Aaron Webber Shows New Paths in Sonic Generations

Canadian game site Console Creatures got associate brand manager Aaron Webber at E3 to sit down and play through the Sonic Generations demo. He went through both classic and modern and showed some never before seen paths and details. Modern almost seemed like a totally different level through Aaron’s run. Check it out.




  1. I also really like Modern Sonic’s SEVERAL paths! πŸ˜€ I thought Modern would only have like 3 or 4 paths in a level, but SEGA sure did prove me wrong!!

  2. This game made me thought I would keep Classic Sonic in my heart and dislike Modern, but no its made me love both! and appreciate what both have brought to us!

    and of course admire the dedication Sonic Team has finally shown to its fans!

    Thanks Sonic Team Keep it up!

  3. The crabmeat animatations are cool too. It’s these sort of little things that keep making it better.

  4. This game is so wonderful. And you’re an awesome Asst. Brand Manager, Aaron! (I know you can’t hear me, but I’ll say it anyway!)

    1. I agree, Aaron kicks a$$! He has to put up with some annoying types of people and he always has a postitive attitude, he’s got my respect for sure!

  5. you know, it’s cool that they put so much life and detail on that crabmeat. only bad thing is that you’ll be blasting right through them most of the time T.T

  6. I feel kinda happy for that Crabmeat, he finally got a shot at Sonic after 20 years of trying and failing :3

    1. 1: He hasn’t been trying since Sonic 1 tho

      2: It hasn’t been 20 years from Sonic’s point of view.

      3: Since we’re in GHZ in the past, to Crabmeat no time has really even passed. o.o

      4: I’ve been hit by Crabmeat before in Sonic 1 when I wasn’t playing attention. XD

  7. This is why I love Sonic.
    It’s so beautiful, and I’m surprised at the alternate routes, had they not shown us, I don’t think many people would know about the bridge stomping…

  8. thank you aron webb for this video. and finally somebody acknowledges that sonic was all about platforming not just speeding. i have nothing against modern gameplay and those who enjoy it, but its kinda saddedn at times when you boost through a entire stage in less then 3 minutes, all that level design just to only see a blur of it lol. it’s kinda why i having trouble fully fallen for this game because its suppose to just celebrate sonic in general, i feel sega still causing a little rift between the two sonics making people lean to classic(or modern) versions and not care about the rest(like how people only wanted to play as sonic unleash and forget the werhog) kinda why i wish they made a dreamcast version of sonic, cause be like the best of the two versions but it is my opinion. still this was a great video and crabmeat laughing after hitting sonic, thats right buddie you laugh till you blow up you finally got your chance better enjoy it. wonder if they do that for classic robotnik? if he defeats sonic im sure he go ballistic lol

  9. “For that one little moment in his life he was happy and that’s what’s important”
    That made me feel bad for the crabmeat!

  10. I didnt expect breaking the bridge in the modern gameplay would lead to a different path. Sneaky lol

    And I love how Aaron wasnt able to simply walk up that one hill during the classic gameplay; he had to actually get enough speed =D

  11. Wow they are really hitting off with those secret pathways…It looks awesome πŸ™‚

    Thank you Aaron for this video πŸ˜€

    I wish It was being released in October though ah well Perfect for yet again another Christmas present as was Unleashed.

    Won’t be able to play the DEMO unfortunately >_< It'd be cool if it was on the 23rd

  12. I also love how that pose Sonic does at the end of his combos which is similar to the Adventure boxart pose and the picture above πŸ˜€

      1. Well, that’d be one way to help kill off the fanbases’ good vibes!

        However, it’s very likely we’ll all get the same demo from E3/Sonic Boom/Summer of Sonic featuring Green Hill Zone.

  13. < < Someone like me that loves the beauty in the background. FINALLY :"D
    Ever since Unleashed, they've been doing great by mixing speed with a beautiful back setting.

    1. I love the backgrounds too iiLunar_Sonic! πŸ˜€ I hate how most people call SEGA lazy, when they are doing such an awsome job!

      Before gameplay, when we were just getting screenshots, I took the time to see how well SEGA spends their time making the backgrounds look amazing! Its not all about just the gameplay, its also the story, the beauty, etc! πŸ™‚

      1. EXACTLY. The story along with the beautiful level designs, character art, music, and gameplay all come together to make a great game. Sonic 06 and beyond brought great level design. Secret Rings brought great story concept. Unleashed brought great background and music. All together, they made Sonic Colors what it was. The final lesson was to make a decent longer game like what they did with Unleashed minus the werehog. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the werehog but sometimes its not about what I love, its about the whole fan base and their little need for speed). These things together are whats making Sonic even greater, and while he hasn’t gotten slower or lost his glow, hes hit a few bumps and the true fans have helped him smoothen out the bumps so he can keep on running.
        ((psst, hey guess what haters of Heroes, Storybooks, 06, and Werehog 😐 You aren’t worthy of calling yourself true fans)) Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a cup of tea calling my name.
        -20 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog -15 Years of Pokemon

        1. I agree with a lot of what you said… but the “you aren’t worth of calling yourselves true fans” is silly. There’s nothing honorable about being a fan. There’s no shame in it either. But it’s just you’re either a fan or you’re not. There’s no measurement of worth for being fan or not. lol And if you’re a fan or if you’re not, neither are bad things.

          There’s also no such thing as a true fan. As I’ve said, you’re either a fan or you’re not. =P You don’t have to hate or love everything, you can have grey areas, ration of pros and cons.

          But everything else I get. Sonic Team’s been working on creativity the past decade to see what works, what doesn’t to help future games. And you can see a trend in game quality rising. ^_^

  14. At Sonic Boom, I found most of those alternate paths (like the wall jump one). But I found the bridge stomp by watchong this chick stomp kill an enemy, and smash the bridge. I asked her how she knew about it and was like, “I didn’t, that was an accident…”

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