of Sonic games πŸ™‚ I got DX, 2Battle, Mega Collection, Gems Collection, Riders, and Heroes lol.(Best Gamecube game IMO is Super Mario Sunshine, and Luigi’s Mansion) I never really appreciated the classics until a few years later. SEGA sure has come a looooonnnnngg way, and I hope they continue to make the blue blurr for years! πŸ™‚

      1. I remember i saw Sonic 1 on display in a local retail chain that has since gone bust here in New Zealand and i was hooked ever since. My grandma brought me a Mega Drive in 1992 and it came with Sonic 2 and a Sonic plush toy, was an awesome xmas that’s for sure. When Sonic 3 came out i saved up for 5 weeks doing odd jobs around the house and mowing the lawns to afford the $99 NZ that it cost. Then for one of my birthdays following my Mum and Dad got me a Mega CD, 2nd hand from some guy selling it in the paper. Came with Sonic CD and Ecco the Dolphin and some car game that was all FMV sequences that you had to press the right button at the right time in the movie to not crash. I could go on, but as you can see i have been doing the collecting thing and playing Sonic since i was quite young, i am proud to have grown up during Sonic’s hayday when he took Mario’s crown if only for a short time. πŸ˜€

      2. well i almost played every sonic game, the only sonic game i always wanted to try is sonic CD because alot of people say its fun and a good game

    1. I am writing this from hospital, because those screen caps made me have a Sonic induced heart failure.
      If i am not out of here before November i will hold you accountable.
      That is all.

        1. Oh, no, it is finished. Having Metal Sonic in Stardust Speedway doesn’t mean we’ll have the whole stage. I think each boss may have its own place, which will be places we’ve been to in the past. I would risk a few guesses, but somebody complained about the spoilers and I respect that.

    I did some calculations because my cousin reminded me of one interview with Aron Webber.
    He said that you can play up to 80% of the game with one Sonic but at least 20% with another.
    So if leak says there are 9 stages +6 bosses (+final boss but that later) this makes 15 stages.
    All right before we end: this confirms one of two things: we battle bosses as both sonics or as one sonic so no multiple bosses sadly but combined with Famitsu info this nearly confirms both sonics in boss battle so lets proced.

    Lets assume that half of boss battle is one sonic and other half is other. To make it easier every sonic get 3 points.
    So if we play only modern stages and defeat the bosses we actually have 12 points for modern and 3 for classic.
    Whh is it important? Because 12/15 is 80% and 3/15 is 20%!
    Final boss is probably fought by both sonics so it makes 0 and calculation is correct.

      1. Those are really simple maths really… You didnt understand?
        Ok long story short sonics will have exclusive bosses or both sonic will battle boss in one boss fight.

        I personally hope both sonics will battle bosses.

  18. Dude, it’s funny they call this Classic Metal Sonic since Metal Sonic was pretty much Unchanged until like the Modern Era… or even in MID-Modern Era (I’m talking about Sonic Heroes onward since in Heroes when Metal changes back to normal he looks pretty much like THIS.)

    Actually, to be fair, Metal Sonic was a darker blue and this looks more like Adventure Metal, or even Modern Metal who was lighter blue. lol

    Seriously, the only redesign they gave him was like All-Stars Racing and the Olympic Games when they gave him some detail. XD Anyhoo, this is cool. But is it really a model? Or is it GGI artwork? o0

    PS: There’s only 2 bosses with Metal.
    1: Sonic CD Stardust Speedway Boss/Race
    2: Sonic Heroes Metal Madness/Overlord.

    I’m thinking it’s gonna be the first one and possible with Classic Sonic. I doubt it’d be both, but if so, cool. And if it turns out to be Modern Sonic, cooler! It’d be funny to see them switch places. XD (Sonic Boost vs Metal Sonic Boost. 0.0)

    1. I’m actually rubbing my chin on how these boss battles work. After you beat a stage, are you warpped to another point in time where the boss battles starts. If so, in the Sonic Heroes stage what if it transported you to Final Fortress where you faced off in a race against Neo Metal Sonic.
      Remember, Metal Madness/Overlord does out class Sonic, even x2.
      Another thing that bothers me is bosses like Perfect Chaos and Egg Dragoon. Transformations needed or new game mechanics to take them down o.o Only time will tell especially with guys that big.

  19. This just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?!

    *TSSZnews discovered that both versions of Sonic will be fighting Metal Sonic.

    1. Look at the screenshots again. YES that is Stardust Speedway. The article shows off 3 things: Metal Sonic Race in Stardust Speedway, Chemical Plant Zone, and 3DS Special Stage. That link is to a Sonic Wiki that can be edited by just about anyone, and has no credibility without a sure source.

      1. You had better take a good long look again. that is not stardust speedway that is chemical plant, the original chemical plant zone boss has been replaced by the Metallix Boss Race from Sonic CD. that particular part of chemical plant was modded so the race could occur in the zone. I’m very very sorry to say, but everyones hopes got up and now has been shot down, there will be no stardust speedway at all in this game.

        1. Okay… the boss fight may take place after Chemical Plant, but the background, the ground you stand on, everything about the arena you fight Metal Sonic in is Stardust Speedway. I’m not saying that there’s going to be an entire Stardust Speedway level, but Stardust Speedway is still in the game during the Metal Sonic rival fight. It takes place after Chemical Plant, it’s labeled Metal Sonic, but we all know that it takes place in Stardust Speedway. It only takes place WHILE you’re playing in Chemical Plant Zone, that doesn’t mean it takes place IN Chemical Plant Zone.

          Look at this comparison I made for anyone still in doubt.

        2. nonono it is stardust i forgot that 3ds has difrent levels who knows if we get stardust for 3ds

        1. What if…now stay with me on this. The boss of Green Hill Zone is M/C Sonic depending on who you play as when they first meet. A battle against yourself before working together ;U Thats all I have on the top of my head, I wouldn’t be surprised what they came up with.

  20. Sorry that we’ve not posted about Famitsu’s Chemical Plant Zone reveal and the screenshots that came with it; we’re not ignoring you guys. As you might know from the past, we at TSS can’t post scans up, as we’ve had the magazine publishers on our backs when we have posted scans before. So basically, right now there’s not really any point in reporting about the zone and the other stuff in right now until SEGA release some proper screenshots online, which will hopefully be soon.

    1. Woops. That last sentence should have been “So basically, there’s not really any point in reporting about the zone and the other stuff in there right now until SEGA release some proper screenshots online, which will hopefully be soon.”

      1. Dont worry Shadzter we understand. Hopefully SEGA will relase something official soon. Besides everyone who wanted to see those screenshots probably already seen them on some forums.
        Keep up the good work and post official high res. Screens when avlaible guys πŸ™‚

    2. Hi, I looked at the screenshots and after closely examing at the screens with Metal Sonic and the Chemical Plant, they are in fact 2 new different zones because of the backgrounds. The one with Metal is most likely Stardust Speedway. Thanks.

  21. The more important question right now is, will they have a remix of one of the Stardust Speedway music’s for the Metal Sonic fight. Or will it be some random boss music which will be used on all the bosses?

    1. I was wondering about that myself, but if they choose to use Stardust Speedway’s music, there will be an uprising of fans bellyaching about whether they used the Japanese or American soundtrack as reference. πŸ˜‰

      1. And thats one of my reasons. I think two soundtracks for CD were huge mistake but if I would choose I would choose EU/JP soundtrack because there are more gamers there and its proven that EU have zetta more sonic fans than US.

        1. I would choose Jp/Eu too, purely because it’s the original soundtrack, that and that version is in two territories vs one. Why Sega America decided they needed a different (and personally I think it’s worse) soundtrack, I will never know. And the whole copyright excuse is redundant, they have had a track or two of the Jp/Eu music in Allstars Racing outside Japan, and wasn’t there a track in Smash Bros too?

          1. I had seen this problem before, but I don’t think they will pick Stardust Speedway song (unfortunately for me), but Sonic Boom instead (or its Japanese counterpart, what is it? You can do anything?).

  22. i hope mecha sonic appears too. he has to be in sky sanctuary, i dont want him to be toss to the side because they feel A.) metal sonic is better B.) there the same robots but only show one. i love metal to death butt i always lean towards mecha he just look cooler, he looks more like modern(taller, lean, more spikey), and he turn super ,metal sonic has not done that yet and until then mecha rules to me lol

        1. Your just egging for someone to get worked up about your constant reference to Metal and Mecha as that British Sonic comic nonsense huh lol
          From memory aren’t all the robot Sonic’s in Japan just refered to as Mecha Sonic?

  23. Random idea, have the cutscene before and after the Metal Sonic fight all animated and anime styles, as a nod to Sonic CD. Might break the ‘flow’ of the game, but it was just a random idea of mine.

  24. I prefer the classic Metal Sonic more, and this just takes the cake! You can even see the chromation on this thing!

  25. What I’m thinking is that each boss you fight is goiong be were you they were they first fought like this.
    Metal sonic-star dust
    Shadow- fianl rush
    Silver-city of solinoa or kigdom valley
    Perfect chaos-staion squer
    Death egg-???
    Egg dragon-core or opening Scene
    That’s what i’am thinking.

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