E3 2011: Sonic Generations 3DS Full Demo Video


YouTube user cobanermani456 is at E3 and has recorded a full run through of the Sonic Generations 3DS demo, which includes both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic Acts of Green Hill Zone and the Launch Base Zone boss that were previously only seen in screenshot form. It appears Classic Sonic’s Green Hill Zone stage is designed exactly the same as Act 1 of the original Sonic the Hedgehog on Mega Drive/Genesis, while Modern Sonic’s stage is completely new. The Launch Base Zone boss fight also appears to play out very different to the original.

Those who hated the physics and uncurling found in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will not be pleased to see that the same things are present in Classic Sonic’s stage. Without a homing attack, this leaves Classic Sonic very vulnerable to enemies in the air or on the ground upon landing.

What do you think of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations now you’ve seen it in action? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to Woun for the heads up and to SiLeNtDo0m for the original source link!


  1. The uncurling is still present? Good grief. I figured it was just included as a device to force people to use the homing attack in Sonic 4. Someone slap around Dimps and tell them how to make a Sonic engine.

    1. yeah i mean come on this is the 3th time they failed ( well four for me i count DBZBL) look at the ps2/wii version of unleashed (and im sorry for all of you guys out there who liked the wii version but its true) sonic 4 and now this i mean im usally not disapointed by sega even though i prefer classic 2D games but now this time its just …no :/


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    Quite honestly I really like where the game is going regardless, and I’m looking much forward to it. ^_^

    1. I’d normally say that for anything else, but without the use of a homing attack, Classic Sonic is very vulnerable to getting hit by enemies. At the part at 0:55, Sonic should be able to kill that Buzzbomber and get more rings from that pile he just crossed. That exact part was present in Sonic 1, and you could do that. Know why? Because he didn’t uncurl when he launched himself off ramps.

      The uncurling thing is a result of bad programming and it can be quite game breaking. If it weren’t for the homing attack in Sonic 4, that game would’ve been intolerable play. Sonic Team noticed this in their early build of Sonic Generations Classic Mode, and fixed it between that build and the E3 build. Dimps has known about this since BEFORE Sonic 4 was even released. It’s still there, and it still has potential to mess you up while playing.

      Do a little research please. This is actually JUSTIFIED fan whining.

        1. Okay I have to disagree on that statement. Dimps has make great Sonic games before with the Advance series but ever since the Rush series “while still good games in their own rights” Dimps has certainly lost their way of proper gameplay programming, no thanks to their awful Rush engine. While I’m not going to make a complete judgement of the uncurling and the physics of Generations 3D until I play it myself, but based on what i’ve seen the issues of the Rush series, including Sonic 4 are still present and without the aid of boosting and the homing attack, all we’re going to have while descending is lucky landing. I do hope that Dimps does work on these issues before it’s too late. And for god’s sake Dimps do some more work on Modern Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, Minus the statue part in the end, It just looks lame.

          On the positive note though, Big Arms with the Doomsday Zone track is looking great.

    2. Usually I’m a positive ninny like you, but this is clearly a massive problem.

      (i don’t really know what ninny means)

    3. look the problem is that since the uncurling thing you need an homing attack so yeah xD

    4. I agree that the fanboys should stop their griping – I mean, it is what it is – but I do agree that it isn’t as great an engine as it could be.

      Doesn’t mean I’m going to moan about it. xD Life’s way too short.

  3. cant you hold down before launching to fly up as a ball? has anyone even tried that?

  4. This sucks. Who wants to play the same GHZ Act 1 with worse graphics and worse physics?

  5. Again with the Ranking System! I’m tired of the Ranking System. I really don’t care how well I perform in a level. And why oh why is Doomsday music playing? where is Robotnik’s Revenge? Thats the song that should have been playing.

  6. While the console version looks like an amazing new revamp of GHZ, the 3DS version looks almost like the exact same as the Genesis one. Except with uncurling. Which is bad.

  7. Am I…preferring Modern Sonic’s gameplay?
    What trickery is this?!!

    They really need to fix that uncurling thing, I can tell it’s going to really annoy me. 😐

  8. So let me get this straight, just so I can understand….

    In the console versions, Classic Sonic plays like a dream, with better physics and cleverly re-designed stages, while Modern Sonic reverts to an auto-moving, slippery, boost-a-thon with tons of trail and error.

    However, in the 3DS, Classic Sonic is hindered by unimaginative level design, poor physics and low battery count 😛 while Modern Sonic plays like Sonic Rush in 3-D.

    Shrewd move SEGA, you dirty salesmen.

  9. Watching this footage, I’m liking the game a lot more. The previous footage showed Modern Sonics act to be boring as hell by taking the top route, but taking the lower route has a lot more to offer. Platforms, wall jumps and the like. Still nothing amazing, but at take it up a notch.

  10. who said anyting about dimps being good cause i dident so i’d like to say …. WHAT DID I TELL YOU you guys should really stop thinking because the advance series were good and the rush were kinda of good dosent mean dimps can make a good game like dragonballz burst unleahsed ps2/wii and sonic 4 so you can live on to the past and keep trusting dimps or you can just acpet the fact that the 3DS version WILL suck

  11. it seems like the console version is unleashed style and genesis style, and 3ds is rush style and sonic 4 style. I like them all, so I’ll probably get both. I know everyone is mad that they screwed up classic sonic but the game is still going to be fun I enjoyed sonic 4 for what it was. The people that are mad can always get the console version (unless you don’t have a ps3 or a 360 then lol)

    1. Nope, but DS games can be played on 3DS 😛 Although you might not want to play DS games on 3DS because the quality sucks believe it or not. The 3DS can play DS games, but the 3DS isn’t designed to play regular DS games.

      1. Yeah, also the Circle Pad may not be ideal for 2D games. Another thing to note is that DS games either look grainy or really small,because the 3DS screens are higher resolution.

  12. Nothing wrong with the physics. It purely the uncurling thing. Without the homing attack, that genna mess people up. I believe that this is FAAAR from the final version and there’s genna be alot of changes. I refuse to believe this is a near-final build. Green Hill in Classic mode is exactly the same =o. Oh well, never liked the 3DS anyway.

  13. Did they fix the uncurling in the console versions? It was present in some vids. Yeah, it’s not the final version (hopefully). 2D for both modes is a bit of a letdown for me, also. But the 3DS version is the only one I can get at all without buying a PS3 or Xbox.

    BTW, I’m typing this on my 3DS.

  14. One of the nice things about showing early builds and demos is that people get a chance to tell the developers early in production qualms about the game. I think that Dimps may listen this time considering how much many hardcore Sonic fans reviled the engine used for Sonic 4, which is very clearly what they are using here for Classic Sonic’s side of things.

    They have time to fix things, and now that Sega is taking note to listen to fans, if we’re loud enough, they’ll hear!

    On another note, after seeing it in action, I’m not as bummed about the Modern Sonic levels being based on the Rush games over the Wii version of Colors/Speed levels of Unleashed. It looks fun! The only thing that leaves me wondering is how different the stories are going to be in each version, since the 3DS side only includes the characters most important to Sonic’s development, while the console version (apparently) has everyone ever.

    1. Remember to shout in the same room as them, then. There’s no guarantee they’re actually watching your comment even on a prominent site like TSS.

      1. Um. People -are- in the same room as them at E3.

        Have a positive outlook on things.

        1. no sega hasent had a confrence at E3 since the dreamcast so i will doubt they are at e3 so yeah dimps just sucks

    2. well 1st sega only listens to the fans who come to them in person at a day like idk open day xD second since the game is called sonic GENERATIONS! means that atleast two good versions should have everybody since its called GEMERATIONS (get the hint)

  15. umm, why is the only thing people are talking about here is sonic 4 physics?
    Really, I thougt the first thing everyone would notice is that the player is absolutely TERRIBLE at sonic generations. He expects classic sonic to play like modern and expects modern to play like classic! Not only that. but he doesn’t even realize that goring right usally leads to end, because he seemed like he was constantly turning, debating which way to go. He also had some weird obsession with killing all the monsters. Seriously? And when he plays modern sonic, he rarely boosts, which is the whole point of modern sonic. He also loves jumping to much, seeing as how he will constantly jump wfor no reason ALL THE TIME or just jump onto platforms he can’t, or ignore platforms he CAN jump onto completely. Seriouly, i think the dude hates sonic, and if he can’t tell that going right means winning, I don’t think this dude deserves to play any platformer. The video was almost unwatchble given by the horrible quality from the camera, and the WORST PLAYER EVER…wow. I think that is the biggest troll i’ve ever posted. but then again, I don’t post many trolls…

  16. Are the PHYSICS from Sonic 4 intact in classic Sonic Mode? If so, that’s a little upsetting. Uncurling doesn’t bother me, though.

  17. Woah woah woah woah….. What the hell is wrong with you people! I dont understand what your whining about. Im a pretty hardcore sonic fan myself and the uncurling thing doesnt even bother me. Im still able to speed through all levels of Sonic Rush (btw its a great game/series…) and not worry about. You guys need to get better at Sonic games or stop playing them. Its a good skill to be able to do that stuff without curling. So i guess you guys are just Sonic noobs

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