E3 2011 Hands-On: Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

It’s no secret that the Mario and Sonic series of games have been a bit hit on the Wii. With both games selling millions of copies and still not hitting the $19.99 mark, it has shown that the plumber in red and the blue blur have been a huge success together. So how the latest iteration stand up? Quite well actually. On the Wii, the graphics have been slightly improved. The models seem more detailed than last time and the lighting seems better too. There were several new events to try. While me and Nuckles87 did the dream events first, I thought I’d save the best for last.

The equestrian event was well done. I played as Yoshi (who gets to ride someone else for a change) while Nux played as Metal Sonic. You controlled the horse by shaking the wiimote up and down to gallop. Then turned it on the side to turn the horse with button 2 for jumping. This was a bit tricky actually as we’d forget to stop making the horse gallop during tight turns and we both ended up placing near the bottom.  It was a decent mini-game though that was well representative of the event.

Badmitton was the weakest of the bunch. It’s best used with a wiimote/nunchuck, but we were only provided with the wiimotes. Basically, we just swung our wiimotes as the shuttlecock (snicker) came to us. Swing up or down provided different spins on the birdie. Overall it was very dull.

Rowing was mainly a rhythm game. I played as Sonic and Blaze and used the Wiimote like a paddle swinging it down to a rhythm to get the boat rowing faster. Nuckles was way behind, but once he got his stride he beat me. Overall a decent game. Now onto the dream games.

The first was an incredibly fun “Dream Long Jump”. The level is taken from Yoshi’s Story (I thought it was Kirby’s Epic Yarn by the yarn motif in the background, but I’ve been corrected several times.). You start off shaking the Wiimote to gain speed, then press button 2 to jump off. You keep in the air, going forward by bouncing off of clouds and each other. I was Vector and Nuckles was, well Knuckles. I managed to bounce off him and make him fall off the clouds. But once defeated, your opponent can come back as a spiked ball that can knock you off. I was just lucky enough to avoid him and got first place.

The other dream event was “Dream Discus Throw” taken from Windy Valley in Sonic Adventure 1. In this event you actually ride your disc. Collecting rings and knocking into your opponents to swerve them off course. You can also charge and boost into flying Badniks to get rid of them. It was funny to see Dr. Eggman taking out his own robots. Every part of the level seemed intact down to getting sucked up in the tornado. The event ends by landing on a large target where the one closest to the bullseye gets extra rings.

Now onto the 3DS. This demo consisted of several events strung together. The first one being Gymnastics. using the tilt controls I had to keep Amy Rose on the balance board as she did some tricks. I was able to land the tricks fine, but had problems with the balancing. Wario was up next for rowing. This event required me to rest the 3DS on the table and spin the thumbstick as fast as possible. Frankly, it made the event too easy as I beat it by a wide mile.

Next up…Judo! This event was fairly easy but very fun to watch Mario throw Sonic and Tails around. The controls are simple enough. Press several buttons displayed together before your opponent does. Sometimes once, sometimes two or three times in a row. This will then make you character do a Judo move and throw your opponent down to win the match. This would be trickier and more fun in multiplayer than against an A.I. opponent who doesn’t really react in good time.

The last event was speed walking. Yup, I managed to beat Sonic as Mario in a walking race. The trick was to slide the stylus back and forth like a pendulum to the rhythm of some generic music playing in the background. The better your rhythm and pace, the faster you….walk. I can see Sonic thinking “Walking?! Are you @#$%’in’ serious?”

The 3DS version did not keep me as interested in the games as much as the Wii did. This may be due to the lack of dream events in the demo, but the standard events were just bland. The dream events on the Wii however, seemed better than in the winter game. If you have only one version of Mario and Sonic at the London blahdedeblah (stupid long titles) make sure to get the Wii version. It’s just seems to be more fun overall.


  1. “The level is taken from Kirby’s Epic Yarn.”

    I think it’s actually supposed to be from Yoshi’s Story. 😛

    Anyway, this is looking pretty cool, I’ll probably end up picking this one up on the Wii. I’m really curious to see what the other Dream Events are though, those were definitely the best part of the last Mario & Sonic game.

  2. I agree with mikeblastdude, I own Yoshi’s Story, and if the event you’re talking about is reminiscent of the first screenshot, then it’s Yoshi’s Story.

    Definitely gonna look forward to this, especially since I don’t have system to play Generations on. *sniff*

  3. My mistake, fixed. It’s easy to make the mistake what with the patches and jeans in the background.

  4. It’s the Wii version for me.

    Of course, I WOULD like to see Bowser vs Tails in Judo…

    1. Haloteen, please also stop telling people that they are copying you. I saw your last post on City Escape, and I think you are being very rude. People aren’t copying you. Remember that minds THINK ALIKE 🙂

      And let people say what they want, because do you Copyright those posts? No, you don’t. So its not fair to be saying to other people that they are copying you. I remember you telling me once that I copied you, when I NEVER DID. Our minds just thought alike in that topic. So, unless you copyright your posts, you can’t tell people that they are copying you ok? 😉 Minds think alike haloteen, believe it or not 😛 So just please be more chill in the future ok? Thanks.

      1. yea but everytime i see a new sonic game coming out i always play the old sonic games and sonic adventure 1 ,2 , sonic heros ,shadow the hedgehog , sonic riders and sonic riders zero gravity , sonic and the secret rings , sonic and the black knight , sonic the hedgehog 06 , sonic unleashed, sonic and sega allstars racing , sonic colors , sonic advance 1,2 ,3 , sonic rush and sonic rush advenutres . i have all the games , im going to play it all before sonic generations!!! IM also getting mario and sonic at the london olympic games.

  5. Definitley going to get this game. 😛 Also, you guys know how the Wii Version is coming out in November, and the 3DS version is coming in February? Is it possible that the 3DS version may contain another “Adventure Mode”? Because it is taking longer for the 3DS version to be coming out!

    Off topic, but I can’t wait for the next “Mario&Luigi” series game! Mario&Luigi: Bowser’s Inside story was an awsome game! I can’t wait to see the next one for 3DS!! I’m also looking foward to Luigi’s Mansion 2!!

      1. To be honest, I’m not excited for the Wii U…..I’m only in it for the Next Super Smash bros.like you haha! And mario too. And if the next SSB doesn’t have online multiplayer, I’m not gonna buy it. I heard that the Wii U is mostly only a 1-Player experience. 🙁 the only reason I might buy it, is if it has more sonic characters, and online. But I just want a regular controller, not some complicated advanced controller!

  6. I can’t believe how many new Mario games have been announced. This one is definitely on the top of my must get list though.

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