Get Ready For Some 2P Action With An SA2:B Contest For SOS 11

Apparently I could post on The Sonic Stadium. Who knew?

This year at Summer of Sonic we mark Sonic’s second decade, as such it is perhaps fitting that in doing this we look back at the game that was created for Sonic’s tenth anniversary. A game that really did usher in a lot of new blood into the fanbase and is still held up as one of the best Sonic games of any era.

Sonic Adventure 2.

The game that introduced us to Shadow, Rouge, G.U.N and that really is the foundation of a lot of the background to the the current main storyline canon. Plus it was fun as anything.

The timing is also good considering the original Dreamcast version was SEGA’s hot E3 property that year, much like Generations is scheduled to be this year. As such Sonic Adventure 2: Battle will be at SOS 2011, playing on a Wii pod and we’ll be instigating a ‘Winner Stays On’ system of 2-player versus battles. The person with the longest win streak as we hit the final hours will win a prize.


Be sure to bring your snowboards, mechas, karts, treasure scopes and shovel claws on June 25th.

(Incidentally, yes that is the Summer Of Sonic 2011 logo.)

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  1. Ohhh…
    Why I cant be there… And it makes me want SA2 digital port even more.
    Simple curiocity (hope spelled that right please dont bash) those copies of SA2B are yout personal copies or you ordered those from SEGA?

    1. So looks like SEGA was listening…a little. But hopefully this does lead to a digital port 😀

  2. I want to play this SO badly. I can’t find it anywhere at a reasonable price(Anywhere online is over 30 bucks O_O May be an awesome game, but not worth THAT much!).

    I want to go to SOS11 so much ;A;

    1. Same, but i msissed the reservastions, so its its youtube and streaming for me i guess, sos 12 just wont be so special/the same :/

  3. @ the comment above mine
    Try gamestop you can usually find gamecube games for somewhere in the $10 range.
    You should probably use the websites ability to locate what store near you it is at.
    Hope I helped. =)

  4. Man, I can’t even go to Sonic Boom, let alone SoS. ><; That sounds like sooooo much fun. :c

  5. “A game that really did usher in a lot of new blood into the fanbase and is still held up as one of the best Sonic games of any era.

    Sonic Adventure 2.”

    Sooooooo freakin true. Most ppl I know either liked SA2 when it came out or became Sonic fans BECAUSE of SA2. And so much content too. ^^

  6. How’s this for a final boss story?

    After repairing every timeline the new villain destroyed, both Sonic’s are back in the world of today, and out of raw anger and sudden realisation that he can’t destory the hedgehog as easily as he thought, he appears in front of them and tells them well done on repairing the broken time streams, but they have forgotten that by returning so far to the present, they have left there time of birth totally unprotected, and with a laugh he rockets into a small timehole and leaves them stuck in the present. The two Dr. Robotniks go into rage over another destroying THERE nemesis and afetr a moment of thinking the two offer up the time machine they used to follow the two Sonic’s through time. With a serious nod at the two from Classic and a smirk with a thumbs up from Sonic with an added “Ya’ got a heart as big as your gut doc!!” they jump into the machine leaving the raging Robotniks behind. In the timestream they catch up with the enemy and begin a battle through the stream in a final effort to stop him before he reaches Sonic’s birth and after fighting him normally he begins to show his true power and at the very last moment of hope holes begin opening all over the stream with all of BOTH Sonic’s friends and enemies from Mamoth Mogoul to the Dark Legion and from Chuck to Amy showing up in the stream all carrying rings and emeralds from all the different timelines and all the villains repeat that they would rather die than let some half pint enemy from nowhere take the victory of defeating the hedgehog they have worked there whole lives to destroy away from them and the friends of the present and past all say that even if they are killed they will fight to the very last second to help them be victorious. The last to appear is the very master emerald itself obviously offering it’s power to help which shocks both Knuckles as they have never truly seen the master emerald do something of it’s own will be itself. So with plenty of emeralds and rings to spare, the final battle begins with the master emerald right behind them!!

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