Sonic Child’s Play Fundraiser Stream

It’s always great to see the many ways the Sonic community celebrates Sonic’s Birthday. Deviant Art artist Sonic Dash is marking the special occasion for our favourite video game icon by helping to raise money for Child’s Play, which is a charity organisation that aims to make the lives of children in hospitals a little better with the gift of video games.

Sonic Dash will be livestreaming on June 23rd for 24 hours and will continue through the 24th if the stream is successful. Throughout that time Sonic Dash will be creating more of his impressive art pieces and by donating a certain amount of money (yet to be defined) you’ll get a copy of the PSD files of the pictures designed, sketches and another piece created by a mystery artist.

For more details, read Sonic Dash’s journal entry below:


I will color at least two Sonic related pictures (one is a Rouge pic), sketch Sonic pics and take sketch requests. It’s even possible that I’m going to color a few of your requests or some of my WIP’s. Of course I will entertain your ears with music from the Sonic games.

Time Schedule

I will start live streaming on thursday, june 23rd. No specific time, but I’ll make a journal before I start. From then on I’m going to stream for 24 hours straight. I’ll continue for another 24 hours if the stream is successful enough and after I took a little break. ~CyanZack will entertain you with Sonic games until I come back for more.

I know most of you will not be able to donate something on these two days, being it close to the end of june and at least one convention around the corner. That’s why the ChipIn for Child’s Play and the fundraising for Red Cross will stay open until sometime in july. My ChipIn will stay open until july 15th and I’m going to make short streams from june 25th to july 15th.

Unfortunately my Livestream can only have 50 people watching. Also please be aware that I can’t stream or have to stop due any emergency (It’s thunderstorm season, for example).

Donation Pack

It will include PSD files of pictures I color on that day, some sketches and a picture by an awesome artist that likes Sonic games but does other stuff. You’ll receive it after july 15th, though only if you are willing to donate a minimum amount.

Source: Sonic Dash’s DeviantArt Journal (via Sonic Wrecks)

Thanks to the SSMB staff member Urtheart for the heads up!


  1. Oh my gosh…please never say “Child’s Play” again! It reminds me when I first saw that scary movie with that Chuckie knife- killing doll in it O_O because it was on a network called Child’s Play D:

    1. The name of that series is called “Child’s Play” =P Or ppl refer to them as just “Chuckie” lol

  2. I agree a very special and heart warming fundraiser sounds like the perfect plan I find that Amy picture quite disturbing though O.o

      1. Sonic Dash actually does a lot of Sonic “adult oriented art”…which I don’t spend any time looking for….*cough*

  3. I was gonna celebrate Sonic’s 20th by posting an AMV on YouTube and making my family play SA2, but this beats the heck outta my idea ^^’

  4. I hate Hacker groups! Thanks to them, I can’t access the Sega Forums. Plus, my mom disabled cookies on the PC, because her Facebook was hacked (good thing I don’t use it). Where am I gonna talk about Sonic, now? Or for that matter, Sony or Nintendo happenings? And what is it that Sega’s promising us on Sonic’s birthday? Sorry for trolling or derailing this topic. I just want a place to talk about stuff.

    1. SEGA announced yesterday that there was going to be “Earth-shattering announcement” this morning, but I haven’t seen anything so far :/ cmon SEGA, is it even Sonic-related?

      1. Well, so far, the only thing earth-shattering to me is the fact that I found out about Sega getting hacked, and LulzSec wanting to find the hackers, and bring them in. That and the fact that LulzSec and Anonymous is threatening to hack the corrupt governments, even though it might cause another Great Depression, where all plans for future consoles will be made obsolete, and we’ll all be in Survival Hobo Mode, meaning we only eat stuff that’s free!

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