Sonic 20th Anniversary Figurine Announced

Sega has announced today that they are currently making a limited run of these awesome Sonic figurines. Only 1,000 will be made and will have a different image in the monitor between the U.S. and European versions. The European version is what is shown above. When and how these will be made available is still unknown. A preorder giveaway? A Summer of Sonic freebie? A Sonic Generations limited edition? I don’t know, but I WANT IT!…..NOW! Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!


  1. I want it too!! T_T I will move the entire Earth to get one!!! 😀

    Also what Jason said!!! 😛

    1. “First 4 Figures is proud to show you a very special statue that we made for Sega of Europe to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary! These are incredibly limited and will not be available for purchase so if you manage to snag one, you’ll be very lucky”

      From F4fs website

    2. “First 4 Figures is proud to show you a very special statue that we made for Sega of Europe to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary! These are incredibly limited and will not be available for purchase so if you manage to snag one, you’ll be very lucky”

      From F4Fs website

  2. I probably wont get one. Sega never give those to Poland even one.
    But if there is a limited edition of Generetions I’ll import it EVEN FROM JAPAN just like I did with SA2 10 aniversary edition.

  3. If it doesn’t cost too much… dor example in a Limited edition for Sonic Generations, I’ll buy it

  4. Why does the background for Classic Sonic look like a Mexican Flag? XD I too hope its a Pre-order gift for Sonic Generations 🙂

  5. Sega: Look at this amazing new Sonic statue! Don’t you love it??
    Me: Oh GOD, yes!!
    Sega: Do you want it??
    Sega: Well, it’s not for sale! 😀
    Me: …

    Seriously, what a tease. Why bother making a blog about it if the damn thing isn’t for sale? D:

    1. I agree, if they’re not planning on making it even POSSIBLE for us to get, why bother telling us about it. It just makes me sad. 🙁

  6. uhh… only 1,000 will be made. I doub’t only 1’000 ppl will be pre-ordering Generations.

    Also how do you get a limited 20th anniversary edition of a game like Generations? :/ I didn’t even know there was a 10th anniversary limited edition of SA2. So how did others know? How did they get it? D:

    1. Well EXCUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE me princess! A fan can dream can’t they? Besides, they’ll probably have some type pre-order bonus like they did with Colors

    1. The outside-US version has the original Japanese Sonic 1 boxart (which was also adapted into the European boxart.)

  7. Me to the next SEGA employee I see after asking if he could sell me one: “NO MR. SEGA EMPLOYEE I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY TO ME AND I SHALL NOT ACCEPT NO FOR AN AWNSER, JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”
    Am I doing it rite?

  8. That is so mean. Why would they make such an awesome statue and not let anybody buy it?

    1. Lol ikr? Watch everyone make up a high price, like $60 or something 😛 and ppl will still buy it.

      1. Oh man, $60 would be awesome, I was thinking more along the lines of $200+ .. if you could nab one for $60 you could relist it and make bank :O

  9. Yeah see, Assassin’s Creed at least made a statue to promote their Brotherhood game, and made them available to buy online. By only making 1000 of these, not only will it be impossible for just any Sonic fan to have one, but anyone who does manage to get one will have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

    That doesn’t sound very friendly…you’d think to celebrate Sonic’s birthday, they’d share something this awesome with anyone who wanted it. Now only a few people will have them, and the others will be left out.

  10. Hey! SEGA employees!

    …Hand over the hedgehog and nobody gets hurt. I have a sword and I’m not afraid to use it! >BD

    1. I can see it now, someone walking into SEGA SF and holding them up and demanding the statues ._.

  11. I asked my mother for one, She said if I could find where it’s sold I could have it. It’s sold nowhere. She said I could ask my Dad to order it. I can’t order it…………Why Sega? *WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY*

  12. And so begins the goose chase to get one out of one thousand statues. Oh, what fun. Imagine, if these won’t be available anywhere to purchase, then nearly all the ones that were able to be collected will be sold on Ebay. Not to mention the innumerable amount of bootlegs that will be stalking Ebay as well. Oh joy.

  13. This reminds me of that South Park episode where Cartman buys a theme park, and goes to the trouble of making a commercial for it, just to tell people that they can’t come.

    “Check out this cool new statue we made. You want it? Guess what: YOU CAN’T HAVE IT” 😛

    1. I was thinking that TOO! When Cartman says ” AND THE BEST PART IS…YOU CAN’T COME!! :D” SEGA dissed us! XD

  14. For the record, if someone DOES happen to get their hands on one of those, and wants to trade me for my Ryo Hazuki Forklift Figurine (only 1000 of those made, too), just let me know.


    also, it was a random competition I’ve won it in

  16. where do you get those? I really wanted to get one with my pre-order of Sonic Generations.

  17. It was on a Dutch Socail networking site, on a dedicated sonic page, they gave away 5 of them. All you had to do was congratulate him XD

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