Always dreamed of working SEGA and with the fan community?

If you’re a big Sonic fan then you’ve no doubt at some point in your life dreamed about working for SEGA, getting to see all those fresh new titles ages before anyone else!

Well, for one of you, this dream could become a reality! SEGA of America are currently advertising for the role of Assistant Community Manager, the roll until recently held by RubyEclipse.

The job itself will involve community-focused marketing activities, including the running of forums and blogs, along with liasing with key community members and sites.

The full job description and requirements can be found here, along with details on how to apply for the position. Who knows, it might be your face we see on future Free Stuff Friday videos! If you live out in California, or are willing to move…this has definitely got to be a dream job worth considering!

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Adam Tuff

With a decade under his belt, Adam is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Adam is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention.


  1. Im 17 and i always hoping they were looking for a more gamedevolper open , i want to be a game designer for sega when i get out of high schoolbecause i want to keep sonic alive a little longer. Sorry not interested being a assisstant manager

    1. You have to be REALLy smart, and have to be an expert at computer technology and animation, in order to be a game designer. “Keep Sonic alive a little longer” ? Wtf dude. One person won’t. Make a difference, and Sonic will keep living. Not for a couple of years, but for a lot of years to come.

      And you might wanna re-think on being a game-designer. A lot of game designers I know are plum, and just work on the game all day. I actually wanted to become a game designer, but then realized it wasn’t a good idea. I mean, I actually LIKE being surprised for Sonic games…where’s the fun in being a game designer, if you will already know what the WHOLE game will be, and is about? Don’t get me wrong, game designers make good money, but sometimes even then its not worth it. Tell me, would you like to work with video games for practically your whole life?

      I’m going to be something 10x better than a game designer, a heart surgeon. They make good money, and I would love to save people’s lives.

      I know your all excited on wanting to become a designer, but just think hard about what you really want to become. If you really wanna be a game designer, then go for it πŸ˜‰ just make sure you chose the right path.

      *Note: Nothing was meant to be taken personally, or in anyway was meant to be offensive. Just stating something πŸ™‚

        1. Also I already started making a sonic adventure 3 or sonic heroes project if they are going to make either 1 of them. Sorry , I been liking video games since i was 1 and i always wanted to create one

  2. What a coincidence. I’m moving to Cali sometime this month anyway. I’ll go check this out.

  3. Hmm….assistant community manager. So my job would be to mingle with the miserable, never satisfied fucktards that plague the fanbase? SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!

  4. I’m in California!

    I’m a huge Sonic fan!

    I’m involved in the community all the time! (Heck, I work here and for Segabits.)

    I’m totally willing to move to San Fran too. I’m gonna check into it.

  5. i wanna work in SEGA japan iwanna makea newsonic anime =3
    im 14 T.T
    and a huuuggeee sonic fan

  6. Probably not eligible. I live in New Jersey now (previously Illinois, but I move like two months ago)…That, and I’m currently trying to get my first job to support going to college.

    …Unemployment sucks…I hope I can work at Gamestop though. At the very least, I could get details on the game’s prices and stuff :/

  7. Good luck, to all those applying!

    It really is an awesome job – and you get some awesome people to work with, too.

    Beyond all that, playing games 6-12 months before they come out is always cool.

    Once more – good luck! And don’t be discouraged if you don’t make the cut. A ton of people are applying and only one will ultimately make it. If your dream is to work at SEGA, keep trying and don’t give up. Someday, you’ll find a way. : )

      1. Aaron Webber you are awesome glad to know your having a Sweet time with this job πŸ˜€

      1. No im not you Dumbass if anybody should take that job its one of the dudes at Retro they wouldnt need our feedback at all at that point since they know what makes Sonic Games good and they would just pass it up to Sonic Team i’d prefer it if Iizuka was Fired and Somebody at Retro was hired to be the Producer of Sonic Team though!

        1. LOL, what would they do? Complain about green eyes and bitch about pointless things? You give them Episode 2 of Sonic 4 and they’ll already start complaining about the game without seeing any actual footage. You put in the Classic model, they’ll complain it’s not in 16bit and so on. It’s a never ending cycle of complaining because they are never pleased and it’s one of the bigger Sonic sites that gives the fanbase such a bad reputation. They treat every game like it’s SuperMan 64 and yet they still buy it anyway! To see someone there have power over Sonic team would be a good laugh. That site is only good for news and hacks on some of the games. Even the news posts there are pathetic as they always have to cram in a lame sarcastic joke that really states their excitement for the game!

          1. @DAMN

            Wow what is your problem?….There was no need for you to call him that…I take it you you haven’t been a fan of the recent and past games whereas many fans have Sonic has made a lot of progess and He’s still been popular for the many past years to this very day…everything SonicGamer12 has said is all true…the people from SonicRetro are so mean to each other 😐

          2. @SonicGamer12 What are you 12 or something? You havent been hanging around Retro at all it seems cuz all people in that site are super-hyped about Sonic Generations!

          3. @Truesonic ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You’re just bashing Retro without a fucking clue i hang around there quite alot and i RARELY see a fight in there they always can discuss whatever they want without some stupid idiot coming in there and saying “Stop Complaining”(that has no argument to even back it up and is just butthurt Fan trying to protect Sega).While in the SEGA Forums OMG that place is CRAP literally you can’t discuss anything visual related without being flamed to death in fact some were even complaining about us FANS Complaining about the Physics(you know the thing that makes the Game Function) and saying that it’s not THAT BAD.Im sorry but the dudes at Retro are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more Intelligent then those at other Sonic Sites!
            I hope their forums come back since i have nowhere to hang out anymore since all other Sonic Sites are meh and not as interesting!

          4. I’m pretty sure that’s not all they say…I’ve seen a lot worse there have been a lot of arguments in the past and some got a bit out of hand and a lot of people were agressive at times I pretty much agree with SonicGamer12 …. So I wouldn’t want that to happen

          5. @Truesonic I’ve seen more Arguments here then there TBH stop blindly siding with the croww(the haters) and hang around at Retro for atleast a week before you talk shit about them because i literally read the SonicRetro boards All the Time and i’ve seen Very few Flamewars they rarely happen!

          6. @DAMN
            Are you a troll or something? Almost all your post here are made to attack someone. Respect other people opinions! Its not like they are wrong if they have different opinion than you.

          7. @SA3 2011 Why are you trying to get into this conversation.This doesn’t concern you.This is not about “Opinions”(and goddamit STFU with your Opinion Card or people really are gonna think that you’re an idiot who can’t back up your Precious Opinions).This is about me Defending SonicRetro from blind haters!

          8. @SA3 2011

            I understand how you feel about both Unleashed and Colors but I’m fine with others viewing differently I’ll admit not all Sonic games have been perfect Adventure wasn’t perfect neither was Unleashed to me but they are still my favourite games they felt more close like a Sonic game to me and other titles have unqiue points too I can respect how you feel πŸ™‚

            just not people like DAMN who state it as a fact whereas it’s a matter of opinion not to mention how he was abusing SEGA that’s why I have no respect for him I can agree on having that ability to explore more and have more advanced enemies I guess that was used for the hubs

            For people who wanted extreme I think the Unleashed DLC was there before (Excluding Eggmanland pack) but IDK if it’s still there now but they are really stages IMO…But I still respect your opinion I found Unleashed better than Colors but Colors was still good but it did have faults like past games had

            Unleashed is my favourite main 3D Sonic game with Adventure comming close behind…But I liked most main games for what they offered and some spin offs too

          9. Thanks for understanding πŸ™‚ I hope Generation will be as close to my personall 1st best game SA2 (tho it wasnt perfect as you stated)

          1. @Truesonic Actually they always do explain and in very Great Detail but that Topic was just Soooooooo Stupid i mean Sega themselves revealed they were using the Hedgehog Engine in an interview with Iizuka.And furthermore SonicRetro is the most unique Sonic Site out there they have the most unique thoughts about the franchise instead of other sites which think Unleashed is somehow when Sonic started to get good in 3D which he didnt in Unleashed he started to more about the Gloryfying sense of Speed then the Gameplay itself! And i know when Sega dissapoints me with one of their attempts i can go to SonicRetro and check if anybody released a Fangame!

          2. @DAMN

            Unleashed is actually my favourite 3D Sonic game along with a few others…and I’m glad their using the Hedgehog engine for Generations which could out to be one of the best Sonic games ever…There not just about speed there’s platforming,optional paths, hidden valuables and secrets and a lot of replay value I think we’ve actually improved from a few past games which were unique in their own way Sonic is doing great

            Sonic retro is not the most Unique site just because of their thoughts they aren’t the most important and Unleashed was prasied by many fans and it selled well as well as Colors, All Stars racing there were more improvements others even thought other games were special in their own way…Don’t try and turn this around.

          3. Sonic Retro is not one the best Sonic sites…It is very far from perfect it’s not unique at all a lot problems there …the negativity and bad attitude which you have shown here too.

          4. @TrueSonic The Hedgehog Engine is not the Physics Engine it’s the Graphics Engine.For Physics Sonic Team uses Havoc cuz they’re lazy assholes who dont wanna make an Engine from Scratch and here is why Unleashed Daytime Stages suck on a Detailed Review by a friend of mine in youtube you should check his other reviews too they’re pretty good!

          5. @Truesonic Oh and they have all the Right to be Negative or Cynical of a New Sonic Title when it comes out since Sonic isnt really scoring triple A’s is he.And actually most there are pleased with Sonic Generations even if they tested it and stuff and they found out that the Classic Physics are a tweaked version off of Modern Sonic’s Physics all of them are looking forward to ir!

          6. @Truesonic Watch this shit here is a friend of mine explaining why Unleashed Daytime Stage are Bad! Also stop with the fucking Opinion Bullshit and try to back up your thought for once sine that won’t get you anywhere in life! Also i actually take back what i said about SA3 2011 since he actually knows Unleashed Gameplay is Bullshit!

          7. @DAMN

            That is a load of nonsense…Seriously I don’t understand if you’ve hated Sonic and his games for these past years then why don’t you just leave the franchise and move on instead of trolling and moaning most of the time…and Sonic Retro having that kind of behavior proves that they are not intelligent, unqiue or special….that jsut proves they have no respect for Sonic or SEGA they’ve worked hard to prove to you they are trying to include things people want in a Sonic game but oh your just gonna go and complain if this is included and you will blame SEGA …Reviewers don’t really matter either Sonic Unleashed and past games still sold well so that’s their problems not mine

            Oh and if they’ve been slamming off those games for past years and not even trying to give it go or appreciate it that doesn’t automatically make their site the best….HAVE SOME SENSE stop this you can’t force people to like retro…Were not blind…. you are!

          8. @Truesonic BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA Sonic ’06 Sold well and we all know how Bad that was.Sonic Games sell well becuz Fanboys like you buy them and Sega doesn’t work hard dont even give me that shit Nintendo now that is a Company that works hard Sega is merely a shadow of what it once was.I Blame it on Iizuka though and watch this video already you’re avoiding it in purpose because you know that you will get proven wrong! Oh and Also IGN Actually gave Sonic Colors(it deserved it) and Sonic 4(didnt deserve it at all) good reviews yet Fans still say “OH IGN Hates Sonic BLA FUCKING BLA”!

          9. @Truesonic OH Really just because he actually made sense in every complaint he made and pissed you off Right XD! Also i have respect for this Site they put alot of News(and unlike that other site(TSSZ they actually post on weekends) i just don’t respect Stupid Speed Junkies like you i take back what i said about SA3 2011 though(even if he likes that shit game ’06) he atleast knows what makes a good 3D Sonic Game!

          10. You call yourself a Sonic fan Saying SEGA doesn’t work hard o_O yet they did for recent games and they are working hard for generations you can’t expect them to get everything perfect they are actually fixing a few mistakes made in the past they’ve also learnt from what didn’t go well at times and I really couldn’t care less about IGN their LOSS they don’t reallly matter ….and now iIhaven’t been proven wrong and no i am not angry at that guy…I just don’t think he was more focused on the game or even playing it right if he doesn’t like fine…I don’t care I liked it…I don’t think he can play it properly but whatever he jsut seems to keep talking about the same thing most of the time πŸ˜›

            and could you please stop insulting SA3 2011 it’s his opinion…Just leave him alone…let everybody be and no clearly you don’t have repsect for this site…you keep saying Sonic Retro was the best Sonic Site while saying this had more negativity whereas it didn’t…You need to accept some games which got medicore/good scores why liked but some and even more fans…not everyone hated those games…

            and there you go again insulting me just because I think different won’t get you anywhere either…So you can continue but your the one who will get in more trouble and it will be your own fault…Instead of listening to the others…We tried to tell to keep it civil but obviously you’ve taken it a different way so I’m afraid you’ve been proven wrong

            If you do have respect for this site then prove it instead of having a go at everybody you don’t seem to show respect to this site or the others do you….:/

          11. I think I’m done Here….. I’m gonna stop before you make things worse….Don’t say I didn’t warn you Rickyrick is right your not worth my time or anybody elses πŸ˜›

          12. @Truesonic Im a Sonic FAN(just like the guy in the video and the dudes at Retro are) not a Sonic Fanboy! And he wasnt playing it wrong or anything Unleashed is a really easy game i bet you didnt even watch the video(and that’s such a Shame because he does some of the best Sonic reviews out there and puts alot of effort into them).Also i can agree with you on Sonic Gens but their mindset is still BAD with the Unleashed Gameplay they need to Dump that shit and bring back the Adventure Style Gameplay(I only said the style not the same Engine naturally i’d like a more improved engine then the one in SA1).Also did i not say in my last 2-3 post that i take back what i said to SA3(although i dont take back that i think he’s a moron for liking ’06) i read some of his posts in TSSZ and he knows what makes a good 3D Sonic Game.Also you strike to me as really believing in Sonic Team because you like their shitty games(Unleashed for example) you can’t tell us to Trust in SEGA cuz Sonic hasn’t actually been getting 10/10’s out there Sonic has been struggling and yes reviews do matter you’re an Ignorant if you think they don’t.I wished they Fired Iizuka since i actually think Sonic Team has Potential but it’s Iizuka who’s dragging them down with this poor Direction Methods.I wish somebody at Retro was hired as Producer or Directo then we would have great Sonic Games and we’d possibly be up there with Mario in Quality!

          13. @DAMN
            I didnt know guy from video is your friend but I always agreed with him. I dont play Apotos in Unleashed for example because its boost to win. There are some good platforming 3D sections in Chun-Chan Adabat and EGGMANLAND (mainly EGGMANLAND) that I enjoy.

            But you see while I have different opinion than truesonic we respect each other. Its not like its first time I talk with him. I was talking with him on SEGA blogs TSSZ and here.

            You should watch review of Colors done by this youtuber. I mean I agree with him at some points that this formula is somehow automated. Dont get me wrong I still play and enjoy Unleashed but I minly replay EGGMANLAND. And while colors did 2D right we still have lots to do I hope Generations will fix it (points at Modern City Escape)<—- We need more of 3D section like this. And of course other playables with unique abilities.

            I hope you understand my pionts and that this wont affect our relationship here and other sites. πŸ™‚

        2. @DAMN

          You are trolling and don’t give me that load of nonsense and who are you to tell SA3 that it doesn’t concern him whereas we can be civil about this …You say your defending yet your just attacking, swearing and complaining at others who think differently not to mention acting like Sonic Retro being good is a fact however is not….I have to strongly disagree there are barely any arguments here people are friendly and most people to get to dicuss things and bond more on this site unlike Retro which has a lot of aggro involved

          Swearing, lame jokes,arguments, complaints etc…it’s all been said above from SG12 and Nuzamaki90 TBH

          Blind Haters… LOL what’s your problem?

          1. LOL you clearly have never hanged around SonicRetro it’s a cool Chill Forum where people think 2-3 times before posting and know much more about Programming and Technical things then you guys i mean Thank God that they have that Trial Member Approval thing cuz if they did not many idiots like SA3 2011 would join there and just post useless crap.I mean there was some retards there once who were like “I dont think Sonic Generations uses the Hedgehog Engine” and the more Experienced Members were like “It clearly does even Sega said so in a Nintendo Power Interview” and those idiotic Members went on and on how maybe they aren’t using it BLA BLA BLA till Chimpo was like “Anybody who says that Gens doesnt use the Hedgehog Engine” will be banned and it was suddenly quite good thing they have some authority in that site(Unlike the Sega Forums which are some of the most Stupid Mods i have ever seen(apart from Ruby))! And usually when they discuss things they discuss them in an intelligent manner!

          2. @DAMN

            I have actually and the thing most of the things you’ve said are not eaxctly true plus you’ve haven’t said half the things that actually happen there….and SA3 2011 isn’t a idiot does he complain,swear and insult people…NO It’s people like you who have that kind of immature and bad attitude the same attitude…Sonic Retro you clearly have nothing to do other than troll just for the fun of it has that site is far from perfect and LOL it’s clear you can’t deal with different opinions you act like it’s the only Sonic site ever…then why are you are you here? xD

            Having that authority doesn’t nessescarily mean they have an advantage on other Sonic sites What’s wrong with a person asking a simple question that’s acceptable? A simple answer would be fine if another person knows and maybe a little more explanation if they are in doubt instead of just *I don’t think so* Still not sure* – YOUR BANNED if you talk about that topic again that doesn’t sound so intellegent to me nor is it a good move :/

            Deal with it….Sonic Retro being good Isn’t a fact… and again What are you doing here? go cry and have your temper tantrums there and leave us in peace, have a little bit of repsect for this site.

        3. Wow, I’m sorry guys. I made the retro baby mad. You say your defending Sonic Retro? Well i’ll say you definitely represent that site with your constant bitchy and whiny attitude. You also say you discuss subjects in an intelligent matter? My ass, you can’t even act mature on this site let alone Retro. Let’s get off the subject of Sonic though. You’ve made 10 responses in the last 4 hours lol. Are you constantly monitoring this site or something? Someone has a lot of free time… Well this will be my last message to you because as others have pointed your a troll as you seem to be blind against your own self awareness of what you do.

          1. @SonicGamer12 I have alot of free time because it’s summer vacation dumbass.And SonicRetro knows way more about Technical Aspects in games then you do and for years they have actually made better games(with no money at all) then Sonic Team but no somehow being rude to other Fans(SonicRetro) makes you think that you’re cool or something just like the kiddies who were hating on Michael Jackson because “ITS THE COOL THING TO DO”!

    1. Lol what the hell is wrong with you? It’s like the main reason for ur life is to come over here and troll. If you think the other Sonic sites are meh and not interesting, why the hell did you waste your time coming over here? The constant bitchy attitude you have is annoying nonetheless, have u ever heard of not commenting on something if you don’t like it? You don’t like other Sonic sites right? Then get the fuck out. You spend your life beating your man parts to the Sonic Retro forums so when you can’t anymore you go insane and wanna start acting like a idiotic 5 year old who doesn’t get his toys from Toys R Us. Everything is SG12 said is incredibly true and when you say you’ve been to Sonic Retro quite a lot, you obviously haven’t been there long enough to see how much faggotry lives there. Sonic Retro is constantly behind on news even if it isn’t actual gaming news. Go troll your parents before you decide to troll people with more intelligence than you.

      1. @Nuzamaki Look you Imbecile im just defending Retro from Blind Haters like you i hang around there All the Time and i’ve seen less flamewars there then the Sega Forums or Here TBH you probably havent even visit the boards and just take somebody else’s word for it Pathetic!

        1. @DAMN – Shut the hell up and get outta here. I don’t give a damn of anything else you say.

          @Nuzumaki90, Truesonic, and SA3 2011 – This guy isn’t worth your time. Just ignore him πŸ™‚

          1. @Rickyrick Then don’t read my Comments and don’t reply to me you Ignorant Faggot im not trolling im only defending Sonic Retro from Blind Haters!

          2. @Rickyrick

            Yeah your right but He’s actually annoying me now xD I want him to report him


            It’s a matter of a opinion like SA3 said respect opinions…and please get off this site and stop isnulting everybody…seriously if you think Sonic retro is the best site then Get out of here….You say you don’t like this site So just leave instead of trolling and wasting your time enough with the insults your making things worse!!!!!!!! Grow up

            Could someone please ban DAMN….please if they have the chance D:

            I’m just tired of him insulting everyone and recalling his statements as facts

          3. @Truesonic
            I think Shadzter have the ability to ban him permamently or for like 3 months. And DAMN dont think you will be back with different nick its IP Ban.

            I tried to talk with him like fan with fan but you were right I will just ignore him from now on.

        2. Look you idiotic shit, Your trolling so stop trying to convince us that your not. Also, learn some fucking grammar, you don’t capitalize stuff that does not need to be capitalize. We aren’t talking about the Sega Forums, I’m pretty sure everyone here knows that the Sega Forums suck but at least here and TSSZ we don’t get into fights with each other like we are a bunch of mindless drunks. IF you don’t believe I haven’t visited the boards, go over there and search to see if I’m lying. Finally – What’s pathetic is that you came all the way over here trying to act like your better than all of us. Like I said before – Get the fuck out

          1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL TSSZ has the most Flamewars holy shit i remember some of them with Nicochi OMFG Worst Flamewars i’ve ever seen in SonicRetro however i’ve almost never seen Flamewars only sometimes rarely Heated Discussions with Intelligent Conversation and you know that if somebody at Retro became the Producer of Sonic Team we’d be getting AMAZING Sonic Games unlike some of Sega’s Current Attempts which at best are OK! Also English isn’t my first Language so Shut Up! You’re just a Newskooler/Speed Junkie anyways and not really a Sonic Fan!

          2. If English isn’t your language why the hell are you hanging around English Sonic Sites? Do you just make bad decisions all your life or do you just want people to catch a broken spot in your troll performance. I can’t talk to someone less intelligent than I am because they use caps when they aren’t supposed to, they never put periods (Holy shit!) and a few other spelling flaws. I suggest you get loss because the more you reply to comments here the more members of this site try to burn your ass down. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL You idiotic dumbshit

          3. @Nuzamaki90
            English isnt my language but I try my best to avoid mistakes so its not the problem.

            I must admit that there are no flamewars on retro but not because people are polite etc. there. They all have the same opinion so how there can be flamewars? Most of them think modern sonic should be scrapped.

            About Fang and Mighty and Ray. God why retro fans are so crazy about those characters. Its just my opinion but they have been like in 1 gane each. From those characters Fang have most potential but there are lots of unused modern characters first use them then think of comebacks.

            About Unleashed formula. I never said its crap. I enjoy playing it but most of time in Unleashed you boost to win. Only level where are I rarely boost and enjoy platforming is EGGMANLAND other areas cand ge finished on boost, there you have to slow down.
            But Unleashed formula isnt perfect. It relay to much on speed instead of platforming that made series what it is now. And I am extremelly pissed off when enemies are just another obstacle on the way that can be destroyed with boost. In adventure enemies where enemies and levels had lots of alternate paths and platforming.
            You probably read my comment about slower formula and playable charcters so I just leave you with that.

          4. @SA3 Mighty,Ray and Fang werent copycats from Sonic were they.Also there’s Bark,Bean and lots of others who never got a proper chance and that is Iizuka’s Fault.Also Not True i know for a fact there are people who prefer Modern Sonic’s Design over his Classic Design at Retro and one of them is SolarisParadox(and he never really gets flamed about it or anything)! I’d rather see Sola Sonica forever then have Modern Crappy Characters(Such as Shadow,Silver,Blaze,Omega and Big) in new games!
            @Truesonic True! I only speak for True Fans and in defense of SonicRetro!

  8. Awesome and I’m 23. The only thing that sucks is that I live in Texas, But heck one of my goals is to get the hell out of there. =P

  9. Good luck to everyone applying…GO FOR IT, SEIZE THE MOMENT while you have the chance….and If you do enjoy it This is chance for your dreams to become true It’s Now or Never people GOOD LUCK πŸ˜€

    But for me I wouldn’t want really want to apply I’m not too keen on it It does sound like a good offer but even if I wanted to I still wouldn’t be able to I’m going to pursue other things I’ll be more interested in soon in the near future but once again I wish everybody the best who want this job and Offer It’s great one πŸ™‚

  10. It would definitely be something I’d be interested in if A) I wasn’t only 16 and B) lived in California. I bet you need some sort of communications degree anyway, and I’m going to college for health sciences (boo).

    Good luck to everyone applying! I hope to see your face on FSF videos! πŸ˜€

  11. i’d rather be a level/character desinger its my biggest dream to get one of those jobs when im older so i can get the frig out of here

  12. I applied for the job. I will relocate if I have to. To work for SEGA would be a dream.

    Anyone else really missing Sonic Tweet?

    1. @SonicToast I hope you get the Job and as soon as you do tell them to bring back the forgotten characters back :D! But Iizuka is a fucking cunt and he won’t do it sadly ):!

  13. @SA3 2011

    I understand how you feel about both Unleashed and Colors but I’m fine with others viewing differently I’ll admit not all Sonic games have been perfect Adventure wasn’t perfect neither was Unleashed to me but they are still my favourite games they felt more close like a Sonic game to me and other titles have unqiue points too I can respect how you feel πŸ™‚

    just not people like DAMN who state it as a fact whereas it’s a matter of opinion not to mention how he was abusing SEGA that’s why I have no respect for him I can agree on having that ability to explore more and have more advanced enemies I guess that was used for the hubs

    For people who wanted extreme I think the Unleashed DLC was there before (Excluding Eggmanland pack) but IDK if it’s still there now but they are really stages IMO…But I still respect your opinion I found Unleashed better than Colors but Colors was still good but it did have faults like past games had

    Unleashed is my favourite main 3D Sonic game with Adventure comming close behind…But I liked most main games for what they offered and some spin offs too

    Sorry I posted on the wrong place

    1. @Truesonic So to enjoy Unleashed i have to spend 60 bucks(or dunno if its cheaper now but i know it was 50-60 bucks at Launch) and Spend Extra 15 Bucks so i can enjoy the game a little more.Get Bent for 65-75 bucks i can buy a better game.That was disrespect to the costumer by Sega and the Same happens with Capcom nowadays(yes im talking about you MvC 3 D:<!)!

      1. I liked Unleashed…my opinion…I know you didn’t but that’s your opinion…you can”t change mine or anybody elses on how they feel about a game :/

        1. Oh what a great counter-argument *sarcasm* you yourself said this “For people who wanted extreme I think the Unleashed DLC was there before (Excluding Eggmanland pack)” and i said “So i have to pay Extra Cash to play the better parts of the game” you know im right and you lose!

          1. For people who have Xbox Live and are interested and sarcasm doesn’t work here…I didn’t say you have to It’s your choice….and again you speak for yourself and accept and respect others who think differently so nobody wins this ain’t a contest or a wrestling ring….

  14. @SA3 2011

    Sam here πŸ˜€ I think I’m just gonna ignore DAMN for now ill something gets sorted I just don’t like how he’s being direspectful to us and this site It’s impossible with this guy.

  15. I’d be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m 15, unqualified and living in Britain… oh well
    I can still dream πŸ™‚

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