Sonic Generations Officially Announced for 3DS, Coming November 2011

SEGA has just officially announced the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, which was previously unveiled by Nintendo Power. Along with the announcement of this portable edition of the game, SEGA also announced a rough November release date for the 3DS version and the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Check out the press release below:

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (June 1st, 2011) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. & SEGA® America, Inc., today confirmed Sonic Generations™ will be released on Nintendo’s new handheld system, Nintendo 3DS™ in November 2011. Set across three defining eras from Sonic the Hedgehog’s twenty year history, Sonic Generations™ for Nintendo 3DS will see SEGA’s mascot speeding through new stereoscopic 3D levels designed exclusively for the handheld console.

“Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS will combine brand new technology and twenty years of Sonic the Hedgehog videogame heritage” commented David Corless, Global Brand Director for Sonic. “Couple this with the ability to play as both Classic and Modern Sonic and you have the perfect gaming celebration for the landmark anniversary of our much loved mascot”

The specifically designed Nintendo 3DS environments, based on iconic levels from popular Sonic the Hedgehog titles, will include an exclusive unlockable ‘Special Stage’ allowing players to become even more immersed in Sonic’s world. Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS will also take advantage of the StreetPass™ feature by enabling players to collect new content and unlock bonus material each time they pass another player. In addition to this, the new two-player versus mode means fans can battle it out across some of the most recognisable Sonic environments in a completely new way.

Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS follows the same storyline as the previously announced platforms, with Sonic and his friends pulled back through time due to a mysterious new power which is causing chaos throughout the universe by creating strange “time holes”. Sonic Generations will be available for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Nintendo 3DS system in November 2011.

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Source: SEGA’s website


  1. Damn! I was just about to tell you guys that, guess I wasn’t fast enough lol. Can’t wait till November! Gonna get the 3DS and Xbox versions.

  2. Brilliant, though i think we could all have guessed November to be fair…
    I’ll be picking up the 3DS and the 360 versions =D
    Hoping to see some 3DS footage and new levels soon though! Roll on E3!

        1. November is my favorite month too. XD My birthday is there and most Sonic games have come on around then since Shadow The Hedgehog =D

          Yay free games! XD

          Ironically, last year both Sonic Colors and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood came out on November 16th here (Roger Craig Smith voiced both main characters too lol). This year, Assassin’s Creed Revelations comes out November 15th!! Of all days! lol It’d be funny if Colors comes out that day as well (especially since the character Roger voices in Assassin’s Creed is also in Revelations. XD)


      1. Sonic Colors came out exactly the day of my birthday here in the US. Happiest day of my life when I found out.

  3. Sweet. Looks like I’ll be getting the PS3 version and the 3DS version… if I can pick up a 3DS in the near future.

  4. Xbox and 3DS for me!
    I’ve already got a 3DS unlike most so that it is a definite for me!
    Anyway, I wonder what the 3 era’s are?
    2D Platformer, 3D but what’s the other one?

    1. From what I can infer, it’s Genesis to Saturn, Dreamcast to PS2/GC/Xbox, and PS3/360/Wii. To put it simply, there can be levels from any Sonic game ever made.

  5. also, just wondering… exclusive special stages?
    Does that mean that the 360/PS3 wont be having special stages at all or that the console will be getting different styles of special stage… I hope its the latter, i was looking forward to special stages and collecting the emeralds on my 360, instead of them being automatically collected through the story =[

    1. Well, I personally prefer them to be collected through the story because they usually work for a good story. (In the classic games the story is in the gameplay so that makes sense for them)

      I guess in games like Sonic Adventure you can consider levels like Windy Valley half Action Stage half Special Stage since you beat it by getting the Chaos Emerald.

      But if they do have special stages that’s cool fun too. I just which they could do special stages AND incorporate it into the story somehow unlike Sonic Heroes. x.x

      More importantly, I’m pretty sure you will get them in special stages as they’ve shown red rings for both modern and classic Sonic (meaning possibly 2 Super Sonics)

      Shame tho. I at least wanted emeralds in the story or in special stages, not hidden red rings. I hate looking for random icons of some sort like coins, medals and the such. AT LEAST them being there is a sign we’ll see Super Sonic tho. :/ Here’s to hoping that he’s playable in levels but not JUST in the levels, unlike Colors for the Wii. XD

      1. Yeah i agree, if they could put them into the story and have special stages that would be ideal, though i think that would be fairly difficult tbh lol I think it would mean depending on how many emeralds you have it would change each cutscene or something like that. You never know, sega have been going strong with the surprises so far so it could still happen.

        I liked Heroes return to special stages which unlocked a final stage like S3&K, though i do see what you mean about they weren’t really in the story like it was in S3K. Either way, thats just a small thing, im sure ill enjoy this game whether there are special stages or not, i just cant wait to see the level line up for both consoles =]

          1. WOW, that would sure be a lot of stages haloteen! Well think, it could take SEGA at least 2 months(at most) to make a HD….I wish we could have 60 stages! (Unless you combine 3DS and Xbox/Ps3) But let’s not get our hopes up too high.

            Also I have a bad feeling about the chaos emeralds….that they won’t be in the story mode…because remember in one of the Sonic screenshots, it showed 5 grey rings that haven’t been collected yet. It could be like colors, were you have a multiplayer, and just go through a stage to get the Chaos emeralds. 🙁 But that’s what SA3 is for. I mean the Sonic Adventure Series is ALL ABOUT CHAOS EMERALDS! 🙂

          2. Well, there’s 6 areas in Sonic Colors, each with 6 acts. That’s 36 stages right there. Assuming the PS360 can hold more, they should at LEAST be able to hold 36 stages. IF they did that, this would be 18 stages for both Modern and Classic Sonic. In other words, it’d be 18 stages remixed from past games. Tho we’d want more, let’s be realistic, it’s not likely there’d be THAT many. We’ll be lucky to all heavens if it does.

            BUT, since when have we ever been able to play through 18 whole stages in a Sonic game? The classics ranged from 6 to 10. Sonic Adventure only gave Sonic 10 stages for his story, and it was the longest story. The rest were 5, 5, 3, 4 and 5. And they were the same places Sonic had already covered (in other words Sonic is the only one to go to EVERY STAGE in Sonic Adventure =P) lol In SA2 it was like 5 stages per character and in Heroes each story had like 7 areas, 2 acts each with 14 stages, BUT they reused the same stages for each story. Shadow had 22 stages but only 5 per story. Even 06 only gave them like 10 stages and reused all of them for all 3 stories with merely different areas. lol Unleashed even only had like 7 different areas.

  6. Most likely going to be the main version release of the game as well. SEGA wants to get paid and laid during every holiday season it seems… XD

    1. You mean about SEGA being slow to officially announce the 3DS version about a week after Nintendo Power let the cat out of the bag? Yeah, that image would be appropriate :p

  7. I knew it would be November….. 😀 Shadow,06,Rivals 2, Unleashed Awww man it’s soo Far away D: I guess it’s worth the wait though XD (I wish it was a bit earlier though so I am disappointed ah well DX)

    1. Well at least it’s not December anymore! Come on! That cuts off a whole month just like that! =D It’s not even a half a year away anymore! Dude, it was like 7 and a half to 8 months away when we heard about it! Now it’s like 5 to 5 and a half months away! You DO realize it’s already been longer than that since Sonic Colors came out right!?? I know you didn’t like Colors as much, but the point is it just came out and it’s already been 6 and a half months. XD

      1. That is True XD But for me It felt Time went really slow back then XD but you have a point there I never realised it’s a few months away I keep thinking were in May or April whereas we are nearly halfway through 2011 which is quick O.o I know This is the month were Summer begins But it still feels a while away as we have a Long Summer Break in July (School/Uni/Work etc)

        Also I never noticed that about Colo(u)rs it feels like it was releaed a long time ago XD Time seems to be going fast then slow at certain points O_o

  8. Xbox and 3DS for me! And awwww I was hoping for a December release! /:) Good luck, SEGA! 🙂

    1. It’ll still be out in December. XD Perhaps you’ll b lucky enough to get a Holiday discount if you wait til December. (:

  9. PS3, 3DS AND PSV (Play Station Vita(NGP)) for me. I had a funny feeling it was a November release. First they show it at E3, recieve tester imput, tweak the game and release it for November.

  10. November, yay! Only six months away (counting June)!

    …Arg. I’m terrible at waiting. Oh well – back to Brawl, I suppose.

    1. Heheh, I heard a rumour that this E3, Nintendo was going to reveal the next Super Smash Bros., but I highly doubt it :/

      If they are making one, I hope that they will add Shadow(because Shadow would be baddass in brawling)
      I hope they add Tails (its called Super Smash BROTHERS!) In brawl, Sonic, Snake and Game&Watch didn’t have any teammates, which is why they were all in a column of 3, next to the random switch 😛
      I hope they will add Knuckles too ( He will be one of those tough characters)
      Amy too…(there’s like only 2 girl characters in brawl xP)
      And maybe at a push, Eggman ( well mario has bowser, so why not Eggman joining?)

      1. While i would love to have those characters, theres a rumor that sonic might not be in it at all, and he and snake would be replaced by other 3rd party characters like megaman and cloud to “rotate the 3rd party characters” :/ However i doubt that would be true, and more then likely if any Sonic character was added, my guess is that it would be Shadow (or maybe even Knuckles). But imagine, controling Dr.Robotnik in his Egg Walker from SA2, his final smash calling on the Egg Fleet to bombard the arena with missiles! I would go crazy for that…
        Anyway, definitely going to pick this and the 360 version up, and HOPEFULLY there will be a special or collectors edition for the console versions. It would be awesome to come in a collector’s case with maybe a mini figure or poster or something, or maybe somethin like when SA2 came out.

  11. Nice! November is my ULTIMATE month!! This year was been so horrible.. And all iss lost arrg “emo thinks…”.. So it’s nice that finally happen something nice in my horrible live.. 🙂

  12. Amy: So, Sonic? Are you gonna show your true feelings about me?
    Amy: Well?!
    Sonic: Uh.
    Amy: You better say that to me or ELSE! (holds her hammer)
    Sonic: If you won’t put that hammer away, I’ll never love you again.
    Amy: Really?
    Amy: (puts her hammer away) Geez, Sonic. What’s wrong with you?
    Sonic: I….I….I didn’t mean it to you. I-I’m so sorry….
    Amy: Shut up! You always run away from me and won’t GO OUT WITH ME instead you’ll running to fight Eggman!
    Sonic: A-Amy, Calm down. Look, I’m not mad at you, it’s just…my adventures always cool but the love thing is important for you.
    Amy: What?
    Sonic: Marriage will slow me down. If we are together to fight Eggman, I’ll make you secret after the final fight for very last time.
    Amy: Really? *hearts around her*
    Sonic: Yup, and I’m so sorry for mad at you.
    Amy: I’m sorry too. Here’s my problem, Sonic. I love you so much and I….I care about you alot, okay? Geez, you’ll never show your true feelings about me didn’t you?
    Sonic: Amy, don’t make mad. I had to tell you secret, I…I….I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
    Amy: Really? You mean’t Sonic?
    Sonic: Yup, always love you alot. Will you be my girlfriend….Forever?
    Amy: YES! Offcourse I’ll be your girlfriend *kisses and hugging to Sonic*
    Sonic: A-Amy! Calm down! Your hugs are killing me! *smiles*
    Amy: I think we shall go on a date to see movies, sweetie.
    Sonic: Whatever you say, sweetheart.
    Sonic and Amy went to a date to see movies.
    SEGA will make SonAmy in Sonic Generations…..

    1. NO, it will be the start of something new.
      M. Sonic: I love you little bro.
      C. Sonic: …:D
      M. Sonic: Parting is so hard. I will miss you.
      C. Sonic : …:c
      M. Sonic: I know, words would only make this harder, so lets let our lips do the talking.
      C. Sonic: o.e SCREW THIS -runs away-
      And so C. Sonic learned his first words along with first mini shipping story. What adventures lies ahead for the young hedgehog.
      M. Sonic: Well you would know, 20 years of playing baby ;D

      1. Amy: SONIC! HOW COULD YOU!!!!! *cries*
        M.Sonic: Amy, I’m gay.
        Amy: *snaps him* Shut the f*ck up. I knew it you run away from me most of time. DAMN YOU HEDGEHOG!
        M.Sonic: How about our date?
        Amy: How about our date, HOW ABOUT OUR DATE? NO THAT’S IT WE’RE SO THROUGH NOW, I DON’T NEED YOUR SON ANYMORE!!!! *cries and runs to Shadow*
        M.Sonic: A-AMY! COME BACK!! *sees Amy and Shadow are together to make Sonic jealous* Now Shadow got his lucky day, that bastard. F*ck you Shadow, stealing my f*ckin’ girlfriend….GRRRRRR!!
        GAME OVER appears and shows TIME PARDOX like Metal Gear Solid 3.
        Tails: Sonic! What are you done to Amy? You changed the future. You created a time pardox.
        Angry Video Game Nerd was mad at his game.
        AVGN: What could this asshole? F*ck. I rather lick hedgehog’s dick and eat his sh*t.
        *looks at rolling rocker* I’m on rolling rocker with rolling rock! *drinks his beer* Rolling rock? ROLLING ROCK! YEAH! On the rolling rocker. Next game….Sonic VS. Shadow on Atari 5600. God f*cking damn it.
        *sees Sonic and Shadow’s Gay Adventure instead Sonic VS. Shadow title* What the f*ck is this? This music was coming from Star Wars movies, I didn’t know that it, imagine Sonic the Hedgehog title had South Park music. Cartman will gonna show up and rape Sonic. Nah, who cares I rather suck Eggman’s balls.
        Next game, Amy’s Journey To Mars Starring Marvin the Martian, well Warner Bros and SEGA team up for new SEGA Genesis game? *plays like Super Mario Bros.* This is copy from SMB 1. F*CK! Amy got her alien boyfriend named Marvin I knew it Dexter, Shadow and Sonic will jealous about this.
        Bugs Bunny knows about it, I rather call Duck Dodgers to rape him That’s all f*cks.
        Now Amy and Sonic broke up and rather die like hurricane touches coyote’s craphole, reindeer taking dump on Roger Rabbit, Sylvester licks monkey’s asshole, Nostgaia Critic’s big butt girls. Bah! This is so sucks.
        All pirate Sonic games are f*cking terrible! And that’s bullshit.

        1. Ryan, that was really disturbing….please don’t post stuff like that. This is TSS. I realized that only mature ppl come to this place. And if you can’t handle yourself, then just don’t post anything. Go to Sonic Retro, where all those sick people are.

        2. Ryan, that was really disturbing….please don’t post stuff like that. This is TSS. I realized that only mature ppl come to this place. And if you can’t handle yourself, then just don’t post anything, or go to Sonic Retro, where all those sick people are.

        3. Ryan, that was really disturbing….please don’t post stuff like that. This is TSS. I realized that only mature ppl come to this place. And if you can’t handle yourself, then just go to Sonic Retro or Wrecks, where you can join those other people. Cmon, You’ve never posted this type of stuff before..

  13. Sweet!All the more reason to trade up my DSixl in august(I”ll have the money to cover what I might need) That and possibly shinobi. Wonder if they’ll give anything away if you pre-order it. I’ll be getting the 3ds version and xbox360 version for sure.

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