E3 2011: New Trailer Reveals 2 New Levels For Sonic Generations

SEGA has opened their E3 booth and kicked things off with a new trailer for Sonic Generations. The video reveals Sonic Adventure 2’s City Escape as a level in the game and teases another at the end, but we’ll leave you guys to discover and guess what that one is for yourselves. Lots of gameplay footage can be seen of both Classic and Modern Sonic dashing through City Escape, along with more beautiful CGI goodness. SEGA’s also unveiled the box art for the game, and it looks like the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will be playable in 3D.

Check out the trailer below:

Thanks to ArtFenix for the heads up and to BlazingTales for the YouTube upload!


          1. I meant like I want to see them rendered in 3D like all the other characters.
            Apparently the game will be 3D as your referring too on all platforms, assuming you have a 3D TV

      1. Nah, I checked the Sega website, and if you look closely at the tiny box art picture for the 360 version, it says it has 3DTV support.

  1. NOSTALGIA!!! i literally smiled when I saw the first sonic level i ever played. Also, isn’t that rooftop run at the end?

  2. City Escape looks sexy. Triple Trouble snowboard item boxes ftw.
    …but why Rooftop Run? That baffles me.

  3. GAAAH! I was just gonna post this! Me and Nux played Generations on 360 and Wii BTW. Nux will post hisimpressions soon.

        1. Well, the Wii, as stated earlier, is not capable of what is being expressed in this game, and the Wii U doesn’t come out soon enough for the game to be released on it. I’m afraid the game won’t be on a Nintendo console. At least, for the time being. There may be a chance for a Wii U port sometime in the future, but to be honest, I kinda doubt it, seeing how Sonic Colors never made it to HD consoles.

          1. You fortgot about the Nintendo 3DS version. Although it’s different than the console version, which is totally awesome.

  4. City Escape! Now for Emerald Coast! 😀 and it either looks that the opening will combine all CGI, or for every stage C.&M. Sonic have cgi lol cuz GHZ got their CGI, and so did City Escape XD

  5. I just love how the 3 eras of Sonic’s history are combing into one game its so much nostaglia ! i love it

  6. YES!
    City Escape is BACK! That’s my favorite level from SA2/Sa2B!

    And oooh, do I see a “Chao in Space 2” poster at :26 and :33? I think I do 😉

    1. I also saw Perfect Chaos next to it :P. it said “Perfect Chaos is back with a vengeance” lol looks like this boss may be for SG.

  7. Effing Sweet i had to smile haha City Escape epic sega EPIC for the 360+ PS3 and the gun robots look fantastic too

  8. YES CITY ESPCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SEGA!!!

    I’m officially hooked on Chaos Emeralds

  9. WOO! City Escape, and it looks even better than it did in SA2.

    Also: Fang, Bean and I think Bark are on the wanted posters at 0:36
    There’s Coffee Blaze, Amy’s Market and Tails’ Pizza too

  10. Surprised that they they didn’t first show a SA1 lvl, but it’s still epic. Emearld Coast, Egg Fleet and Kingdom Valley hopefully to released for the other 3D games XD

  11. Wow, now that is amazing. I’m even more excitied now. Hurry up November. City Escape looks awsome on both Classic and Modern Sonic.

    That last stage on the clip is Rooftop Run for sure. I suppose the reason they put that in is so we can get a chance to play this stage with Classic Sonic. Still really looking forward to see what other stages will be on this. Hopefully Emerald Coast will be one, as well as the Death Egg.

    P.S. That’s Nah Nah Nah Nah by My Chemical Romance playing in the background. They could be the band behind the theme song. (Since Sonic ’06, Sega’s gotten into the habit of getting famous people for the Sonic games.)

    1. The Green Hill trailer used Tenderoni by Kele Okereke, so the My Chemical Romance music probably means nothing. Unless both Tenderoni AND My Chemical Romance are contributing to the game.

      1. Err, I meant to say “Unless both Kele Okereke and My Chemical Romance” but I had a CTLR+V issue. Haha.

  13. Classic Sonic on skatebord, modern Sonic on ripped-off heilcopter panel. Now I can’t find a word more epic than ‘epic’. And now Roof top run!?! If they show Ice cap zone from S3 I’ll faint of happiness!

  14. fail, what were they thinking? after magnificent Greenhill do that crap, game is die for me. worst level design ever, hate hate hate!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry guys, its not sonic im looking for

  15. C. Sonic: Whats this?
    M. Sonic: Oh its a point in our life where we get framed, sent to prison, but make an escape James bond might have pulled off.
    C. Sonic: Whooooa…really? Anything else?
    M. Sonic: Oh, you meet you friend Shadow for the first time…don’t stare. And we work together to save the earth.
    C. Sonic: Sounds like this part of our life was fun.
    M. Sonic: Wasn’t all fun <_< Wait until you meet Rouge.

    1. Lol, if only Classic Sonic could speak in the game… With Jaleel White’s voice, of course!

  16. At the 0:26 mark, you can see an add for Chao in Space TWO, very funny, and also there seems to be a Chaos reference on it as well with the green eye.

  17. If this trailer is true then (please may this version come to the PSV, please may this version come to the PSV, please may this version come to the PSV, please may this version come to the PSV, please may this version come to the PSV).

  18. If Rooftop Run’s gonna be in this game, it better be bloody easier than it is in Unleashed. Act 2 is possibly the most bloody annoying stage of any game I’ve ever played. I STILL haven’t got past it.

    1. Yeah, that and Eggmanland. Not Eggmanland when playing it just to complete it, but when doing the hot dog missions for it.

  19. WOW City Escape and I think that might have been Rooftop Run HAHA I loved Unleashed this is amazing I’m so happy now haha To celebrate the 20th Anniversary I’m gonna be playing all past Sonic games 😀

    Starting with Adventure DX…Bring it! I can’t wait for the other levels 😀

    *GUN Truck appears*
    Sonic: So we meet again >:D

      1. On Youtube or where? I didn’t read much of the comments if you did on there or elsewhere then I apologise but that was the first thing that came to my head honestly I’ve just seen that comment a few days ago after I saw the video XD

      2. @haloteen – there’s no such thing as copying. Did you copyright that comment? No, you didn’t, so stop saying to other people that can’t keep copying.

          1. Sure thing 😀 just don’t listen to people like that. Write whatever you want to write! 🙂

  20. Cant wait, Classic sonic is looking sweet, wonder what classic sonic is thinking seeing his future lol Also the CG stuff isnt going to be any of the cutscene stuff as seen with the colours trailers, they showed so much CG Clips yet none of it was in colours lol.

    I hope to see Ice cap and some levels from sonic 3D flickys island.

  21. Spagonia! thats spagonia!!!!

    By the way, if anyone likes the wii U; Reggie broke out saying that the gameplay shown was Xbox360 and PS3 games.

    Thats annoying

    Escape from the city!

  22. YES! SPAGONIA! That’s the one I wanted!
    Now, all I need is some Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure levels!
    I think it would be rather cool to see some of Sonic 4’s levels in 3D aswell!

  23. 0:21 and parts before you can see Classic Sonic CLEARLY doing a homing attack.

    Haters gonna hate.

    Plz someone make a pic of that. For the lulz.

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