[UPDATE] Sonic Generations Demo and 20th Anniversary Bundle Available For Download Tomorrow

UPDATE: Andriasang reports that the Sonic Generations demo will be released both on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live tomorrow. The demo will include Classic Sonic’s Green Hill Zone stage and will only be available to download until July 12th, then after that date any downloads of the demo will expire, so make sure you take it for a spin before then. The demo, like the full game, is also said to support 3D TV’s.

Source: Andriasang (via CVG)
Thanks to Matriculated at the SSMB for the heads up! /UPDATE END

SEGA will be celebrating Sonic’s 20th Anniversary tomorrow in style in the digital download space. The official Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter this afternoon revealed that the previously announced demo of Sonic Generations will be coming tomorrow. Sony then revealed details of this week’s EU PlayStation Store update, and yes, you guessed it, the demo is listed for tomorrow for all locales. There’s no word of the demo hitting the U.S. PS Store or in any region for the Xbox Live Marketplace yet, but we fully expect it to be made available on those services.

The EU and U.S. PS Blogs have also revealed a 20th Anniversary Bundle, which consists of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Sonic Adventure (and DX add-on), and the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 dynamic theme. The bundle will be available to purchase from tomorrow for 20 days at the reduced price of (Β£13.99/€17.99/$19.99). No word on if this bundle will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but we expect it will.

We’ll update when we know more about all of this content’s availability.

Sources: Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter, U.S. PS Blog

Thanks to frokenok3 at the SSMB for the heads up on the Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter update!


  1. OMG !!!!!

    1. OMG



      ps YOUR MY FAVRITE CHATER IN THE WHOLE WORLD wish i could have all your games!!!!!

      1. Whoops, sorry there, DAMN. I just saw that it only said Sonic1 and 2 only. # 3 probably isn’t there because then people would be complaining about how S&K isn’t on there, and that it would just confuse people about how everything goes….idk

  2. What’ll happen if I already own those games and download the bundle? (provided the package is released on 360)
    Maybe it’ll be the full games and not that weird Sega Vintage collection with all the weird settings.

    Happy Birthday Sonic!

  3. IT NEEDS TO COME TO THE XBOX! what sense does it make to only put the demo on PS3 (Not Cool Sega)

  4. @Jix Hedgehog – Im Pretty Sure they’re the Sega vintage collection port. I don’t see as to why Sega would re-port a game that’s already on PSN/XBL. But hey, You never surely know until it happens.

  5. I sooo want this on my Xbox 360. Let’s face is Sega, putting it on PSN is like paying for those people who are already going to purchase the game. Your ‘ad’ will dissapear very quickly with the many psn releases (because of it’s outage).

    Put it on the 360, everyone would love it!

      1. Ohhh myy gossshh haloteen, there’s NO such thing as a TRUE Sonic fan. Your’re either a fan or your not. Its THAT simple.

        1. yea it is , real sonic fans will buy any sonic games and merchandise. Its like saying for your comment, Hey is sonic generations i will only buy it if tails is playable. Thats what your comment is saying to me. if you like any sonic stuff and but it you will be a true fan.

          1. If you’re a fan period you’re a true Sonic fan. True means correct, fact, not false. If you’re a fan, there is no fakery or lie about it, it’s true. Thus you are a “true Sonic fan”. The only ways to not be a “true Sonic fan” is to either not like Sonic or to not like Sonic and pretend you do.

            Otherwise, he’s right, there’s no such thing as a “true Sonic fan”. The way most fans use that silly term is in regards of status and rank in some sort of imaginary honor system that comes with being a fan. Well the news flash is there are no rules to being a fan other than liking. You can be a fan and dislike something about it. You can be a fan and like everything about it. If you barely like anything about it and call yourself a fan, you’re just confused.

            But remember, BEING a Sonic fan doesn’t make you a bad person. Being a Sonic fan also doesn’t make you a better or more honorable person. Having certain opinions on the franchise doesn’t make you less of a person than someone who has “superior” opinions, particularly because there’s no such thing.

            Even Dreadknux says this stuff. lol It’s just real life common sense. =)

          2. a sonic fan that buys everygame and merchendise has another name its called SONIC FAG grow up

          3. I agree with Foxboy…even though I’m a bit confused ! XD

            Haloteen, I don’t mean to make an argument, but please tell me, do you see SEGA going: “Sonic Generations is a game that all True Sonic fans will enjoy!” No, you don’t, this is something SEGA would say: “Sonic Generations is a game that celebrates Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, and we are pleased that All Sonic fans will get the oppurtunity to enjoy this magnificent game!” See what I mean? πŸ™‚ We are all fans of Sonic. We all have at least 1 complaint of Sonic. We all know that the real Sonic is Genesis Sonic. All of this stuff I just mentioned is part of being a Fan of Sonic. πŸ™‚ We are Sonic Fans. Not true fans, but Sonic fans πŸ™‚

      2. You’re all wrong. A true Sonic fan it simply someone who likes Sonic. Games, comics, even that godawful English dub of Sonic X. There’s a difference between a fan, and someone who’s mentally insane.

  6. Can’t wait for the Sonic Generations demo! I won’t be able to sleep tonight. ><

      1. Would you SHUT THE FUCK UP!? Nobody needs people that are always like, “Wahhh ps3 is better everything is a rippoffffwahhh”

      2. What was the point of your comment? PS3 was already confirmed so why say “please be on my PS3” unless you’re just making an ass out of yourself to reflect what he said. Since his PS3 broke, I don’t think being on PS3 helps him much, unless you just don’t want him to have the game, which again would make you look like an ass.

        The games look and play identical anyways so who cares? I’d get both just because there are cool games that I like with some being exclusive to one or the other. pfft.

          1. That’s funny, my cousin’s PS3 bit the dust after a couple years and then his family bought him an XBox360.

    1. ps3 is the newest system so what the heck!

      but i wish i had a SEGA Game Gear that worked…

      my dad brought a large box home and it was full of junk i thought untill i saw the SEGA Game Gear but it was destroyed because the screen is cracked volume is broke (no trigger) and “Sonic 2”,works fine but since the system is destroyed the game graphics bairly work!
      so from now on my dad is now at work,or on his computer and will never play with me on XBOX360 or touch his PlayStaion 3!! WTF!!

  7. Looks like SEGA does care for PS3 more πŸ™ oh we’ll….

    I live in the US, so if the demo comes out here, I will definitley be taking a sleeping pill tonight! XD

    What I just don’t understand is why SEGA just can’t release the demo worldwide….anyone else agree with me?

    1. PSN version is still coming, but if the japanese store is not up before july 12th japan owners will not be able to try the demo

    1. Wait, so if you don’t download the game before july 12th, you won’t be able to play it?
      Even if you download the game tomorrow, you can only play it until the 12th?

      Which one is correct, the first one, or the second? Someone please answer this.

      1. Both are correct, the demo will disappear from PSN/Xbox Live on the 12th and downloaded copies will be unplayable :\

        I’m gonna see if changing my Ps3 date will keep it from expiring

      2. As Sonicscott said, the demo will be removed from PSN and Xbox Live on July 12th and your downloaded copy will expire, meaning you won’t be able to play it.

          1. are you 100% on that one?

            I still own a copy of Outrun Online Arcade which is no longer purchasable from the Playstation store but I am still able to play it as well as having it listed in my download list so I can re-download it despite it not being for sale anymore.

            Maybe the demo has special restrictions or something? =) who knows.

          2. @Valormere:
            That’s different, because that’s a game you bought. This is a free early trial and SEGA’s decided to put restrictions on it. It’s probably because this will be from an early build and so they don’t want people later down the line and come release day and onwards to judge the game based on an early build.

          3. @Valomere- You could be right, like when the Sonic’06 game was coming, a demo came out. And you knoww how everything stays in a download History? Then, when SEGA got rid of ’06, from buying it off the XBLM, it didn’t show the ‘Get Demo’ thing, as it usually did. Then, I just went to Download History, Found ’06 demo, and re-downloaded it. πŸ˜›

            But 2 years ago, there was this game called Dash of Doritos for XboxLiveMarketplace. Months later, the game didn’t show up in the marketplace, so I was just gonna re-download it from my history, but it was never there. I’m pretty sure SEGA is going to put special restrictions on the demo.

          4. ah righteo, guess we’re all gonna have to play the crap out of it no?
            I’ve been up all night checking both my aussie and american account D=
            hurry up seegaaa.

  8. Lol ive been doing a Sonic celebration since the start of june, counting up to sonics Bday by playing all the games from sonics history, starting with sonic 1 and ive just finished playing colours lol perfect way to finish the celebration then play generations demo ^^ I do feel though playing these games from sonic 1 to present made me realise how the series went off its roots etc from 2005 to 2009 wasnt till 2010 the games started feeling like sonic again and wasnt till then the games become good again.

  9. I’ve already got Sonic 1, 2, Adventure, and the Sonic 4 Theme, which means that all that’s left is Sonic 4-1 and the SADX add-on, which together at normal price cost 20 dollars as well. I always seem to buy things too soon. I buy a game one month, and a month or two later, they either drop the game’s price or give it away for free!

  10. Oh man oh god oh man oh god.

    Well, I’m a bit upset that there’s no steam demo, but at least i got an xbox so it’s all good.

  11. Aww, but you can only play as Classic Sonic….looks like SEGA doesn’t want to give us the full experience haha. I mean it’ll be fun to play as Classic Sonic for awhile, but then won’t people get bored if there’s no Modern Sonic? :/
    Hmmmm I wonder….still, at least we get to play with our childhood memories again! πŸ™‚

    1. I think that since the Modern Sonic engine is much like Unleashed/Colors, they want the selling point to be that we are playing classic Sonic. Kind of show the fans that they REALLY got it down. Bahaha πŸ™‚

      Yes though…it would be amazing to play as classic sonic πŸ™

    1. Didn’t Nintendo say that they were going to start putting up demos for 3DS? I check the eShop like every week, but I still don’t see anything…I don’t think that they will release a 3ds demo anytime soon, since Green Hill for 3DS still looks like a mess, since E3.

  12. Sorry for the possibly noobish question but is the Anniversary bundle going to be available on the psp’s PS store?

    1. I’m afraid those games and the theme in the bundle are only compatible with the PS3, so no, it won’t be released on PSP.

  13. Only for a limited time? Only Classic Sonic? Only Green Hill? ………….
    I’m seriously not complaining about this at all. I was much more interested in Classic Sonic’s gameplay anyway.

  14. My PS3 had that disc Drive error problem last year so I can’t use it as it’s long gone and I have to get a new one plus I don’t have Xbox Live so no Sonic Generations demo for me :/ ah well…

  15. Can someone please show me where is says you can only play as classic sonic?
    Can soemone please show me where it says you can NO LONGER play the demo after the 12th?

    1. Andriasang confirms it in English:

      The Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter is hard to read without a proper translation, as the Google version comes out bad, but I think it just says the demo is out tomorrow and will be available for 20 days.
      Here’s the Google translation:
      “Time and space to deliver a trial version of Sonic Generations white tomorrow! Birthday gift for 20th anniversary
      As a 20-day predecessors delivery! β˜† Please enjoy the new experiences and memories of 20 years”

  16. The update clarifies a bit but ive never heard of a demo expiring for play.
    Ive heard of them expiring for download but not play… thats interesting.

    1. The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit demo I had became inactive a few weeks after I downloaded it. You could run the game but once it got to the title screen a bow would pop up and say “This demo is no longer active, please enjoy the full game available on blah blah whatever date.” That’s only one other instance, but I’m sure Hot Pursuit and Sonic aren’t the only games to do this.

  17. not that Im complaining but I was really hoping to speed through the modern stage like a mad man and try to improve my time over the course of the demo period like I did in unleashed. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to have classic sonic blow my mind with awesomeness!!

  18. TO PSN PLAYERS IN THE US: You can still download the Generations demo tommorow, all you gotta do is make a EU account. Go to user and do the whole sign up process again but make sure you select UK in the country setting or another European country XD

  19. The lastest Nintendo week on the nintendo channel said 8 sonic games would be coming to the 3ds e-shop so someone might want to look into that.

      1. Yeah, but those 8 Sonic Games are basically Game Gear Games, like:

        – Sonic Drift 1
        – Sonic Drift 2
        – Sonic Labyrinth
        – Sonic Triple Trouble
        – Sonic Spinball (Game Gear)
        – Sonic Blast
        – Tails Sky Patrol
        – Tails Adventure

        So, basically, it’ll be whatever wasn’t on Master System, but was on Game Gear, that will be released. And as for wanting to play as Modern Sonic, you can just pop in your copy of Sonic Colors to do so! He plays pretty much the same, except for the Wisp System.

  20. wait you cant play after july 12th NUUU NOW I CANT MELT THAT DAMN CONTROLLER WITH MY HANDS T^T but now i got a second reason to stay up all night 1.the demo 2.ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMMOROW so how about some happy birthday wishes? ;p

    1. Happy Birthday, Damnhedge. Sadly, I don’t have a 360 or a PS3……………..Anyways, Damnhedge, A piece of advice………Melt the controller in the timy you have by…. Playing twice as much as you normally would πŸ˜€

  21. and i think classic is only playable becuase SEGA wants to erase the doubts of some classic fans …idk

    1. Its most likely the physics for Classic Sonic, and SEGA might want to hear from the fans if if they’ve got down the physics right. From all the vids I’ve seen, SEGA has nailed down the physics.

        1. Comeee onnn Jixx! Don’t complain, its all right πŸ™‚ so whaat if he goes faster? Didn’t Riley say SPEED IS A REWARD??

    1. Yes, I’ll want to know as well.
      Maybe they’ll release a demo with Modern Sonic later but that’s unlikely.

    2. Classic Sonic’s gameplay will be beaten in under a minute tops. Don’t see why they’d put a limit.

      I was looking forward to modern Sonic’s as well. Figures. >_>

    3. Other publishers have done this with demos for their games, like EA with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’s demo. It’s likely they’re doing it because the demo is from an early build and they don’t want people to be judging the final game based on this early demo later down the line and come release and onwards.

    4. It could be also to urge the player to buy SG instead of the demo. (Like I did with Cave Story)

      Yes, I’m abbreviating a game that hasn’t come out yet .

  22. Happy Birthday Sonic!! Oh wait…alot of you guys are still stuck in the past and it’s still the 22nd πŸ˜›
    I’ll just have to party it up for the rest of you too then!!

  23. It is possible that SEGA is trying to get us excited, and like SonicRetro said, we could end up getting a Modern Sonic demo soon, since this time, we are only getting Classic Sonic. Wouldn’t that be SO cool if after playing the demo 100 times, the demo goes ” Congradulations! You have played this game 100 times! Now you’ve unlocked Modern Sonic’s stage! Have a blast! ”

    That would be hilarious! I’m probably gonna end up playing the demo over 100 times! XD I’m gonna play this level to death, that when the full game comes out, i Green Hill will be my least favorite stage XD

  24. Heh, and I just bought a PS3 today! I’ll see if I can take this demo for a spin. ^^

  25. *is counting down the seconds till Midnight EST USA*

    I already have the original Sonic 1 & 2 games for Genesis, all versions of Sonic Adventure (Original, DX, and the PSN version) Sonic 4 Ep. 1 AND the matching dynamic theme. All I care about is that demo. Nothing. Else. Matters! The time limit sucks something fierce tho, but I’ll be sure to play that demo till it’s committed to subconscious memory to last me ’till the full game’s release. ^-^

    Happy Birthday Sonic!

  26. Anyone who plans to be playing the Sonic Generations trial until they master that trail say ‘Aye’!!!!!!

  27. It’s the 23rd in Japan, New Zealand, Australia and a few other places already, by the time this is out in our territory it will be the 24th. I will be playing the demo the day after his birthday,talk about arriving late for your own party!!

  28. I was thinking… maybe download the demo (Xbox LIVE) and copy it to a USB then when the demo expires launch it off USB but don’t sign online. Just like avoiding a patch in a game you may be able to avoid the demo expiring?

    Worth a shot.

  29. Happy Birthday! Sonic πŸ˜€ WOOP WOOP fans can now start celebrating Let the party…BEGIN πŸ˜‰

      1. In the UK they’re 5 hours ahead of you (and you’re an hour ahead of me)

        So for them it was Sonic’s birthday since 4 hours and 21 minutes ago (As I type this comment I mean) lol

  30. Extremely excited and impatient American here. Has the demo gone live across the pond yet?

  31. Why is it that wherever there is news about Generations, you always find haloteen!?

  32. Its 4am uk time and for some reason I woke up and cant go back to sleep, my ps3 is updating and I’ll check the eu store after

  33. Yahoo!! This is gonna be AWESOME. What time do they update PSN (on time zone +2 (Finland))

    1. EU they update onwednesday around 3:30pm and 4pm, but todays demo if off time tabdle so it could be up from between 9 and 12

  34. I doubt the demo will go live until it’s 6am PDT considering the location of the companies.

  35. I’m so excited to play it tomorrow. I’m also tempted to buy that package. (Even though I own all the games… except Episode 1.)

  36. anyone know when it’s coming out in europe? it’s like.. 12:00 (day) and there’s nothing about sonic generations on xbox live yet

  37. Just went up on the New Zealand Playstation Store, i would assume that means it is also up on the Australian Playstation Store too. Not to big of a download, 664megs. Can’t wait till it finishes downloading!! Haven’t checked if the combo deal pack thingee is up there yet.

  38. Sorry for double post, just checked if the bundle was up, and it is. $33.90 New Zealand for the 20th Anniversary bundle. Seems a tad expensive, but since i only have Sonic 4 out of all of the games in the bundle, due to me having all the rest on loads of other consoles, i may consider buying it for the sake of supporting the blue blur’s 20th.

  39. It’s almost 5:00 here I guess it’ll be out around 8:00 aleast by then most countries or either going to bed or Sunset.

      1. lol TX as Texas central time zone if you will. and idk if its out for psn yet but live has it up

        1. do you have live gold? im in europe-finland, and it says i need live gold to be able to download

  40. Abd if there anyone who has X360 and downloaded the demo, can upload it here? because iam not conected to live

  41. Now I have play’d it. I have to tell you that!

    Thank you SEGA!

    *goes back playing*

  42. Sad that they don’t even have the results screen in the demo. So much for trying to continuously S Rank it >.<

  43. Yeah classic sonic only but at least I got to play a real demo at sonic boom why didn’t sega put that demo up instead it has both modern and classic green hill zones but oh well it’s cool

  44. Wish they’d have included Modern Sonic as well, but eh, beggars can’t be choosers I guess. What’s everyone else’s record so far? I have 0:57:83.

    1. You are my hero! I couldn’t find it anywhere in the demos section of the marketplace.

  45. Don’t you people read? Sonic is the only character in this game. The rest of the characters only make cameos.

  46. Well, the playing experience was as fun as I thought it was going to be from the videos. (that is to say, a ton of fun.)
    For me the REAL revelation was the title screen music!

  47. Now I’m waiting for somebody to cheat the system and break the timer on the demo. Once again I think disconnecting from live and resetting the date and time back may do something.

  48. i wish there was a way to download the demo on the pc and transfer it to the 360=(. i guess i have to wait till its up for the psn

      1. Ditto! ;3; Ugh *goes back to checking all other Sonic fan sites till demo is made available*

  49. If somebody can upload the demo to the computer you can put it on a USB and play it on XBox but it requires a few programs.

  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC , HEY SONIC MY DOGG i hope have a happy birthday and i cant wait to play sonic generations demo , and the real game! HAVE A GOOD ONE!

  51. I’m going to celebrate by playing all past games like others fans I’ve heard are doing too

    Since I can’t play Generations Demo and like I said before My PS3 had that disc drive error and I don’t have Xbox Live :/

    But still this should be fun once again Happy Birthday Sonic! πŸ˜€

  52. See, this one of things that tick me off about playstation…. they are so slow at putting up thing. they’ll probably have the demo up about 5 days until the deadline. COME ON PSN!!!!

  53. The Generations Demo isn’t even UP, yet. I’ll probably wait until tomorrow.

  54. The Demo download is taking AGES!!!
    Oh well, hopefully it’s worth the wait?

  55. well they dont have a bundle like PSN but Live has discounts on Sonic 1,2,3,sonic and knuckles, 4, and Adventure 1. discounts on add-ons for Sonic and All-stars racing and Sonic Adventure 1 DX add on

    why has this been mentioned? D: its front page news lol

  56. Well, it was called “Sonic Generations Green Hill Demo #1.” Give them 20 days, and they’ll release Green Hill Demo #2 – Modern Sonic! But before I downloaded the demo, I ate some Chili Dogs for lunch. sure, it made my bottom burble, but it was worth it.

  57. It only took Sega team like 15 years to get it right, wow this demo is freaking amazing, this is what sonic is suppose to be its absolutely awesome, the whole time through im saying wow this is totally what ive been waiting for!!

  58. Just downloading it, that was close, nearly missed it and everything that would have sucked, man i really need to pay more attention. Anyway, gotta buzz cuz it just finished

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