Sonic Adventure Coming to the Art of Video Games Exhibit

According to our good friends over at SEGAbits, the original Sonic Adventure will be appearing as part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit. The game won via a public vote the Smithsonian held earlier in the year, over Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi.

Sonic Adventure wasn’t the only Sonic Team game to win, though. Phantasy Star 1 and 4 also made it, as well as Chu Chu Rocket. Unfortunately, Sonic CD lost to Earthworm Jim for the Sega Genesis/CD action game placement, and NiGHTS -criminally- lost to Tomb Raider for the SEGA Saturn’s action game placement. For a full list of winners, including a full list of every single SEGA game that made it in, head over to SEGAbits.

The Smithsonian’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit will run from March 16th to September 30th, 2012.


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  1. Should have been Sonic CD, I know Sonic Adventure is more popular, but in terms of art, Sonic CD is light years ahead.

  2. IN TERMS OF ART, NiGHTS should’ve won over Tomb Raider. It’s probably because of some weird modern people voting for Tomb Raider when they don’t even know what NiGHTS is.


  3. Well, at least Sonic is represented in the exhibit some way. Kinda surprised they didn’t do the original game, but hey, Adventure’s alright too.
    But yeah, pure blasphemy on NiGHTS losing to Tomb Raider. I’ll take trippy dream worlds over busty Indiana Jones rip-offs anyday!

  4. I can totally agree with Earthworm Jim being in the Smithsonian instead of Sonic Cd, Because that game was miles better than anything else.

    But NiGHTS losing is just piss.

  5. hmmmm, I agree that the NiGHTS concept art was beautiful and deserves this more than Tomb Raider or even the Adventure art ( which I always thought made Sonic look “generic” in a sense). Glad Sonic got the luv, but at the sme time disapointed that NiGHTS got the shaft….

  6. Bull crap. NiGHTS definitely should have won, particularly over Tomb Raider. Sonic Adventure is not all that artistic either in my opinion. In fact, while they all are fairly pretty, I don’t think you could call many post-Genesis Sonic games (with the possible exception of Colors) artistic. They have uniformly kickass music though, maybe they’ll be featuring that.

  7. Aw man I loved Chu Chu Rocket!

    Shame about NiGHTS losing; I guess it’s a bit of a popularity contest.

  8. I’m glad Adventure won, but upset that Sonic CD and NiGHTS lost, especailly NiGHTS however as the old saying goes Sex Sells and Lara gots the boobage to prove it.

  9. This is so awesome because I have this game and it deserves to go in the Smithsonian! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. As bmhedgehog quite rightly said, there are two reasons why people voted Tomb Raider more ‘artistic’ than NiGHTS. I haven’t even played NiGHTS (it’s criminal, I know) and I know it should have won.

    On the other hand, Shenmue made it in ^^

  11. When if/when i get my Sega Saturn fixed i need to try out NIGHTS, i only had a demo of it years back pretty fun, i see everyone rave about the game and its always in 1st place in most of peoples top 10 Sega Saturn games, so yeah i need to play sometime.

    Glad to see Panzer Dragoon get alot of Love, that series deserves it one of my fav games of all time, mostly Panzer dragoon 2, i hope one day Sega Bring it back.

  12. As much as I like Sonic CD, Earthworm Jim beat the hell out of any game of that area art wise.

  13. NiGHTS and Tomb Raider are my two favorite Saturn games, but NiGHTS should definitely have won. If a game can be art, NiGHTS into Dreams is about the first that pops in my mind. The art direction and the music, mixed with a gameplay and an experience that are very unique in the video game world.

  14. I know people are gonna probably rage at me for this, but I feel “Jet Set Radio” should’ve won over “Sonic Adventure”. It’s just a lot more artistic than SA. To top it off, it’s one of the first games to popularize cel-shaded graphics. That has to count for something.

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