Sonic Generations Beta Pops Up On Steams Registry

Add one more big piece of evidence to the “all but confirmed” pile. NeoGAF member DrKirby found this bit of evidence of a Sonic Generations Beta registered to Steam earlier today. This helps prove that there’s a PC version of Sonic Generations being tested currently. Of course, until Sega confirms it themselves it still remainsย rumor for now.

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  1. Steam? That sounds tempting, since I have Steam on my laptop.

    Then again, it doesn’t play games too well…

  2. SEGA please confirm this!! I have been begging you to make it available on PC for ages now and I really do not understand why you wouldn’t. I mean, from a money point of view it would only make sense to port it to PC, the Xbox 360/PS3 Versions wouldn’t be hard, or costly, for a major company like SEGA to port it, therefore; easy money, no? It would also make it available to hundreds of Steam members who don’t own a console, therefore, again; more money. Please please please let this be true!!!

  3. I see my “first comment!” comment got deleted. I’ll be more serious this time.

    This pretty much confirms Generations for PC. It’s been too long since Sonic Team gave the PC some love, and it’s good to see they haven’t forgotten it.

    Looks like it’s for Steam, too, which means Steam achievements…and possibly multiplayer?

    1. Yeah Im in the “Ive only got a Wii” boat aswell. Im totally trying to start a petition to get Sonic Generations on PC. olololol PLEASE SEGA!!!

        1. indeed . indeed just some sad kid thinking he could CHANGE it all and trying to be the people who have done petitions fo sonic just sad just sad and thats one of the reasons why i hate 6 to 10 year old sonicfags who think they know everyting like that one time this kid comes up to my house seing my sonic posters he begins to talk about some shit called sonic the hedgehog 1.5 so i showed him some stuff and he was like NU-UH sonic dident have a band and sonic never got a girlfriend and he got this form callled fire sonic i saw it on youtube *derp* i know i know in the archie comics solar sonic shows him self one time but thats just sad thinking a sprite movie is made by sega so please if you find one on youtube enjoy to troll the hell out of them

    2. I was joking ๐Ÿ˜› Not really gonna start a petition. But someone should, I mean NIGHTS fans will remember that it worked to get him in SASASR. And why shouln’t it be on PC? “Because SEGA should focus on making it a great console game”. No thats really not going to matter. Make the Xbox 360/PS3 versions and then port it over to PC. Simple. Not hard for a multi million pound company with loads of technical knowledge like SEGA to do, surely? Anyway Im just saying, PC gamers, and Wii gamers (Yes they got Colours last year but thats not really a fair arguement) are going to miss out if Generations dosen’t make it to PC. Also, as I keep saying SEGA…. PC Version = MORE MONEY FOR COMPANY because more people will be able to buy it.

  4. Good thing I got Portal 2 on PS3 then.
    about that, any news on a Sonic Generations demo?
    also, does everyone no about the hack on Sega?

    1. There’s no way SEGA could get hacked….not with the type of security they have.

      Can I have a link, so i can believe it please? Otherwise, i will just simply pretend i never read your comment. lol

    2. yup and yup.

      The first yup however is only that the Demo most likely is just GHZ as we’ve seen in many videos. It’s the demo that was playable at E3 and Sonic Boom and most likely Summer of Sonic, and I’ve heard Aaron say “and that’s the demo” or “and now we’ve completed the demo”. It’s reasonable of course.

      Also, I want the release of the demo to be on the 23rd but it’s so soon and there’s no word, plus the demo likely being at SOS. It’s possible the demo won’t be available til after SOS, otherwise SOS’s demo won’t be too special. lol But this is an analysis based on logic of these we’ve sen so far. *Shrugs* :]

  5. For some reason, my little sister is obsessed with PC games. Which I really don’t understand, seeing how our PC sucks and most of the games she likes have better console versions.

  6. This is great, can’t say no to any Sonic game comes to PC because it didn’t have any real Sonic game since what? a Spinoff??

    Also, we really don’t need it so much to have a PC version. Console Sonic game are shaping up greatly since Colours came out last year, do you really need to milk the game that much SEGA?

    Just focus on the consoles version and then port it to any piece of device you can.

    That’s of course my opinion.

    1. They use an engine on PC, just like unleashed to make the game, so what every they do for the xbox for example its pretty usable on the pc, so they can work with the console versions withouit having to do anything for pc but change icons and menus and settings for optimization on other pcs, though it is the 20th ann, it makes sense to make something for all, those who may not have money for the consoles/or pc gamers, the wii is out of the question since it cant handle it, they started a wii port and scapped it.

      1. It’s not a copy and paste process, PC games tend to be more complicated during development and sometimes (not always) it can’t stand up to its console counterparts.

        Yes everyone would love to celebrate their Sonics 20th in anyway they can, but I for one don’t want SEGA to screw it by adding a much more complicated device in the bag.

        All i said is focus on what you’ve got right (now) SEGA, you can port it anywhere you want at a later time we’re buyin’ that shit (no matter what happens XD).

        1. Remember, they are a big company, it may be possible that they could have a seperate team to bring the content into the pc version, kinda like how GTA IV was devided into, with one teams main focus ps3 and another team working content on the side for the 360 version.

          For me its all about the PLAYSTATION 3 version ๐Ÿ˜€
          i hope its great, i remember i had to wait till decemeber ’08 to buy sonic unleashed since i never had an XBOX 360 at the time

  7. looks like i got deleted but its already confirmed by the mothercompany of sega ; SEGA sammy ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. To be honest, Sonic Generations 3ds looks bad….

      1. The graphics suck! SEGA could do better, but they’re just not trying…Look at the comparison with Super Mario 3DS.
      2. The level design for Green Hill 3ds is almost exactly the same as the original Genesis one! :/
      3. Modern Sonic could’ve been in 3D, but SEGA chose not to.
      4. Classic Sonic keeps uncurling :/ (hopefully that’ll get fixed later)
      5. This game is being developed by DIMPS!! DIMPS suck!! I seriously hope it comes to SEGA’s mind that they fire DIMPS one day….because they don’t even know how to make an awsome Sonic game, unlike Sonic Team ๐Ÿ™‚ Sonic Team ftw!
      6. The level design looks lazy. Green Hill looks mostly like an ocean, with Tall brown rocks with rivers! Wtf!

      Does anybody agree with me on any of these? I’m not a DIMPS hater btw, I LOVED the Rush series! However, it seems that DIMPS is starting to get lazier and lazier every year…Sonic Rush Adventure is THE best Rush game DIMPS ever made!(IMO)

      1. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m STILL gonna buy this game reguardless of all this, its just that DIMPS need to step their game up….A LOT!

      2. YES YES FINNALY SOMEBODY WHO UNDERSTANDS dimps sucks they screw up EVRY GAME even non-sonic games

      3. You’re not a Dimps hater, but you think Generations 3DS will suck because they’re making it…and you also said, and I quote, “DIMPS suck!!”.


    1. New tweet from around 12 hours ago
      “ใŠใฏใ‚ˆใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ™โ˜†ๆ˜Žๆ—ฅใ‚‚ใ‚ใฃใจ้ฉšใใŠ็Ÿฅใ‚‰ใ›ใŒใ‚ใ‚Šใพใ™ใ€‚่จ€ใ„ใŸใ„ใ€่จ€ใ„ใŸใ„ใ€่จ€ใ„ใŸใ„ใ‘ใฉ ใณใฃใใ‚Šใซใชใ‚‰ใชใ„ใฎใง้ป™ใฃใฆใŠใใพใ™ใ€‚ใใ‚€ใ‚€ใ€‚ๆœใ‹ใ‚‰ใƒขใƒณใƒขใƒณใจใ—ใกใ‚ƒใ†ใ€‚ ”
      it says “There is an earth shattering announcement tomorrow morning” and some other junk that doesn’t make sense.
      Keep you’re eyes and ears open for news tomorrow.
      PC port : is not earth shattering cuz most people will be getting this on console.
      Demo: is most likey what it is
      Demo with city escape: CE is pushing it, but it would be a huge surprise

      1. Oh god, please let it be true..
        I think they’re going to release the demo but we will be getting GHZ act1 and 2, most likely.
        That, or they are going to announce a new level. (Hopefully.)

        I’m hyped.

        1. I don’t think it is at all possible, since we know how much they like hyping up their games. But I would laugh hard if they said “Surprise! Episode 2 is out tomorrow! You didn’t know anything about it at all, and you call yourselves Sonic fans!”

      2. But what if the earth-shattering news isn’t Sonic-related? For all we know, it could be the Dreamcast 2, or something, but how do you know this is about Sonic? Proof please.

  8. I agree. Stupid kids who’s first game was Sonic Heroes thinking they know everything about the series and trying to say they know what’s best for the franchises future… I troll them. I troll.

  9. I’m probably going to get it for consoles, but if Sega crosspromotes it with Valve by giving a TF2 Sonic hat as a preorder bonus, I’m afraid I won’t have a choice.

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