E3 2011 Preview: City Escape in Sonic Generations


Nuckles87, the cooler than cool T-Bird and I have just finished a behind closed doors look at the City Escape level from Sonic Generations. Playing the game for everyone was producer Takashi Iizuka. There were a few surprises in store.

He first played through as classic Sonic who avoids the street almost entirely. Running and jumping around constructions areas and over rooftops. There’s a more classic version of “Escape from the City” playing with lyrics. (NOTE: Both versions have a brand new remix. Modern version has extra new lyrics.) Throughout the classic level, the GUN truck was chasing little classic Sonic both in and around backgrounds, giving the 2-D levels more of a 3-D look. This truck has aย vendetta. He hates Sonic with a passion and want to run him down no matter what. Classic Sonic did ride on a board similar to the ice level from Sonic 3. Unfortunately, he quit the level before getting to the end.

The truck was very persistent, as he then was following Modern Sonic. His level plays very similar to the Dreamcast version as he rides the blade and follows a similar but different path than the original. Much like classic does in Green Hill Zone. The big difference is Unleashed-style gameplay coming into effect. Guess who makes a return to tell you what to do? That’s right. Just like in the original version, Omachao is back.ย  The badniks in both levels are the same mechs from the original SA2 and you homing attack though them in the same way. Along the way, you can see missing posters. I noticed one had a picture of Ray and Mighty, while the other had Bean and Bark. At the end, the GUN truck is chasing you down, similarly to SA2, only this bad boy has friggin’ sawblades sticking out all over! Iizuka died when he ran too slow on the side of a wall and the truck hit him. A good producer, just not so good a player.


Sonic Generations is looking better and better. I don’t think there can be a better 20th anniversary homage to this little blue blur. Now I wonder when we are getting video of Spagonia?


  1. Loving those posters and glad to hear that we’ll be getting an “Escape from the City” mix.

  2. The modernlevel follows almost the exact same path as the original? that’s disappointing, I thought they said they were avoiding using old level layouts.

    1. Wow Srsly? I didn’t even say anything negative about the game, I just said I was disappointed that the modern version of City Escape may just be a rehash of the original version.

  3. When your making Sonic games and crapping classic S’ from a time hole in your ass, THEN you can complain.

    1. Wow dude chill out. How was being slightly disappointed complaining? But whatev, i don’t want to argue with you. But It’s not like I’m going round saying “derp this game sux becauze it’s sawnik”

    Push A to Jump
    Collect Rings
    Defeat enemies using the homing attack
    Hey a Ring
    Hey another Ring
    Push A to Jump
    Push A to Jump
    Push A to Jump

  5. Jeez, 10 years later and that truck is still trying to turn sonic into roadkill….Or is it still current day because of the games time setting? ugh, my head hurts lol

  6. Ah, well by the trailer Modern Sonic’s stage is very different from the one on SA2, but I can see similar sections. Maybe that’s what he means. I like. =)

    As for Omochao, they eve brought HIM back!? Nice touch, SEGA! =D (Pfft, anyone who hates Omochao has major tolerance issues and should NEVER EVER be left around a child. XD He was no worse than Tikal, had a cuter voice, was FUNNY, and was fun to mess with. He gave info when you messed with him like ALL the help marks in Sonic games do, and he only gave useful info. It’s only non-useful if you already know everything, which you don’t, and the things you DO already know might be things a NEW Sonic gamer might not. =P)

    All in all, I remember loving Omochao because first off, he was a Chao! Awesome. Secondly, he’s a ROBOT chao! Lastly, he has psycho swirly eyes! XD

    This game is sounding VERY nice. Not only is it referencing on stuff, somehow it does so in a very “fresh” way that I haven’t seen in a Sonic game before. =D

    1. Oh, I couldn’t agree more… I was playing City Escape yesterday and then I grabbed an Omochao just to hear it complaining. And I thought “too bad they’re not gonna bring it back…”. But they did!!!!

  7. All this nostalgia is making me wish there was a Sonic Adventure era Sonic… but that ain’t gonna happen at all… Also… what is that level at the end? Spagonia? Soleanna? Arabian Nights (Want… Even if the storybook games really did suck)?

    1. Um, there IS a Sonic Adventure era. That’s why City Escape is here.

      It’s Classic, Adventure and Modern Eras.

      They revealled City Escape but that doesn’t mean Emerald Coast or Windy Valley won’t show up. :3

      Also that level at the end is Spagonia: Rooftop Run Day. It is most definately NOT Soleanna. Soleanna wasn’t a stage nor was it that colorful. =P

      1. Actrally! it’s soppose to be called the “Dream Cast” era, because of the system Dream Cast

        1. Well I’ll call the “Adventure Era” because of the control scheme. Sonic Adventure has a very different control scheme to the “Modern Era” which started with Unleashed.

          Yes, I consider Heroes, Shadow and 06 as part of the “Adventure Era” because of the continuing story, gameplay and control scheme.

  8. This is sexy! IF only you guys record it. I would love to hear the new remix of City Escape. Thanks for the preview guys ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. SEGA, Pleasing every fan when they want to, the hardcore, and the ones who don’t care about the games and just read the comics.

  9. Looks like Rooftop Run’s filling in for Unleashed, this time, assuming all games get one level each. Bummer, I’d love to have seen Dragon Road or Jungle Joyride instead.

  10. @PK the hedgehog, brings up an intersting questions thats been bothering me is the modern Sonic different from the Adventure sonic since we have classic sonic and modern sonic,I know the reasons for the two sonics celebrating the 20th annvrsy but in the sonic game world does each era have its own sonic ! lol tht was my nerd moment 4 the day

  11. Modern Sonic’s level is similar, but not exact. Just like Classic Sonic in Green Hill zone.

  12. Also, it has been confirmed that there is a wanted poster of Knack the Weasel in the level as well.

  13. Truck for the win. It better screw Sonic up something fierce.

    I so want this game- is it actually coming out for PC?

  14. is there any music change, like sonic adventure 2’s version where the song would change when the truck starts chasing you?

    1. We all hope so, and there probably will be one if Sega want to make this game absolutely PERFECT.

    1. I guess it might work similarly to Sonic Unleashed’s bobsled (or whatever that was…). Not sure about the boost though.

  15. ahh, i simply can’t believe ray and mighty will be there, i’ve seen nack and bean, i need proof of ray and mighty
    comeon stadium, give us something juicy, ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Oh my god this is all too much….Posters,New version of Escape From The City,Remix,New Lyrics XD

    and Omochao….Welcome back my friend >:D

      1. Oh God, now I need to hear Omega saying ‘Baldy McNosehair looks dead sexy in a miniskirt’!

        (Vic, incidentally, is also Silver at the moment. But Silver saying anything like that is waaaaay, waaaaaaay too weird.)

  17. I can’t be the only one who gets annoyed by the constant foot tapping sounds in current Sonic games.

  18. Does anyone have a screen-cap of the Mighty and Ray “Missing” Posters? I paused the video and found the “WANTED” posters of Nack, Bean, and Bark, but I can’t find Ray or Mighty anywhere ๐Ÿ™

  19. “Omochao is back.”


    I’ve noticed a lot of spelling errors in the newer news stories. Are you guys in a rush or something?

  20. i really hope this isnt the only Sonic Adventure series stage they put in the game. I’d like to see Radical Highway, Windy Valley, Emerald Coast, or even Pumpkin Hill if they turn it into a Sonic stage and not a Knuckles stage lol.

  21. Ya know what I wanna see? A stage from Sonic Shuffle. That’s right. Sonic motherf%$#@ Shuffle!

  22. โ™ฅ

    I can’t even describe my excitement… Just… Anyone else feel like this isn’t really happening and they’re just dreaming?

    1. *raises hand*

      If it is a dream, i don’t want to wake up. Mostly because I have to babysit for 6 hours tomorrow XD

      1. I feel the same way…everything is happening so fast can you believe just a few months ago we were excited and we waited impatiently for the release of Colo(u)rs and then a few years back then we were excited about Unleashed…Wow everything happened so quickly

        It feels like that was years ago but Colo(u)rs was only released 6 or 7 months ago XD A lot of Drama and excitment happened in 2009 and 2010 plus other past years and it’s happening once again only really intense and deep O_O This could really be a Sweet Dream XD

  23. Does anyone else notice the pizza sign while modern Sonic was running through said “Tails’ Pizza”? Hmmm…. maybe this is where he gets the money to build all his inventions.

  24. So, has anyone clearly heard the modern version of City Escape yet? I mean, the classic-stage rave remix is interesting, but I’m hoping the modern version is more like the original…

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